teenage heart throb

Teenagers. Our hearts throb for so many damn people, our feelings are like firework, our realisation of what life is really about settles in our eyes, we reveal the real world, we peel its layers as we peel our own, yet they try to keep us controlled but we are free. We are free in our minds in our spirit and in recklessness, we run we cry we scream until the sun comes up. We love and hate in equal depth, we dig deep for soemthing much greater. Teenegers are the hope the moon gives, yet they try and settle our souls. Teenagers are life at its rawest form. - No glory


In celebration of Keanu Reeves big 53, here’s a clip from his appearance in the 1986 remake of Babes In Toyland.

Before he was one of the founding member of Wyld Stallyns.

Before he saved Zion from an army of Agent Smiths.

Before he killed a mobster with A pencil, a fucking Pencil!

He was a young Up and conning teenage heart throb in a campy musical.

Happy birthday Keanu Reeves!

Why Michael Fassbender was born to play dastardly roles
Michael Fassbender stars as a brilliant but destructive detective in The Snowman. What makes him so good at playing unlikeable characters?

Irresistible twinkle: Fassbender can make even the most unlikeable characters appealing.

 He has played a supervillain in X-Men, a sex addict in Shame and a cruel plantation owner in 12 Years a Slave – just three in a long line of characters who value power and control above all else. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Michael Fassbender might not be the sort of “sensitive” Hollywood leading man millions of female fans swoon over.

 Yet, over the past decade, the German-born Irish 40-year-old has built a solid reputation as an actor not only with impressive range but an impressive female following to boot.

 I first saw Fassbender on screen in director Andrea Arnold’s gritty 2009 film Fish Tank. He started as he meant to go on, playing Conor, the unloveable boyfriend of a single mother, who ends up having a relationship with her teenage daughter.

Not instant heart-throb material. Yet here was an enigmatic actor who more than mastered the art of simmering sexual tension on screen. Interest piqued.

Since then he has turned his hand to complicated and challenging roles that other up-and-coming actors – perhaps seeking the sort of suave reputation George Clooney enjoys – might have shunned: Bobby Sands in HungerMacbeth, a bloody role that the Telegraph film critic said Fassbender was “born for”; and Steve Jobs, which saw him nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in 2016. Now he looks set to do the same as maverick policeman Harry Hole in crime thriller The Snowman, an adaptation of the Jo Nesbø novel.

The detective is hard-drinking, chain-smoking, destructive, uncompromising and, frequently, unlikeable. The film sees him on the trail of what appears to be Norway’s first serial killer - who leaves a snowman at the scenes of his crimes.

Fassbender’s CV has arguably beaten a path to the detective’s door. As a character, Hole is the culmination of everything he has spent the past decade showing us - ego, aggression and fallibility - all wrapped up in one compelling package.

Indeed, on paper, Fassbender’s looks like a career only a sociopath could love. But what he has brought to each and every partis nuance and vulnerability. The Wall Street Journal has called him a “supervillain with a sensitive side”, while fellow thesp James Franco wrote in Variety that Fassbender is “able to articulate the emotional wrestling match that a man does with himself, an experience that is usually relegated to forms such as the novel and poetry because they can take the reader into the character’s inner thoughts”.

To paraphrase: he can make viewers imagine that even the most dastardly character has a heart, and want to be the one to thaw it. Even when playing a Machiavellian android in Alien Covenant.

 And that’s without stopping to consider the twinkling eyes, willingness to strip off, and symmetrical face that owes more than a little to the golden ratio.

 These are no doubt partly responsible for the legions of online fan forums and social media accounts dedicated to the actor (the so-called “Fassinators”). But another explanation might be his unwillingness to play the celebrity game. This staunchly private approach to fame marks the actor out in an industry where your Instagram following is increasingly as important as your body of work.

 As Fassbender undoubtedly knows, a little mystery goes a long way - this might be one only Harry Hole could crack.

High school sweet-snob: Yoongi

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung

Yoongi x Reader

Gender: Male x Female.

Genre: Smut.

Warning: -

Word count: 3214


Out of all the students, why did he pick you?
What in his mind told him you should be the one to be tormented by him.

Tormented in the sense of giving you those glances and those smiles he knew had an effect on you.
He being Min Yoongi of course, the man that made teenage hearts throb while he was a teenage snob yet even though his behavior was nothing to be fanned over, you couldn’t help to have fallen for the student.

Heavens must have taken a disliking at you as they placed you in the same class as Yoongi for two school years now, this led Yoongi to torment you in all the ways he could without being caught, he had a reputation of course.

That reputation being a bad boy and how odd it would be to see a bad boy flirting with a ‘plain Jane’.
 You weren’t necessarily speaking boring, but you did easily mix with the walls compared to the other girls who purposely wore shorter skirts and often dismissed the school rules like wearing heavy make-up even though it is not allowed.
But who cared about that if that would catch Yoongi’s attention or any other of his friends who also pointed a middle finger at the school and how much you wanted to join the anarchy, you just couldn’t risk it.
So what was the next thing you could do, nothing really, but if staring from a distance was any act of participation you’d happily take it.

Speaking of staring from a distance, it was what you were doing at the moment.
There by the window was a small group, actually it was a pretty large group considering more than the half of your classmates had moved all to one side of the classroom.
Only a few students decided to stay seated, those that had fallen asleep and those who you could call your friends.

“I honestly do not get why people like him.” One of your friends huffed out.

“Because he is the physical form of ’Fuck you ’ ”  Your other friend said
“Do you agree, Y/N?” Your friend asked, eyeing you with a curious eyebrow raised up and all you could do was nod, you agreed only with a slight tweak.

Fuck you for being hot, that is.

Your heart stuttered as your gaze locked with Yoongi’s, even though he was being surrounded by many people practically blocking his view he still managed to find you.
A small smile painted on his lips as he tried to ever so discretely wink at you, which as usual succeeded and made you look away.
You could feel your cheeks burn and heart tighten, oh how he only knew half of the effect he had on you.
Not only did Yoongi torment you through out the day, but also through out the night when you wished for sleep but instead got sexual frustrations. 
Yes, like stated before you had plunged head first into this impossible love that you’re sure will stay unrequited. And for that, you disliked every bit of Yoongi, for making him fall in love with him even though it was your own fault.

“Okay everyone, back to your seats. Now .” Your homeroom teacher demanded and with a groan everyone moved to their respective desks.
And so the long hours of school started again featuring you trying to suppress those lewd thoughts about the man who started it all and had no sign of stopping. Literally.
Yoongi didn’t even think about giving you a break for these final hours of school, always looking to his side to catch your gaze. Why did you had to sit in the same row as him.
Normally Yoongi would forget about the class and see how long he could stare at you before you noticed, but today was different as you were the one staring.
An obvious gummy smile made it on Yoongi’s face as he caught his bottom lip with his teeth, a low chuckle escaped from his body as he saw your face going bright red from shock and embarrassment.

“Mister Min, is there something funny?” The teacher asked.
You immediately turned back to your book, afraid of being caught for simply staring.

Actually it was more then that, it was so much more that you’re sure it would even make holy water sinful. You couldn’t help it, it was the hormones going at it as you would say as an excuse but you well knew it was just because your heart had grabbed hold at Yoongi or he did.
You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to kiss those soft lips, how they would feel against yours and trailing down your body until they kissed your core.

You squeezed your thighs against one another as you tried not to think about it, shaking your head slightly as he could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Whatever it may be, Min, you’re staying after school hours.” The teacher said, not caring for a reason anymore.

Your eyes widen as you looked up, your body had already stopped yourself for telling the teacher it was you who caused it,  you didn’t need this.

Daring to look at Yoongi he seemed unfazed even giving you a subtle wink that caused your cheeks to tingle and heat up.

The moment the last bell of the day went off you sprinted out of the class as fast as you could, your feet practically gliding over the stairs down.
You wanted, no had to get out of school asap or else you would explode out of sexual frustration.
Thank god your house was close by. Once out the building you began to run, not even noticing Yoongi watching you from the classroom with a Cheshire like grin.
“Min, it’s your lucky day today.” The teacher sighed out “I have better things to do, so you will be sitting here tomorrow.” If possible Yoongi’s smile grew wider and without another word he left the classroom.

As you entered your house you took a note how empty it was, no sign of living.

Instead of feeling fear you felt relieved, no one would be home till tomorrow leaving the house all by yourself which meant having some self love in peace and quite.
You immediately began to strip away your clothing, throwing your school bag somewhere in your room as all you wanted was some release.
Your body hit your cold wall as your fingers dipped inside of you, your mouth falling open as you had been waiting for this since the beginning of the day.

Your mind clouded as all you could imagine was how it would feel if it was Yoongi and you couldn’t help but let out a moan.
As your imagination ran wilder so did your pace until you felt your release pop into white butterflies, your muscles lessened and you let out a satisfying sigh, it was only then when you realized you had your curtain wide open, giving anyone who would walk by a perfect view of you pleasuring yourself.
Quickly you scurried forward, praying to god that no one had seen you but of course he was not at your side.

Your breath got caught as your eyes locked with a smirking Min Yoongi, looking up in your window.

His bottom lip caught in his teeth as his eyes sparked with mischief.
Out of all the people, out of all the people who could have seen it had to be the Devil himself.
You expected or more so hoped Yoongi would shrug it off and walk further to his house that was not far from yours, another reason why you dammed Yoongi, but instead he walked to your front door and gave it a long ring.
You began to hurry away from the window and made way to your bedroom door.

Bypassing your mirror you realized how you looked, like a mess.
Cursing under your breath you wanted to dress properly, but with Yoongi abusing the doorbell your only option was to throw a long shirt that stopped a bit over your ass.
Out of all the things, why did he had to see that?

Maybe he didn’t, who were you kidding of course he saw that.

Swinging the door open you feel the breath being punched out of you, there so close was Yoongi.
The sun beaming down on him so perfectly it created a halo around him if he did not already own one.
“Afternoon, Sunshine.” Yoongi smirked “May I come in?” was not even a question, more a warning he was.
Passing you Yoongi let himself in, looking around the hallway before turning back at you.
“Might want to close the door, insects might come in.” Yoongi said and your body moved out of shock, almost slamming the door shut causing Yoongi to let out a low chuckle.
You pressed your head as heart as you could against the door, hoping that it might help with whatever kind of emotions you were feeling, or maybe that this was all a dream and you would wake up but at last.

“I see you already started without me, no?” Yoongi said, you straightened your body still facing the door as you tried to process what Yoongi said and what he was referring  too.
Yoongi took the silence as a hint of confusion and he let out a chuckle, inspecting your body up and down. Gosh did you look incredibly hot in that shirt. 
“I know about them, Y/N.” Yoongi purred, silently walking towards you “those dreams, I know about them.” He continued, starting the engine that made you talk.

“I-I have no idea what you are talking about.” You stuttered out, your breath hitched as you could feel Yoongi hover over you, his hot breath tickling the back of your neck.
“You can’t fool me with that shit, Y/N.” Yoongi said as he pressed his upper body against you, your body stiffened and the heat radiating of Yoongi went straight to your core.
“You really don’t think I see the way you look at me?” Yoongi asked as his arms leaned against the door, trapping you inside of them and only adding more pressure to your core.
“The way you would press your thighs together, don’t you think I know?”
You took your bottom lip between your teeth as you could feel Yoongi tickle your ear with his burning breath.

“Tell me Y/N, do you dream about me like I dream about you?" 

Your world flipped, and all you could do was stare at the door with wide eyes as you tried to form sentences but all that came out was: "You?”
“Yes I do, do you?” Yoongi casually admitted, his lips brushing your ear as you couldn’t help but moan, even though you did not see it you were sure Yoongi was smiling.
“Well do you?” Yoongi asked, pressing his lower body against you and you could feel something poking you causing you to moan out a yes.

“Good, then you want this as much as me?” Yoongi smirked and you nodded.
Yes.” You sighed out, giving into the hormones.
That was all Yoongi needed  to spin you around and place a fierce kiss that took you by surprise, however it did not take long for you to melt into it.
As if on auto pilot your arms wrapped around Yoong’s neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss as your hands grabbed hold of the man’s hair, pulling it slightly causing him to groan.
Your lips curved into a smirk.

“Don’t get to full of yourself.” Yoongi groaned. “Your room, where is it?”
“Up,” You breathed out and Yoongi let out another groan, his lips latched back onto yours and it was by far better than you had ever dreamed about.
Hands moved down your thighs, giving them a slight tug to tell you to wrap your legs around Yoongi.
With the smallest jump Yoongi hosted you up and began to walk what you assumed would be the stairs but was instead the living room.
Dropping you onto the couch you pulled away from Yoongi looking around you and then back at him again, as if he could read your mind Yoongi answered “I need to save my energy for you, babe.”

Your cheeks flushed red, but you were given no reaction as Yoongi placed his lips back on you.
His hands moving up, memorizing every dip and curve your body allowed him, his hands eventually came up to your face, cupping it as he moved away.

Your heart fluttered as you stared back at Yoongi who’s eyes had been filled with something that was not lust, but what you could describe as love, it was the same gaze you would have when around Yoongi.

“You’re so much better than my dreams,” Yoongi whispered out “but I bet you will be excellent once I got you moaning.” You were more than sure you looked like a strawberry and that Yoongi could hear your heartbeat but that was what the man loved so much about you.

The adorable and embarrassing nature that you had been gifted with, the thing that caught Yoongi’s attention and wished to see more and more.

Instead of giving you another kiss, Yoongi began to kiss your body.
First your jaw, than down to your neck, sucking and licking as he marked you up.
Sucking air through your teeth as Yoongi found that sensitive spot of your neck, wanting to hear a bit more Yoongi sucked again.

Satisfied with the second inward hiss Yoongi began to move down until his lips connected with your shirt, groaning Yoongi looked up at you.

“Off,” was all he growled out.

You nodded as you, along with Yoongi’s help began to take the dress like shirt off you, leaving you in your matching laced white bra, thanking yourself silently for wearing something like this.
“Shit,” Yoongi said as he moved away from you, drinking in how beautiful you looked in his favourite colour before dipping back in and placing marks all around the exposed skin of your breasts.
His hands moved behind your back, lifting you up slightly as his skill full hands unclasped the bra with ease, releasing the skin.
The way Yoongi licked his lips went straight through your core, dampening your underwear even more.
You moaned out a beautiful sound when Yoongi wrapped his mouth around your nipple while one of his hands placed with the other breast, fondling it and milking out as much moans he could.

Those sounds of pleasure going straight to his ever growing member that already felt restricted since he saw you come undone in your room.

You accidentally moved your leg, brushing it against Yoongi’s member causing him to groan vibrations into your body.
“Baby do that again and you’ll be sorry.” Yoongi growled out, causing you to move your thighs together and once more brush against Yoongi’s member.

Craning his head back for a moment Yoongi looked straight back at you with eyes that were nothing more but lust. "I warned you.“

Yoongi pushed away from you, making short due of his clothing and within seconds he stood before you naked and beyond ready for you.
You widened your eyes and licked your lips, Yoongi was so much better than your dreams.
Yoongi noticed the way you looked at him and a sense of pride waved across him but that soon want away when he noticed how your thighs pressed against one another.
Falling back onto the couch Yoongi pushed your legs open, his member if possible hardening even more as he could see the wetness through your underwear, but even though he loved to let you come undone with his mouth it had to wait. He was growing impatient and he needed you so asap.
There was always next time.

Bending over, Yoongi grabbed his pants and fished out a condom, already talking before you could ask. "I had already my plans with you.” was all he had to say and your answer was a moan.
Yoongi took hold of the wrapper in his mouth and ripped it open, his head fell back as he rolled the condom down his member, taking a moment before looking back at you.
“Just say stop and I will.” He said and you shook your head.

“No, keep going.” You begged and watched how Yoongi smirked at you, positioning himself at your entrance and gave you a final look of kindness and care.
“Ready?” You nodded.

Both of your heads rolled back as Yoongi slid into you, groans of words that your clouded mind could not make up what it was left Yoongi’s lips.
His hips hit yours, stopping for a moment as Yoongi waited patiently for your sign.

“Go,” Yoongi didn’t need to be told twice as he began to rock into you, careful as if he was scared to break you but his pace was slow and you needed more.

“Yoongi, faster.” You moaned out.

“As you wish, babe.” Yoongi said as he positioned himself in a better stance, his elbows propped up besides you so he wouldn’t crush you.

The new position had given Yoongi access to your sweet spot and the moment Yoongi hit it, it had you choking on your moans. "There, Yoongi there.“ You managed to choke out and with that Yoongi began to rock faster and harder into you.

The sound of skin against one another mixed with groans and moans, the sound of sex that soon would become the smell of it.
You could feel the same pressure in your stomach, signing you were close.

"Yoongi…I am close.” You moaned out, Yoongi nodded.

“Me too baby.”  

Yoongi began to pick up his speed, but his rhythm was flattering by the second.

But you didn’t care as you where up and above all the clouds along with Yoongi.
With a few more thrusts those butterflies from minutes ago came back again, invading your vision.
“Yoongi!” You screamed out as your high came by and rode out thanks to Yoongi who too came.
A string of curses and what seemed like your name left his lips as he stilled inside you.
Slowly pulling out you whined at the sudden loss and emptiness that infiltrated you, Yoongi simply gave you a smile that showed his gum and teeth causing your heart to flutter again, you cannot believe that just happened.

Moving away from you Yoongi took the condom off and walked to the nearest trashcan, making sure it was not visible for any other person.

Coming back into the living room Yoongi could feel his heart flutter as he stared at your almost-sleeping from.
Hands slipped under you and you could yourself being lifted from the couch, looking up you could see Yoongi with clothes around one of his shoulders look at you with so much passion.
Silently Yoongi carried you bridal style up and into your room, carefully placing you down on your bed before throwing away those close to the side and falling next to you, arms wrapped around you as he pulled you close to him.

“I should have said it before but, Y/N,” Yoongi mumbled into your hair and you hummed in response.

“I love you, I love you since the beginning of those two years until now and perhaps beyond.” Yoongi confessed.

“But I couldn’t say it as I was afraid I might ruin your reputation with mine, but fuck it because I love you an-”

“And I love you too.” You mumbled into his chest.

“I am glad you said fuck it, I am glad you love me as well.” You wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s torso as you pulled him close.

“But right now I would be glad if I could get some rest.”

Yoongi’s chuckle vibrated through your body and with a hum in response you both began to fall into a slumber.

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             btsfunboyz )

Ha-HA, I decided to make this into some sort of series.
I know I should be working on the Alice one, and I am, it’s just that I lost my muse for that after seeing the movie…[sigh].

Anyways, hope you like it!

RiD 2015 Xeno Headcanons

I’m doing this to get this out of my system because it’s been brewing since I wrote that drabble last night, where the unwritten epilogue in my head involved finding out just how well loud “noises” echo in a steel mill.  I apologize in advance.

Keep reading

kelbeep  asked:

Can you guys update the barista/bartender tag maybe?This blog is the best 😳😳

this might be a long one


Hug me, please? by Lonelyirises (3/5 | 1,534 | NR)

The moment the honey eyed boy set his foot in his & Laura’s shop, Derek’s life turned into a typhoon of rolling eyes and sarcasm.

“One day those eyeballs are going to roll off your skull, sourwolf!”

“Pretty sure, you’ll be there to hold on to them and ransom free coffee from me.”

“You can’t make coffee without your eyes.”

“10 bucks?”

Well, you get the picture?

Red Light’s Already Off by KuriKuri (1/1 | 3,375 | PG13)

Stiles isn’t a hooker. He just plays one on TV. 

Trouble Brewing by WeirdV (4/4 | 10,856 | G)

“Stiles?” Derek asks, sticking his head through the door of his office, “You coming to bed yet?”

He looks up, his eyes red from staring at the screen and the floor littered with files and pictures and post-it notes.

“What?” he replies, rubbing his sleepy eyes, “Yeah – just – a bit longer? I’m so close.”

“Okay” he sighs, closing the door behind him. It had gotten worse a few days ago, but he had seen how it started spiraling down almost a month ago when he first got the case.

Stiles gets a new case - and now he has to balance his time between his other cases, Derek, his friends and family - and oh, he also has a wedding to plan.
(Follow up to “Caution, contens may be hot”, but can be read alone.)


Yin To His Yang by Fearless_Wolf14 (5/? | 12,475 | PG13)

Derek always wanted kids. He always thought he would find the perfect man, get married and settled down, then worry about kids.

Now, Omega Derek Hale struggles with the affects of being left pregnant and unmated after a casual relationship with his old boyfriend ends with James dying from a fatal car crash.

White Chocolate Cheesecake by Loslote (1/1 | 2,068 | G)

Stiles shivered when he felt a rush of cold air. He turned around to see a tall, broad, extremely muscled man in a black leather jacket step in amid a flurry of snowflakes. The man’s stubble and dark hair framed piercing hazel eyes. He held his hands in his pockets, and he glared out from beneath thick, furrowed eyebrows. His eyes landed on Stiles and pierced right through him as though Stiles were the only thing standing in between this man and his coffee, and Stiles gulped and…yep. Knocked over his coffee.

“Can I…Can I help you?” Stiles asked, dropping his textbook on the counter and dabbing at the coffee stains on his flannel.

“Sixteen ounce white chocolate cheesecake mocha,” the man said after glancing at the menu board. His voice was higher than Stiles had expected, and softer. He smiled, and as his eyebrows lifted, Stiles could have sworn he heard a choir of angels burst into song. “Hold the whip, please.”

Without Sugar by JusticeBanana (8/10 | 25,634 | NC17)

There is Mr. Broody, Barista Stiles and we got coffee, black without sugar.

The One with the Freebie List by fallingfromdisgrace (1/1 | 7,159 | G)

After a crowd of unruly teenage girls force heart throb actors, Peter and Derek Hale, into Lydia’s coffee shop the last thing she expects is for Peter to declare himself an employee. And work. For no money.
Did Lydia mention she’s a fan?

The Customer Ain’t Always Right by trilliath (1/1 | 2,273 | G)

Today’s the day. He’s gonna do it. He’s actually going to (as Cora says) “speak words like a normal human and talk” to (as Cora has designated him) Cute Coffee Boy.
- Or he would, if it weren’t for this asshole cutting in line.

Let Me Help You Get Over Your Ex (and Get With Me Instead) by alittleoff (1/1 | 3,575 | R)

Derek is an accidental oblivious jerk.

or the one where Stiles tries to help Derek through his break-ups and even though things don’t go smoothly, they go.


its what you need by HaleHole (SweetFanfics) (1/1 | 1,878 | g)

“Oh!” Scott exclaims, making Derek turn around to look at him, “Stiles gave you his number then, huh?” About damn time. Scott’s had to put up with his best friend-slash-room mate go back and forth over his decision to approach Derek. It was nice to see that Stiles had finally made a move. But it didn’t look like it was well received if Derek’s face is anything to go by.

An utterly rubbish bartender au.

Chocolate Milk by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 1,602 | G)

Prompt: “yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” sterek au :D

Don’t Belong to No City, Don’t Belong to No Man by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 1,091 | NR)

He’s still beautiful.

Extraordinarily, mysteriously so: that guileful kind of beauty that sneaks up on the poor fool lucky enough to recognize it, a peculiar constellation of dazzling features that, once recognized, become the only stars in the night sky.

That’s how it felt to Derek at least, during his fling with Stiles Stilinski, the musician who wandered into his bar late one night while on a break from his first national tour. Derek had no idea that the bewitching man was the next up-and-coming singer-songwriter the entire music industry was buzzing about. All he saw was the perfect storm of cocky, clumsy grace; disheveled hair and pink cupid’s bow lips that made him weak in the knees; bloodshot-but-still-glittering eyes the color of single malt scotch and even more intoxicating.

Rescue Me (& Take Me In Your Arms) by tumtatumtum (10/10 | 33,996 | NC17)

Just when Stiles is starting to reach panic-attack levels of stress, a leather jacket and firm thigh are pressed right up next to him, and an arm is casually thrown over his shoulder. Stiles looks up to thank this kind person who is saving his life, and suddenly forgets what air is.

Because HOT. DAMN. Call the police and the fire-man, this guy is smoking.

Or the AU where Derek helps save Stiles from an ex, and a steamy BDSM relationship ensues- with feelings all over the place.

Worth more than the cheap stuff by cjr (1/1 | 1,644 | PG13)

Derek’s a bartender who thinks Stiles is worth more than a $7 drink.

One thing you can never change by Marishna (1/1 “ 2,002 | R)

“I know I’m not as hot as some people here but you doubt my commitment to the stripper life? I could be a stripper! I’ve seen Magic Mike!”

Fall In Love In An Empty Bar by iamthelightening (1/1 | 9,840 | PG13)

There’s a new bartender at Stiles’s favourite bar, and Stiles is Not Happy.

Drinks On Me by Wiccan507 (1/1 | 7,079 | PG13)

Stiles has never been good at flirting. Everything else he can do, but flirting is kind of a no no. Out celebrating his 21st birthday the last thing he ever expected was for the bartender to want to give him flirting lessons. But if he’s offering then why not?


Hale’s Bar by Kaamen (1/1 | 1,961 | G)

What would happen if Laura never went to Beacon Hills and Stiles came to New York for NYU and got a job at Hale’s Bar.

(Stiles giving Derek heart eyes. And being saved by Derek.)

Prompt from Awful-AUs

“The customer I flipped off earlier tonight for touching my butt turned out to be the son of some high-ranking mafia someone-or-rather, and now he’s back with his posse and you’re the only other person left in the bar so can you PLEASE do something instead of sitting there looking drunk as a skunk?”

doctor’s orders by wearing_tearing (1/1 | 1,639 | PG13)

Derek sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. “Can you just get me a beer?”

“I should be getting you to bed,” Stiles says, and his lips twitch the moment he sees Derek’s ears turn a bit red. “But yeah, sure, coming right up.”

Have a Little Faith in Me by katnisskirk (1/1 | 1,980 | NR)

Stiles hasn’t seen Derek in 2 years. Now he’s back in town and Laura has engineered a little reunion.

What Stays and What Fades Away (you can’t choose) by standinginanicedress (1/1 | 39,114 | NC17)

The rules. Stiles knows them well. Has them drilled into his head, repeats them to alphas and betas that conveniently are too drunk to remember them on their own, hears Peter shout them out whenever a rule gets broken, reminding the entire bar that they exist and are (generally) enforced.

Number one – no eye contact.
Number two – no fucking eye contact.
Number three – keep away from the red line.
Number four – no touching.
Number five – if we don’t like it, don’t do it.

Tending To My Heart by BabyWeWillRise (1/1 | 1,202 | G)

This guy is breaking Stiles’ rules…but, man, is he gorgeous…

The one where Stiles is a bartender and Derek is supporting a friend.

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Fights

could you please do a 5sos preference where the kids get mad at one of the parents and they fight. and the other parent calms the kid down and then they make up

A/N: Enjoy! Ashton’s got out of hand pretty quick so it’s a bit longer than the others….sorry?  


“Hey, Dad! So it’s November 1st,” Kayla said innocently as she stepped into her dad’s office.

“It is! Great observation, darling,” Luke laughed. He turned to face his seventeen year old and smiled. “What’s the news alert for?”

“It’s November 1st and the phone people just sent me a text saying that it’s time for me to upgrade my phone. Can we, Dad? Can we go get my new phone?” Kayla asked. Luke sighed, giving Kayla a look.

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Daimhin was a late teen and devout Catholic. She even went to a Catholic school. The girl hated all the rumors about Catholic schoolgirls but knew for some people in her class, they were true. But this student, she was here for one reason. And that was God. Yes, her skirt may be short as she had kept it since freshman year and she wasn't planning on being a nun, but the girl was pure. At least until she met him.

Grainne was a demon disguised as a teenage heart-throb. He smirked and winked at just about every girl he passed, but none seemed to carry the souls that he wished to obtain for himself. He was becoming a bit impatient, that is, until he found her. She was working one of the booths at the Catholic School’s fair. He smirked and walked right up to her, convinced that she had the soul he wanted. “Good afternoon, miss.” He decided to use his laid back style that came so easily and was oh, so charming.


Episode Review: ‘Don’t Look’ (S08E02)
  • Airdate: April 2, 2016
  • Story by: Ashly Burch, Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis
  • Storyboarded by: Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone
  • Directed by: Elizabeth Ito (supervising), Sandra Lee (art)

Seo Kim and Somvilay Xayaphone have been on a roll this season. All of their entries have been entertaining and extremely funny. However, this episode manages to surpass their others by combining humor with a surprisingly touching moral about the power of perception.

In this episode, Finn is cursed by staring into the eyes of a hermit’s skeleton. This causes him to affect the appearance of those he gazes upon, based on how he thinks of them in his mind. Eventually, after turning NEPTR into an inanimate object, Finn breaks down, stares at himself in a window, and turns into a literal monster. Only when Jake explains that our eyes cannot tell us everything about a person is Finn about to calm down, return to his former self, and break the curse.

This episode medls two different, but related concepts: “seeing” (as in the action of the brain interpreting information from the eyes into vision) and “seeing” (as in how our minds categorize those around us and therefore form opinions). In this way, it offers the audience a fun way of visualizing of what Finn thinks of his friends; in other words, it very literally allows us to ‘see the world from Finn’s perspective’. And what we are presented with is telling. Jake takes on the form of a stereotypical ‘older brother’, BMO morphs into a small child (albeit, a small child with angel wings), NEPTR becomes a microwave, Shelby literally becomes a bookworm, the Ice King becomes Simon (which is particularly touching, given how Finn and Jake used to treat Ice King in the early seasons), and, perhaps most telling, Princess Bubblegum takes the form of a “teenage boy’s heart-throb”.

But Finn’s manipulation of his friends’ physical form causes him extreme anguish. His commanding gaze is thus turned inward, and after glancing into a window, he himself turns into a monster. It’s worth pointing out that the physical form that Finn takes on is highly reminiscent of the design for his father in “Escape from the Citadel”. This means that Finn blames some of his worst traits (perhaps unconsciously) on his deadbeat father. Freud’s father complex (a concept that Adventure Time has worked with in quite a few episodes) is thus explicitly made manifest.

What I find most interesting about this episode is how it deals with the cognitive downshifting that occurs between perception and sight in the minds of humans that I mentioned near the start of this review. Examples in the real world abound. For instance, when they’re ashamed, people often say, “Don’t look at me!”, and when someone learns about another person’s unsavory past actions, they often times say, “I’ll never be able to look at them the same way again!” In this episode, Kim and Somvilay do an excellent job of appropriating these sort of folk sayings and translating them so that they ring with more than just metaphorical truth (e.g. Finn does not want anyone to look at him, both because he is ashamed, but also because he could change them with a mere glance). It could reasonably be argued that this episode is therefore a parable for how powerful our perceptions of people can be. They can (in this episode’s case, literally) change the way we see people.

But near the end of the episode, Jake saves the day. He assures him that, in his heart, Finn knows, for instance, that NEPTR is more than just a microwave. Jake argues that maybe his eyes “are just bad at describing” people; they fail to accurate relate how Finn feels about his friends. Yes, perception is powerful, but our emotions can be even more powerful.

Mushroom War Evidence: Some of the signage around the hermit’s den were from the pre-war period.

Final Grade: “A silly romp with a surprisingly deep moral.”

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Stucky + fake dating celebrity AU (as in they're celebrities and they're dating each other)

I’ve actually read a couple of really good versions of this in fic-form, so trying to come up with something original was kind of tough, but here goes.

1.  Steve Rogers was the child-star who grew up tiny and adorable and was in half of Disney’s movies in the 90s then had a short-run Disney Channel show in the early 00s before puberty hit him like a truck and put him out of work.  Once he got over the awkward baby giraffe stage he actually grew into a hottie, but finding roles outside of mildly-insulting cameos and reality TV shows are a bitch because everyone still remembers him as a kid and feels weird casting him into any serious type of part lest the audience feels the same way.

2.  Bucky Barnes got into the game quite a bit later, but took Steve’s place as Hollywood’s young white darling as soon as the spot was up for the taking.  He spent most of the 00s sucking up all of the teenage heart-throb roles, and was best known as the kinda bad boy in a string of stupid musicals (they bought his mom a house so he can’t hate them completely, even though every time someone asks him to sing the title track of the first one with him it kills a little piece of his soul).  Once his star had burned out in those nightmare roles Bucky was able to land a few serious roles in indy films and had a short run on Broadway that was successful in proving that he had the chops for more serious work, at least, but he’s still in the trap of being remembered as the air-head teen heart throb when it comes to landing anything more serious with any commercial value.

3.  Steve finally ends up landing a role in a rom com that completely kills at the box office.  The good news is it gets him back in the game… the bad news is it turns into a long string of type-cast roles where he’s the good-looking guy in a bland-ass romance complete with slap-stick humor and a painfully predictable plot.  The money is good, and he’s a household name again within a few years, but he already sees himself going down the same path as he did as a kid and it’s killing him.

4.  The one thing that they both have in common, other than being jaded, tired, type-cast B-listers, is that neither of them have ever held down a girlfriend for more than a few months.  The gossip rags are constantly wagging their tongues any time they see Bucky out with Natasha Romanoff, a world-renowned dancer that he hangs out with anytime he’s in New York, and while they both use that to their advantage to fan flames and keep their names in the press they’re honestly both just friends.  Meanwhile Steve has a string of girlfriends, typically his co-stars, but they all end up agreeing that the FWB role works best for them.

5.  Things change after they both end up cast in mildly-successful lower-budget films that do well enough with the critics that they both end up in the early Oscar buzz.  The problem is, their teams are both worried that they don’t have enough critical acclaim or professional appeal to really have a shot, even though both of their movies were very well-done.  They both end up getting a shitload of casting calls for more serious roles because of them, but are worried about it blowing over once the big award bidding movies come out later in the year.  So… their PR teams come up with a gimmick of their own.  

6.  While they’re both in talks for a similar role in a potential-hit Indie film, they stage a couple of dates to drum up more talk.  Of course, it works - the gossip rags go fucking bananas, spending weeks running stories about troubled child stars (which… is ridiculous, considering both of them have a squeaky-clean track record) who finally found love with each other, and while they both feel a little ridiculous playing coy about it and being so dishonest, it does work in the scheme of bringing more roles in.

7.  They probably could have pulled off the ‘act’ bit of it - as the months go by and they get to know each other better they both become pretty good friends, but they’re also both professionals who grew up in the business… keeping it separate from reality is a natural as breathing (Steve conveniently never brings up the fact that he actually is bisexual because hey, it’s irrelevant, right?  And Bucky’s sexuality is something that has never entirely made sense to him anyway… sex is okay but nothing that he particularly needs, and he loves his close friends dearly enough that he’s never needed anything more than the bond that he has between Tasha and his usual entourage - although, the more time he spends around Steve, the more complicated his feelings towards him and his frankly ridiculous lips and eyelashes and body become).

8.  It all comes to a head when they’re brought on for the same film - and are costars in the first major studio produced same-sex rom com.  The script is actually really well-done, and they know that it’ll help them break out of the type-cast hell that they’ve been stuck in, and they’re both professionals anyway - it’d be career suicide not to take the roles.  The thing is… faking intimacy and hanging out too often and playing coy so that paparazzi rags assume things is one thing.  Actually portraying two people falling in love and making out on a regular basis is an entirely different thing, especially when you were already starting to develop feelings for one another and now are spending 8-12 hours a day together, every day.

9.  And then there’s the sex scene, which obviously wasn’t at all explicit and is the furthest thing from sexy as there is… but it doesn’t change the fact that all Steve can think about for the next two weeks is how good it felt to have that much of Bucky’s skin against him, even under the awkward camera lights; while Bucky can’t stop thinking about Steve’s O-face above him over and over and over again, and wondering if that’s really what the real thing looks like.

10.  And if this were an actual fic, then the movie would actually end up getting some critical acclaim, but then *someone* (Rumlow, because it’s always Rumlow) would end up leaking the story that they were faking their relationship beforehand, so they must be faking their relationship now as part of promoting the movie, so they’re left with the option of either explicitly coming out and jeopardizing both the movie and their careers (half of the movie’s appeal to early audiences is how authentic their budding romance seems to be, and of course we know what Hollywood is like to LGBT+ actors), or coming clean with the fake-romance story and killing a shot at what is developing between them, plus losing professional credibility for pulling the stunt in the first place and again possibly sinking the movie before it even gets off the ground.

Spoiler: after much angst and drama they realize that they’d rather be together than go back to the same old safe, boring humdrum they had been shoehorned into by Hollywood in the first place.  The movie still does well, and is a springboard to bigger and better things once the furor of their coming-out dies down.  Everyone lives happily ever after.

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The Story - Harry Imagine

     Visiting London for the summer was exciting; but being an 18 year old, senior in high school, and “about to be out in the world on their own,” my parents thought it was a good idea to let me go on a vacation, just not give me any money, to just let me struggle. So I needed some cash, pronto. I found this little café that sold small pastries, tea and smoothies; and since I knew how to bake and put a bag in hot water, I was hired.

     I worked every Sunday through Thursday in the afternoons. Living by “myself” wasn’t so bad, because my place was a block away from the café… and my brother was there, well actually it is his place. I was visiting him while he was taking extra classes at university. I never got to see him often because all of his lessons were in the morning, so usually I was just by myself.

     Today in particular London seemed to be a little more cold and cloudy than usual. There were very few customers this afternoon; no one seemed to want to get out of bet and go to a café, neither did I, but I had a stupid job.

At around 3, 2 older women came in and had a blueberry pastry, then no one for another hour. I was left alone in an over heated bakery with nothing to do. My coworker Amanda, she doesn’t seem to like me, went on her break 2 hours ago, she definitely ditched. And our boss, Karen, doesn’t come in on Tuesdays.  

      It was now 6 and no one new had come in until now; he looked to be older than me, but only by a couple of years. He had curly brown hair, but he hid it with the hood of his jacket, and he shaded his unknown-colored eyes with a pair of RayBands. He wore tight black skinny jeans and brown boots, it was an odd choice of clothing, but it fitted him I thought.

     Of course I knew who the famous boy band member was sitting in the shop. He has a style like no other. I was a small fan of the band, but I decided not to bother him.

     He sat there for 20 minutes, didn’t order anything, and didn’t look up from his book. But as I was cleaning one of the counters, I noticed a group of girls staring at the teenage heart throb from across the street. They looked unsure, undecided if the boy through the glass was there “soon-to-be husband,” or not. They were obviously curious so they started across the street towards the café.

     As they entered, they came straight to the glass full of goodies, looking at all the delicious cakes and cookies they could choose from. I could here all the girls snickering about the mysterious boy in the corner, and all slowly trying to steel a glance his way. As one of the brunettes said, “Let’s go ask him something, see if it’s really Harry Styles,” I nonchalantly grabbed my hot cocoa and walked towards the man in the corner, passing the girls.

     “Here’s your hot chocolate Ryan.” The boy looked up at me confused, but only I could see his face.

     “Ryan?” one of the girls asked confused.

     “Yeah, he’s my brother, why?”

     “Well, its just he looks so much like Harry Styles,” said the blonde in the back.

     “Oh, no, sorry he gets that a lot.” I turned around and looked back at Harry.

     “Well could we still get a picture?” The brunette that wanted to ask him the question first was very determined… and snobby.

     “What? Why? You want to get a picture with someone who isn’t even the real celebrity, just looks like them? Isn’t that kind of cheating? And especially to interrupt time between a brother and sister, I only have 2 months to spend with him.”

     “Yeah okay, Come on guys lets leave.” And so they did. I sat down across from “Ryan” so it didn’t look suspicious incase they looked back.

     “Why did you do that? You obviously know who I am. You could’ve gotten an autograph along with them, and a picture with the famous Harry Styles.” So Harry finally had a voice.

     “Because I could tell that you just wanted some peace, and I respect that. I know that even though you chose the famous life, sometimes you still want to go out and not be bothered.”

     “Well, thank you.”

     “No Problem.” I half smiled, but I was exhausted and with no one to serve I leaned my head back against the booth and stared at the ceiling.

     I guess I had dozed off for a few; I looked down at my watch to see what time it was… “Shit! Its 8:30?” I looked up to see that the boy across from me was gone, but his book wasn’t. My head turned to the right when I heard an odd shuffling and slurping noise.

     “Yeah, You fell asleep, but I stayed here incase anyone came in. No one did by the way. But I noticed on the sign on the door, that the café closed at 8, so I just got up and locked the door. You can go out the back, right?” His accent was so heavy, it was addicting.

     “Uh … yeah, thank you.”

      “No problem,” he grinned at me then took another large swiff of the drink in his hand. That cup so happened to have my name on it.

     “Heeeeeey… that’s my cocoa…”

     “Oh! I’m so sorry, here you go… Y/N? That’s a nice name by the way.”

     “Thank you, and no you can keep it, I don’t want it anymore. Plus you’re already pretty close to finishing it.”

     “Yeah, it’s all gone.” He chuckled. I was still thirsty so I decided to head to the back of the café to get something a little more interesting to drink. “Hey? Where are you going?’ he asked.

     “Just going to grab something to drink from the back.” I grabbed a bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot wine and two glasses, and headed back towards the front. “Want a glass? I know I’m under-aged, but you won’t tell will you?  It’s just nice to have when you finish work.”

     “Nah, of course I won’t tell. So Y/N, What’s your story? Why are you working at a bakery during your summer?” He sounded so eager to here me talk even though we had just met 3 hours ago.

      “Well I’m visiting my bother Ryan for the summer while he attends university.”

     “Yeah, ha-ha, no tell me truth.”

     “That is the truth; it was the first thing to pop into my head when I “saved” you. It was so easy to go along with because it wasn’t completely false… except for the fact that Ryan looks nothing like you.”

     His chuckle was adorable, “Okay, but I want you LIFE story, remember? And be extremely detailed, I want to know all about the Y/N…?”

     “Y/L/N… Y/N -Y/L/N”

     “I want to know all about the Y/N Y/L/N.”

By the time I was done with my story we were laughing uncontrollably, (I didn’t think my life was that funny), we had had 5 glasses of wine, and were laying on the floor.

     “You are so wasted! And off of wine too!” I didn’t know why this was so funny to me, but I had to say it.

     “And you’re pissed!” He rolled over laughing.

     Now I was confused “Wait What? I’m not pissed, I’m fairly happy actually. And I haven’t peed my pants yet if that’s what you wee talking about.”

     “No no no, pissed means drunk too, it’s just what we British say.”

     “Oh… When did the music get so loud?

     “I don’t know, but I like it… and I like you Y/N.”

     “Well thank you, and I like you too Harold Edward Styles.” While I was giggling at his full name he wouldn’t stop staring at me with his grassy green eyes. “So what’s your life story?”

     “You already know it,” before I could acknowledge his answer he was on his arms and knees leaning above me. He came down and kissed me, I have to admit its one of the better kisses I’ve had. I didn’t let it last long, I pushed him off of me and stood up, stumbling forward just a little. Catching my breathe I had something to say, “Okay, we are both obviously drunk, this is a bad idea.”

     If it weren’t for his drunk smile I would’ve thought he looked a little upset. “So you don’t like me like that?”

      “I don’t know, we’ll discuss it in the morning. But tonight, with you, I just wanted to have fun… Not dirty fun if you get what I’m saying.”

     “Yeah yeah, okay.” The last thing I remember was me and Harry Styles dancing around the café like idiots.

     I woke up with a massive headache, “never sleep on a tile floor ever again,” this was going to be a horrible hangover.

     “Good morning, I made tea,” that heavy British accent sounded amazing in the morning.

     “Thank you… What time is it?”


     “Ugh… I need to start baking today’s pastries.”

     “Give yourself a break, you just got up… So last night was-“

     “Interesting…” I had a bad habit of finishing peoples sentences.

     He was quiet for a minute, something was on his mind, “And it’s morning now… have you thought out at all about what happened, or do you even remember?”




     He looked down at the floor, depressed? Wait was he upset that I liked him? I didn’t wait long enough, his head shot up with joy, “Wait, really?”

     “Mhmm,” I hummed with a smile on my face. I leaned in to give him a small kiss on the cheek, but that cheeky boy turned his head, making our lips meet. And let me say I didn’t regret it at all.

     He pulled away and said to me with a smile, “Does that mean I’m in your story now?”

I hope you liked it. Please send me what you think of it, and any requests?