teenager girl wish

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. The way we used to laugh together and the great times we had. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life, but I always thought you were one of the few who would. But now I see why you had to leave. The universe had it planned out. After one great thing left, which was you. A billion new amazing things came into my life. I’ll admit it, when I hear your name or see you in the hallway I get a little bit sad. But I’m actually happy without you, I never thought I would be able to say it.
—  12 am thoughts

- school is fucking important. pay attention and do the work, it’s so worth it.

- friends come and go, it’s gonna happen. sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes it’s not. you’ve just gotta understand that everything happens for a reason.

- your parents might be annoying, but they really do have your best interests in mind. you should try listening to them once in awhile, you really might learn something.

- if a boy doesn’t try, he genuinely doesn’t care. wait for the guy who would do anything to be your everything.

- your body is your body. you’re stuck with it, so make the most of it. if you wanna wear makeup, wear makeup. go on youtube and watch tutorials, it’ll get you somewhere. if you don’t wanna wear makeup, don’t fucking wear makeup. you look great either way.

- you’re gonna get your heart broken. a lot. by friends, family, and boys. every heart break is a lesson.

- when one door closes, another one opens. i promise.

-  if you want a change, you have to be the change

- live your life for yourself..because it’s yours. focus on what makes you happy at the end of the day, because that’s whats most important. that you are happy.

—  things i wish i realized before i turned 20

“Just tell me what you want.” He says, running his hands through his hair, frustrated.

I glance at the boy who in just a few months of knowing him has become more than my best friend.

“I want you.” I whisper.
“I want you to hug me and protect me and keep me safe.
I want you to laugh with me and at me. I want you to flirt with me and tease me. I want you to annoy the shit out of me.
I want you to make me smile. I want you to be reason for my tears and smiles. I want your voice to be the last before I fall asleep and the first when I wake up.
I want to yell at you and scream at you for being a jerk. I want you to forget my birthday just so I can make you suffer to make it up to me, because I know once you remember it, I’ll never forget the way surprise me. I want you to ignore my messages. I want you to break my heart. I want you to make up with me and promise never to hurt me again.
I want to care for you and look after you. I want make breakfast for you in the morning. I want to cuddle with you and kiss your face. I want to fall asleep in your arms and I want to steal the covers away from you. I want you to tickle me and call me cute names.
I want you to tell me everything is going to be okay.

But, most of all, I want you to love me.”

—  I want it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, the happily ever after. // things I wish I could say to you. (teeexxh)

Luna Loud is the first explicitly LGBT kid I have ever seen on a kids’ show, this is amazing

They say

“You look tired” they say
“I am” I reply
“Then go to sleep” they say
“It’s not from sleep” I explain
“I don’t understand then” they say
“It’s like hearing people say it will get better and knowing it will but feeling like it won’t and hearing how ‘pretty’ you are but not understanding” I explain
“But your fucking gorgeous your stunning” they say
“You don’t see what I see” I reply
“I see a broken soul” some one says
“Imagine the pain and suffering you see in my eyes and put that on how I see myself” I say
“I think I understand now” they say
“But you don’t because if you did you would feel the same” I say
“Maybe some people aren’t meant to get depressed so they can help those who fall down” someone says

Thoughts that sometimes drive me hazy....

How can so many people aware of the supernatural and aware of Dean’s history still think he’s a moron/stupid? No one who is stupid would survive this long or defeat the shit that the Winchesters have defeated. Either these characters are supposed to really think Sam has been carrying the entire load for years or it’s just lazy writing at this point. It makes sense for the BMoL (and therefore Ketch) to consider Dean little more than an attack dog, since they clearly know very little of what has actually occurred in the last couple decades (they know just enough to be dangerous, as the saying goes) but you’d think other hunters/those moving in those circles would know better. Worse still, how do so many “fans” of the show still buy into it, too?

How can so many people still not understand Sam Winchester? Sure, both brothers are complicated, but you’ve had 13 years, more or less, to figure him out. Sam doesn’t love Dean less than Dean loves him, just differently, due to the fact that Sam is a little brother. Dean’s greatest fear is failing to protect Sam, his greatest failures (as he listed to Mary) are the times he’s let Sam get hurt, let awful things happen to his brother. Sam’s greatest fear is that he doesn’t love Dean enough (borne out of an internal but unfair comparison to how he perceives Dean’s love for him), and his greatest failures (as he stated to Dean) are the times he’s hurt Dean and/or let Dean down. Sam has an inferiority complex that comes from his own constant comparison of himself to Dean, he’s spent most of his life defining himself by the ways he’s not Dean. To Sam, Dean is the benchmark. That’s also why it scares the shit out of Sam when Dean falters/is messed up/says he doesn’t believe in anything anymore. Nothing scares Sam like Dean being hurt/dead/mentally and emotionally lost (as earlier this season) and like most people when they’re terrified, Sam makes shit decisions in those times. Still, that just illustrates exactly how much Sam loves his big brother. 

How can so many people adore Bobby Singer and hate John Winchester? Bobby said more hurtful and problematic things to Dean than John ever did, but still, the pervasive trope in the fandom is that John was abusive or borderline abusive and Bobby was wonderfully supportive. What show are you watching, people? Bobby told Dean he isn’t a person. Bobby told Dean that his family is supposed to hurt him. Bobby told Dean that his feelings aren’t important and that it’s girly to express his feelings. John never once did those things in canon. Yet somehow John is the “bad parent”? Don’t get me wrong, I always liked the character of Bobby, but I don’t understand that thought process at all. 

How do people actually like Claire Novak? That character may be the worst-written recurring character the show has ever had, and this comes from someone who watched through the Bela season. The actress is mediocre and has had such crap to work with that I actually feel bad for her because nothing exposes a mediocre actor more efficiently than does weak writing. Hell, sometimes bad writing can’t even be rescued by a damned fine actor (see Professor Xavier in the third X-men film). Are the only people who like Claire the ones who are self-inserting themselves as that teenage idiot girl and wishing they could “outsmart” the Winchesters?

Carrying on from that, both in fanfiction and on the show, can we please stop with the ridiculous “girl power” BS that posits that a smaller and less-trained woman can somehow overpower a grown man? I am seriously sick of this completely stupid and utterly illogical plot point. I just read a story that had Jodie able to physically restrain Dean, a Dean who was awake but unaware, so was not ‘holding back’. Come on. I love Jodie, but there’s no way on Earth that Kim Rhodes is restraining Jensen Ackles, let alone that Jodie is restraining Dean. It’s even worse when it’s Claire able to beat Dean in a physical contest. Really? Have these people had preciously zero interactions with grown men? Have you ever actually experienced the strength of a guy with significant lean muscle? I have. I took all that “personal safety” crap a lot more seriously afterwards. I’m 5′10″ and a former college athlete (rugby, loose prop if you’re wondering) so I’m going to guess that if I didn’t have a hope in hell of winning that fight when I was still playing, neither does Briana, Kim, or Kathryn (who is a college golfer, iirc). Unless a woman is popping a lot of hormones, she’s got no hopes of matching a man at his peak. That’s not misogyny it’s basic physiology. Let’s all just stop lying, okay? One of my favorite “little things” about the show Chicago Fire (when I was still watching it) was that it showed that females can be firefighters, but they have to adjust techniques - females and males are not interchangeable and males are stronger. Fact is, according to the commentary on the S9 DVD, Misha and Jared (both fit men) had a hard time holding Jensen back when he was really going for it - the actresses wouldn’t have a chance. I get it, girls. You want to be “badass”. Women can be badass. Untrained women are not taking a trained man in a physical fight. Find another way to make your character(s) “badass”, one that is at least mildly feasible.

Why do so many “fans” think it is a compliment to act like Dean (or worse Jensen) is nothing more than “the hot guy”? I also don’t get why some “fans” seem to think that it somehow diminishes other characters, or other members of the cast, to compliment something, anything, about Dean/Jensen that is not the fact that he is a very “aesthetically pleasing man” to quote Felicia Day. Obviously, Dean/Jensen is very handsome. Obviously, there is a lot more to him than just that. It’s incredibly demeaning, and indicative of either low intelligence or low engagement to portray him as just a handsome man. Yes, he was born with the genetic lottery. What he’s chosen to be, and to do, as a man, is far more important than his aesthetics. Don’t worry, admitting that he’s a good guy doesn’t take away from anyone else. Jensen does charity work? Great. That doesn’t diminish Jared’s work, or Misha’s. Dean is actually a hero? Great. That doesn’t mean Sam is any less of a Big Damn Hero. It’s not a zero-sum game. You don’t have to ignore the good things of one in order to prop up the good things about another. In fact, if insulting Jensen/Dean is the only way you can think of to make Jared/Sam or Misha/Castiel look good, then maybe you need to reconsider if by your own estimation, he’s actually any good at all.

This post brought to you by the random thoughts that have been playing in the back of my mind a lot lately as I scroll through posts.