teenage literature

Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.

If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.

I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book.

—  Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love.
Someday, we’ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both.
—  Gabrielle Zevin, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

“Why are we doing this?” he whispers. His voice is shaking.

His voice never shakes. He never cries.

“You’re leaving,” he tries to reason. “Why are we putting off the inevitable? Why are we giving ourselves even more reasons to break when…” he falters.

The pain in her chest grows a little bit more, just like it has every day since she met him, but her voice is strong. “Because loving you right now, right here, in this moment, is worth it. It’s worth breaking for.”

“Loving you is worth every piece I’ll lose,” she breathes.

—  For you - you will always be worth it, 16/07/2016
it’s not arrogant
to find yourself
to love yourself
it’s not wrong
it only is society
that teaches us that
—  v. s.

“What scares you about this?”

“I don’t know, I suppose it’s because I had a shit day at work and usually I would just want to go home and crawl into bed and cry and order pizza in and watch sad movies but you make me want to talk about my day and what happened and why it was so bad and, for somebody who hates talking about themselves, that’s fucking terrifying, you know? Finding someone you want to talk to, like really talk to, is scary because you don’t know how long they’ll bother listening.”

—  Because I could talk to you forever, 24/11/2015

       “Something I cannot name passes between them, and then Pip’s lips           are on Fee’s in a deep kiss, as if they feed on one another, their                     fingers entwined in each other’s hair. And suddenly, I understand                 what I must have always known about them—the private talks, the               close embraces, the tenderness of their friendship.”

“It’s sad, isn’t it.”

“What is?”

“That you can never really see someone falling in love with you but when that person starts to fall out of love with you, my god, it hits you square in the gut.”

—  And they fall out of love a whole lot faster than they fall in love, 25/02/2016

“Did you love him?”

“I…” she stuttered, “I’m not entirely sure.”

“Well, would you do it again?”

She unconsciously clenches and unclenches her fists as it hits her.

“In a heartbeat,” she breathes.

—  I think that might mean it was love, 20/03/2016

“I love you,” you blurt out before slapping your hand to your mouth.

There’s stunned silence on the other end of the phone and you’re drunk and it’s dark and all you can smell is cheap alcohol and all you can hear is screams of laughter and drunken chatter and you’re not really sure of anything apart from the fact you want nothing more right now than to feel his hands on your waist and his lips on your forehead.

And you love him.

You love him.

—  31/07/2016
I just want to feel something. I want to feel my heart beating so hard in my chest I can’t hear my own thoughts. I want to feel the heat in my face when I blush. I want to feel the strain in my muscles when I laugh uncontrollably. But most importantly I want to feel your lips on mine and your hands around my waist and a happiness I couldn’t put into words.
—  9:45 pm thoughts the day before my 16th birthday