teenage realtionships

Have you ever cared for someone so much, that everything they do worries you. Sure it may seem weird and over protective but you just want them to be safe. When you truly care about someone, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. Because if anything ever happened, I would spend every waking moments wishing I could have prevented it.
—  I Care so much

The fact that Jughead is only 16 and is handling pretty much everything going on in his life by himself is the reason I can’t sleep at night

Maybe it’s because I care too much, or maybe it’s because she means the world to me. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about you, your smile, the way you laugh at all my jokes. This is a maybe that will some day turn into a yes.
—  A future where maybe ends up in a yes
Everything has a reason.

Everything happens for a reason right? The way in which the leaves fall off the trees. The way the wind blows and hollows on a stormy night. Well you happened you came into my life by pure luck and chance. Honestly I couldn’t be happier, you make me feel as if. Well… as if I really do matter. You make all my insecurities fade away into the night sky. Where they used to be stars in the night sky or clouds in the daytime staring down at me. You’ve changed me … and it was all by chance.