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Day 2 – Childhood adventure

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

April sighed and rolled her eyes as she stopped to behold her purple-masked companion with a bemused look.

“Donnie, you’ve been saying that since we left the lair.”

“Yeah, I know, and I’m not gonna change my opinion on that.”

The nine-year-old girl put her hands on her hips and directed her best pout at her terrapin friend.

“C’mon Donnie, where’s your sense of adventure?”

“Well, sorry, my logical thinking is a bit overwhelming up here,” the turtle muttered and tapped his temple to emphasize his point.

April let out an annoyed groan as she once again rolled her eyes. They’ve come so far already without anything happening, so what was he so worried about? April really loved playing with Donatello and his brothers in the lair, but she wanted to explore. Her dad always told her how she had his curiosity and that was also the cause of how she’d found her best friends and second family, the turtles. So she really couldn’t wrap her head around how Donnie of all people, or, uh, mutants, didn’t want to further discover the sewers. After all, he was the one who always complained how he hated that Master Splinter only allowed them to explore within a small radius around the lair. So April took it upon herself to change that and dragged the purple-masked turtle out here. She had even taken one of her treasured toy weapons with her so she could protect him, not that she’s going to tell Donnie that - he would only get angry.

April broke up their little glaring contest to look further down the tunnel they were heading towards. She could already feel her heart flutter with excitement as she thought of all the amazing things they could find here. So, instead of letting Donatello destroy her mood, she seized his hand in a tight grip and pulled him along. She could already hear his wary whimper but she wasn’t going listen to the upcoming stream of complaints and possible catastrophes. The little redhead thrust her wooden toy sword high in the air and bounced off with an excited shout.

“To adventure!”

“I’m tellin’ ya Ron, the yellow boots are waaaay more waterproof.”

The two children hadn’t come far when two silhouettes emerged from the tunnel before them.

Oh no.

April shot a horrified look at her friend. Donnie mirrored her dread and started scanning their surroundings frantically. Not knowing what else to do, April did the same.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

The redhead felt herself panicking.

There are no side tunnels!

April felt the seriousness of the situation push down on her. If anyone found them, they would be in so much trouble. Donatello had told her how people didn’t react to them as open-mindedly as April had, and that if they were discovered, all of them would be in great danger. The little girl also knew, that if she was found down here in the sewers, let alone with a strange creature, then she would not only be grounded forever by her father, but she would probably never get to see the turtles and Master Splinter again. She would never get to see Donnie again.

April felt tears built up in the corners of her eyes. Biting down on her bottom lip, she shot a scared look in Donatello’s direction. She was surprised to see that her friend’s gaze was fixed on something upwards. April followed his gaze and her eyes landed on the ceiling, which was blocked by the metal pipes that ran along it.

The redhead started as she felt Donnie grab a hold of her and pull her along as he noisily jumped up the wall to reach the ceiling. April now found herself uncomfortably squeezed in between her friend’s plastron and the metal wall above. Donatello was holding onto the pipes with his arms and legs for dear life to keep them up.

“Hey, d’you hear that?”

April carefully wriggled herself into a position where she could peak over Donnie’s shoulder. She spotted the two workers pass just under them and to her horror, the older of the two slowly pointed his flashlight upward.

Oh no, they’re going to see us!

“Woah, hey, wait a minute!”

April had to swallow her relief not to shout out as the younger of the two put his hand on the other man’s hand to push it down again.

“Bruce, dude, ya better don’t. There are freaking bats down here and believe me, you don’t wanna anger them.”

The older man shot him a ludicrous look.

“What the hell are you even talking about?”

Even with the unconvinced tone, the older worker shook his head and started walking again, his younger co-worker trotting behind him, out of sight.

April waited for their bickering to fade before looking at her best friend. She flinched at his strained face. Oh geez, I think he’s even turning blue.

“Donnie, I think the coast’s clear,” she whispered to him in a worried voice.

“Good. Hold onto my waist, April.”

The redhead winced at his strangled tone, so not to make him hold them up here any longer, she did as she was told. Donatello slowly let his feet slide from the pipes. April let out a small squeak and Donnie a groan as gravity took hold of them.

Now that they hovered only a short distance from the ground, the little girl let go of her turtle friend and plopped down on the floor just fine. The young ninja followed her lead and let his grip slip, but instead of safely landing on his two feet, he let himself fall over on his butt and finally his shell.

Donnie was huffing and puffing as his body trembled from the exhaustion. April knelt beside her best friend and smiled down at him sheepishly.

“Well, your ninja training seems to be paying off,” she said, then seemed to shrink back just a little as the purple masked ninja gave her a deadpan look. “Enough exploring for today?”

Donatello just gave a court nod as he shot her a glare. April giggled nervously while helping her best friend up on his feet, and the two of them made their way home from their first big childhood adventure.

So, Day 2! Again, I’m so sorry there’s no actual drawing to this, but I hope you guys enjoy the oneshot! This is kinda an AU thingy where they’ve known each other since they were children. I really wanted to draw the sewer exploration scene, in kinda a paper cutout style too, but yeh, no energy and time left on my end. Sry bout that!

TMNT Flashback . . .

“Raph’s not picking up. Maybe he’s in trouble.”

“Any luck on your end, Mikey?”

“Nada. The Crognard fansites all say that really was the last episode.”

“What a bust!”

“I meant have you found Raph?”

“Really, though? There wasn’t like a movie or something after?”

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sandygraves  asked:

Here's another drabble prompt if you want: It's flu season, and April and Raph are the only people in the lair at the moment. April turns out to have the flu and starts throwing up a lot, and Raph has to take care of her.

“Humans are disgusting,” Raph sniffs, and then regrets doing so, because human bile is gross even by his standards.

“Shut up,” April spits, literally, as another shudder goes through her. She leans further over the rim of the toilet, and Raph adjusts his grip on her hair accordingly. “You’re not the one-”

She breaks off into a cough that becomes a choke, and heaves into the bowl again.

“Yeah, yeah, just get it all out. You can be pissy at me later,” Raph says with all the patience of a damn saint, in his opinion, and pats April’s shaking back. “Why did you even come in tonight if you knew you were feeling sick?”

April manages to get out “I felt fine earlier” just before another wave of nausea hits her and she coughs wetly.

Raph rolls his eyes, and get comfortable in his hunch. Same routine as when his brothers got sick, standard big brother care and comfort; just with a human girl instead of a mutant turtle this time around.

April spits one more time, and Raph thinks she’s finally done. He brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, and grabs the wads of toilet paper he’d gotten ready earlier. “Here,” He says, holding one close to her. “Wipe your face while I get the mouth wash.”

April mutters a thank you, and takes the paper wad. Raph fills a cup of their precious stash of mouth wash, not much makes its way into their possession, and hands it to April once she’s done.

April is two shades too pale to be healthy, shaky in the shoulders still, and looks completely miserable. Raph very nearly lets himself feel mushy feelings about those things.

“Alright, let’s get you into something warm,” He mutters instead, ushering April out of the washroom.

April is running a light fever, best he can tell, and probably won’t take well to making her way to her aunt’s place for at least another few hours. He has her text as much to her aunt, while he gathers some blankets that don’t smell too much like sewer or teenage turtle.

It’s easy enough to bundle her onto the couch, set up with a cup of soothing tea and a quiet nerd documentary of Donnie’s. April’s way out of it and Raph takes advantage of that to show a little more care than he’d usually express.

In the end, and he’ll later deny it adamantly, they sit on the couch until his family gets back from recon training- which he’d skipped because of a strained leg muscle- and maybe kind of share a blanket for a bit. Just because Raph felt a little cold, and not because April’s condition tugged at his familial instincts. Definitely just because of that.