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Game Night

Game Night

Secret Santa Gift to; @watchmist1412 (hope you like it!!)

Prompt: Roommates!

Summary: Lucy and Natsu are cheeky best-friends that totally read each other’s mind. Jellal and Erza don’t like losing.

Rated: T (just in case)

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fairy Tail or the characters. That is all Hiro Mashima’s fault.

“Killer… dead… zombies? Oh!” Lucy jumped up from her spot on the lounge, waving her hands wildly as the movements Natsu were making, clicked in her head.

“Shaun of the Dead!”

She heard the mutters of disbelief Erza and Jellal made when Natsu grinned, nodding. The pair let out matching yells of triumph, which went well with their matching Christmas sweaters; something that Lucy come up with in celebration of two years of being roommates/best friends with Natsu.

The latter floated over to his blonde ‘bestie’ and they shared an enthusiastic high-five as Erza drew another dash on the whiteboard, mumbling something out them being cheaters.

“I still believe you are both cheating.” Jellal stared at his girlfriend whom was grabbing a piece of paper from the bowl on the coffee table.

“Says the guy who is super jealous of our psychic abilities.” Natsu grinned and Lucy nodded, conceding with his statement. It didn’t really matter that Natsu and Lucy had rigged the game a little bit, and wrote down practiced movie titles.

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