teenage love

We are both natural disasters.

You, a volcanic eruption with your hot head, cigarette burns
and instability. You hold too much inside.
I can’t blame you for the ways you try to let it out.

Me, a hurricane, with my cold heart and cold bones,
A wanderess, leaving before I get left
and leaving behind a trail of devastation. 
I am the chaos and I am the calm.

I would love to crash into you,
to create a perfect storm,
from everything 
that we 

—  Imagine the disaster that we could create 
The thought of you will always be with me. I will always remember the way your lips curls into a smile, I will always remember your scent and the feeling I get when you hold me close. You gave me faith, hope and confidence. You’ll always be a part of me and I will never forget you.
—  you had a main role in my evolution
When it hits you
It’s like someone is suffocating you and you can’t breathe,
All you can think about is what happened in the past
and how you’ll never have that again because they moved on without you
—  E.T // you’re with her and I’m sat alone
Sorry but I can’t stand it. I can’t talk to you while you’re with another person. I know it’s selfish and I know it’s not your fault. But I have to think about myself. I have to protect my heart from being repeatedly broken at the sight of the two of you.