teenage obsessions

So you thought teenage obsessive phases about certain things were bad? May I introduce you to

The INTJ Obsession™

aka The Thing the INTJ cares/obsesses over so truly, madly, deeply that it is not to be discussed, not with friends, not with the fandom, not with experts, not at all.

The INTJ prefers to protectively and possessively hover around The Thing on their own like a dragon sitting on its hort for months or even years. Any mention of The Thing by someone unqualified (someone other than the INTJ) may lead to spontaneous outbursts of anger.

In short: Well excuse you take your ugly mediocre thoughts away from My Thing right now?!

And all of it while completely understanding how illogical and childish this behavior is. Oh, the joy.

history repeats itself: I

//screams because I finally finished chapter one

Summary: In which some people end up with an unwanted roommate.



It had been a perfect trip planned in the spur of the moment.

Or perhaps on the whims of a teenager’s obsessive fanatics.

Either way, upon hearing there was a museum dedicated solely to Ladybug (and Chat Noir), Chloé had instantly demanded her father fund a trip for her to go.

The mayor, however, saw it as an opportunity to gain favor with the voters and the heroes as their third anniversary approached. The way he saw it, if the heroes saw how much he appreciated them, they would help his campaign, and once the people saw the heroes favoring him, they would too.


So he compromised with his daughter; an exclusive, all-expenses-paid field trip for her class to see the museum in London, where they would roam the city and be able to learn the history of the two heroes before returning to Paris in time for the anniversary banquet he would hold on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s actual anniversary (since becoming heroes, that is).

It was perfect, and it certainly got the rest of the class up in a frenzy.

Alya, in particular, was bouncing with joy. She was almost excited enough to copy Marinette’s infamous butt wiggle.


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oh god i feel so old.. my birthday is in one week, i’ll turn 20… fucking 20.. which means i won’t be a teenager anymore, and people will expect me to act like a sophisticated adult… but am i prepared for that? NOT A ALL

Allison in Season 6

I have become so obsessed with my own alternative – instead of having Claudia Stilinski ‘conjured to fill the void’ of a secondary character with no supernatural abilities, you have Scott, an actual and supposedly powerful supernatural creature, conjure Allison to fill the void – that I actually dreamt about it.  

Do you know how much it would have solved?

All the destruction done to Lydia’s character would have been transformed into growth, as she is subconsciously torn between having her best friend and finding out why Stiles is so important to her.   It would explain why she was avoiding the pack.  It would explain why she was in tears all the time.  The tension would have been incredible.   Instead of her search for Stiles being an obsessive teenage fixation, it would have demonstrated her strength of will to keep following leads that could destroy her best friend.

Imagine the actual character growth for Allison!   Instead of Claudia, who seven episodes in is still pretty much a one-dimensional cypher, we would have Allison struggling with the feeling that maybe she shouldn’t be here.  Crystal Reed did break downs really well.   Imagine having the ability to see the conjured person’s thought processes, rather than just assume that they’re a pawn of the Hunt.

Imagine the temptation for Scott.  Scott, after losing and Allison and Kira, has a chance to do it right this time.  After all the crap that has happened to him in the last five seasons, he suddenly has Allison back and she loves him (it’s obvious the conjured creature operates how the conjurer desires – Caleb has been ten for 30 years).  Imagine the struggle to pay attention to all the duties of alpha and werewolf that he never wanted, when he has Allison right here.  Imagine when he finally had to make a decision between Stiles and her.

I don’t even touch on the development for Chris Argent.  Or the storytelling device of ‘full circle.’

Oh Lord, Claudia Stilinski was such a ton of smelly fan service.

anonymous asked:

Does it weird you out that these teenage girls are obsessed with men who would've been in their 30's now? They probably would've been married & had kids of their own by now 😭

Ironically, if D & E were in their thirty and married with kids we all would not be here right now, together in this community today, to obsess over the boys or process the tragic event that was Columbine. Instead, it’s as if ‘99 was put on pause and those boys have been frozen in a pocket of time, preserved forever young in crystalline amber. Yes, of course, naturally– young girls that are now revolving around the boys’ ages are going to be snagged by their images while reading about the case. Of course they’ll be fascinated with the twosomes’ suffering minds combined with their appealing good looks.   Girls that were mere babies or perhaps not even yet conceived in ‘99, are still going to feel the pull of attraction for the pretty Lost Boys, forever 17 and 18,  immortalized in photos or on video - forever trying to reconcile what they’d done to try and make some sense of it.. how the wonderfulness they once were ended with an atrocity they chose to commit in one, single, last, momentary hour of their lives.  It’s an equation of morbid fascination combined with genuine attraction and a generous dose of empathy for the initial plight that caused them to choose a downfall.   It’s just the way of things, I’m afraid.  Does it weird me out?  Surely, you must be joking?  This is after all, the interwebs..hell, this is Tumblrland and the True Crime Community.  Always be prepared; anything can happen here. I’ve seen it all before.  Haven’t you?  ;) 

And when I’ve thought I’ve seen it all in this fandom....

They made a friggin TV Serie on Larry, and the fandom behind it.

Um um um…

At first I was kinda cringey - Like what if this series make the Larries seem more ridiculous to the public eye? Like you know, tapping into the stereotype of obsessive teenage girls with gay fetish lmao. Well I mean, we kinda are. But that’s not all we are. Not all of us are teenage girls (not anymore). We have grown to be adults, who are intelligent and rational… and yet we choose to stay in the fandom, because we are captivated by the hidden beauty that the public and mainstream media has chosen to ignore. And honestly, we don’t need the world to think we are crazier than what our image already is.

But on the other hand, this might forces the public to realize, that a fandom’s fascination with slash fics is not the minority. And I’m not only talking about 1D Larry. Slash fandoms are the biggest and most publicized fandom in the fanfiction world. (Drarry and other Harry slash fics in Harry Potter Verse, Stucky in Marvel MCU, etc.). Granted, most of us are hiding behind closets and pen names. But it would be amazing if people realize that this is a thriving and fascinating underground world to be in. 

And it’s not just about the smut. People need to realize that there are countless of fanfics out there that are amazingly written, and more gripping, more beautiful, and basically are even better than actual published books out there. Anyone who has been in the fanfic world knows this. And maybe it’s time for the world to realize this too.

Anyway, if Truth Slash Fiction TV serie is done tastefully, this might be a powerful way of letting the world to know more about Larry, and make them realize that yeah, I guess Larry might be true.

Meanwhile, lets just enjoy some Twitter meltdown hilarious goodness…

I mean. Henry and Tommy. Um. Can you get anymore obvious? Lmao.

But yeah, I suppose that’s kinda the point. 

The writers and producers are basing their promotions and success on the power of the fandom. 

And despite of my discomfort, at the end of the day I just hope the effort is genuine and full of well intentions.


- My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait ‘till mom finds out, buddy!


character appreciation | amma preaker (sharp objects by gillian flynn)

“Sometimes if you let people do things to you, you’re really doing it to them,” Amma said, pulling another Blow Pop from her pocket. Cherry. “Know what I mean? If someone wants to do fucked-up things to you, and you let them, you’re making them more fucked up. Then you have the control. As long as you don’t go crazy.” 

I can’t get enough of Remus and Tonks being terrible at cooking, because it’s adorable, so:

Remus in the Kitchen

  • Remus standing the cookbook on the counter and bringing out all the necessary utensils and ingredients and laying them out side by side, well within reach
  • Reading the entire recipe before beginning and scribbling notes on the side
  • Questioning certain techniques and planning to research them later 
  • Everything ending up in a neat clutter, because even Remus’s messes are neat
  • Tonks walking in and kissing him and accidentally knocking over a bowl of ingredients
  • Remus timing everything and making certain the temperatures are just right and standing back and surveying everything he’s done with a satisfied smile, certain that everything will go well
  • Remus Lupin, despite the careful planning and vigilant eye, missing one ingredient
  • Reading a passage from a novel while he waits for the food to bake
  • Getting distracted by the novel
  • Forgetting about the food
  • Remembering the food as soon as he gets to a boring passage
  • Pushing off the counter where he was leaning with a silent curse and tossing the novel to the side to rescue the slightly charred food
  • Remus tasting his masterpiece and freezing on the spot and fighting the very strong urge to spit it out because good Lord that is terrible
  • Remus giving in and dressing wee Teddy up in little jeans and a t-shirt and a little cap and asking Tonks whether she’d mind eating out instead and Ah, no, Tonks, you needn’t taste the food, believe me, I am not overreacting, wait—

Tonks in the Kitchen

  • Tonks charming the cookbook to follow her around and pushing it away when it occasionally knocks against her head
  • Doesn’t read the recipe before beginning, grabs ingredients and utensils whenever the steps call for them
  • Questioning certain techniques because that doesn’t bloody make sense, how did Mum ever do any of this
  • Starts off measuring the ingredients but gets frustrated half way through and makes educated guesses, tipping spices in and adding an extra dash because she just feels that it needs it
  • Surveying the spilled liquids, powdered counter, cracked egg shells and sticky mixing spoons with cheerful enthusiasm because making a mess is just half the fun
  • Singing while she cooks
  • Remus walking in and hugging her from behind, deftly catching the ingredients Tonks accidently knocks over when she turns for a kiss
  • Tonks getting batter or powder smeared across her cheek and cheekily asking Remus to clean it off
  • Getting batter or powder basically everywhere, even when she wears her trusty Weird Sisters apron 
  • Tonks whipping around because she just remembered that she was supposed to take that pot off the fire five minutes ago
  • Knocking an oven mitt into the flames while she gasps at the mess in the pot
  • Cursing when she sees the mitt catching fire
  • Putting out the fire with aguamenti, sighing at the charred remains of the mitt and whatever was in the pot, and completely forgetting the food in the oven
  • Wondering why she’s even cooking with a Muggle stove
  • Wondering why she’s even cooking period
  • Picking up her Dad’s old Muggle telephone and calling up the nearby Thai restaurant and ordering take out
  • Cuddling with Remus on the living room couch, a plate of Pad Se Ew on her lap, watching Teddy playing with his stuffed animals on the carpet, and deliberately forgetting about the mess in the kitchen