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Hello! I'd like to thank you for your amazing blog and for yourselves cause you are beautiful and lovely people who makes others happy! I'd like to ask some basic headcanons on princess Hisui, teenager Laxus and Cana as mother! Thank youuuuuuu. May requests also consist of crossovers such as reaction on chars from other manga??(I'm sorry if my English is not good!)

Thank you Anon, its lovely to hear you like our blog, we are really happy to hear that!


Princess Hisui

- She always had a love for people, making her love helping her own people so much.

-As a child she used to sneak out of the castle and play with the children of the city. This made her become such a devoted leader, and protector of her country.

-She got her green hair from her mother, and she looks so much like her Mom, that her father often calls her, her mothers name. This made her really sad, because she didn’t remember her Mom well at first, but then she became really proud of it, because she wanted to be like her Mom, and make Dad proud of her.

-She is smart, she has read everything from fairy tales, to tactics books. This is how she thought up her plan to save Fiore! Tactic books, and fairy tales!

Teenager Laxus

-He was always moody (duh) and loved arguing and showing off his strengths, this was to show his father he was a good son, to be proud of.

-Laxus used to do stupid stuff, but he couldn’t lie to his Grandfather back then, so he always got caught, because he would either, laugh, crack a guilty smile, or admit to it, feeling guilty. ((little bit of me coming in here! I can’t lie to save myself!))

-In his early teens, before he was all moody, and angry, all of the younger guild members were like his baby siblings, and he always looked after them. For instance he would tell the youngest ones stories, and he helped teach Levy to read! ((I just thought this would be amazingly cute, but then he turned into an idiot for a bit!))


Mother Cana

Okay, this is really hard…

-She would be a joking mom. For instance when the kid turned about five she would start jokingly offering them alcohol, but they would always refuse. It would go something like…

“Hey Kid, Want a drink?” And the kid would giggle and say something like “Ew grosssssss MOM, That stuff tastes nasty!” And she would chase them around and tickle them. ((something my aunt and uncle do with me, and I have never once said yes… I’m 15 now…))

-Cana would let them do a lot of stuff, like go out with boy, but I think she would be strict on silly things, like..

“Can I go out tonight?” The kid would ask.

“Nope, you are staying home and helping me with…”

Okay well sorry this isn’t brilliant….

-Admin Claudie

Fraxus Week Day4: Fantasia

I like the idea of young Laxus and Freed watching Fantasia together. It might have been said in the Battle over Fairytail-arc, whether Laxus participated or not in Fantasia, but I don´t remember. So I asumed that teenaged Laxus was “too cool” to be in it, and Freed of course followed his lead. 

(I didn´t have the time to make one for day3 and I might not be able to post one tomorrow, but I hope to make up for it in the future :)