okay so this post is wrong but what the heck it’s a Tumblr post, right, it’s mostly a joke, only it’s so perfectly echoing an idea I’ve seen elsewhere too, from actual paid critics and academic critiques, that Hugo “wasn’t writing for emotional teenagers”, that he’d be horrified by fandom, that he was too High and Erudite for the likes of  screaming theater kids and emotional teenagers

y’all. Y’all. 

Victor Hugo knew what fandom was.  And he absolutely LOVED it. 

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Since you're bored, what about the coaches in Yoi? They all have their own methods and also the bonds with their skaters are different. Who do you think has the closest bond (aside from Victuuri obviously lol)? Do you have a favorite coach?

Hm … HMMM … Interesting question … Lemme think …

1. Yakov Feltsman

Yakov is always the first coach that comes to my mind. He seems like a very no-nonsense-person and I assume his regime is bone-crushing. Viktor’s antics have probably driven him crazy more than once. And now he still has Georgi’s constant love-drama and Yuri’s loud ansty-teenage attitude he has to deal with. Poor man is not to be envied. 

But still I think he has a quite close bond to his charges. He might not look like it, because he tends to yell and look grumpy, but it’s only because he tries to look out for them (and they act like ill-bred little brats). I mean, look at him - he even summons his ex-wife to help Yuri immprove further. And when Vitya asks him for help (in what I like to call he Makkachin-incident), he doesn’t let him down. You dont do that for people you feel indifferent about.

2. Celestino “Ciao Ciao” Cialdini

God, I can’t help it, and I’m not gonna lie - he looks kinda creepy to me. But that aside, he seems like a really friendly and helpful person. He certainly is a great coach, otherwise his charges wouldn’t make it to the GP “all the time”. He comforted Yuuri back when he messed up at the GP finals and is really proud and supportive of Phichit. But I think - and that’s just a personal perception - he’s not exactly the best at motivating his students to excel themselves. They either do, because it’s part of their nature, or they don’t. In Yuuri’s case it didn’t really work. Yuuri seems to like him just fine, and even trusts him to a degree. But a close bond? Hm … no, I dont think so.

3. Alain and Nathalie Leroy

As former ice dancers they know the business and they have most definitely a great influence on their eldest son . Watching them while he’s competing, there’s no doubt that they are very proud of JJ and his achievements. But proud parents can also put a lot of pressure upon you. So, yeah, there’s a close bond - one of the closest I’d say.

I don’t think I can really say much about any of the other coaches, since they didn’t get to say much. So yes, lol.

My fav coach-tandem is Yakov & Lilia - thank you for asking, nonnie!!!

We’re young. We’re supposed to drink too much. We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other’s brains out. We are designed to party. This is it. Yeah, so a few of us will overdose or go mental. But Charles Darwin said you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And that’s what it’s all about breaking eggs! And by eggs, I do mean, getting twatted on a cocktail of Class As. If you could just see yourselves! It breaks my heart. You’re wearing cardigans! We had it all. We fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us. We were so beautiful! We’re screw-ups. I’m a screw-up and I plan to be a screw-up until my late 20s, maybe even my early 30s.
—  Nathan Young (Misfits)

So this was put up today.  Fan-Film

Power Rangers Movie is hype!

- Actual ‘teenagers with attitude’

- Cheesy humour! i was half expecting DC levels of grit.

- The suits have really grown on me. Hopefully there’s a full transformation sequence and not just the scene in the Command Centre.

- The zords are rad. Hope the merging sequence is good, and not just them turning into nano-mush and becoming the Megazord.

- Zordon is the one who knocks.

- Alpha 5 is actually not annoying! How about that.

- If Rita Repulsa shrieks, that’ll be great.

- Goldar looks okay, though if he’s treated as just a ‘monster of the week,’ that’s a bit disappointing. Then again, what other expendable, but recognizable villain could they use?

All in all, it looks like a fun action movie.

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Hey! Once again you got me hooked chapter 1. I'm excited to go on another journey with you with Palm Trees. And I have to commend you on Richonne & their voices. It's not easy to be able to have these distinct characters pop from the page! it's wild that I saw that in the teenage attitude of Carl & the brief visit with Carol. These characters are fleshed out in ways that makes me feel like I KNOW them! Even over here in AU land. So I'm ready for this Island vacay. It's cold here in the DMV!

Aww yay, I’m so excited to go on another journey with you guys! And I appreciate this so much! I just loved writing this opening, giving you guys hints of what’s happened and what’s to come. And I really did want to relay these characters and their relationships with just a few short conversations, so this just totally made my day! 💛I can’t wait for us all to spend the next few weeks (or months in real time) with Richonne and their crew. ☺

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When will they stop putting the rangers in school. Enough!

they’ve actually only been in school properly (not counting secret academies or police academies) three times before ninja steel: original era, wherein they were graduated by turbo/space, dino thunder, and megaforce

two of which happen to be my fave seasons precisely because of the high school teenagers with attitude trope so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can’t help you here buddy i’m a sucker for teenage superheroes


GMW Clique Six ‘Power Rangers’ AU

A group of teenagers with attitude are recruited by Zordon to fight the evil witch Rita Repulsa and her monsters/minions after she is accidentally released from imprisonment in an intergalactic dumpster on the moon. Later, the rangers are joined by Lucas, the once evil Green Ranger designed for Rita’s evil, but who was then deprogrammed and integrated into the team. 

Together, they are The Power Rangers