teenage tears

And you will realise it just at 2 am when you’ll be sitting on your bedcovers, looking at your phone. You’ll hope that he will text you, but you know he won’t because, dude, it’s 2 am in the morning and every normal person in the world is sleeping. He won’t text you at 2 am and not even at 3 or at 4. You’ll wait for some time and then you’ll lay down on the floor. You’ll finally fall asleep and you’ll wake up at 7 am, still on the floor, with a terrible backache. You’ll get dressed quickly and then go to school, where you’ll see him talking to some cool girls. And then you’ll realise you mean nothing to him.
—  therebelnightmare
Mickey Milkovich Playlist

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1. Click click boom- Saliva

2. Make me wanna die- the pretty reckless

3. Psychokiller- talking heads

4. Teenagers- my chemical romance

5. Tear you apart- She wants revenge

6. Beautiful with you- Halestorm

7. Get it up- mindless self indulgence

8. The boys are back- Dropkick murphys

9. Master of puppets- metallica

10. All my friends are dead- turbonegro

11. Miss murder- afi

12. New rose- the damned

13. Evenflow- pearl jam

14. Sweet dreams ( are made of this)- Marilyn manson

15. Everlong- Foo fighters



you know what’s one of the best things about sasusaku? that we could watch them and their relationship grow from the beginning. we went through different periods of time together with them and not even once it was boring. we had genin fluff, a young genuine affection, sweet and innocent but nevertheless real. we experienced angsty teenage years, full of tears, heartbreak and desperation but also full of hope. then we got two young people on the verge of adulthood, two gentle souls finally coming together, exploring, their affection fully blooming. and finally they became grown adults, truly connected by hearts, married and with a child, sharing a bond deeper than ever. and you can still see the same love in their eyes and in every touch. we got to see their relationship grow and change but no matter the age or distance between them, the love was always there and never faded. and what a ride it was.

I’m needing you tonight, to wipe my tears and calm my fears. I’m needing you tonight, to tell me it will all be okay even though I’m scared shitless and won’t believe you anyways. I’m needing you to hold me in those strong arms of yours because we got ourselves into a mess we cannot even began to sort out. I’m needing you to let me cry because you know it is the only way I’ll sleep tonight. I’m needing you to promise me you’ll still be here in the morning, that you’ll be back tonight because I’m a goddamn mess and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
—  I’m sorry I got my tears and mascara on your favorite shirt
There’s a reason we like to keep things to ourselves. When you have an audience, even the smallest moments end up feeling huge. It makes the really big moments feel positively earth shattering. The trick is not letting the pressure keep you from taking big chances. You just go out there, naked and afraid, and pretend no one’s looking.
—  Meredith Grey (via @indistressteens)
summary of Smallville
  • Clark: dad i want to join the football team
  • Jonathan Kent: Clark, your body is harder than steel and you can send someone flying and break every bone in their body just by shoving them lightly and you could casually toss a truck into the next state, are you really sure you should be playing football with average human teenagers?
  • Clark: *wiping tears from his eyes* I hate this fucking family
  • *Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan plays*