teenage mutant ninja turtles

Spiderman and Superman were stuck in one of those hanging storage net things for kids, and I was the only one who could help them. So I got out of my room to find the Ninja Turtles. They told me that Spiderman and Superman were stuck and I said that I know that and that they’re in my room, and we all teamed up to save the superheroes from the bad guy who stuck them in the net. I was a little kid when this happened.

Donnie had never felt such pain. His body was changing, shifting into something monstrous. His thoughts became clouded and he couldn’t hear his own cries anymore. But he was definitely screaming - pleading for someone, anyone to put an end to this nightmare.

All this because of a injured leg. The wrong place and the wrong time…

(Will be for TMNT Days of Horror no. 6: Claws/Teeth but I’m posting it now and early since I’m gonna be busy)

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“I honestly really like the 2k18 version of Leo. It’s such a breath of fresh air having Leo be dorky yet carry himself with such, dare I say, swagger? Also, I don’t know why people hate it when he dabs. Normally I find it cringy, but when Leo does it, it’s damn right adorable!” - Anonymous

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