teenage turtle ninja

Falling part 2

Mikey edition! And as he’s eating pizza of course, @wildmaniacal, this one’s for you!

Her offer was sweet, her smile warm, and she had no hint of disgust towards his eating habits. Only offering him another slice as she enjoyed his company.

His pizza slice had fallen, soon forgotten, and his appetite had disappeared as well……wonder why? 


Hey guys! I’ve been really quiet online due to academy taking most of my time. I found a couple hours of free time tonight to scratch together something fun. I’ve been feeling really tired ever since school started and want to nap and sleep all the time. Of course I projected that on my favorite victim. Hopefully Raph will learn to never nap on the couch after this!

Never, guys, never… ♥

Is hard to say goodbye to a show that made me meet so many people, all of they nice, funny and very friendly. Even, thank to the turtles I realized of what I want in my life, draw, draw for ever and ever. Because withou it I don’t know what I’d do. TvT I have a dream, and I want to make it come true. :D

Is not the end, my friends. Because everybody will still here. At least, I’m still here. XD

Turtle power!!