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Hello! I'd like to thank you for your amazing blog and for yourselves cause you are beautiful and lovely people who makes others happy! I'd like to ask some basic headcanons on princess Hisui, teenager Laxus and Cana as mother! Thank youuuuuuu. May requests also consist of crossovers such as reaction on chars from other manga??(I'm sorry if my English is not good!)

Thank you Anon, its lovely to hear you like our blog, we are really happy to hear that!


Princess Hisui

- She always had a love for people, making her love helping her own people so much.

-As a child she used to sneak out of the castle and play with the children of the city. This made her become such a devoted leader, and protector of her country.

-She got her green hair from her mother, and she looks so much like her Mom, that her father often calls her, her mothers name. This made her really sad, because she didn’t remember her Mom well at first, but then she became really proud of it, because she wanted to be like her Mom, and make Dad proud of her.

-She is smart, she has read everything from fairy tales, to tactics books. This is how she thought up her plan to save Fiore! Tactic books, and fairy tales!

Teenager Laxus

-He was always moody (duh) and loved arguing and showing off his strengths, this was to show his father he was a good son, to be proud of.

-Laxus used to do stupid stuff, but he couldn’t lie to his Grandfather back then, so he always got caught, because he would either, laugh, crack a guilty smile, or admit to it, feeling guilty. ((little bit of me coming in here! I can’t lie to save myself!))

-In his early teens, before he was all moody, and angry, all of the younger guild members were like his baby siblings, and he always looked after them. For instance he would tell the youngest ones stories, and he helped teach Levy to read! ((I just thought this would be amazingly cute, but then he turned into an idiot for a bit!))


Mother Cana

Okay, this is really hard…

-She would be a joking mom. For instance when the kid turned about five she would start jokingly offering them alcohol, but they would always refuse. It would go something like…

“Hey Kid, Want a drink?” And the kid would giggle and say something like “Ew grosssssss MOM, That stuff tastes nasty!” And she would chase them around and tickle them. ((something my aunt and uncle do with me, and I have never once said yes… I’m 15 now…))

-Cana would let them do a lot of stuff, like go out with boy, but I think she would be strict on silly things, like..

“Can I go out tonight?” The kid would ask.

“Nope, you are staying home and helping me with…”

Okay well sorry this isn’t brilliant….

-Admin Claudie

Fraxus Week Day4: Fantasia

I like the idea of young Laxus and Freed watching Fantasia together. It might have been said in the Battle over Fairytail-arc, whether Laxus participated or not in Fantasia, but I don´t remember. So I asumed that teenaged Laxus was “too cool” to be in it, and Freed of course followed his lead. 

(I didn´t have the time to make one for day3 and I might not be able to post one tomorrow, but I hope to make up for it in the future :)


Quick Family 4komas

Nalu&Gruvia | Gajevy&Jerza | Miraxus&Dorandy

Miraxus-  Miraxus daughter has the attitude of adolescent Mirajane and teenager Laxus combine. 

Dorandy- Carla often has to act as bad cop in the beginning. Doranbolt was too strict once so now he’s too afraid to yell at his son. Wendy is a pushover who doesn’t find the need to discipline too often.

Laxus and Mirajane: The Music Lovers

As if the chemistry existing between Laxus and Mirajane isn’t enough already, it’s also a fact that they are both music lovers. They are the only Fairy Tail mages known to own magic headphones. Heck this screencap from the wikipedia page even got me squealing:

I have this headcanon that it was actually Laxus who taught Mirajane how to play the guitar. Might I add that yellow (Laxus’ color) is such a beautiful color on Mirajane. 

In episode 20 (Natsu and the Dragon Egg), teenage Laxus was already spotted wearing magic headphones, while Mirajane was still in her wild child phase and during the time, she does not even seem to be the type to be inclined to music whatsoever. This leads me to believe that Laxus might have influenced Mirajane’s interest in music, seeing that he’s the first shown to be a music lover. This is also considering the fact that young Mirajane seems to embody the rocker angsty chick kind of image, and will probably take a liking towards any of Laxus’ interests. And I dunno if it’s just me, but considering how Laxus spends most of his time alone when he was younger, he seems to be the type who enjoys music by himself. I can totally imagine him playing the guitar when he’s in the mood. Oh god try to picture him playing the guitar askjdsjdfnskl

Just imagine the two of them, bonding over jamming sessions. <3 With the inevitable sweet moments while he teaches her how to strum the guitar. My heart skips a beat whenever I imagine it that way. I think Mira always had a soft spot for Laxus, even when she was still such a rebel. And as pointed out by some of my fellow Miraxus shippers, the song Mira wrote for mages in missions definitely sounds like something she wrote for Laxus. As the other Fairy Tail members pointed out, Laxus is rarely seen in the guild since he’s always out in missions. The lyrics of Mira’s song definitely contained some romantic context, which I personally think does not generally apply to mages in missions hehe :) She definitely incorporated some of her own personal feelings there <3 As a songwriter, she must have searched deep within her feelings to actually have come up with the lyrics. And if Laxus really influenced her interest in music, it just makes sense that she’ll feel inspired enough to write a song for/about him. The lyrics of her song right here, I find really sweet and romantic:

Gently stroking the table where you’re no longer by, today I’m alone by myself again
Looking up at the sky I make a wish, that you and I enjoy the same moonlight despite being so far apart

When I can’t help but cry and tremble
When I suffer setbacks in the dark
I still can’t forget
That I still have my home
That I still have people waiting for me

Those words that I asked you that day keep meandering by my ears, your smile that day keeps appearing before my eyes
All this keeps growing within my heart, you and I now enjoy the same moonlight despite being so far apart

All the suffering up until now 
Crying because of an unknown tomorrow
I still can’t forget
That I still have my home
That I still have people waiting for me

Only trying harder and harder to fly higher 
I believe in you so
Starting from now let’s weave our beautiful memories together

(I got the English lyrics from thedemonanddragonslayer) <3

When Mira sang this in Chapter 103, she was wearing a leopard-print dress:

And I find it cute and sweet that Laxus also sported a leopard-print polo during his return two chapters later in Chapter 105, which he also wore during the Battle of Fairy Tail:

Also in OVA 3: Memory Days, Laxus was a part of Mira’s memories. This was shown near the ending credits where each Fairy Tail member was reminiscing: 

This even strengthens my hunch that Laxus really played a major part in Mira’s past. It just amazes me how he can elicit extreme emotions from Mira. He made her angry. He made her cry. He made her smile. He made her jump for joy. Heck he even made her blush. He just really has this huge effect on her without even trying so hard, you know what I mean? <3

There’s just something about Mirajane and her memories. I think there’s a strong correlation between the two. I even had to highlight the last line in her song. Also in the fourth ending theme of the anime where Mirajane was the main character, the theme was about memories as well, with pictures and photo albums.

I think who Mirajane is now, she gives credit to her past for it. These precious memories of hers keep her going, keep her moving forward. She may not be so self-conscious about her physical strength and her powers now compared to before, but she sure holds her memories and past in high regards since these led her to become the person she is now. This is what makes her a stronger person, which I find really admirable. 

Anyway, their love for music is just another item to add to the continuously growing list of why Laxus and Mirajane are so perfect for each other. I also like the idea of Laxus being so cutesy and childlike, asking Mira to sing him to sleep, to which she will tease him at first but will eventually oblige to willingly. Mira’s angelic singing voice is just another addition to her endearing qualities, which will inevitably tug at Laxus’ heartstrings. <3

And It’s just so fun to imagine them dating in fancy restaurants around town, dancing, enjoying good music, and just basking in the beauty of each other’s company <3

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For the ask prompt writing thing. Fraxus (romantic otp). Freed and Laxus get sent into the past (somehow) and have to explain their relationship, and how strong they both have gotten, to their younger selves and the rest of the guild. Just some fluff with the younger versions releasing that grown freed/laxus look attractive and they both grow out of their dorky phases. This would be so amazing if you could write this, please message me if you are interested or planning on writing this!

A/N: This is gonna be a long one. It’s not exact but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Please forgive me if it’s bad. ;u; First time writing Fraxus. Sorry for not messaging you beforehand! I couldn’t seem to be able to message you. 

Title: Nothing to Worry About

“Where the hell are we?” Laxus looked around, expecting to see some foreign place.

“It seems like we’re Magnolia.” Freed answered him as he put a finger to his lips. “Though it does seem a bit different.”

“I told those two idiots to be careful with that spell book.” Laxus grumbled with crossed arms.

Freed gave him a smile, “I’m sure Bixlow and Ever didn’t do much damage. After all, it does seem like they just changed the town a bit.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Laxus looked around. Something didn’t sit right with him. Something was different.

“Well, let’s go find those two idiots, shall we? They must be back in the guild.” Freed held out his hand.

Laxus gave a noise of indifference and held Freed’s hand without a second thought. Freed couldn’t help the dorky smile that formed on his face along with a hint of blush. He still wasn’t use to the fact that Laxus would hold his hand without thinking. It made his heart skip a beat.

They made their way towards the guild, Freed was too happy to notice the strange looks they were getting but Laxus couldn’t help but notice the looks. They weren’t looks of disgust. Just surprise and confusion. Not only that, Laxus has seen a couple of these faces before. They almost looked younger.

It was when they finally reached the guild that Freed finally noticed that something was wrong.

“The guild…” Freed gasped.

“It’s the old building.” Laxus’s eyes narrowed, crossing his arms and letting go of Freed’s hand to Freed’s dismay. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s almost like- Nevermind, that’s crazy.”

“What?” Laxus looked at Freed. “It’s your idea, I doubt it’s crazy.”

Freed blushed at that hidden compliment, “Well, it’s almost like we’ve traveled back in time.”

Laxus stared at him for a while before looking at the guild. He thought about it for a while.

“Nevermind. It is crazy.”

Freed gaped at the Lightning Dragon Slayer, “Laxus!”

“Calm down.” Laxus patted him on the head, without looking his way. “I was joking.”

That didn’t stop the adorable pout from forming of Freed’s lips. Laxus gave him a sideways glance. He felt his cheeks become warmer. Damn, Freed was cute sometimes.

Laxus sighed, “Stop making that stupid face. I was joking. Maybe we did travel back in time. Let’s go inside.”

Freed simply nodded and followed Laxus through the guild door. The guild was as noisy as ever. Nostalgia filled both of them as they remembered their time in the old guild. It was so simple yet so nice. It had such a friendly feel to it. Freed couldn’t help but smile. It was where he met first met Laxus.

Heads turned once they heard the door open and gasps rang around the room followed by loud whispers.

“Laxus?!” A small voice yelled.

Laxus immediately recognized who it was coming from. Sure enough, a little Natsu was standing in front of him, in awe of the fully grown Laxus in front of him.

“Whoa! You got a growth spurt!” Natsu grinned.

Laxus sighed, heavily. Typically Natsu. He opened his mouth to tell him what was really happening but someone else bet him to it.

“He didn’t get a growth spurt, Flame Breath!” Gray yelled from his seat.

“Oh yeah! Then explain how he looks like that, Ice Princess!” Natsu gritted his teeth.

Gray stared at him. He had no answer to give.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” Natsu grinned proudly, with his hands on his hips.

“Time travel.”

“Huh?” Natsu turned around to look at Freed as did the rest of the guild.

“We came here by time travel. We don’t exactly know how but we ended up in the past.” Freed explained.

Everyone stared at him with wide eyes. It was unbelievable.

“That’s-” Natsu began to say.

“Bullcrap!” A voice yelled in the back of the guild. Everyone, including Laxus and Freed, turned to see a teenaged Laxus angrily waking over to the adults standing in front.

“You expect me to believe that you’re me from the future?!” Teenaged Laxus growled while he looked at the so called “Laxus” in front of him. “Like that time travel shit exist?!”

Laxus simply stared at his teenaged self before raising a fist and bonking him in the head, “You should really watch your mouth. They’re kids here.”

Teenaged Laxus look at him with a mix of surprise and anger. Who did he think he was hitting him in the head like that?

“I don’t give a flying crap about that! You’re an imposter. You’re not me!”

“Geez, was I really this much of a brat?” Laxus shook his head.

“Who are you calling a brat?!”

“Um, Laxus?” A quiet voice interrupted.

“What?!” The younger Laxus spun around to face a teenaged Freed with shoulder length green hair. The much older Freed simply stared at him. It was a weird feeling seeing your younger self in person.

“I think they’re telling the truth.” Teenaged Freed looked at his older self. “How did you come here?”

Freed smiled at his younger self, “Evergreen and Bixlow.”

“Who the hell are they?” Younger Laxus crossed his arms, still not convinced.

“Some good friends you’ll meet soon.”

The teenager scoffed, “I don’t have friends.”

The younger Freed couldn’t help but look hurt. It caught the eye of older Laxus. He couldn’t believe how much of a jerk he used to be.

“Well, you’ll make them. And you’ll learn to love them.” Laxus told his younger self. Younger Laxus glared at his supposed older self.

“Okay, if you’re me, then tell me something only I would know.”

Laxus smirked. The classic line. Laxus leaned over to tell his younger self something only he knew. Younger Laxus’s face turned a deep red.

“Okay! Okay! I get it! You’re me!” The blonde teen yelled as he covered his face.

Laxus gave a small chuckle. Success. Both Freeds gave him a “what did you say” look. Laxus just waved them off.

After the younger Laxus had composed himself, he looked back at his older self.

“So you’re me?”

Laxus rolled his eyes, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

The younger Laxus turned to look at the older Freed. “And you’re him?”

Freed smiled and nodded.

Teenaged Laxus folded his arms, “That’s surreal.“

A younger Freed gave a laugh, “Very surreal.”

Freed and Laxus smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Well, how the hell are you getting back?” Younger Laxus inquired.

“We actually don’t know. It’s what we’re trying to figure out.” Freed admitted.

“Master isn’t here but when he comes back you could ask him.” Younger Freed suggested.

“Good ol’ gramps.” The Laxuses said in unison.

“I suppose we can wait here until he comes back.” Freed agreed.

“Until then you could answer some questions about the future!” Natsu spoke up.

Freed and Laxus looked up to see the entire guild looking at them. They had forgotten all about them, watching their entire conversation.

“We can’t some much because of the whole space time continuum thing.” Laxus told them.

“But we could answer some questions.” Freed finished.

“I am super strong in the future?!” Natsu grinned.

“Like that’ll happen.” Gray mumbled.

“Shut up, Ice for Brains! You’re probably the weakest in the guild!”

“Oh yeah, Dragon Breathe?! I probably won more fights than you have!”

Erza slammed her fist against the table, “Stop it, both of you!”

“Yes ma'am!” Gray and Natsu squeaked.

Laxus shook his head while Freed laughed. Nothing had changed.

“You’re both very strong mages. All of you are.” Freed told them. “This guild is strongest guild in Fiore.”

“Whoa, really?!” Someone exclaimed.

“How did that happened?” Another asked. Even the kids were surprised.

Laxus answered them before Freed could open his mouth. “Our bonds. Our trust. Our friendship. That what makes us strong.”

Everyone looked at Laxus with surprise. This wasn’t the Laxus they know. Freed couldn’t help but smile at him. He’s gone a long way. Natsu was the first to cheer.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m taking about! We are Fairy Tail!” With that the guild exploded into noises of excitement and honor.

Younger Laxus looked at his older self, “How strong do I become?”

Laxus simply smirked and ruffled his hair, “Strong enough to protect your family.”

“What about me?” A younger Freed look at his older self. “I’m so weak.”

Freed bent down do he was eye level with his younger self, “You’ll be strong. Strength isn’t only your magic power or muscles. It also comes from your heart. Remember that and you’ll be strong.”

Younger Freed smiled brightly and nodded, “One more question.”


“Will Laxus ever love me?”

Freed let out a small chuckle, “Watch this.” Freed stood up straight and looked at Laxus. Laxus’s attention was on his younger self. Freed looked at his younger self and gave him a wink before leaning over and kissing Laxus on the cheek.

Laxus froze in his place. The blush rising to his cheeks was impossible to hide. He whipped his head around to look at his green haired boyfriend.

“W-What the hell was that for?!” Laxus sputtered.

“Just because.” Freed said, happily as he entwined their fingers together.

“Don’t go getting weird on me.” Laxus grumbled before looking away, blush still evident on his face.

Freed look back at his younger self with a smile, “I think you’ll be okay.”

Younger Freed laughed and looked at younger Laxus with a smile.

“Don’t you dare try that on me.” Younger Laxus warned. Younger Freed just continued to smile and took a step forward. Younger Laxus took a step backwards. Freed took another step forward and Laxus another step backwards. Then it broke out into a chase with Laxus running away while Freed laughed and chased him around.

“We’ve come a long way, huh?”

Freed looked at Laxus who was smiling at their younger selves. Freed smiled too.

“We have.”