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In 2012, Sheboygan Falls in Sheboygan City, Wisconsin, was shocked by the brutal murder of 78-year-old great grandmother, Barbara Olson, who was hacked and bludgeoned to death with a hatchet and hammer. Even more damning was the discovery of who the murder was perpetrated by – Barbara’s very own 13-year-old great grandson and his best friend. It was a crime that shocked the nation. If you’re not safe in your own home with your own great-grandson then where are you safe? “Did these kids grow up here? Did they grow up here in Sheboygan?” asked Sheboygan County District, Joe DeCecco, when he was informed of the heinous murder. Sheboygan County is an idyllic area and first-degree murder is extremely rare - in fact, on average once a year. Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape looked like your average all-American boys from Sheboygan Falls, so what led them to kill Antonio’s great grandmother with such savagery?  

On that fateful afternoon of September 17th, 2012, Antonio and Nathan went to Barbara’s home on the tree-lined streets of Westwynde Bluffs. After inviting the teenagers inside her home, she was brutally attacked by the duo, whom had brought along their weapons of choice: a hatchet and hammer. Following the heinous attack, the two boys attempted to drag her blood-soaked body to the car which was parked in the garage. Realising that this wasn’t as easy feat, they decided to just ditch Barbara’s body in the garage, with a trail of blood leading from inside the home. A mere $155 was all they were able to steal from Barbara, as well as several pieces of jewellery. After they stuffed the pitiful bounty into their pockets, they grabbed Barbara’s car keys and dumped her unlocked car at a nearby Sheboygan bowling alley. Inside the car, they abandoned the few pieces of jewellery that they had ransacked from the home in the hopes that somebody would steal the unlocked vehicle and then be implemented in her murder. So what would two teenagers do with a pitiful $155, stolen from the elderly lady they just slaughtered? They brought marijuana and pizza. 

Two days later, Barbara’s body was discovered by her distraught daughter. She initially believed that her mother must have had an accident but this was no accident, as she was soon to find out. Within 12 hours, Nathan and Antonio would be apprehended for her murder after bloody clothes and shoes were discovered in Antonio’s locker. It was announced that the two teenagers would be being charged as adults with first-degree murder. In January of 2013, Antonio entered a plea of not guilty by mental disease or defect. Two weeks later, Nathan also entered a plea of not guilty. As the trial date loomed, Antonio changed his plea to no contest as part of a deal with the state which would see him eligible for parole in 35 years. He was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide. Now, only Nathan would be facing a court of law. 

During the trial, Nathan’s defence argued that Nathan was just a bystander. Antionio, however, had a different version of events when it was his turn on the witness stand. While he admitted that he had attacked Barbara with the hatchet, he contended that Nathan wasn’t as innocent in the ordeal as his defence attorney was claiming. Nathan came to Barbara’s home armed with a hammer and with that weapon, he bludgeoned the elderly great-grandmother. He also testified that Nathan was just as compliant in the planning of the murder. When Nathan took to the witness stand, he confessed that he did hit Barbara with the hammer, adding that he only hit her twice and only did so because he was afraid that Antonio would turn on him. He also described how Antonio had a “blank, no emotions” look on his face as he repeatedly bludgeoned his great-grandmother. At one point during the murder, Antonio took off his sweatshirt so that it wouldn’t get in the way of “him swinging,” Nathan told the aghast court room. Fond du Lac County Medical Examiner, Doug Kelley, testified that Barbara had been struck at least 27 times with both sharp and blunt objects. This was the evidence that Nathan, armed with a hammer, certainly had participated in the murder. The entire court room fell dead silent as the gruesome photos of Barbara’s body flashed on screen. Deep wounds to her head, face, arms and hands were enough to make even the most hardened law officials look away. The wounds on her arms and hands were indicative of defensive wounds, meaning that the elderly great-grandmother had attempted to defend herself against the blows. She wasn’ t knocked unconscious by the initial blow meaning she knew very well that it was her own flesh and blood ending her life.

After just mere hours of deliberation, they found Nathan guilty of being party to first-degree intentional murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment with a minimum of 31 years. Antonio Barbeau had already been convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 35 years. When Nathan is 49-years-old, he will have a chance of parole and when Antonio is 49-years-old, he will have a chance of parole. Both murders will get a second chance at life – something they denied Barbara Olson as she begged the young boy that she helped raise from birth, for her life.


Kristen Costas was stabbed to death on June 23rd 1984 at 15 years old by Bernadette Protti, Bernadette was sort of an acquaintance and wanted to be exactly like Kristen who was very popular and supposedly well liked, on the night of her murder Bernadette invited Kristen to a party, they began arguing in the car about dinner (so Protti says) so Kristen got out of the car and went to a nearby home and attempted to call her parents, saying to the home owners that her friend had “gone all weird” - when she got no answer, the people who’s phone she had used, offered to drive her home and they did, the man noticing there was a car following behind them, when he dropped her off she noticed her parents weren’t in and she didn’t have a key, so she was heading to a neighbours house when she was confronted by Bernadette who ended up stabbing her five times (Bernadette later said that she got the knife from the car which her family shared and her sister had a knife in there to chop tomotoes and such for lunch, her sister later confirmed this in court), Bernadette fled the scene and Kristen managed to get help from neighbours before collapsing, she was taken to hospital but soon died with fatal injuries. It took police almost six months to find out Bernadette was responsible, with the FBI playing a big role in her arrest, they discovered her alibi was false and spoke with her many times, all agreeing the girl was guilty but they had no evidence to arrest her with, after one such talk, an FBI officer lied and informed her that her arrest was imminent, after that Bernadette wrote her mother a letter in which she made a full confession. Kristen’s parents did not believe Protti’s story – they asserted that nobody would use a butcher knife to slice tomatoes and that Bernadette, casually dressed on that evening, never intended to take Kirsten to a party but had planned to murder her. Bernadette Protti was sentenced to a maximum of nine years, but was released seven years later on parole in 1992 at the age of 23, reportedly left California and changed her name. They made a movie “death of a cheerleader” based on this case, it can be viewed on YouTube. It is also thought this crime may have inspired the movie “Heathers”, but it is unconfirmed.

Alyssa Bustamante exhibited a morbid obsession with pain and death when she entered puberty, and by the time she was fifteen she had already attempted suicide and regularly engaged in self-harm.

In October 2009 Bustamante lured Elizabeth Olten, 9, into a secluded patch of woods, choked her, slashed her wrists, and stabbed her in the throat. The young girl was then buried in a shallow grave Bustamante had dug earlier in the week. After murdering Olten, the teenager wrote in her diary that killing her had felt “ahmazing” and joked about going to church. She was swiftly arrested after police noted her absence from school on the day of the murder.

When police discovered Elizabeth Olten’s body they also came across another (empty) grave that Bustamante appeared to have dug. Could Bustamante’s intended victims have been her younger brothers? A few months before the murders she was overheard saying she “hated” her younger brothers and once even uploaded a video to YouTube which depicts her brothers getting shocked by an electric fence. Police now think that Bustamante had vague plans to kill her two brothers and dispose of them in the graves she dug, but for some reason changed her mind and lured Olten into the woods instead. Bustamante was sentenced to life with parole in 2011.


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Michael Woodmansee - Teenage Cannibal

Sixteen-year-old Michael Woodmansee of South Kingstown, Rhode Island didn’t look like a budding psychopath - with his thick glasses, obese frame, and shy demeanour, Michael could easily pass for a square peg amongst his more popular classmates. Unbeknownst to anyone around him, Michael nurtured graphic fantasies involving death and rape, and considered murder easy to get away with. On May 18, 1975, he made his deadly fantasies a reality.

Five-year-old Jason Foreman was playing with a group of boys at the top of the street Michael Woodmansee lived on when he heard his mother calling him home. Jason lived on a corner, and Woodmansee’s house was opposite the path Jason would have taken home. His mother last recalled seeing Jason walking through the front gate to the house, until she turned to answer the phone. Jason never walked through the door. His disappearance would baffle police for over eight years.

It was 1982 until a break in Jason Foreman’s case, and came about as a result of Woodmansee attempting to kill another young boy. The now twenty-three-year old had lured a teenage paperboy into an empty house and drugged him with alcohol. After an unsuccessful attempt at strangling the boy, Woodmansee gave up and left him for dead in the house. Instead, the injured boy went home and told his father about the incident, and who did it. The victims father then went to Woodmansee’s home and beat him up, after which Woodmansee did something incredibly stupid - he called the police and reported the assault.

At the police station Woodmansee tried to excuse the attack on the paperboy as ‘losing his temper’, but officer conducting the interview had a hunch that Woodmansee was responsible for the disappearance of Jason Foreman seven years before. After continuous prodding Woodmansee broke down and confessed to killing the child, and admitted he still had much of his body in his bedroom. Before a police unit searched the house, Woodmansee remarked that they would find a journal written by him in his room, but its contents were pure fiction.

In Woodmansee’s bedroom police discovered a number of gruesome relics; Jason Foreman’s skull, coated in high-gloss shellac. The little boy’s hip and rib bones, picked clean of flesh. Crude drawings of children being stabbed and decapitated. And the aforementioned journal, the contents of which were deemed too disgusting to be discussed in court. Though its never been reproduced in its entirety anywhere, the journal was said to contain graphic descriptions of Jason’s murder, his dismemberment, and how Woodmansee disposed of his body by boiling it over a stove and eating the cooked flesh.

In 1983 Michael Woodmansee was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to forty years in prison. His relatively low sentence was the result of a plea bargain with the prosecution to ensure none of the horrific details of the murder were discussed in court, as the police were fearful about copycat crimes.

In a shocking move by corrections, Woodmansee was released from prison after serving 28 years of his 40 year sentence. Jason Foreman’s father has publicly declared his intention to murder Woodmansee for his crime against Jason.

Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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In the early morning hours of 7 December, 1990, teenage couple, 16-year-old Amy Lee Black and 19-year-old Jeff Abrahamson, met 34-year-old Dave VanBogelen in a restaurant in Muskegon Heights. Dave had earlier been out with a group of friends from work and decided he would stop to get a bite to eat before heading home to his wife and 7-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. This fateful meeting would prove to be deadly. Dave was quite inebriated when he met the young couple and the young couple decided they were going to take advantage of that. As the piled the father of two with more alcohol, they planned to lure him back to their nearby apartment where they would rob him. However, when the trio were back at the apartment and Dave still wasn’t unconscious, Amy took it on herself to make him unconscious by smashing him over the head with a whiskey bottle. The medical examiner would later conclude that this head trauma alone would have killed Dave if left untreated but the young couple weren’t finished just yet. Amy and Jeff then took the cash he had in his pocket which just so happened to be $1,500.00. Dave had just cashed his pay check for a full month’s work at the local foundry.

When Dave’s pockets were empty, they forced him into his truck and drove out into the country. Amy later claimed she believed they were going to just dump him out of the truck in the middle of nowhere before making off in his truck. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. When they pulled along a lonely dirt road and pushed Dave out, Jeff produced a knife and stabbed him to death. His body was found the following day and it wouldn’t be long until Amy and Jeff were apprehended and brought in for questioning. Jeff wanted Amy to take the blame, quipping that because she was a juvenile, she couldn’t be held responsible. How wrong he was. The duo were both found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. After her arrest, Amy said to police: “I always wanted to know if you could just kill somebody and the cops not know that it was you. I did. I always wondered that." 

Following her sentencing, Amy would attribute her actions that night to her unhappy home life. The habitual runaway claimed that men had sexually abused her throughout her life in her mother’s home. Due to the sexual abuse, she turned to a life of drugs which earned her a stint in a treatment centre. During her incarceration at the now-closed Robert Scott Correctional Facility, Amy was raped by a correctional officer. She later received damages in the 2009 settlement of a civil-rights lawsuit by several inmates who were sexually abused by guards.


Kip Kinkel, age 15
Kip murdered his father and mother in their home. The next day, he went to school and committed a rampage shooting in which he killed two peers and wounded 25 others. A psychologist for the defense reported that Kip had a psychotic disorder with major paranoid symptoms that may have been severe enough to indicate early-onset schizophrenia (Lieberman, 2006). Lieberman summarized the psychologist’s testimony, noting several of Kip’s delusions. Kip was convinced that the Chinese were going to invade the United States. In order to prepare for this, Kip reportedly stored explosives in his home (explosives were found in the home following the shootings). Kip also believed that Disney was taking over the world, and apparently was convinced that the Disney dollar would have a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. Kip thought that perhaps the government had placed a computer chip in his head, and this chip broadcast the voices he heard. He also believed there was a man in the neighborhood who wanted to harm him; Kip was so afraid of him that he reportedly bought a gun to defend himself. There is no evidence of any such man in the area. Kip reportedly had auditory hallucinations that began in sixth grade with three voices (Lieberman, 2006). The voices made derogatory comments to him, told him to hurt people, and sometimes spoke to each other about Kip. Though the voices were said to have scared and upset him, he reportedly was too embarrassed to tell anyone about them. There is school documentation that prior to the shooting Kip burst out in class with the comment “God damn these voices inside my head!” (Lieberman, 2006, p. 141) After the killings, Kip reported that he heard voices telling him to kill his father, as well as to kill people at school.
The Kinkel family had multiple cases of mental illness, - including schizophrenia. Numerous relatives had been institutionalized, and some had exhibited suicidal or homicidal behavior (Lieberman, 2006).
When Kip was apprehended and questioned by the police, he was in a state of extreme distress. He was distraught over what he had done, but could not explain why he had done it, other than that he had to or because the voices told him to. Kip was neither an abused child nor a psychopath. He came from a family with significant mental illness on both sides, and experienced the early onset of schizophrenia.
- From the report Rampage School Shooters - A Typology, by Peter Langman, Ph.D.


When Adrianne Reynolds was 16-years-old, she left her hometown of Kilgore, Texas, to live with her father and his wife in East Moline, Illinois. Once there, she enrolled in Black Hawk College Outreach Center. She dreamed of earning her GED and joining the marines. Another dream of hers was to become a car designer or a singer; he had a phenomenal voice. It was here that she met Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory, both self-proclaimed juggalos.

Just a couple of months after joining the school, Adrianne asked Cory on a date. Despite the fact that Sarah had a boyfriend, Sean, this infuriated her. Cory was her friend and she didn’t want Adrienne “stealing” him. On the afternoon of 21 January, 2005, Sarah invited Adrienne to Taco Bell with her and Cory. At some point on the drive over, Adrienne and Sarah got into an altercation. As the rolled up to Taco Bell, Cory held Adrianne down while while Sarah beat her with a wooden handle that she kept in her car for protection and strangled her to death with her belt.

Following the murder, Sarah and Cory took her lifeless body to Sarah’s grandparents’ farm. Here, they attempted to set her on fire in the hopes that she would turn to ashes. When this failed, they contacted 16-year-old Nathan Gaudet and told him about their predicament. Nathan drove over to the farm, armed with a handsaw to dismember Adrianne before disposing of her remains in a manhole. A couple of days later, she was found and it wouldn’t be long until Cory’s conscience got the better of him and he confessed.

Both Sarah and Cory were found guilty of first-degree murder. During testimony at trial, it was claimed that Sarah had a crush on Adrianne and acted out due to jealousy. Sarah received 53 years in prison while Cory received 40. During her trial, Sarah announced that she felt no guilt. Nathan was found guilty of concealment of a body and served 4 years in a juvenile centre. 4 years later, he died in a car crash.