There was this cosplayer at Magic City Comic Con in Florida, and I was graced with their presence.
Would you guys help me find them so I can actually talk to them?

Spread this around so they might find me

I was really shy and I couldn’t really talk to them, I would really appreciate it.


Guys please don’t go too crazy and violate his private info and such. I do not intend for this to get out of hand and I have faith that you guys can stay chill. 

I'll Be Ok
I'll Be Ok

If I have to make that impossible list of my top 10 favorite 2PM songs, this song would probably be one of em. 

This song exudes everything I love about 2PM. It’s laid back, not being a push over, nothing extreme, nothing simple about it either. The lyrics are captivating. The melody is addictive. The song sticks with you. You will miss it. You come back to it. It soothes you. It’s relaxing. It lightens you up. It gives you comfort. It makes you feel things: love, sadness, pain, and hope. Then the song becomes a part of you. 

And that’s what 2PM is for me, basically. One number two letters that is synonymous to home, friendship, love, happiness and inspiration. Every Hottest, old or new, would somehow agree that these 6 boys have given us not only awesome songs, but a life filled with laughters, hope and encouragement, love, inspiration and most of all FRIENDS…. a FAMILY.

5, 6, 7, 8 years from now… who knows? You might move on. I might move on. We might move on. No one can tell. But even then, whether this 2PM or this whole KPOP thing is just a phase you and I went thru together, we will all have THAT one special thing - that one unbreakable bond people can only talk about. 2PM have given us 7 letters that were once merely just a part of the alphabet and didn’t really matter to us. 7 letters that will always stick with you. And that wherever you are, you will forever be proud to have called yourself that at one point in your life………… a “H O T T E S T”.

One proud Hottest here for life,

Teenah xxx

“April 2009. Again & Again. Life changing.”

“April 2009. Again & Again. Life changing.”

That would probably be the heading to my story – as a Hottest.

KPOP – a genre I so despise before my eyes laid upon the magic that is 2PM.

I didn’t understand the hype. Yes, hype. It was nothing but a hype for me back then.

But the moment my sister shoved right to my face her notebook and literally begged me to spare her 4 minutes of my precious time to watch the new music video of one of the best KPOP groups (her words not mine), I knew that I was in for a ride of a lifetime.

That night, I stayed up until 3:00am, watching any 2PM videos on youtube. Little did I know that it was the start of the numerous countless sleepless nights for me.

That night I slept with a stupid grin on my face. I woke up a HOTTEST.

September 4, 2014.

Today I’m celebrating my 5th year as a Hottest. I can only imagine the joy of those who are celebrating their sixth, the excitement of those who are celebrating their first. Today of all days, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in this fandom in its lowest of lows or shared your fair share of tears when 2PM was down in the gutter.

Today, we celebrate as people who stayed, who believed, who never lose faith.

After 5 years, I stopped thinking that this day is merely about 2PM as 6 year veteran group, with a solid fandom. This 6th year anniversary is more than just how popular, how big and how far our boys have come so far.

September 4th is about us – THE HOTTEST.

This year, let’s make it as an anniversary of our love as a fandom. Our bond. Our friendship.  

It’s time to give ourselves some appreciation and a lot of pats on the back for running with 2PM in every direction. Because you know damn well 6 years haven’t been easy.  It was a rollercoaster ride of losing a member, of surviving years of hating, of finding one’s place in the group, of being bashed, of being ridiculed, of gaining respect, the list goes on.

But YOU, as wonderful as you are… you stayed. You never gave up. That despite of all the ever sprouting young generations of KPOP groups… you are still in the same place as you were years ago.

What are your reasons, if other fandoms may ask?

Well to each his/her own. I don’t know how you became a Hottest, or what are your stories… but I can only hope that the outstanding reason why you stayed is that… 2PM, beyond their greatness and perfection, gave you friends. They gave you sisters. A FAMILY. A family that is so ever strong, so ever faithful.

2PM… as I turn 5 years today as a Hottest, I want to thank you for my sisters all over the world (PEARL 'itsallabout2pm’ has to be specially mentioned because I love her so dearly – four years of knowing this amazing woman is a gift from the heavens).

My precious most loved 2PM boys, thank you for the infectious happiness. For filling my life with colors that I haven’t seen before. For the laughter when I badly need some. For the encouragement thru your music. For the inspiration thru the lives you live. For the love you have shown me all thru the years. For the love that I experience and get to feel thru the exchange of messages of the nicest bunch of people in the planet – THE HOTTEST. You bringing these people in to my life is more valuable than the albums I keep. 

Thank you 2PM for making me a HOTTEST. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BUZZ LIGHTYEAR HAD PUT INTO WORDS. More than infinity. More than beyond.



“Once a Hottest, always a Hottest.”

P.S. I have met a lot of Hottest here, old and new. I love each and everyone of you. The same goes to you, Maria ‘M”

29 years old or 34.... it doesn't matter. I realize, it kinda sticks with you. Probably because I have loved 2PM for such a long time that you can't get over it. At first you're so convinced that it's just a phase. 'You'll get over it, Teenah.' But whatever you do, it stays with you. 2PM is just like that tiny extension of your family. It's the kind of family you have chosen for yourself. Maybe the young ones who are reading this right now would come to see that there are indeed people like my age who preferred to stay... (My sistas - you know who you are!) And as I always tell people why I really chose to stay? Not only because 2PM is just a big part of my life, but most importantly, they have given me wonderful friends. Certain friendships that I'm pretty sure is beyond this 2PM madness. When am I going to retire as a Hottest, you ask? WAIT. THERE'S A RETIREMENT FROM THIS THING?!

Admit it. You miss my blabbering. 

I love you people who love my 2PM! 

THIS IS A LOOOOONG ASS POST. Teenah is..........

well, an old woman, who seems to be nice to a lot of people. Well, she tries to be nice. She tries to act like her age, most of the time. But she have some issues with “kids” who fight “adults” thinking they can get away comparing my 2PM to some I-DON’T-EVEN-HAVE-A-CLUE-WHY-THEY-NAMED-THEIR-BAND-THAT- WAY-AND-WHO-THE-HELL-ARE-THEY newbie idol groups.

Lemme be clear. “I DON’T FIGHT CHILDREN.” But when you go out of your way, and spare me some of your precious time by dropping me an anonymous message, telling me how my 2PM TRYING TO “COPY” the looks of your favorite idol group and your message is kinda giving me hints that you are actually trying to tell me that your “oppars” (OH FOR FUCKS SAKE) are better than my namjars in all ways and angles………..I HAVE NO PROBLEM KICKING YOUR ASS even if your only 12. (Oh geez, wait. Are you actually…. 12?)

I know you might be reading this, giggling, laughing about how you ‘ticked me off’, well I have some good news for you. THIS IS ACTUALLY ME BEING NICE. Can you come down from your high horse, OH ALMIGHTY ONE, and try to explain to me why should my existence be doomed by your oppars’ ALBUM SALES AND quote and quote EXTREME POPULARITY? FLASH NEWS: I never cared about groups outselling my namjars since ICE AGE. And certainly, I’m not bothered about the massive volume of those fanchants. But I get you, it is indeed nice to shove down on everyone’s throat when your favorite idol group is doing exceptionally well (by your own set of criteria). BUT HOLD UP. BEFORE YOU GO LADY GAGA ON ME ABOUT ALBUM SALES AGAIN, let me remind you that apart from the recognition, glamour, fame, and money, 2PM got 5 freaking hell-ish years under their belts. And I would really like you to imagine your IDOL GROUP going thru the same HELL that my namjars went thru, merely having no right to speak their minds and not being able to defend themselves, AND THEN GETTING THRU IT, RISING ABOVE ALL THAT HELL, AND THEN THE CRAPPY TALKS & BUSINESS OF ALBUM SALES. 

Please, keep on deluding yourself that all this shitty talks about who sells better than who can really get your oppar somewhere, PLEASE. ENTERTAIN ME. Please speak to me after 5 years, when you’re already, what? 17? And your oppars are probably 'SENIORS’ in the business… maybe then we can talk about all these AGAIN. And you’ll have my respect.

By the way, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry that I didn’t talk about “STAGE IMPACT” and “PERFORMANCE” that you might also be waiting for me to respond to. You are already know that I’m a Hottest. And when we speak of PERFORMANCES, STAGE PRESENCE AND IMPACT, my boys are - OH ERASE THAT. I believe your oppars are one of them voters who put 2PM #1 in the list of the BEST PERFORMERS IN KPOP. 

Thank you very much.