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No longer teenage, a powerless mutant, hardly a ninja and a turtle only when it comes to speed. But still in love with my childhood heroes - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I love how people around my age, who were watching the same shows as kids, are still inspired by them and draw our beloved heroes professionally. This adds a new twist to the show you know so well.

Under Your Spell

[Part 1: “Bewitched”]

content: “It’s not easy to live with a witch.”

word count: 5,881

author’s note: After participating in @destieldrabblesdaily‘s fanfiction contest last year, a lot of people asked me to continue this series and I’m honestly happy to oblige <33 And since I recently gained 2,000 followers I thought this would be a good way to celebrate!!


It’s not easy to live with a witch.

At least some people told Dean beforehand that it would be crazy to move in with his uniquely magical boyfriend who tends to turn things that usually are very much quiet and motionless into something alive and chatty.

That he’d lose the last bit of privacy and sanity along the way and probably end up in a special ward at the hospital, talking to himself.

And yeah, sure, their concerns weren’t exactly unfounded, Dean’s able to admit that. It may seem strange from an outsider’s point of view to actually crave to live in a place that’s more or less the pure definition of madness and Dean’s honestly still not really used to the coffeemaker talking his ear off first thing in the morning or the candlesticks performing their weird and somewhat disturbing dance everytime they hear even the faint sound of a pop song.

It’s insane. It’s wild. Sometimes it’s even freaking terrifying.

But Dean doesn’t want it any other way.

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Normal//Supernatural One-Shot

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Jay (OC)

(Y/n) giggled as she walked out of the school. When she started high school, she expected it to suck, just like the movies. To her surprise, she loved it. Her day was always the same: Wake up, eat breakfast, have Sam and Dean drive her to school, go to her classes, get picked up by her brother, go home, do homework, eat dinner, study lore, and go to sleep after pestering her brothers to do the same. She didn’t mind the routine, but as of recently, that had changed.

Lately, (Y/n) had been telling her brothers that she had to stay after school. Every time they had asked her what she had been doing, she would have just responded with, “I’m part of a study group. We help each other with homework and sometimes, we even tutor lower classmen.” She had the brightest smile on her face, her dimples popping out. (Y/n) was always so convincing, and she was so compassionate, so they had believed her.


Jay laughed as he drove down to the road to the ice rink. Captain of the hockey team he was. He had full access to the ice, even after hours. He looked over at (Y/n). She had been singing some kind of classic rock song. Of course she knew it, she grew up around it. Jay had been the happiest he had ever been with her, and nothing would ever change that.

Soon enough, the couple had pulled up to the ice rink. Jay quickly got out and opened the door for the female sitting in the passenger seat with a wide smile.

(Y/n) wore a smirk as she grabbed his hand and got out of the car. “Always a gentleman,” she teased.

“Anything for my girl,” he grinned, kissing her cheek.

(Y/n) shook her head with a stupid smile. She started running. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” She shouted.

Jay chased after her quickly. Once he had caught up to her, he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around, causing the girl to squeal and laugh loud.


The two teenagers had stayed longer than they had expected. They of course lost track of time, being two teenagers in love. They had spent their time skating around the ice, and even playing hockey… Well, it was more… Jay teaching (Y/n) how to play hockey.

(Y/n) tried to hit the puck into the goal again, but Jay had blocked it… Of course he blocked it. He was meant to play hockey. He did all his life, and now, he’s getting scholarships.

“Jay,” the girl whined, “This is impossible. You’re a pro at this. I’ve only just learned how this works!”

Jay laughed and skated over to her. He took off the glove and padding, but kept the helmet on. He grabbed her face between his two hands. “I’m sorry, doll,” he teased. “I know I’m not being fair.” He chuckled as she smiled back at her.

“I know how you can make up for it,” she teased.

“Oh yeah?” he questioned. “How can I do that? I’d do anything for my girl.”

(Y/n) grabbed the helmet and took it off of his head. She giggled at his messy hair and ruffled it before leaning into kiss him.

“I’m more than okay with this,” he chuckled, kissing her back.


Sam and Dean had been getting worried.

“Where is she?” Dean exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Dean!” he shot back. “She isn’t answering her phone!”

“Oh, God,” Dean panicked, “Sammy, what if something happened to her? Our baby sister could be getting tortured right now!”

Sam looked like a light bulb had gone over his head. He ran to his laptop and started to furiously type.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked his brother.

“While we were busy panicking, I forgot that her phone has a GPS in it,” Sam stated. After harshly hitting the “enter” button, he started to scroll. “I have an address, let’s go.”

Dean grabbed the keys to Baby and they both ran to the garage.


After around ten minutes of driving, they pulled up to the rink. The brothers had grabbed their guns and ran to the door. Soon enough, they burst through the door. What they had seen shocked them.

What was there? Two teenagers, on a blanket, on the ice, naked.

Jay and (Y/n) had jumped when they heard the door open. They quickly scrambled to get their clothes on. Once they did, they were both red messes.

“Sam, Dean!” The girl exclaimed, “What are you doing here? I told you I was staying out late, like I always do!”

“It’s eleven at night!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re too young to be doing… This!”

Jay’s eyes were wide as he stuttered. “W-We were j-just–

“Save it Ken Doll!” Dean barked at the boy.

“(Y/n), let’s go,” Sam said, his voice stern, “We’re going home.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked down. She started walking towards her brother. She noticed Jay giving her a worried glance. “I’ll be fine,” she told him softly, “I’ll promise…”

Jay nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered back.

Jay nodded and walked over away from her to clean everything up, ignoring the harsh glare from Sam and Dean.


Soon enough, they Winchesters were in the Impala on their way home. The car ride was awkward and silent. (Y/n) knew that she was in a lot of trouble, so she didn’t say anything.


It wasn’t too long before they were back at the bunker. Dean slammed the door closed behind them. They all sat down.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dean asked.

“It’s not that big of a –” she started, but she was interrupted by her second oldest brother.

“Not that big of a deal?” Sam questioned. “We thought someone took you, only to find out that you were having sex with some kid we didn’t know?” Sam scoffed. “Were you guys even being safe?”

“Of course we were!” (Y/n) shot back. “What, you think I’m stupid?” She asked. “You guys are so hypocritical. Stop acting that you guys weren’t doing stuff like this at my age, at least Dean was, and anyways, you guys go out to bars all the time and sleep with women you don’t know! At least I knew this guy! We’ve been dating for half a year,” she ranted.

“You’re grounded!” Dean yelled at her. “We will not be disrespected by you, and you will not be seeing that boy anymore outside of school! No more, ‘study group’ or ‘tutoring’ either!”

“That’s not fair!” she yelled back.

“You know that we can’t have connections like this!” Sam told her. “If you want to be a hunter, you have to learn that.”

“Well maybe I don’t want to be a hunter anymore,” she huffed. “I started tutoring and study groups because it looks on college applications and people actually pay attention to me,” she confessed.

“We give you a lot of attention,” Sam claimed.

“Really?” She retorted. “Because if you did, you would’ve seen my Class President posters that I used for my campaign. You also would’ve see that the day that I won, I came home wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Student Body President!‘”

“Okay, we’re sorry that we didn’t notice, but you’re still grounded,” Dean said.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The girl asked.

“Get what?” Sam questioned back.

“I’m part of student council because it looks nice for colleges, I’m in study groups and I tutor for extra credit and because colleges love it. I want a normal job, a normal life. I want to earn my money, and I want to go to college. All this school stuff, Jay, and especially Jay are the things that make it possible for me to feel normal. They’re the closest thing I have to being normal until I graduate and leave Kansas, and you’re trying to take it away from me…” At this point, (Y/n) had tears in her eyes. Just as one fell, she sniffled and wiped it away before running to her room where she sobbed all night long.


Sam’s heart hurt. She wanted exactly what he wanted when he was younger. She grew up the way that he did. Her parents were absent from her life, she wanted to hunt but was never allowed to, and now she realized that hunting isn’t what she wanted. She had fallen in love and she was done for, she wanted that life.

“I am hypocritical… I wanted the same thing and I just tried to stop her from having it,” Sam stated in a sad tone. He rubbed his face in frustration. “I’m a terrible brother.”

Dean didn’t say anything. He just looked the the ground with sad eyes. To hear his baby sister cry was the worst thing ever. It made his heart wrench. “I’m going to bed,” he told Sam before heading to his room.

That night, it was hard for both of the brothers to sleep. It wasn’t until one in the morning that (Y/n)’s sobs stopped. They didn’t go in to talk to her. That would’ve made things worse, and that was the last thing they wanted. All they could do was wait for a later time to talk to her. It would be one hell of a wait.

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Some Reactions to Baby/ Running with Scissors

Can I just say… these episodes are why I really like Star vs. 

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

Star vs is a show that can be a bit hicuppy from time to time, but man when its good, its really good. It balances character and world building, adventure and comedy, and comic shenanigans with some amazingly relatable character moments. And considering these episodes come immediately after the much maligned Trickstar… well there’s clearly a huge leap in quality there.

Baby continues a few of the ongoing plot-lines the series already presented us with, but it also builds upon Star Butterfly’s character in a genuinely meaningful way. Not only does she not want to go back to Mewni, its heavily implied that she genuinely considers Earth to be her home now. And. yes, Marco certainly has a lot to do with that. But I think her loves goes a bit beyond romance. Its her friendship with Marco that she values, and whether or not that implies a future relationship is up to future episodes of this show.

Plus, I really like Baby’s design.

And then there’s Running with Scissors. Dear god, nothing is the same now. Marco has changed as a character, and I’m not quite sure how this is going to play out.

I suppose there is a slight exaggeration… I don’t think Marco is going to be constantly dropping hints at the sixteen years he was gone… but he has to be much more mature now. Plus, he knows how to use swords. (Maybe Marco is thematically related to Eclipsa, who has the Spade card motif).

I thoroughly expect crossover fanart of Older Marco, Rick Sanchez, and Ford Pines now. 

I also find it interesting that Marco is the one who owns the dimensional scissors now, as opposed to Star. There’s a theory floating around that season 2 of Star vs is something of a soft reboot of the show, with several ideas dropped from the first season becoming relevant again in the second. If anybody remembers the end of Quest Buy, Marco now has in his possession a magical portable vacuum cleaner seemingly set up to be to Marco what the wand is to Star. It also never shows up again. I feel like the scissors might be an alternative to that idea.

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

And now I feel I have to address the Elephant in the room. Marco is technically an adult now, stuck in a teenagers body. He’s lived longer than Star, and quite possibly possesses knowledge Star isn’t even aware of. This change is ridiculous, to say nothing of the problems shippers now have to face.

Which is why I feel obligated to mention that this is a just a cartoon. The worst thing they could do is constantly shove Marco’s new found maturity into the audience’s face, refusing to let us forget that this character is more than twice Star’s age. Though the character development of this episode shouldn’t be ignored, and older Marco is exactly the type of canon fodder that fuels fanfiction, I think its safe to say that Marco is still a teenager by the end of the episode, mind and all. Think Chronicles of Narnia, which treats the characters as actual children throughout the series, despite the fact that the Pevensie children have all grown up in canon, only to revert back to their original age once they step out of the Wardrobe. If we’re to continue to enjoy this show, we’re going to have to accept this. 

One more thing

I can’t help but notice a common theme between both episodes: where/ what is home?  In Baby Star doesn’t want to leave Earth for Mewni, and she has to pass an evaluation to continue her stay on Earth. Mewni is her home, at least in the sense that she was born there. But Earth is also her home, and she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

In Running with Scissors Marco also has to figure out whether he wants to go back home or not. He’s been adventuring by himself for sixteen years, trying to get back the dimensional scissors. He’s spent more time between universes than he ever did living back on Earth. He’s something of a nomad now, and it appears that everything he did hunting in those sixteen years has ultimately been pretty positive.

In both examples, the main character is given the chance to go back home where they belong, or else stay in there new home. But at the same time, their adventures are kind of flipped. Star has to do something incredibly mundane in order to continue living in the mundane world, away from the magic and adventure in Mewni. Meanwhile Marco has to do something magical and adventurous is order to return back to the mundane world where he was born. And though both characters were given the option of returning to where they came, Star refuses while Marco accepts. Just as Star and Marco function in the series as foils to each other, these episodes similarly play into similar but opposite themes.

And yet the result for both of them is the same. They’re meant to stay on Earth with the other.

Opposites Attracts

Summary: Phil is a punk boy, now a senior who found out his dorm roommate is a freshman pastel soft looking boy, Dan. the innocent boy drives Phil crazy and it doesn’t take long for him to act on it. They end up making love on their first shared night in the dorm room.

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1,406

Triggers/ warnings: FLUFF, daddy kink, pastel!dan, punk!phil, virginity loss, love making, buttsex, dirty talking, uni AU

A/N: This is probably not as good as the others although i did love what i did with it. i overall feel kinda proud of it and of course feedback and comments are more than welcomed.

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In the sidekick!AU, Nino knows Adrien is Chat Noir, which means he knows Adrien is dating Ladybug, which becomes a problem post-reveal because Marinette wants to grope her boyfriend in public but she can’t or Nino will find out she’s Ladybug.

Although convenient, Adrien’s house is about as sexy as a graveyard and there are too many people around asking questions.

Marinette’s apartment… has Alya in it.

Then it hits Marinette. “My parents’ house.”

Adrien: ??????? How???

Marinette gives him the address. “Come by at midnight and you’ll see.”

Midnight finds Adrien on Marinette’s roof (all those stairs he has to climb as civilian Chat Noir - poor baby). He’s just about to ask himself whether he has the right place when the skylight pops open and Marinette pokes her head out.

“My, is that Chat Noir, Ladybug’s trusty sidekick?” And she gives him this absolutely devilish grin and purrs, “Does your Lady know you’re here?”

And that’s how Marinette started visiting her parents more often. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


At a painfully slow pace, Roma tried to lead Danny to the middle of the park where there would be a bench to rest on. She couldn’t hold this teenage boy up for much longer. All the while, he rambled on and on about things she didn’t quite understand, but then his speech cleared a little.

Danny: Y’know how we moved a lot and *hiccup* I like to change who I am, y’know? And y’know, that was fun for me. But the last town I was in–woah, sorry, didn’t mean to step on your foot–I *hiccup* went too far. I became this stupid “bad boy” and became friends with bad people and, y’know, did bad things like *hiccup* drinking and smoking and I just–I didn’t think–No, I did not think I’d get addicted but–but Roma–it was dumb to think I wouldn’t, y’know. Dumb. Dumb.

anonymous asked:

you're honestly my goals i want to be you when i grow up (i mean you're only like 3 years older than me and i'm technically already grown up but still)

you’ll do it, I believe in you.

I went to summer camp a bunch as a kid and there’s always that one counselor that you look at them and go them, themthemthemthemthem, I want to be them when I grow up, and I definitely had someone like that and definitely spent the next three or four years being an absolute mess and desperately attempting to get my life together and just, like, vaguely growing from a teenager to someone who technically can’t call themselves a teenager because teen is no longer in their age but I kept coming back to camp and started working at it and then one day there were a bunch of campers looking at me going “you are the coolest person I know I wanna be just like you when I grow up” and all I could tell them was

kiddo, I was just like you before I grew up

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I was actually thinking about the whole age thing in comics and I realized there aren't many MALE characters who get younger. Hell, if anything they get OLDER. Look at Logan, he's an old man now. Jason Todd looks like he's in his late 20s, but Babs looks like a University student. Jubilee has been a teenager longer than I've been alive. Guys get to be grizzled veterans, but the girls get to be inexperienced and shy.

Yeah, that’s true. I was thinking specifically of Peter Parker, and how he was, while not technically de-aged, de-matured when they undid his marriage. On a recent(ish) episode of X-Plain the X-Men, Hopeless talked about Cable and the Punisher as fitting into a particular idea of grizzled masculinity, so that’s definitely A Thing in comics. But it’s also true that they don’t want to age their Silver Age heroes (Cap, Tony, Bruce, Clint, any of the O5 guys) out of approximate middle age because they want them to be sexy, handsome men forever.