So, my muse really wanted to write more of the “Neal finds out Belle is pregnant but doesn’t know Gold is the father” prompt.

First Part is HERE

Part Two
Rated Teen

By the time his father got home, Belle had long gone. Neal was back in front of the TV, not really paying attention to a thing on the screen. He was trying to stay calm, but inside he was freaking the fuck out.

His best friend was pregnant. Not only that but she was just barely 18 and they hadn’t finished high school. They would be graduating this year and there wasn’t a doubt in  anyone’s mind that Belle would be valedictorian. He wondered briefly how much she would be showing by the time she gave her speech. He realized that he really didn’t know that much about pregnancy – besides the cause, of course. Health class had not prepared him for the reality of a person he loved carrying a new life she didn’t intend to create.

The first thing he asked had been about the father. In retrospect, that had been a mistake because it almost led to another crying jag. The only intel he’d been able to gather was that she wasn’t going to name a name and that they were not currently on speaking terms.

He was still trying to wrap his brain around this new information when he heard his father’s key in the door.

Oh thank God. Someone who actually knew something about life and reproductive cycle. He practically ran to the foyer.

“Poppa? Can I talk to you?”

“Of course, Neal. You can always talk to me. Do you mind if I step inside and take of my coat first, though?” 

Thaddeus Gold had had a long day and the last thing he needed was another plea from his son about how ‘cool’ it would be to get a motorcycle for graduation. He had hoped the threat of losing access to the car would put a kibosh on the subject, but no such luck. The catalogs being left in his office and on the dining room table were about as subtle as Neal got.  

“Ok, thanks. This is, um… it’s really important,” Neal’s hands twisted in front of him.

So, perhaps this was about more than some deathtrap with two wheels and a souped-up engine. Well now Neal really had his attention. “Alright, let’s go sit down and I am all ears for you, lad.”

They settled on the sofa in the parlor (incidentally into the same exact places Neal had been sitting with Belle less than an hour ago). Neal chewed on his thumbnail, not exactly sure how to start. He and Pop had done the ‘birds and the bees’ talk ages ago. But besides the occasional chat about a girl Neal liked and the box of condoms that had mysteriously appeared in his nightstand, sex was not a topic often breached in this house.

“Ok, so don’t freak out or anything but, um, one of my friends told me that she’s pregnant.”

Thaddeus blinked at his son, his heart suddenly ready to stop at any moment. “Oh God. Is it… you’re not telling me I’m to be a grandfather, are you?”

Neal’s eye flew wide. “No! Oh man, no. Not at all. I mean Belle and I aren’t like that. I mean, I sorta thought about it a few years ago but you know…”

“Belle?” Does the father know?” Thaddeus felt the world going bright and dark by turns. His mind was racing.

Neal shook his head again. “Doubt it. She said they aren’t speaking. She said it happened about a month and a half ago, which means it was probably at the… um….” Neal broke off that train of thought with a grimace. The last thing he wanted to do was remind Pop of the after homecoming party debacle.

“The party.” Thaddeus’ voice was a hoarse whisper. This was it. His heart was definitely going to stop.

Thaddeus Gold had loved little Belle French for years because she was sweet and kind and practically family.  And then she had gone away one summer to stay with relatives in Australia. When she returned, the awkward skinny bookworm with braces had been transformed. In her place stood a confidant, radiant young woman with modest curves that struck a chord in all the right (wrong!) places for Thaddeus. He had barely been able to keep his eyes off of her. He’d lost count of how many times, after a day spent with her, he’d ended up fisting his rigid cock in the shower, cursing himself for a pervert.

And then there had been that damnable party. He’d had more than a nip or two on the plane ride home and taken a cab from the airport. Perhaps he should have let his son know he’d be home early. But the disciplinarian in him wanted to see if Neal would abuse the privilege of being allowed to have friends over. Thaddeus had been drunk and livid as he made his way into his house. The place was trashed. There was loud music pumping from his backyard and the shouts of teenagers – drunk on his liquor, no doubt.

But then there had been Belle. Belle in that strapless dress that hugged her curves like a lover and left little to his imagination. Belle who had told him she wasn’t drunk, that she wanted to help him.. .what was the word she used? Oh yes, unwind. Belle who had straddled him on the carpet, right over there, in fact and ridden him as though the world was ending. And perhaps it was. Had he seen four horsemen on the way home?

“Birth control,” Thaddeus blurted out.

“What?” Neal looked at him strangely.

“Belle’s a… a sensible girl. Surely she was, um, on…” The Pill. She’d said she was on The Pill. He remembered at least that. Otherwise, he’d had stolen a condom from the stash he’d bought Neal.

“Oh yeah, that. Apparently, it’s only like, 98% effective. Which is kinda crazy if you think about how many people probably rely on that. I mean, why take that 2% chance? Right? Use a rubber. See, Dad? I’ve already learned a lesson from all this.” Neal laughed nervously.

“Right,” Thaddeus agreed absentmindedly. He needed to talk to Belle. He’d been avoiding her since the day after the party. He had seen her that morning at Granny’s nursing a coffee and decided to come over and join her. Before he had the chance, Jefferson Madden slipped into the seat beside her and kissed her cheek. She had wrapped her arms around the young man and hugged him with a look of sheer joy. It had made his stomach turn to the point where he canceled his order of pancakes. Whatever she had going on with Madden, Thaddeus had obviously been no more than a diversion, a passing fancy, a thrill to seek.

He had stormed out of the Diner and hadn’t wanted to see or speak to Belle since then.

Now… he had to at least know. If there was a chance the baby was his (and with that timeline and the fact they hadn’t used a condom, there was a very good chance), he would do right by it. She was a high school student with a working class father and no other family in the country. The baby would need someone to provide for it, so Belle could still afford to go to college. And there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Belle must go to college. She was far too bright to be extinguished by this one dalliance.

Belle might never be his again, but he would be damned if he saw a child of his go without.