teenage romantic movie

I always hear people being compared to the moon, the stars, an entire galaxy. I used to roll my eyes at them, but now I get what they were saying, now that I’ve found you.
—  // damselintristesse

“Beka, I’m already eighteen yet we haven’t kissed in public even once!” Yurio whined, his hands on Otabek’s chest forming fists as they danced.

“Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, want to do it after the countdown?” Otabek suggested, swaying both their bodies to the beat.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Yurio looked over to Victor and the fake Yuuri.

“Look at that old man and the pork cutlet bowl, you’d think that after getting married they’d get at least a bit more mature,” Yurio rolled his eyes, “they look at each other like teenagers from a romantic movie, I swear.”

“How do you think we look at each other then, Mr. legal adult, sir?” Otabek chuckled, resting his forehead against Yurio’s.

“Hm, like legal adults,” Yurio thought for a bit before adding, “Like legal adults in love.”

“I like that,” Otabek smiled, his arms around Yurio’s waist pulling the other closer, flush against his body.

“There is also something else we haven’t done even though I turned eighteen, like nine months ago,” Yurio murmured, his face flushed.

“Guess we should add that to our New Year’s resolutions?” Otabek suggested, a light blush dusting his cheeks.

“We’ll have to ask the old man for a choreography though, I don’t think Yakov would be any good for a pair skate.” Yurio grumbled.

“Well, I’ll help you put up with the gushing,” Otabek offered and Yurio snorted.

“Wow, thanks, how helpful. Oh look, the countdown already started.” It seemed like every time they were together not even time had a value.

Just as the crowd chanted ‘one’ their lips met to the chorus of ‘happy new year’s.

Through the kiss Yurio realized that the public part didn’t even matter since he just felt Otabek and Otabek alone.

“Happy New Years,” Otabek murmured as their lips parted.

“I hope to do this with you for all my remaining years,” Yurio said before he could filter and he wanted to punch himself for how cheesy that sounded.

“I’m never going to let you live that one down,” Otabek whispered in wonder.

“I know, if I had a wish though, just please don’t tell my parents,” He slipped once more and this time they both burst out laughing.

You Don’t Scare Me (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Warning: This part is 95% smut

“I think you should stay in this bed with me actually”

Dan’s black eyes staring into yours was intimidating yet even more more exciting. You simply reached up and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. In a sudden movement, you dug your claw like nails into Dans skin, listening as Dan cursed in a pleasured voice while quickly leaning down to you and connecting his lips to yours. The kiss was quite a soft but more on the side of rushed and aggressive, his lips plump and sweet with the slight metallic taste of blood. Whether it was his own blood or someone else’s, you didn’t know. But it wasn’t going to stop you.

You drag your sharp nails down Dans back, the feeling causing Dan to release a moan into your mouth and his hips to grind down into yours. Small droplets of crimson red trickle down Dans skin, running over the sides of his torso.

When he feels the blood on his skin he is surprised. Its been so long since he himself bled, only used to have other beings blood on him.
He gets a sudden need to show his dominance, sitting up on his legs and taking hold of your wrists.
He brings them above your head and holds them their in his firm grip. A mewl leaves your lips , slightly shocked but his sudden actions.

“Oh Kitten, I am always in control” Dan informs you with a sly grin on his face. His voice sounds different, almost evil.

His black eyes flicker up to your fluffy ears that are twitching, catching his attention. His body moves up as he begins to nip and tug slightly on them with his teeth before moving down to your neck. He releases your wrists from his grip, allowing himself to tear the nighty you were still in. Another meow leaves your lips as the material rips from top to bottom, revealing your bare chest to him, the only item of clothing left on your body being a cute pair of panties.

“Fucking gorgeous” Dan mumbles, mostly to himself as he leans forward and takes one of your nipples between his lips.
He takes care, pleasuring your breasts for a while. You begin to pull at the material of his top, a way of showing him that you want it gone. Dan sits up, pulling the material over his head quickly, wanting to get back to his previous actions. His skin is pale, his torso decorated with scars that look to be years old.

Dan’s fingers work fast at undoing the buckle of his belt, sliding the leather out of the belt loops and throwing the useless item aside. Dan gets up, off of the bed and stands on the ground, undoing his black pants and allowing them to fall from his legs. Excitement courses through your body, making you sit up on the edge of the bed.

“On yours knees, Kitten” Dan instructs, pointing at the ground in front of him.
You take no time in following his orders, and soon enough you are pulling his boxers down, watching with wide eyes as his erection springs free and stands to attention.

You take hold of his length, looking up into his eyes as you begin to kitten lick the tip. You can feel yourself getting wetter at the sounds of his moaning and cursing. His hands are in your hair, his thumb stroking your fluffy ear as your head bob up and down his length.

“Thats enough. On the bed, on your hands and knees”

You do as told, getting in position and listening as Dan kneels on the bed behind you. His rough fingers find the sides of your panties and slides them down and off of your body. Dans hands take hold of your bottom, massaging the flesh and feeling the softness of your skin.

“Fucking perfect” He groans.

You weren’t used to hearing these things about yourself, your now dead “boyfriend” was always calling you things like “freak”.

A pleasure filled mewl leaves your lips as Dans fingers run up your wet folds.

“You’re so ready for me, Kitten” Dan speaks.

Dan takes hold of his length, rubbing it around your entrance, teasing you before his slowly slides in. He moans out in please, the sound sending an electric shock through your body.

He begins to thrust into you, starting off slow but his pace building up quickly. It’s not long until Dan is pounding into you, taking hold of your tail and pulling lightly on it. He reaches around your body with his hand that isn’t holding your tail and begins to rub messy patterns onto your clit. You warn him that you are about to come, and with his permission, you let go. You clench around him as you feel him release into you, all sorts of profanities leaving his lips.

Dan lets go of your tail and collapses onto the bed, laying on his back. You curl up into his side, your head rests on his chest as his arm tugs you closer to him. You begin to purr as you feel the comfort of being beside him.
You look up into Dans eyes, they are no longer black, but they have returned to the warm brown.
Dan suddenly sits up on the edge of the bed, facing away from you, as he does this, you notice the the blood and scratches you gave him had completely disappeared. Dan stands up and begins to get dressed.

“Where are you going?” You question, covering your body with the soft sheets, your tail peeking out of the side.

“Well Kitten, I am hungry. You see, I got a bit distracted by you before i got to eat earlier” Dan says.

“Well… Can I help.. in some way?” You ask. surely he can drink your blood without killing you… right?

“I couldn’t do that to you. I don’t want my pretty little kitten dead”

“can’t you… you know.. without me dying?” you question, feeling a little dumb.

“Oh darling, this is not like those romantic teenage movies… You would die. I can smell the sweetness of your blood, I can tell what blood type you are. I would not be able to stop.”