It wasn’t even my stop mannn…

I don’t talk about gender stuff all that much, but I identify as genderfluid…I never really care all that much about pronouns (most people just go with she because 1: feminine name, 2: they know me IRL and it is what they have always gone with) but sometimes it feels really good when strangers randomly refer to me with male pronouns. (Hell even not strangers lol)

Idk just something dumb that happened on the bus today that made me smile.


A Five Nights at Freddy’s print and 2 stickers that I had made for Furlandia 2015!

I actually have some of these prints left (minus watermark of course) if anyone is interested! I’d be willing to part with them for 12$ which includes shipping~

I also have all of these designs available as stickers, I am selling them in a set of 6 for 10$ (also including shipping!) 

And if you want a print AND the stickers, well hey, I’d be willing to part with that junk for 20$ (which, you guessed it, includes shipping), that 6 stickers, a print, and my love. !!

 My girlfriend and I are moving in 2 weeks and I’d really like to get rid of some back stock, as well as have some cushion for all of our deposits and stuff! So anything is helpful. I’m also open for commissions. If there is any interest in anything please email me at Zombeepuppy@Gmail.com