On 25th May 1991, Michelle Lodzinski, single mother of 5-year-old Timothy Wiltsey, took her little boy to celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the local carnival.  But what should have been a fun trip soon turned to tragedy when Timothy went missing while waiting in line.  Or at least, that’s what Michelle reported to police.  But despite claiming to be at the carnival for over an hour, police could find no witnesses who had seen her there with Timothy, and the car park she said she had used had in fact been closed on that day.  10 days later, Michelle said that her son had been taken by 2 men with a knife, later changing her story to 2 men and a woman.  When no such suspects could be identified, police honed in on Michelle.

5 months later, a teacher discovered a Teengage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoe in marshland near a business park.  Highly publicised as the shoes Timothy had last been seen in, the teacher took his finding to the police.  Upon seeing it, Michelle denied it was her sons.  When 3 weeks passed with no action taken, the teacher passed the story on to the local newspaper, resulting in front page news and forensic testing on the shoe.  Sadly, these tests were inconclusive. It was soon discovered that Michelle had actually worked at the business park, which she conveniently omitted when relaying her work history to the authorities. When a fresh search of the area was conducted, law enforcement discovered the matching shoe, alongside Timothy’s skeletal remains.  Due to the severe decomposition, his body had to be identified with dental records, and no cause or time of death could be confirmed.

It wasn’t until 2014, on what would have been Timothy’s 29th birthday, that Michelle was arrested and charged with murder. After being found guilty in May of this year, her sentencing was postponed while she appealed for a retrial.  Her appeal was denied on 25th October.


Centuries ago, a legendary inter-dimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a command center for his never-ending struggle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, the noble master sought six extraordinary teengagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force. In time of great need, the young heroes could use their powers to call upon colossal assault vehicles known as Zords. The identity of the six remained a guarded secret. Today, that tradition continues…

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I get that you want the teengage actor who will portray Hope to be similar to Summer, but personally I will take an outstanding actress who slays the role and dont really care if she's nothing like Summer. Just because a girl looks like Summer doesnt mean she's perfect for the role. And there's always things like contact lenses, wigs and etc

yes, I understand you as well. When I said “perfect Hope” I was already including the fact that I want her to be portrayed  by a good actress. I don’t want her to just look similar to Summer, I want someone who can play her the way she needs to be played. I want a mix of both. I think this is going too fast, and I was still getting used to a 7 year old Hope, and now I’m gonna have to deal with this time jump and have a 16/18 year old Hope, so I need at least for the girl to have some resemblance to Summer, because otherwise it will look like they’re all different people and won’t be believable. Also their wigs are pretty terrible most of the times, and you can notice contact lenses really well, so I wouldn’t really want that. That’s why I hope they find the perfect combination between looks and talent, but if they can’t I would rather have a good actress than just a look alike of Summer. That’s for sure.

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