Recently I have been getting really bothered by a lot of peoples attitude when it comes to other peoples weight. I am not just talking about “Fat” people either I’m talking people being put down for WHATEVER their weight is.

If YOU have a problem with YOUR body than by all means you go on and fix it. Every single person has the right to be comfortable in their own skin. Everyone has the right to love themselves. Don’t you even DARE put other people down for their weight. Take care of yourself, it is not your job to police other peoples bodies, it makes you sound like an asshole.

I am 200 pounds, I used to be heavier, but I still loved they way I looked and would get really offended when people told me I needed to lose weight, because some of those people are really close friends. I hate that they never really took into consideration that maybe I kind of like how I look? 

Even when I did lose about 20 pounds I got a lot of “Oh you’re so pretty now” ’s…. uhm…

Fuck you I am and always have been pretty.

It wasn’t even my stop mannn…

I don’t talk about gender stuff all that much, but I identify as genderfluid…I never really care all that much about pronouns (most people just go with she because 1: feminine name, 2: they know me IRL and it is what they have always gone with) but sometimes it feels really good when strangers randomly refer to me with male pronouns. (Hell even not strangers lol)

Idk just something dumb that happened on the bus today that made me smile.