teenage softies

what would john joseph do?
teenage softies
what would john joseph do?

Teenage Softies | What Would John Joseph Do?

don’t really care about anything but stupid love songs and bad tv figure there’s nothing else I can change still gotta got to work losing control gotta watch out for the cops just listen to what they say gotta get up and please everybody everyday and it’s hits like a heart attack when you realize that you have become your worst nightmare how your life is over now I am just wasted wasting my whole life forget about your life forget about you dreams they’re gonna rip them from you at the fucking seams they’ll take them from you just like they always do don’t let them
Kyle Raker’s Awesome Comp

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Band’s on the compilation:

  • Khann
  • Demoter
  • Teenage Softies
  • Mr. Pussy
  • Slippery Shoes
  • Larf
  • Caffiends
  • Sexcapades
  • Lazy Boyzzz
  • Vein Cranes
  • Lagues
  • Hungry Gayze
  • Garbo’s Daughter
  • Wet Nurse
  • Tam Tam The Sandwichman and His Magical Sugar Cookies
  • The Moon Is A Disco Ball
  • Great Deceivers
  • Andy Matchett & The Minks
  • Fever
  • Lonesome City Travelers
  • Maximino
  • Bob On Blonde
  • Howling Owls
  • Estate Boat Sale
  • Grave Return
  • Alias Punch
  • Yogurt Smoothness
  • Telethon
  • Hot Hands
  • No Dick
  • Abuse
  • Basements of Florida
  • No Qualms
  • Surfin’ Surf

(some artists may be subject to change or new ones may be added, but as of this moment, this is who has agreed.)