It's national best friend day! Quick shout out to all my best friends!

Bri, who is my #1. She is more than my best friend, she's my sister, my guide, my inspiration, my muse, my ohana, my angel and I love her more than anything in the the world and I can’t imagine life without her.<3 So I shouldn’t even say happy best friends day to her, as she’s more a sister.

Now all my best friends~

Tiffany, Nick, Erin, Alexxis uhmm I’m forgetting people OH Audrey, Olivia, Maddie, there’s so many people. I’m close to so many people it’s crazy.

And then for next year, people I’d love to be best friends with :)

Brooke (who goes to my school hehe), uhm there’s more okay omg OH RIGHT Julia (why did I accidentally type Justin omg) and uhm idk ZACH PORTER