teenage sewer

TMNT Flashback . . .

“Raph’s not picking up. Maybe he’s in trouble.”

“Any luck on your end, Mikey?”

“Nada. The Crognard fansites all say that really was the last episode.”

“What a bust!”

“I meant have you found Raph?”

“Really, though? There wasn’t like a movie or something after?”

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50 - When the turtles were 13 Donnie got his hands on a car, none of his brother’s actually know where, that he fixed up, then took his brothers out (into the larger sewer tunnels) to learn to drive. Both Raph and Mikey took turns trashing the car by hitting things for fun.

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“Bump Me” from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back From the Sewers, Game Boy.