teenage mutant ninja turtles art

I have no idea why I did them in my free time, instead of sleeping (smthing I really need right now XD)
I’m in my tmnt phase again, so… here’s some humanized cool turtles!
I think they’re from the 2014/2016 movies versions..? I’ve watched those movies in loop for a week or so ahahah I totally memorized them  ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)


I’ve been waiting to show you guys this for ages! Now that it’s on a bunch of websites announcing Mondo’s “A-Nick-Nick-Nick-Nick-N-Nick-Nick-Nick Nickelodeon Show“ at their Austin Texas Gallery from Friday December 9th through Saturday December 16th, I can finally tell you guys about it.

Since TMNT is so heavily Japanese influenced I thought it would great to play with some actual Japanese traditions. It occured to me that the four them together looked like the cairn stacking stones in zen gardens.

Spoiler alert, I did more than one piece. Stay tuned!

The today episode was so great. TvT I saw Shiniangelo everywhere. XDD

Although I feel bad for Shini, she ended up very beaten. :‘v That’s why I made this drawing, and a friend give me the idea about this too. Heheheheheh

I hope you like it!! ♥