teenage vegeta


30 Day Dragon Ball Z Challenge

  • Day 1: Favorite Character

Young Vegeta.

“Really?” you ask.  “But he’s barely even in the series!"  Yes, I realize that, but the character of kid/teenage Vegeta shaped what he became as an adult.  Even though the glimpses we get of Vegeta before he came to Earth are extremely limited, we see a little boy who never had the chance to become anything but what he was molded to be by the universe’s evilest tyrant. 

Even when I watch Dragonball, I stop to think about what 17-year-old Vegeta was doing at the time.  When Goku, Bulma, and company were having fun-loving adventures together, Vegeta was purging planets while trying to stay alive himself.

I have a lot of head-cannon about what went on during Vegeta’s teenage years, and I really feel bad for the guy.  In my eyes, he’s one of the series’ most compelling characters.