teenage mutant ninja turtles 2012


Happy Mutation Day

i know there’s already a lot of art on how raph got spike. most of them that he found him in a sewer and resued him. but my theory is that splinter gave spike to him.
i think raphie has trouble expressing his feelings with words cuz he feels like others will judge him. so splinter gave him a pet for their birthday so he’ll have someone to talk to UvU
raph’s a little upset at first since he wanted a toy but soon finds out his new friend is much better.

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You’re a Wizard Raphie

couldn’t help myself i had to make another turtle tot comic. they’re just too cute!
another theory and this time how raph got his shell chipped. i think it was an accident while leo and raph were roughhousing in the dojo.
raph thinks his new scar looks horrible and wants to hide it from everyone but mikey’s being too annoying and in the end raph gives up only to hear mikey say it looks really cool UvU
but mostly i made this comic just cuz i wanted to do the harry potter pun XD the first time i saw raph’s scar i immediatley thought about hp but only now did i manage to draw it.

other comic: Happy Mutation Day

Don’t touch me.

I don’t think you understand.


A Peck on the Cheek
i told myself i wouldn’t draw mona lisa until she appears in the episodes but here i am posting art ˇvˇ oh well… couldn’t help myself.
i don’t know much about the old mona mostly just how her old design looked and i must say i am so happy with the new one. thank god they didn’t go for the lizard lady with hair and boobs. that was just weird…
since it’s already official she’s going to be raph’s lady …why(-_- ) i can just hope the creators won’t go for the ‘love at first sight’ for the fourth time already. i mean this is raph we’re talking about. he doesn’t like anyone new. plus since the love interest is already unavoidable i wish mona will at least be as sarcastic and mean as raph and that they’ll have one of those love/hate relationships. that’ll actually be really great to see OvO just them annoying each other