teenagers can relate

i love love sana’s lipstick because 

  • IT LOOKS SUPER BOMB, pls tell me what brand and shade you’re wearing my love 
  • it’s made to look like she put it on herself. there’s some of the lipstick outside her lip lines, this isn’t meant to look like if was perfectly applied with a lip brush by a makeup artist. this is the picture we’ll all be seeing on the website every single day for the next couple of months, but it doesn’t mean that her make-up needs to be applied as though they were going to publish this picture in a magazine. in this picture she’s meant to look like a real teenage girl, one people can relate to, she’s meant to look like sana, and little details such as the way her lipstick is applied help achieve that purpose

i just 

i feel so happy that we’re finally getting some muslim representation. It warms my heart so much because as a muslim teenage girl I can finally relate to something so deeply. 

Sitting on the bus, your dad calls. Assalam aleikum, baba. You always get those looks. The dirty ones, ah, there’s another terrorist. then the afraid ones, refusing to meet your eyes but staring when you don’t look. You can still see it.

You know all about that damn pizza. Your best friends have ordered and when you sit down with them to eat it’s pork. They say oh fuck I forgot and then they go but we have beef! All smiles and happy and in your head it’s just but it’s not halal. okay fuck it don’t make a big issue out of this. just remove it come on. SMile. You KNOW they are your friends, they love you and they don’t really think about it, they forget. But you’re already different from them.

Sex. All your friends have had it. You respect it but it is just not in your nature to find it natural in the age of 17, before marriage. And to listen to the last gory detail, white garlic sauce dripping as she comes and comes–it’s not natural for you. but how can you say anything without sounding rude or jealous? 

The home. THe cleanliness, one of the most important things in islam. Your home is clean, the carpet is the typical persian looking kind, beautiful. There’s something in the air, you can just feel it. 

Finally the wallah. I swear by God! Say wallah. You always tell your siblings wallah i didn’t tell mom, no i didnt. Wall– in school to your best friends, it’s a reflex. You get the eyebrows and the laughing oh yeah alla ukbar something right? riiiiight

I have high hopes for season 4 of skam and lovely sana <3 finally maybe more people will be able to understand us.

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Why do you think people were/are so fascinated with the Columbine mass murder and the two guys behind it? Whats another mass murder do you think should've received as much attention but didn't?

Although there were plenty of cases of school shootings before them, they received the most media attention and attention from the public, I assume because of the amount of victims as well as there being two shooters.

It is my opinion that they were able to kill as many as they did due to planning everything out for a prolonged period of time. (It’s also my opinion that they told a lot of people who pretended they didn’t know it was going to happen due to not wanting to get in trouble themselves). Other school shooters didn’t seem to plan it out as much, it was more of a spur of the moment thing that they decided to do. It’s usually done quickly and they are apprehended just as quickly, which wasn’t the case at Columbine. And because they planned everything out, they left a lot of stuff behind, such as videos and journals and the like, which we don’t really see with other school shooters. Then, of course, there’s the fact that they died that day as well, which leaves an air of mystery to them in that no one had the opportunity to witness them age, go to prison, write to them or anything. So they are eternally teenage boys that a lot of people, mostly young teenagers, can relate to on some level or another. What they were going through at the time, all of their teenage angst bullshit is the same kind of thing most teens go through so they understand them, as future generations of teens probably will if currently is any indication. And most other school shooters that survived their own attacks have grown up and realized they made a dumb mistake/ aren’t of the same mindset as they were as teens…which I’m confident in believing would be the same way Eric and Dylan would feel had they survived…but they didn’t, so all we have from them are their angsty words and aggression.

And then of course there will always be young girls that find them attractive and have a thing for dead bad boys.

🤷🏼‍♀️that’s just my opinion though. I’m not even remotely interested in the case. It’s been discussed to death and there’s no new information so it’s just the same old stuff being talked about repeatedly.

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I know you can't please everyone but that last anon submission concerning her thoughts about 'Slow and Steady' screams troll. There's nothing mature or constructive about it. Sam your fics have a maturity and authenticity concerning Bucky's characterization, relationship dynamics etc. 'Slow and Steady' is no exception. Perhaps teenagers simply can't relate? Either way you keep doing you and I'll be there to read every last marvelous work you post because your talent stands out my dear! ~HJM~


I know I can’t please everyone and I don’t expect too, but sending little messages like that anon did isn’t necessary.

But, thank you for the support! It really is great knowing that someone enjoys my hard work as much as I do! It means a lot to me HJM! ❤

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Whenever I see L@ngst, I mentally substitute it to "bawl muh first world problems". Seriously that's what it is cause there's no way these sheltered teenaged fan girls can relate to something like PTSD

But nonnie, didn’t you know that L@nce invented moderate insecurities and homesickness?? Truly, who could have endured more pain than someone who misses his still-alive family and who occasionally feels out of place? Golly. #wank