Wendy Smythe | Junior | Age 16 | FC: Taylor Swift | Open

“I guess I’m just ready for a new start, and I know God will help me through it.”

Wendy is the daughter of the Tree Hill High’s resident Presbyterian preacher, and after 16 years, has finally convinced her parents to stop home schooling her and let her go to school. She loves her father and mother very much, and she loves her religion, but she wants to experience the world.

More innocent than she realize’s Wendy could easily be influenced. She’s never really been very good at saying no, which could also cause her some problems. She’s never really had many friends before, and is extremely naive when it comes to high school. Her strategy is to just be nice to everyone, and surely they will be her friend. But, unfortunately, high school doesn’t work that way. It’s no secret that she’s a ministers daughter, which causes her a lot of ridicule at times. 

Although she wants to break free from her parents world, she wants to hold onto her beliefs. Often, she doesn’t understand why people don’t believe the same things she does, and she tries to explain why they should, which is very often a big turn off. 

In the end, Wendy is sweet at heart, and even though sometimes she may try too hard, she always means well. Will she be able to survive high school life, or will she run back to the protection of her parents homeschooling? 

Other Details

  • Closest friends: None, yet

Caitlin Taylor | Senior | 17 | FC: Naya Rivera | Open

“There’s a hierarchy in high school. I’m at the top and everyone else is beneath me. It’s the circle of life or some shit.”

Growing up, Caitlin Taylor was on of the sweetest little girls. She minded her parents, kept her room clean and played with all the other little kids. Everyone always praised Skills and Bevin for raising such a sweet little girl. Caitlin loved playing with her dolls and playing dress up in her mother’s clothes. She really was the model daughter, but then, when she turned fourteen, everything changed. Caitlin was raped by a man that her father worked with. He made her feel like it was her fault, so Caitlin never told anyone, and repressed the memory, trying to forget it.  

By the time Caitlin reached high school, that sweet little girl was no more. She felt so out of control that she changed, trying to gain that control back. No longer was she kind and happy, Caitlin was determined to be the head bitch in charge. She started hanging around the upperclassmen, waiting until it was her time. Junior year rolled around and Caitlin was finally where she wanted to be. On top of the school. To the adults around her, Caitlin is still that sweet little girl, but to her classmates, Caitlin is a bitch. So far as they know, there isn’t a nice bone in her body. She’s vindictive, snarky and doesn’t really care who she upsets. 

Caitlin can generally be found on the field working on cheer routines or bossing around her minion, Molly. Caitlin is gorgeous and she knows she is, though she is very picky when it comes to guys she dates or hooks up with. One of her personal favorite targets is Shane Kirby, even though everything between them is strictly physical. Keeping with her high status, there aren’t many who can say they’ve seen her less than perfect. She doesn’t wear sweatpants and no makeup. She will not leave the house unless she is done up to the nines. Caitlin does everything she can to forget the painful memory that haunts her, and does what she has to, to feel in control, even if it hurts those around her. 

Other details:

  • Only child of Antwon Taylor and Bevin (Mirsky) Taylor
  • Younger sister of Nathan Smith
  • Closest friends: Jude Baker, Jace Belevere, Mallory Jagielski
  • Enemies: Lydia Scott, Ainsley McFadden, Charlie Odell, Aiden Evans
  • Captain of the cheerleading squad

Delaney Scott | Sophomore | 15 | FC: Lucy Hale | Open

“The thing is, I’m not a little girl. I can take care of myself. I need you to trust me.”

Delaney Scott was always given special treatment. Being the baby, she always had people looking after her. Her parents, her siblings. Her brother most especially. As a child she loved the attention, she couldn’t get enough. As she got older though, it became more of a hindrance than anything. Never allowed to get away with anything made for a very dull life. Under the watchful eye of her family, Delaney found an interest in music. Not being able get away with anything, she spent most of her time with her mother as she worked ay Red Bedroom. Under the tutelage of her mother and Mia, Delaney continued to develop her musical interests.

By the time she reached high school, she had already mastered the guitar and the piano and found herself constantly writing lyrics and jotting down tabs whenever she thought of something. She was never far from a pen and any form of paper near her fell into her clutches, toilet paper, receipts, anything she could write on. Music was Delaney’s source of freedom. She could write whatever she wanted without fear of being told she was too young. 

Delaney was never one to lash out or be angry. She preferred to stay quiet and watch from the sidelines. It takes time to get know her. Being protected and sheltered has made it hard for her to break out of her shell. There is one thing Delaney wants more than anything though and that is to show people that she isn’t a little girl. She doesn’t need her big brother constantly checking up on her or her parents watching her every step. And she’s ready to show people who Delaney Scott really is. 

Other details:

  • Youngest child of Nathan and Haley James Scott
  • Closest friends: Kayla Baker, Molly Brennen, Charlie O'Dell
  • Enemies: Sierra Willis
  • Hangs around Red Bedroom most of the time.

Molly Brennen|Age 15| Sophomore| FC: Ashley Benson| Open

“Hey, hi, I’m Molly. I’m a cheerleader. Well, I mean, more of a water girl, but hey, gotta start somewhere right?”

Molly is the youngest in the Brennen family having 4 older brothers. But they’re long gone and moved out of Tree Hill leaving Molly alone in her big house with just her parents. Because she’s so much younger than everyone else in her family, it seems as though her parents don’t care as much as they used to. But Molly doesn’t let that bother her, she thinks not having her parents around is a good thing.

She constantly wants attention and tries to get people to notice her. She just wants someone to care about her, but people often disregard her because they just think she’s a dumb little sophomore. Which is true sometimes. Molly isn’t the smartest person in the world. She talks non stop, but often says nothing of importance. She can’t help that she isn’t as smart as everyone around her, but her need for attention comes from the fact that her parents simply leave money on the table for her and see her maybe once a week. She would never admit that though. She just wants to be noticed.

Molly is very peppy and full of energy. Being a cheerleader is something she loves, even though some of the girls on the team dont seem to like her. She’s usually used more as a water girl, apposed to an actual cheerleader, but Molly hopes that she’ll work her way up. But no matter how many people tell her she’s dumb and annoying she tries not to let it bother her. 

She gets along with Kayla and Delaney, though she’s often the third wheel with the two. She tries to feel like she’s included, but she knows that they would always pick each other over her. 

Other Details

  • Closest Friends: Kayla Baker, Delaney Scott
  • Enemies: Brittany Keller, Dylan Allen, Juliette Villanoff
  • Cheerleader (Water/Towel girl)