Katsucon Homestuck commission sketch dump part 1!! 

I got a lot of Homestuck commission during artist alley this time! And the lovely people who ordered most of them (Who totally made my con btw gawl you’re too precious) were super cool enough to scan them for me. 

So here’s some (All the Gamzees…all…the Gamzees) -sugar skull makeup was request, I didn’t draw different makeup just because hahaa- And the last 4 (from these 2 people) are coming right after I just hate big photosets hahaa

It wasn’t even my stop mannn…

I don’t talk about gender stuff all that much, but I identify as genderfluid…I never really care all that much about pronouns (most people just go with she because 1: feminine name, 2: they know me IRL and it is what they have always gone with) but sometimes it feels really good when strangers randomly refer to me with male pronouns. (Hell even not strangers lol)

Idk just something dumb that happened on the bus today that made me smile.

I was asked how I color things.

The answer is basically “quickly, and as lazy as possible.” I hate messy layers and this is why I try to use only 2 but sometimes I use more ((Especially if it is a more complex picture that needs layer effects and different textures in different places))

I use Paint Tool Sai but if you are good at photoshop I am sure it can work ((I suuuuck at blending in photoshop)) My brushes use a lot of paper textures and spread and noise because I like things looking rough/papery. Use things that work for you though!