teenage romp


BMEofD #108  The Last American Virgin

High School trio (Gary, Rick and David) love to hang out and think about women. Gary (Lawrence Monoson) is the average Joe who has more of a sensitive outlook than his friends. When Gary meets Karen, (Diane Franklin)  he is completely lovestruck, and thereafter devastated when he sees that Karen and Rick have hit it off. Among this boy drama, there are also hilarious sexual escapades within that feature music by Blondie, The Cars, Devo, Journey, The Police, Lionel Ritchie and more.  One of my favorite scenes is when Gary comes home drunk and starts flirting with his parents friend Mrs Roswell and starts singing “Goodnight Mrs Roswell goodnight, my love” and of course when the three are seduced by a voluptuous older woman.  Nothing is funnier when Carmela looks at David and says, “come to me my big burrito.”

This was my top choice VHS movie to rent when I was 15 years old. My two best friends and I could not get enough. We just thought it was hysterical and ridiculous.