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Another unpopular opinion: RTTE is simply the nightmares of a chief-to-be Hiccup, hence the unrealism and characters that have exactly 0 influence on the plot of the movies.

Disagree.  Wholly, absolutely, this is where my opinion becomes unpopular, I know.  

My unpopular opinions about rtte: 

1. Princess Outpost is teenage Hiccup.  Sorry, it sucks to see bbycup grow up into an asshole, but have you met an 18 year old child who doesn’t fear death and has that much power and that little supervision?  College freshman are bad enough.  

2. Snotlout is worth it.  He’s a gem, alright?  He’s so interesting and amazing and I don’t care that hiccup is getting dragged through the mud because it means I get more Snotlout and I’m selfish and don’t care because it’s not like my influence would change anything.  

3. I love believing that sasquatches roam north american forests and I love thinking sea monsters could be real and I love watching rtte and chanting snotstrid every time they occupy the screen together and I love feeling like Fester is right because I’m vain and simple and like being right.  

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The Secret Life of the Berkian Teenager

Hiccup lets slip something from his past that could jeopardise his future with Astrid.

Chapter Four: Stoick

Astrid stands in silence on the wood deck leading to Gothi’s hut, arms crossed over her chest as she stares unseeing into the sinking sun. A smokey grey mist hangs in the air above the village, the remnants of the fire. It’s out now save for a few smouldering timbers. The smell of burnt charcoal hangs heavy in the air. Astrid can feel it clogging her nose and winding down her throat like a gritty etherial snake. Every so often she spies different groups of soot covered Vikings making the rounds of the ruins. They solemnly survey the damage and carefully pick through the wreckage, recovering what they can.

Astrid watches them scavenging for keepsakes, her chest tight. Of course they’ll rebuild. They’ve done it before, but since the dragon war ended everyone thought scenes like this had become a distant memory, well save for that one Snoggletog a few years back involving exploding dragon eggs, she thinks ruefully. Things had seemed bleak then as well, but Hiccup had been there to save the day. He’d brought all the dragons back and lightened everyone’s mood just in time to celebrate the holiday, despite the weeks of rebuilding ahead.

Not this time though Astrid thinks, turning her back on the subdued scene, unable to bear the somber looks on her fellow Vikings faces. The fire is only part of it. There will be no solace until Berk’s heir is back out amongst them, being his usual wry self. Astrid’s lips quirk slightly at the thought, though she immediately sobers again, since Hiccup’s recovery is still far from assured.

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Omega&Alpha AU|CLOSED


It was mating season.

And Peter was in pain.

Him being an Alpha made him lose his temper easily, and he still didn’t have an omega of his own to breed in.

He remembered his old friend and teenage crush Hiccup, so he made his way to Berk, groaning and covering his nose from all the tempted smells. He truly hoped finding Hiccup, maybe he could help…