@ teenage boys

why do you feel the need to degrade women for everything they do? and say homophobic things? and be assholes? is it really that hard to just fucking shut your mouths and spread love, instead of hate? just asking for a friend :) xo

one day you’re going to meet someone 
and you’re going to tell them how I’m still burrowed into the deepest parts of your soul

you’re going to tell them that my voice gives you nightmares

and how I used to shoot venom in your veins

which Is why when she touches them you cringe

you’re going to tell her I was the moon & you were just a person

that no matter how much you looked & loved I always went away

she’s going to ask you why you cry when it rains

and you’re going to say it’s force or habit

you’re going to tell her I twisted your veins in knots that you can’t get out 
and she’s going to tell you she will fix them

she won’t ever fix them

one day you’re going to meet someone and you’re going to think you love them

until it’s 6 am and you’re screaming my name in your sleep
—  you’re never going to forget me, you might as well just come back - teenagge-wastelandd.tumblr.com

Regina Harris
You were the alphabet, consisting of the lovely o shape of your mouth, down to the perfect v between your thighs. You were the depths of everything I never knew, everything I wanted to figure out. You were time. Time that was slowly running out, something you couldn’t ever put a stop to. I memorized the lines on your body, the shape of your nose, the curve of your mouth. It didn’t take long to realize that you were a combination of everything I would never be able to live without.
—  teenagge-wastelandd.tumblr.com

Regina Harris