“April 2009. Again & Again. Life changing.”

“April 2009. Again & Again. Life changing.”

That would probably be the heading to my story – as a Hottest.

KPOP – a genre I so despise before my eyes laid upon the magic that is 2PM.

I didn’t understand the hype. Yes, hype. It was nothing but a hype for me back then.

But the moment my sister shoved right to my face her notebook and literally begged me to spare her 4 minutes of my precious time to watch the new music video of one of the best KPOP groups (her words not mine), I knew that I was in for a ride of a lifetime.

That night, I stayed up until 3:00am, watching any 2PM videos on youtube. Little did I know that it was the start of the numerous countless sleepless nights for me.

That night I slept with a stupid grin on my face. I woke up a HOTTEST.

September 4, 2014.

Today I’m celebrating my 5th year as a Hottest. I can only imagine the joy of those who are celebrating their sixth, the excitement of those who are celebrating their first. Today of all days, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in this fandom in its lowest of lows or shared your fair share of tears when 2PM was down in the gutter.

Today, we celebrate as people who stayed, who believed, who never lose faith.

After 5 years, I stopped thinking that this day is merely about 2PM as 6 year veteran group, with a solid fandom. This 6th year anniversary is more than just how popular, how big and how far our boys have come so far.

September 4th is about us – THE HOTTEST.

This year, let’s make it as an anniversary of our love as a fandom. Our bond. Our friendship.  

It’s time to give ourselves some appreciation and a lot of pats on the back for running with 2PM in every direction. Because you know damn well 6 years haven’t been easy.  It was a rollercoaster ride of losing a member, of surviving years of hating, of finding one’s place in the group, of being bashed, of being ridiculed, of gaining respect, the list goes on.

But YOU, as wonderful as you are… you stayed. You never gave up. That despite of all the ever sprouting young generations of KPOP groups… you are still in the same place as you were years ago.

What are your reasons, if other fandoms may ask?

Well to each his/her own. I don’t know how you became a Hottest, or what are your stories… but I can only hope that the outstanding reason why you stayed is that… 2PM, beyond their greatness and perfection, gave you friends. They gave you sisters. A FAMILY. A family that is so ever strong, so ever faithful.

2PM… as I turn 5 years today as a Hottest, I want to thank you for my sisters all over the world (PEARL 'itsallabout2pm’ has to be specially mentioned because I love her so dearly – four years of knowing this amazing woman is a gift from the heavens).

My precious most loved 2PM boys, thank you for the infectious happiness. For filling my life with colors that I haven’t seen before. For the laughter when I badly need some. For the encouragement thru your music. For the inspiration thru the lives you live. For the love you have shown me all thru the years. For the love that I experience and get to feel thru the exchange of messages of the nicest bunch of people in the planet – THE HOTTEST. You bringing these people in to my life is more valuable than the albums I keep. 

Thank you 2PM for making me a HOTTEST. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BUZZ LIGHTYEAR HAD PUT INTO WORDS. More than infinity. More than beyond.



“Once a Hottest, always a Hottest.”

P.S. I have met a lot of Hottest here, old and new. I love each and everyone of you. The same goes to you, Maria ‘M”

OKAY. I got a lot of things to say… no, maybe not that much… but, well…

ONE: I. HAVE. BEEN. WAITING. FOR. THIS. DAY. TO FINALLY. COME. New JYP boy group, I mean, it’s about darn time. Needless to say that I am huge JJ Project fan. I love JB & JR… I think they’re one of the cutest things that has ever happened to JYP Nation. 

TWO: Jackson. I know. He’s young, talented, quite a dancer, and he looks promising. I’m rooting for him. Well, I’m rooting for GOT7. I think the name’s kinda…. meh. But anyways, The group looks fresh and I hope they stick to their style and not be carried away with everything that’s goin on in KPOP. 2PM wore pants that my granny won’t even wear during their rookie days… but I’m so damn happy that they stuck with it and evolved into an awesome group. 

THREE: Some Hottests are giving me this “guilty” vibes that they are looking foward to GOT7 and actually adore them… and make it sound like they are “breaking up” with 2PM. Oh come on, people. Firstly, they are from JYP Nation. Secondly, I’m pretty sure 2PM are giving them all out support, behind closed doors. Thirdly,  isn’t it a good day for all of us that there are new additions to the family, thus bringing in more fans, more supporters, and above all, FRESH MUSIC? Fourthly, we are not compelled to love them because they are from JYP Nation. You can either hate em or love em, or the heck, not even care at all. And it’s called FREEWILL. Let JYPE handle the marketing (which I agree, they suck at some degree) and let the media do whatever frenzy they can come up  with. But we are free to love them, like them, support them, buy their albums, cheer for them, or whatever shizz we do for 2PM. I think I’m really excited for this new group. I’ve seen what they can do and I hope they make it, if not big, in this ever changing industry. 

AND LASTLY…… JACKSON. (Oh did I mention his name before? My bad.)

It’s finally here. The day to take a break from too much worrying, daily strife, everyday struggles, and series of mishaps. It’s a day to be reminded how blessed we are. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. 



HANA, PEARL, BELLAH, CARROT, SAMMIE, ISHIE, DANNY, DANii, LIZZIE, MATILDA, MLILAC, ELENA and to everyone whose names I might have missed….



MY HOTTEST UNITED FAMILY. Main and sub-groups.


I love each and everyone OF YOU!!!!

29 years old or 34.... it doesn't matter. I realize, it kinda sticks with you. Probably because I have loved 2PM for such a long time that you can't get over it. At first you're so convinced that it's just a phase. 'You'll get over it, Teenah.' But whatever you do, it stays with you. 2PM is just like that tiny extension of your family. It's the kind of family you have chosen for yourself. Maybe the young ones who are reading this right now would come to see that there are indeed people like my age who preferred to stay... (My sistas - you know who you are!) And as I always tell people why I really chose to stay? Not only because 2PM is just a big part of my life, but most importantly, they have given me wonderful friends. Certain friendships that I'm pretty sure is beyond this 2PM madness. When am I going to retire as a Hottest, you ask? WAIT. THERE'S A RETIREMENT FROM THIS THING?!

Admit it. You miss my blabbering. 

I love you people who love my 2PM! 


You are not an idiot. And yes, you are an amazing person and 

someone whom I consider a friend.

Although, I strongly feel you don’t have to apologize, but it’s a good thing.

I sometimes forget that I’m 31 and that I should act like my age.

I apologize for feeling bad about the whole stuff. 

In the words of a genius, SCOOT FORWARD.

I love you, you know that. 

Someone's been asking for a link to my fanfics... So here it is.


I’d appreciate if you can leave a comment, appreciative or not. It doesn’t matter. I’m open to criticisms. Just be kind. lol

Will be posting a new fanfic in a little while. A new chaptered CHANSUNG/YOU fic.

Thanks to all those who keep on subscribing inspite of my lack of updates.

Much love!

Teenah here.

This may (or may not) be a long post… 

I’ve been missing out on a whole lot of things lately…months, to be exact. I don’t know what the hell I am doing working 3 jobs in week, and got no time for myself. As my mom would’ve put it: “You’re trying to kill yourself, Teenah.” I don’t know what I’m trying to prove, but life’s been really hard for me lately.

There. I’ve said it. 

But for some of you who knows a lil’ about me, Teenah is a strong, opinionated woman who believes that nothing is impossible and it will only be the moment you give up. So, needless to say that I am well, and holding up just fine. DESPITE OF EVERYTHING.

Well, why this post?

Because I haven’t been here much. I just want to send the old, wrecked and ragged truckloads of love to my ladies. I wish everyone’s well. I miss you all and the warmth this place has brought to my life. 

I MISS MY 2PM. At the end of every stressful day, I visit my dash and I’m always reminded how proud I am to be a HOTTEST. My boys are growing up to fine, gorgeous and well mannered men. They look rested and stress free. That’s how I like my 2PM to be. I’m looking forward for Taec to fulfill his promise that is full of nosebleeding and trolling. 

I still tell people EVERY SINGLE DAY that I have a boyfriend in Seoul, South Korea who works as a singer and is very popular. That he is the most handsome guy in the entire galaxy and that the beauty of Edinburgh Castle can’t even compare to the beauty that is Hwang Chansung. 

(99% of those people who listen to my story STILL thinks I’m delusional and I’m not normal. But in the words of a panda: “I AM NOT NORMAL, SO WHAT?”.)

I told you that this post is long but I forgot to tell you that it’s pointless. Well, who cares. If it’s not pointless, it’s not Teenah. 


[A LONG A$$ POST SORRY] It's that one special day every year that I get to be reminded of how beautiful my life is...


Probably it’s just a number to most people, but it’s a number that reminds me that getting here (at this age) is not easy. And because life wasn’t a smooth ride for me, it keeps me grounded, makes me look up time and again, and thank the Lord for the storms I faired and survived. 


Still young, yes. Got a long way to go, yes. Got so much to learn, yes. Handful of things to prove and accomplish, yes. I’ve got so much to do, so much to look forward to. I look forward to 34, 35, 36, and so on… with happiness in my heart. 


You lose some, you win some. I’m thankful for friends I lost and new ones I’ve gained…and of course, the ones who stayed. I’m thankful for every single bumps on the road because it sure did pissed me out but it made me a better person. 


Wishes? I wish for more 2PM albums to buy, more 2PM songs to download and listen to, more years of cheering for them, and for them to stay healthy, happy and rich. And for Chansung to have more plaid shirts and to become a gym magnate (lol). I wish for a meaningful year at work and a healthy relationship with the kids and colleagues. I wish my friends (Hottest & non KPOP fans) a lot of love and happiness (and good health too) For my parents to share more decades of love. For my sisters and brothers to be successful in their careers as well. For my son Weezy, that he may grow up to be a responsible and brilliant man. And to please my Creator, My Lord & Saviour in everything that I do. 

I wish this year will be filled with love, happiness and blessings. I wish to become a better person, a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter and A BETTER MOM&DAD to my son. 

Stay awesome. Stay happy. Stay grounded. God bless you, selfie! 

Happy 33! <3