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Maybe we would have been beautiful. Or maybe we would have been a catastrophe. But we couldn’t have been a beautiful catastrophe because they only exist in poems and we were anything but poetic.
—  These maybes are going to kill me, 16/10/2015
Ok the next time a film or show comes out with a female lead and the feminists start claiming that it’s the first time women star in anything l’m just going to leave this here.

the best part about stranger things is that they can’t solve anything until they put the three groups together because each group is acting within a separate genre

mike, lucas, dustin, and el are in a weird sci-fi coming of age story where the group of plucky misfit kids solve the mystery and test their friendship along the way

nancy and jonathan are in a horror movie where the teenagers have to kill the monster set against a backdrop of high school drama and romance

joyce and hopper are in a conspiracy thriller where the adults have to figure out what shady stuff the government is up to while also dealing with the difficulties of their personal lives

they all approach the issue within the confines of their genre, but none of those approaches work because none of them are seeing the whole picture. it’s only when all the threads start to converge that they can actually get anything done.

The way I want bum to kill the uncle

step one:  he will go there being a deceive bitch

step two: he will drag him back then killer mood on

and sangwoo will be like

oasn: I really really really want bum to do every thing if the uncle is ever gonna be killed . sangwoo could help him with planning the murder but bum need to revenge for himself. please make this happen koogi. oh btw this was inspired by a funny post about snk eren when he killed the guys who kidnapped mikasa but I cant find it anymore sorry 


GOT7 | Face


Mutant Apocalypse LEORAI!!! Coz every king deserves a queen~ 

Okay but first of, Karai isn’t with Maximus Leo. They found her after the whole Mutant Apocalypse episode. She is the leader of the Foot Clan, the most diversed mutant clan in the wasteland composing of different mutant species and a salamandrian. She also doesnt age, or ages very slow due to her constant shedding of skin. She only looks like in her 20s or 30s.

 More details later o3o


music enjoyed by mass shooters:

pekka-eric auvinen:  KMFDM, rammstein, eisbrecher, nine inch nails, grendel, impaled nazarene, macabre, deathstars, the prodigy, combichrist, godsmack, slayer, children of bodom, alice cooper, sturmgeist, suicide commando, hatebreed, suffocation, terrorizer

eric harris: KMFDM, rammstein, nine inch nails, the future sound of london, pop will eat itself, the prodigy, fly, eat static, orbital, leæther strip, loreena mckennitt, lights of euphoria, electric hellfire club, funker vogt, die krupps,  nosferatu, front 242, u.f. orb., megadeth, the “demon knight” ost (1995)

dylan klebold: nine inch nails, KMFDM, rammstein, marilyn manson*, the chemical brothers, smashing pumpkins, the offspring, gravity kills, atari teenage riot, renegade soundwave, the “nowhere” soundtrack (1997), jonah sharp/spacetime continuum, the “vampires” soundtrack (1998)

adam lanza:  “he didn’t like contemporary music” but rather listened to classic rock from the 1950s,” -  nicholas martinez, a former classmate.

elliot rodger: taylor swift, the police, steve perry, naked eyes, whitney houston, phil collins, the pokémon anime soundtrack, drowning pool, rammstein, don henley, steve winwood, belinda carlisle, katrina & the waves, george michael, modern english

dylann roof: montana, celo & abdi, bushido, olexesh, gucci mane, 2 chainz, rae sremmurd, favorite, bass sultan hengzt, rammstein, kool savas, lil wayne, kendrick lamar, xatar, haftbefehl, farid bang, nazar, king orgasmus one, audio88, rick ross, kurdo, david bowie, sean paul, 187 strassenbande, dr dre, joni mitchell, frank white, kanye west, speakerz knockerz, deichkind, nate57, DMX, K.I.Z., ed sheeran, paloma faith, zugezogen maskulin, j. cole, the kinks, genetikk