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Romeo + Juliet

Little known fact: The greatest thing on the Internet is, actually, Old Lady Movie Night over at Hello Giggles (What up, Zooey D.? I have bangs and I love New Girl. Can we be BFFs?), and Anne T. Donahue (who can totally be my BFF if Zooey D. says no), had this to say about Romeo + Juliet, plus a lot of other hilarious things that you should go read immediately, and this sums it up:

YOU ARE LITTLE KIDS WHO DON’T KNOW EACH OTHER WHY ARE YOU SO HYSTERICAL ABOUT BEING MARRIED. I wish these guys had the internet so they could talk to ANYONE about what to do. (Ex. “I love this girl, but our families are in rival gangs. Should I go super obsessive?” – “No. Probably not.”)