teenagers scare the living shit out of me

My chemical romance sentence starters

“I never said I’d lie and wait forever.”

“I’m not okay!”

“Well if you wanted honesty that’s all you had to say”

“Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out of the second story?”

“You wear me out!”

“I held you close as we both shook.”

“For the last time take a good hard look!”

“Forget about the dirty looks!”

“You said you read me like a book!”

“I’m okay now!”

“But you really need to listen to me because I’m tell you the truth! I’m okay!”

“I’m not o-fucking-kay!”

“And they found you on the bathroom floor…”

“I miss you!”

“Singing songs that make you want to slit your wrists.”

“They’re gonna clean up your looks with all their lies and their books.”

“Because the drugs never work.”

“They’re gonna give you a smirk cuz they got methods of keeping you clean.”

“Maybe they’ll leave you alone but not me!”

“You ain’t gonna fit in much kid!”

“Teenagers scare the living shit out of me!”

“Gravity don’t mean too much to me!”

“I’m who I’ve got to be!”

“I’ve got a bullet proof heart.”

“Let’s blow a hole in this town!”

“Stay out of the light.”

“You can sat a prayer if you need to.”

“Another knife in my hands.”

“I’m so dirty,babe!”

“I fall out of grace!”

“A stain that never comes off of the sheets.”

“It ain’t for the money and it sure as hell ain’t for the fame!”

“Down we go,down we go,and we all fall down!”

“And we’ll all dance along to the tune of your death.”

“They gave us two shots to the back of the head.”

“And we’re all dead now!”

“Wait until it fades to black and ride off into the sunset!”

“Got you in my sights!”

“Well I’m asking you cuz she’s got nothing to say.”

“Would I lie to you? That girl/boy ain’t right in the brain.”

“Now I know that I can’t make you stay.”

“But where’s your heart?”


The Black Parade

change pronouns and such as needed ( tw death, tw suicide, tw gore, tw blood, tw drugs, tw cancer)

❝ You can’t save me! ❞
❝ Save me! Get me the hell out of here! ❞
❝ Here’s my resignation, I’ll serve it in drag. ❞
❝ When I grow up I want to be nothing at all! ❞
❝ My dear, if you can hear me just walk away. ❞
❝ Now come one, come all to this tragic affair! ❞
❝ I’d encourage your smiles, I’ll expect you won’t cry. ❞
❝ You might wake up and notice you’re someone you’re not. ❞
❝ If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me. ❞

❝ You never fell in love. ❞
❝ Did you get what you deserve? ❞
❝ Wouldn’t it be great if we were dead? ❞
❝ Is that the most the both of you can give? ❞
❝ Have you heard the news that you’re dead? ❞
❝ If you get to heaven I’ll be here waiting, babe. ❞
❝ If life ain’t just a joke then why are we laughing? ❞
❝ Wouldn’t it be grand to take a pistol by the hand? ❞
❝ If your life won’t wait then your heart can’t take this. ❞
❝ So long, cause now you’ve got maybe just two weeks to live. ❞
❝ No one ever had much nice to say, I think they never liked you anyway. ❞
❝ If your heart stops beating, I’ll be here wondering did you get what you deserve? ❞

❝ I’m just a ghost. ❞
❝ I can’t hurt you anymore. ❞
❝ All the good girls go to heaven. ❞
❝ Can you hear me cry out to you? ❞
❝ Who walks among the famous living dead. ❞
❝ Drain all the blood and give the kids a show. ❞
❝ Now, you wanna see how far down I can sink? ❞
❝ There’s things that I have done you never should ever know. ❞
❝ Without you is how I disappear and live my life alone forever now. ❞

❝ A kiss and I will surrender. ❞
❝ You’re in time for the show. ❞
❝ I’ve really been on a bender and it shows. ❞
❝ The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead. ❞
❝ If I crash on the couch, can I sleep in my clothes? ❞
❝ I’ve spent the night dancing, I’m drunk, I suppose. ❞
❝ So why don’t you blow me a kiss before she goes? ❞
❝ Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands. ❞
❝ You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe ❞
❝ Well, it rains and it pours when you’re out on your own. ❞
❝ A light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is ashamed to rise. ❞
❝ If it looks like I’m laughing, I’m really just asking to leave this alone. ❞
❝ Give me a shot to remember and you can take all the pain away from me. ❞
❝ There’s a place in the dark where the animals go, you can take off your skin in the cannibal glow. ❞

❝ I don’t care. ❞
❝ We’ll carry on. ❞
❝ In my heart I can’t contain it. ❞
❝ I’m just a man, I’m not a hero. ❞
❝ I won’t explain or say I’m sorry. ❞
❝ Give a cheer for all the broken. ❞
❝ Do or die, you’ll never make me. ❞
❝ Go and try, you’ll never break me. ❞
❝ Your misery and hate will kill us all. ❞
❝ The world will never take my heart. ❞
❝ I’m just a boy, who had to sing this song. ❞
❝ I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scars. ❞
❝ When you’re gone, we want you all to know, we’ll carry on. ❞
❝ Though you’re broken and defeated, your weary widow marches. ❞
❝ Though you’re dead and gone believe me your memory will carry on. ❞
❝ Let’s shout it loud and clear. Defiant to the end we hear the call to carry on. ❞
❝ On and on we carry through the fears and disappointed faces of your peers. ❞
❝ When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band. ❞
❝ One day I’ll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade. ❞
❝ When you grow up would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned? ❞
❝ Sometimes I get the feeling she’s watching over me and other times I feel like I should go. ❞
❝ Will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made? ❞

❝ Better get up while you can. ❞
❝ Better get out while you can. ❞
❝ You’re still a good-for-nothing. ❞
❝ I don’t love you like I did yesterday. ❞
❝ So sick and tired of all the needless beating. ❞
❝ Maybe when you get back I’ll be off to find another way. ❞
❝ Well, when you go don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay. ❞
❝ After all the blood that you still owe another dollar’s just another blow. ❞
❝ When you go would you have the guts to say, “I don’t love you like I loved you yesterday”? ❞

❝ Tell me I’m an angel. ❞
❝ It’s a compliment, I swear. ❞
❝ We got innocence for days! ❞
❝ I’ve been a bad motherfucker.  ❞
❝ I want to hear you sing the praise. ❞
❝ Well, I think I’m going to burn in hell. ❞
❝ Tell me I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad man. ❞
❝ I said ashes to ashes, we all fall down. ❞
❝ Tell me I’m a bad man, kick me like a stray. ❞
❝ I’ll be granting your permission ‘cause you haven’t got a prayer. ❞
❝ Well, I know a thing about contrition because I got enough to spare. ❞
❝ As the blood runs down the walls, you’ll see me creepin’ up these halls. ❞
❝ You better run like the devil, ‘cause they’re never going to leave you alone. ❞
❝ I’m going to come sing the praise and let the spirit come on through you. ❞
❝ You better hide up in the alley ‘cause they’re never going to find you a home
. ❞

❝ Turn away. ❞
❝ Know that I will never marry. ❞
❝ Bury me in all my favorite colors. ❞
❝ The hardest part of this is leaving you. ❞
❝ Now turn away ‘cause I’m awful just to see. ❞
❝ But counting down the days to go? It just ain’t living. ❞
❝ Still I will not kiss you, ‘cause the hardest part of this is leaving you. ❞
❝ I just hope you know that if you say good-bye today, I’d ask you to be true. ❞
❝ If you could get me a drink of water cause my lips are chapped and faded. ❞

❝ We’re all full of lies. ❞
❝ We’ll never let you go. ❞
❝ We’re damned after all. ❞
❝ Mama, we all go to hell. ❞
❝ You ain’t no son of mine. ❞
❝ We’re meant for the flies. ❞
❝ Mama, we’re all gonna die. ❞
❝ I should’ve been a better son. ❞
❝ I could have been a better son. ❞
❝ You should’ve raised a baby girl. ❞
❝ When you go, don’t return to me, my love. ❞
❝ Right now they’re building a coffin your size. ❞
❝ So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die. ❞
❝ There’s shit that I’ve done with this fuck of a gun. ❞
❝ Stop asking me questions, I’d hate to see you cry. ❞
❝ We all carry on when our brothers in arms are gone. ❞
❝ For what you’ve done they’re gonna find a place for you. ❞
❝ If you could coddle the infection they can amputate at once. ❞
❝ We all go to hell. It’s really quite pleasant, except for the smell. ❞
❝ If you would call me a sweetheart, I’d maybe then sing you a song. ❞
❝ If you can stay, then I’ll show you the way to return from the ashes. ❞

❝ Just sleep. ❞
❝ Three cheers for tyranny. ❞
❝ How could you cry for me? ❞
❝ A drink for the horror that I’m in. ❞
❝ And I can’t…I can’t ever wake up. ❞
❝ Walk away a savior or a madman. ❞
❝ The hardest part is letting go of your dreams. ❞
❝ There ain’t no way that I’m sorry for what I did. ❞
❝ There ain’t no way that I’m coming back again. ❞
❝ So shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and sleep. ❞
❝ They’re not like tremors, they’re worse than tremors. ❞
❝ How could you cry for me? ‘Cause I don’t feel bad about it. ❞
❝ They’re these terrors and it feels as if somebody was gripping my throat. ❞
❝ The hardest part’s the awful things that I’ve seen. Sometimes I see flames and sometimes I see people that I love dying. ❞

❝ The drugs never work. ❞
❝ You’re never gonna fit in much, kid. ❞
❝ Teenagers scare the living shit out of me. ❞
❝ Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me. ❞
❝ They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed. ❞
❝ They’re gonna give you a smirk ‘cause they got methods of keeping you clean. ❞
❝ Darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me. ❞
❝ They’re gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you. ❞
❝ They’re gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds. Another cog in the murder machine. ❞

❝ You won’t feel a thing. ❞
❝ So go away, just go, run away! ❞
❝ You never learned a goddamn thing. ❞
❝ This never meant nothing to you at all. ❞
❝ You’re just a sad song with nothing to say. ❞
❝ Where did you run to? And where did you hide? ❞
❝ If I’m so wrong, how can you listen all night long? ❞
❝ I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree. ❞
❝ As we ran from the cops we laughed so hard it would sting. ❞
❝ I hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene. ❞
❝ If you think that I’m wrong, this never meant nothing to you. ❞
❝ Bring out the old guillotine, we’ll show them what we all mean. ❞
❝ Will it matter after I’m gone? Because you never learned a goddamn thing. ❞

❝ Can I speak? ❞
❝ Where’s your heart? ❞
❝ I am not afraid to keep on living. ❞
❝ I am not afraid to walk this world alone. ❞
❝ A love that’s so demanding I get weak. ❞
❝ A life that’s so demanding I get so weak. ❞
❝ A love that’s so demanding I can’t speak. ❞
❝ So many bright lights, they cast a shadow. ❞
❝ These bright lights have always blinded me. ❞
❝ Well, is it hard understanding I’m incomplete? ❞
❝ Nothing you can say can stop me going home. ❞
❝ I know there’s nothing I can say to change that part. ❞
❝ I see you lying next to me with words I thought I’d never speak. ❞
❝ Now, I know that I can’t make you stay but where’s your heart? ❞

❝ I’m such an awful fuck. ❞
❝ Honestly, I’ll be here for a while. ❞
❝ I gave you blood, gallons of the stuff! ❞
❝ I’m the kind of human wreckage that you love. ❞
❝ Well, they encourage your complete cooperation. ❞
❝ Grab a glass because there’s going to be a flood. ❞
❝ Send you roses when they think you need to smile. ❞
❝ Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough. ❞
❝ I gave you all that you can drink and it has never been enough. ❞
❝ I can’t control myself because I don’t know how and they love me for it. ❞
❝ A celebrated man amongst the gurneys, they can fix me proper with a bit of luck. ❞
❝ The doctors and the nurses they adore me so but it’s really quite alarming cause I’m such an awful fuck. ❞

anonymous asked:

Hey I noticed that you are apart of a lot of fandoms; any fic recommendations?

idk which fandoms you were looking for, anon, but here are some faves:

Steve x Bucky - MCU (honestly so many of them are sooo sososo soo good)


to memory now I can’t recall by Etharei (time-travel AU)

Targeting and Strong Safety by queenmab_scherzo (college football AU)

Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series by owlet

make one dream come true (you only live twice) by beardsley (james bond AU)

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) (plays with format, kinda cool)

Slide To Answer by relenafanel (short fun modern AU)

literally  S  O      M  A  N  Y  .     just read all 26 554 of them?

Simon x Rapael - Shadowhunters TV

celluloid pictures living by margot_tenenbaum (A FAVE 1930s Hollywood AU)

Bane & Santiago International series by iriswests

Kylie Jenner Lips by crystalclark94 (made me laugh on the metro)

- WIPs:

i will let the wind go quietly by ringerxo (main focus on malec, but the saphael is strong)

love’s a word we’ve only heard by piotsa (A FAVE 1950s timetravel AU)

The World Is Not Enough by FarAwayInWonderland (1950s timetravel AU)

a slice of something like heaven series by eversall

Simon x Jace - Shadowhunters TV (I just started with this ship BUT)

you better work, bitch by margot_tenenbaum

Ian x Mickey - Shameless US (i don’t watch the show or take part in the fandom anymore because IT’S SHIT, but here are some good stories)

basically anything by Shamelessquestions 

Teenager Scare the Living Shit Out of Me and Total Frat Move by Mellow_Yellow

Rookie Mistakes by delgay (hockey AU)

Disassemble and Restart by my dear MeganWrites

Jealousy Looks Good On You and Play My Game by BekkaChaos

last night’s phrases, still writhing on my floor by peggyolson (Weekend dir. Andrew Haigh AU)

A Move Too Far and the one-shots in that same verse by meganface

Deran x Adrian - Animal Kingdom (TV) (be aware that their relationship is unhealthy as hell)

just go into the fandom tag on ao3. There are legit 15 fics for the WHOLE fandom so. EH. just be sure to read the ones by spock and okaywhateverokayyes.


honestly i start by filtering according to kudos and then look at the kudos on the latest fics posted. 

Nevada ‘Papi’ Ramirez: ... Papi?

This is my favorite way to torture Nevada Ramirez.
A baby-momma & a teenage daughter.

‘The Dress’ | ‘El Protector’

Originally posted by vadasultenfuss

Canon: Nevada Ramirez, from Trouble In The Heights.
OCs: Anabelle, his 16 year old daughter, & her mother Mia, his ex who he really isn’t ‘over’ no matter how hard he tries to tell himself he is…

Setting: Nevada’s weekend with Anabelle, very late on a Saturday evening…

Nevada wasn’t naive. He knew she was still awake.
Even if she thought he didn’t know, and if she thought he was asleep.

Mia used to suggest taking the phone away after a certain-o'clock, he wasn’t quite sure if that was still law at her home or not. Anabelle had been so good lately, though: at least, for Nevada she had.

So what if, on a Saturday night, she wanted to stay up until some God-Forsaken hour chatting away to her girlfriends?

It really didn’t bother him. She was a teenager, after all. Smart, tough, didn’t take shit from anyone- he was proud of her, thought she deserved some freedom.

As he came back up the stairs, on the journey to return to his bedroom after getting a glass of whiskey from his kitchen, however… he heard Anabelle talking to herself.

Well, not to herself, he knew better than that… So, she had to be on her cell phone. Not a rarity, though the time did seem a bit obnoxious, and Nevada sincerely planned on sweeping right past the door undetected.

But something made him pause, made his eyebrow raise:

That tone in her voice was not one he’d think she’d be using with one of her girl friends.

Nosily, Nevada slunk nearer, standing as perfectly still as he possibly could: to stop the floorboards from creaking beneath him, to keep the ice blocks from hitting each other in his glass.

~“Then what… no, you tell me…”

She giggled and Nevada thought the air had been sucked from the house: he’d heard giggles like that before. Nevada had created giggles like that before- with girls at the club, with pretty ladies at the bus stops, with Mia those many years ago…

And he definitely did not want her giggling like that because of a phone call.
A phone call taking place at two in the damn morning…

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everyone else: *glares*

archie: oh wait-


jughead: O

❝45 texts to send to my muse: Music Edition:❞

Warning(s): Alcohol, Strong Language, Blood, Implied Violence, Drugs:

  1. [ text ]: I need some help. Some inspiration.
  2. [ text ]: I’ll hide my behaviour with wine as my saviour.
  3. [ text ]: Do you swear you’ll stay forever?
  4. [ text ]: If you were an ice-cream flavour, you would be my favourite one.
  5. [ text ]: Damn, I’d love a boat by the beach on the West Coast.
  6. [ text ]: It all keeps adding up. I think I’m cracking up.
  7. [ text ]: The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you.
  8. [ text ]: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought we’d fall out of place.
  9. [ text ]: I don’t really blame you, if I was in your shoes I’d probably do the same too.
  10. [ text ]: I’d pay to see you frown.
  11. [ text ]: You drive me crazy, I can’t get enough.
  12. [ text ]: I’ve never been this far away from home.
  13. [ text ]: If you stick around, I’m sure that I’ll be fine.
  14. [ text ]: The drink will flow and blood will spill. If the boys want to fight, you’d better let them.
  15. [ text ]: Remember when you tried to write me off?
  16. [ text ]: I may have fooled around once or twice, but I really need you.
  17. [ text ]: I can read you like a magazine.
  18. [ text ]: It was always going to end like this.
  19. [ text ]: No matter how hard I try, I always find a reason why to waste my day with you.
  20. [ text ]: Truth be told, I’m worried about what the future holds.
  21. [ text ]: It’s not okay. I don’t feel safe.
  22. [ text ]: Come on, make it easy. Say I never mattered.
  23. [ text ]: Why’d you leave your keys upon the table?
  24. [ text ]: Shut up! I’m not like you. 
  25. [ text ]: There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
  26. [ text ]: Give me the drug you know I’m after.
  27. [ text ]: Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.
  28. [ text ]: Fuck you. Fuck you, very, very much.
  29. [ text ]: Tomorrow is cancelled.
  30. [ text ]: I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet.
  31. [ text ]: She will steal your soul.
  32. [ text ]: Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back?
  33. [ text ]: Right now they’re building a coffin your size.
  34. [ text ]: I thought love was only true in fairy tales.
  35. [ text ]: I could throw you in a lake, or feed you poisoned birthday cake.
  36. [ text ]: I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds.
  37. [ text ]: He ain’t gonna rest ‘til you’re in jail.
  38. [ text ]: I’d rather go to Hell than be in purgatory.
  39. [ text ]: I hear the trash you’re talking.
  40. [ text ]: What I do from here is none of your concern.
  41. [ text ]: I don’t know why I came here tonight
  42. [ text ]: I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt.
  43. [ text ]: How did you afford this ring that I love, honey?
  44. [ text ]: Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone.
  45. [ text ]: Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?

Gallavich fic aesthetic • Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out Of Me