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I don’t play by the rules

Pairing: Peter parker x Stark! reader

Summary: Peter Parker falls hard for the new girl, and while he can’t do anything about it a certain masked hero might.

 word count: 2135

y/bf/n= Your best friend’s name

warnings: slight makeout? 


sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you thought about it! :) 


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It happened on a Tuesday. A regular day you might say, however it was the day everything changed for Peter Parker. There he was on his chemistry class thinking it was just another boring class, another wasted hour, at least he thought that until the door opened, revealing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Standing in front of the class was Y/n Stark. Everybody knew who you were, your dad was Iron man, for God sake! You came in the classroom with a designer outfit and bag that was probably more expensive than Peter’s whole wardrobe.

Peter continued to watch you as the teacher told you to seat right at the front of the class. Not only were you a really pretty girl, with the brightest smile and the kindest eyes, but you also had to be very intelligent, since this was the Chemistry AP class. Well of course she is intelligent dumbass! Her father is Tony Stark! She has obviously been in his labs before!

After that first time he saw you everything went downhill. He could never gather the courage to talk to you, let alone ask you out, so he settled for watching you from afar. She probably thinks I’m a creeper, Peter thought, however he couldn’t bring himself to care. He could watch as your smile got bigger when someone told you a joke, and how your eyes will get particularly bright whenever you got a good grade at math. He didn’t care about anything else.

Not long after your arrival to the school he got his so-called “stark internship”,  or his role as Spiderman. This didn’t change much for him. He was still a nerd loser and you were still  a popular girl that was way out of his league.

“Seriously dude! how come you’ve never even said a word to her?” Ned asked Peter as they made their way into the gym.

“Is not that easy Ned! She doesn’t even know I exist!”

“But you are like, totally in love with Y/!” Peter quickly muffled Ned’s mouth, stopping the boy from saying anything else.

“Geez Ned! Don’t you want to shout it to the world?!” Peter started lowering his hand and headed towards the group of people exercising. “You can’t just go around saying that! Someone might hear you!”

“I’m sorry but, like, I still can’t believe it! Don’t you see her everyday? in the, you know, Stark Internship?”

Since Ned found out about Peter being Spider Man he had made questions non-stop, pretty ridiculous questions, if you asked Peter.

“Ned I don’t just hang out at the Avenger’s tower you know? I have to be on the streets! Besides, she is totally off limits I mean! She is Mr. Stark’s daughter! He would kill me if-”

“Shhh- SHhhhhh! Peter listen!”

This time he was the one to shut up as both boys listened to a conversation happening at the bleachers across them. It was Y/n, looking as beautiful as she always did, surrounded by her usual crowd.

“Sooo Y/n, you must be surrounded by all those superheroes at your house right? You know, because of your dad?

“Well not all the time, but yeah, they hang out pretty often” She responded, trying to sound chill about the topic. Not everybody noticed, but Peter knew just how tired she felt about having to talk about his dad and the avengers all the time. None of the people that followed her around really knew her. Yes they knew about her life and her family, but besides that no one seemed to take interest in getting to know her for real.

That was kind of the reason why he prefered to hide his identity. Well, that and the possibility of being kidnapped and killed.

“Are you friends with them?”  “Are they nice?” “Are they hot?” “Is Captain America a real blonde?”

A load of questions were asked at you, however one catched Peter’s attention again.

“Are you friends with spiderman? Do you know who he is?”

“I’ve actually never talked to him, he’s never at the tower when I’m there” she replied shrugging her shoulders. She really was clueless to the hero’s identity.

“Seriously Y/n? Weren’t you supposed to be Spiderman #1 fan?” Y/bf/n asked, as she wiggled her eyebrows at Y/n.

A blush spread to the girl’s cheeks as she smiled shyly. Of course she had a tiny crush with Spider Man (even though she didn’t have a clue of who he was), however he never seemed to hang around the tower as the other Avengers. Maybe he liked being alone.

The conversation was quickly dropped after the coach told them all to get back to work, however Ned was not done.

“Dude! She likes you!” You have to talk to her tonight!”

“She doesn’t like me! She likes Spider Man, not Peter, besides-”

“I swear to God that if you don’t make a move on her tonight I will stop being friends with you! You have to promise me you will try! Deal?


Could it be possible that the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on had a thing for him? Even if it was the suit she was in love with Peter couldn’t stop the smile that crept through his face all day and the knot he felt on his stomach every time he looked at Y/n.

And that is exactly why he found himself later that night ready to go talk to the girl of his dreams. He already knew the crew will be out with Mr Stark in some mission he was not allowed, so that cleared the way for him. And anyways he was always welcomed in the tower, at least that what they always told him.

“You can do this Peter, you got this”

Peter tried to give himself a little of motivation before knocking on your door,however he couldn’t find the strength to raise his hand and knock on it, he felt like a bundle of nerves! None of his previous fights or encounters had him feeling this way, he seriously needed to control himself! Peter tried once again to knock on the door only to be stopped when the door opened completely, revealing Y/n in her pj’s and her glasses, apparently ready to go to bed.

Both teenagers looked at each other with complete shook in the faces, one behind his mask of course. The girl was completely speechless, she couldn’t believe the Spider Man was in front of her! And had seen her in just some sweats! She blushed deeply as she realised her appearance.

Peter tried to think of something, anything to say to her, however he couldn’t seem to find the words. After a long silence Y/n finally broke the silence as she leaned against the door.

“I can’t believe Spider Man is at my door! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The girl was trying to keep it together, however she was still freaking out, but she couldn’t let her stupid crush affect her! This was her chance to get to know him! She could feel her flirtier side creeping up, trying to smile wider and lean closer to the boy.

“Well- I umhh- I just wanted to- you know- visit my favorite Stark” Peter said as he tried to recover from his initial shook.

“Then I guess you are looking for my dad, however he is not around”

“I actually meant you, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time now”

The girl was surprised by what the boy had just said. Did he know her? How come they had never met before?

Y/n started moving inside her bedroom once again, looking over her shoulder to continue “Since I’ve got no plans for tonight you might want to hang for a while, you know, to get to know each other and stuff”

Peter did not need to be told twice before he followed her around and into her room. Well, bedroom was an understatement to what her place really looked liked. It seemed more like a apartment of her own, with a big tv are, followed by what appeared to be her studio with a shit ton of books and finally her actual bed. She went into the couch in front the TV as Peter followed her close behind. She finally seated down facing the boy.

“Why are you here with me right now and not saving the world as usual?”

“Can’t a man take a break every once in awhile? Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad is taking care of that at the moment”

“You are probably right, sooo anyways..You said you had wanted to meet me for a long time, so here I am, what is it that you wanna know?”

“Well nothing in particular- it’s just that- you are- you are a really beautiful girl”

The girl felt herself blush at the words of the boy behind the mask. He probably did have a thing for her then? There was only one way to find out the truth.

Y/n leaned closer to Peter, looking into what she supposed were his eyes and took him by the shoulder as she played with the curls in the back of his head.

“So you think I’m a beautiful girl?” She said with a teasing voice, trying to make the boy a little nervous, obviously succeeding.

“The most gorgeous I’ve meet”

Peter could say this without any hesitation. Right in front of him was the most beautiful girl on earth. Her big eyes were looking at him and she was even closer than before, he was getting kind of nervous, but her fingers in his hair kept him just in place, right where she wanted him.

“So if I’m so beautiful, how come you’ve never paid me a visit before?”

She had started talking in mere whispers, now moving her other hand into his chest, playing with the material of his suit.

“I wanted to!- I totally wanted to but- you know your dad’s rules right? I’m not really allowed to”

She started to lift his mask, revealing only his mouth before saying.

“Well Spider-boy, you should already know I don’t play by my father’s rules”

Right after she finished she crashed her lips into Peter’s making the boy let out a surprised gasp. He was kissing her! They were kissing! He couldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile the girl was feeling exactly the same. She didn’t knew where she got the guts to do it, but she was glad she did.

His fingers sanked  into her hair as they continued kissing, Peter finally out of his trance brought his other hand to the girl’s face and cupped it, deepening the kiss further.

He felt himself biting into the girl’s lips, as a quiet moan escaped her lips. Y/n pulled apart only to straddle his hips with her thighs and roll her hips along the way, giving them both a little of the friction they needed, but not enough.

Peter grabbed her waist trying to pull her closer to him, his hand making their way to her legs, touching and stroking her thighs. They were heavy breathing, kissing longer, harder, rougher. Both teenagers tried to take and taste as much as possible, urgent and desperately, fighting for dominance.

He pulled apart and went straight for her neck, sucking and biting, leaving what would sure become hickeys by the morning. His morning somewhat bored with her long legs moved to her hips once again, before sliding under her t-shirt and holding her closer, moving his hand right under her bra.

The soft whimpers that would leave her mouth every time he bite a specific part kept him going. Another movement yet another time they would feel that friction and that need to pull harder at the other.

Y/n as getting pretty tired of that stupid mask getting in the way, so she pulled apart ready to get it off him, however a noise down the kitchen distracted her. She heard her dad’s voice calling for her! The whole team was there already? How had they missed it?

Peter realised the situation as well  as he quickly pull stood up and headed towards the window.

“I really have to get going, I’m sorry!”

“Will I see you again?”

Peter pulled the girl close to him for one last kiss, a long lingering one. A kiss he had dreamed over and over again.

“Sooner than you think”

With this last words the boy pulled his mask down and disappeared through the window, swinging his way from building to building.

Man! He could not wait to tell Ned the good news!

Favourite anime summed up in a sentence

Of course there will be spoilers, so proceed at your own risk 😁 also this is a joke so please don’t take it seriously 😂

Fairy Tail: Magicians blow up their guild multiple times

Boku no Hero Academia: Cinammon roll eats hair and gets superpowers

Tokyo Ghoul: The poor boy just wanted a date, not a new diet!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: MakoHaru vs Rin Haru Civil War

Gintama: A samurai, immigrant and pair of glasses can’t pay their rent

Yuuri on Ice!!!: Failing skater gets coached by successful skater and falls in love with him in the process

Haikyuu!!: Chicken nugget volleyballs with friends

Gurren Lagaan: Cool robots fight each other and a coward becomes badass

ReLIFE: Sure, this probably illegal drug doesn’t look suspicious! Let’s take it!

Kuroko no Basket: Skillful Skittles angrily play basketball

Fruits Basket: Strong female protagonist moves in to live with a bunch of animals

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Girl loves oblivious shoujo writer who fails to notice every attempt of a confession she makes

Attack on Titan: Screaming teenager fights big monsters with the help of a hot, clean freak captain

Special A: Miss second place is clearly second place when it comes to recognising her childhood friend likes her

Inuyasha: Pet commands are the strongest weapon

Noragami: God of war collects five yen coins for a living


“There were these four foreign teenagers who came and sat in the very front row on a double date. There were two guys and two girls in the middle of them. Just really no concept of what it means to come to a Broadway show - just full conversations across each other, pointing at me and making comments about me. I tried to find all these sorts of times throughout the first act to glare at them and try to give them like a telepathic like "Please just shut your mouths” and it just really, it really just egged them on. They were like “He’s looking at us! He’s looking!” and I was like “Okay, no, that’s the opposite of the reaction I wanted.” And so, um, I kept trying to figure out how to get these people to just be quiet and so at the end of the first act, I get to come all the way to the lip of the stage and I give this sort of nervous speech with these notecards and I’m like right in front of them and they’re literally right there and I’m right up at the end of the stage…” (*)

Every izuocha scene in bnha and other izuocha stuff

Despite this fanbase being so small, they actually have a lot of scenes together… so lemme start from the very beginning

Uraraka stopping Izuku from falling from falling on his face as well as saving from 5-6 seconds of utter embarassment.

Look at how happy he is to talk to a girl, and a cute girl for that matter, and it just so happens that she is actually the first girl Izuku has actually ‘talked’ to. It’s not like Izuku has never spoken to a female in his life before (I mean he has his mom, and I’m sure he’s talked to other girls in his past classes but you get the point), but this was like the first time according to Izuku that he had a real conversation with a girl.

Izuku is a hella nervous for the entrance exam and he sees Uraraka as a source of comfort, well at least someone to talk to for him calm him down a little before Iida stopped him. This isn’t like an actual romantic moment or whatever so don’t hate me for this please, but at least it’s something right?

Izuku saving Uraraka from the robot, this scene is what triggered their friendship. He could have chosen to run away like everyone else did, he had zero points but he still chose to sacrifice his chances of getting into U.A just to save her.

Uraraka going out of her way to beg them to let Izuku at least have some of her points, no normal person would do that… no one would go out of their way to make sure a complete stranger passed, I mean it’s an exam so it’s every man for themselves. And look at how touched Izuku is here… with the kind of shitty people around him (bakugou, his middle school classmates, his middle school teacher, that doctor) he never would’ve imagined anyone going out of their way to do something like this for him. They actually both made an impact on each other after the entrance exam. And I know for a fact that people are gonna argue with this and say that she was just being nice and shit

You’re telling me that you’re just gonna ignore this?!!! He indirectly said this girl was attractive.

Here he is acting like a normal socially awkward teenager who’s too shy to talk to a cute girl, and we’re just gonna ignore this??? I mean he can’t even look her in the eye, doesn’t that mean something?

Uraraka cheering for Izuku in the backgorund…

Uraraka being worried about Izuku’s swollen finger…

Izuku finds Uraraka to be very attractive again, twice.

Izuku blushing like crazy because he’s on the same team with a cute girl who just happens to be his first real friend, who’s a cute girl.

And this is probably the most important moment. Izuku easily accepted the new meaning that Uraraka gave to the the demeaning name Deku. We all know that it’s impossible to change the meaning of the word, especially a word that a lot of people already know the meaning of. I’m sure Izuku knew that. He probably would have accepted the name of it was someone else who changed the meaning but I don’t think he would’ve accepted it as quickly as he did for Uraraka, because it really touched him when she said that.

At first you’d think Izuku just felt super flattered for what Uraraka did to his name, but he took it to heart. Look at him confidently declaring the ‘new meaning of his name’, this surprised Uraraka too because… well she didn’t think he’d take it seriously.

Bakugou has zero chill XD

Izuku treasures the new meaning of his name so much that he even decides to make it his hero name, aka the hero name he’ll be using for the rest of his life, the name that he’ll forever be known as, and the name that sounds so demeaning… good luck with that my son…

Uraraka voting for Izuku knowing fully well that she could have voted for herself, but she voted for Izuku because of her admiration for him.

Uraraka being the only person to notice Izuku wasn’t in his costume. Izuku blushing, or getting excited… or blushing I can’t really explain what was going on here between these two but they were definitely having a moment.

Uraraka teaming up with Izuku when he was all alone which brought Izuku to tears. She teamed up with him because she’s most comfortable with him, they’re both really good friends, and because she admires him so much. Izuku is surprised too, because if she teamed up with anyone else it would give her a better chance for her to win. So once again, Izuku’s touched by Uraraka’s affection towards him.

Uraraka getting jealous of Hatsume because she’s getting all of Izuku’s attention. It’s not like Uraraka wanted to be the center of izuku’s llife 24/7 or anything but how can I say it… it’s kinda annoying to be really good friends with a boy and then some other girl just swoops in from nowhere and grabs his attention, I mean I know I’d feel a little ‘ish’ if that happened to me, because Uraraka was basically like the third wheel throughout the cavalry battle, and no one likes being a third wheel.

Uraraka admiring Izuku’s strategic mind once again, although she mainly said this because she was feeling uneasy.

Izuku knew Uraraka felt uneasy about going against Bakugou, so he went out of his way to make a plan for her to win. It’s funny because this is exactly how Izuku felt before his first fight with Bakugou, and Uraraka was the one comforting him and trying to help him feel better, and now the roles have been reversed. 

Although I’m glad Uraraka rejected his help, because it helped her realize that she couldn’t always rely on others for her success.

Izuku was rooting for her throughout the whole  Kacchako battle (and jeez, have I ever said how much I love Bakugou and Uraraka in this fight) and he was concerned for her safety. Izuku was Uraraka’s motivational drive here, her motivation to win.

Izuku was rooting for her before the match even started, sure he felt nervous but at least he didn’t immediately think he she was gonna lose like EVERYONE else did.

Izuku feeling bad for not being able to do anything for her…

He’s the only one that goes out of his way to check up on her, not even Iida, or Tsuyu.

Izuku saw right through Uraraka and she obviously knew she was lying about being totally fine. He felt guilty that he wasn’t able to do anything to help her win… even though there was really nothing he could do.

Uraraka’s helped Izuku out so many times, so the only thing he wants to do for her, what he needs to do for her is return the favor.

This was part was pretty sweet on both ends.. although I’m still not sure if Bakugou was pissed off at Izuku because he thought he let Uraraka use her quirk carelessly and throw him off guard (gonna wait for the anime to clear that up, afterall this episode is gonna air in about 2 weeks or so…) 

Anyway, Izuku is defending Uraraka here by saying she’s completely capable of devising strategic plans on her own.

Izuku getting super flustered after having a real conversation on a phone with a girl… who just happened to be Uraraka. Uraraka getting teased about being in love…. she could have called Iida too, but she decided to call Izuku instead.

Uraraka using Izuku as a source of motivation, again.

I think we’re all familiar with this scene. This is the moment Uraraka realized that she may in fact have a crush on Izuku.

And this is the moment when she sorta confirmed it, and she even said “probably”

This. This is just adorable.

My buddy @happycloude-91 pointed out in this post. This was probably one of the sweetest things Uraraka’s ever done. She did a little first-aid thing for Izuku to at least try and reduce the pain even though she knew it wouldn’t do much. She didn’t try and stop him and say “there’s no way I’ll let you go! Not with those injuries and blah blah blah”, because she understood the weight of the situtation and she understood Izuku’s feelings, plus Izuku probably wouldn’t have listened to her anyway.

Hell she even tore her shirt in half to help Izuku and seemed like it worked pretty well. We all know that Uraraka doesn’t have a lot of money, and she probably doesn’t have the best clothes either, yet she still sacrificed to help Izuku.

 Hatsume is a trigger to Uraraka’s jealousy, since it mostly pops up when she’s around. Her face here, she obviously doesn’t like what she’s seeing, because not only was Izuku almost explodo-killed, he came chest-to-chest with another girl!

Uraraka getting a little more jealous here because Hatsume’s getting Izuku’s attention, but she mostly feels like she’s getting left behind and she wants to walk side by side with Izuku.

Uraraka’s feelings for Izuku confirmed. The fact that she was thinking about the whole thing with Hatsume all day shows something.

Uraraka noticing and admiring Izuku’s strength again.These pages just say it all…

In the hero license exam, even though ‘Uraraka’ came out of nowhere with absolutely no plan at all, which could have led to her failing right there…

Izuku still jumped in to save her, jeopardizing his own chances of passing the exam.

adding this because the way he carried her was just…PERFECT.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes in this arc. Izuku knew Uraraka wasn’t that careless, he knew that she was much more stronger than that.

This line has a lot of depth in it guys. Izuku knew Uraraka was a lot smarter than to come out without any sort of plan.

Uraraka believing in Izuku’s strength.Uraraka sees Izuku as an image of victory, that’s why she always thinks about him when she’s in a pinch or is she wants to win (let that be a reminder for those who think she’s ‘obsessed’).

Izuku is to Uraraka what Kacchan is to him, an image of victory. (but we don’t go ahead and call Izuku obsessed whenever he thinks about Kacchan, which he does A LOT, do we???) It’s not that she’s obsessed with being like him but she has the same feelings that Izuku has for Kacchan.

Uraraka getting jealous again and contemplating her feelings.

Uraraka’s feelings getting in the way of her focus.

Chapter 109 says it all, at least in Uraraka’s side, she knows that she has feelings for Izuku. I’m not gonna say the word love because this is a fan translation so it’s not 100% accurate, also the word love is pretty strong in Japan, so I think Horikoshi must have used a… how can I say it? a less serious word in the second panel… I could be completely wrong though.

We know that she ‘shut down her feelings’ but that doesn’t mean they’re completely gone right?

Uraraka notices things about Izuku, and you can read all about that in my other buddy @rex101111‘s post here

Also, have I mentioned that they are ALWAYS together??!

And there are a lot more screencaps of them standing together and that includes the panels I used for this post too, but we know that I can’t fit all those screencaps in this post XD

The omake. I can already feel all of the kacchako shippers glaring daggers at me XD.

But anyway, many misinterpret this as a Kacchako scene… but it’s actually not. The reason is because, Uraraka came to talk to Bakugou about Izuku, not her, or heir fight, but Izuku. I know people are gonna be like “she sees through Bakugou!” or “Bakugou called her by her name!”, but let’s be honest, what Uraraka was saying here was: you either make up with Izuku or just stop being mean to him. Overall her primary concern was Izuku, because nobody likes to see their friend/love interest constantly get bullied right?

Another thing is the drama CD 7. The drama CD 7, the drama CD 7, the drama CD!!! I freaking love the drama CD 7, because it is a safe haven for us izuocha  shippers.

  • Izuku and Uraraka eating lunch together, Uraraka teasing Izuku for nerding about heroes… well she didn’t exactly tease him, she giggled and he blushed!
  • Izuku and Uraraka chatting near Izuku’s desk before Bakugou came and interrupted them XD
  • Izuku saved Uraraka from the sludge villain and he happened to hold hands with her for a very long time, and Bakugou himself had to point it out!
  • Izuku stuttering and blushing after he realized just how long he held Uraraka’s hand and how good it felt. Then he starts to remember how he had to do a folk dance with a guy when he was in middle school because there weren’t enough girls… and I love how my son is such a loveable nerd/dork omg XD
  • Uraraka mistook Izuku’s flustered face as some kind of adrenaline rush which was adorable.

There were other good scenes in the drama cd, but these are like the cutest ones, and mind you the drama CD was written by HORIKOSHI KOUHEI!

So it’s technically canon :p

I know I said that the wiki is about 98% accurate, but if people can believe Jirou is a lesbian from reading the wiki then I can believe this right? I know the love is one sided for now, but Izuku has shown a lot of signs in the beginning of the series, he obviously won’t show any now because of where the series is going… but it’s gonna come back…soon.

and one more thing…


There are only like two posts under this tag and one of them just happens to be someone answering my ask, and if you’re wondering why I like that post if you ever see it, it’s because I like all posts that answer my asks just to let the person know that I’ve seen their answer.

But still it hurts to see this tag ya know?

Anyway @cake-ademia, @zakamore1, @rex101111, @hatefilledpoptarts, @eriboook and my other fellow izuocha shippers even though our fanbase is small, lets not forget the ship that’s CLOSEST to becoming CANON.

Sherlock and John are in a cafe, gathering clues. The only problem is, Sherlock, socially unaware as he is, starts mouthing his observations louder and louder until eventually, he’s spinning around and rattling off at full speed and a fuller volume in the middle of the floor. Everyone is staring, and John is starting to become aware of this. Soon, the laughter starts, a giggle erupting from one group of teenage girls but eventually, people are snickering behind hands and whispering to each other. John softly grabs hold of Sherlock’s arm, trying to ground him back to reality before they get kicked out and Sherlock snaps to, blinking and looking around. He’s… It’s something John has never experienced before, but he seems intensely insecure. John feels sick in the pit of his stomach. These people don’t know Sherlock, not like he does. They don’t understand that he’s brilliant and sometimes that brilliance can only be amplified and experienced in ways that seem eccentric to some. Sherlock hangs his head, his cheekbones colouring a light crimson. John takes his hand boldly, even though they’ve never done this, even though he isn’t sure he can do this. He takes his hand for Sebastian Wilkes and the time he defensively spat out “Colleague”, for Sally Donovan and every muttering of “Freak” that he never stood up to. He takes his hand because he loves him and he understands him. He knows him. His Sherlock, the man with a brilliant mind and an even more brilliant heart. And soon, Sherlock’s blush takes on a new meaning entirely.

I Will Show You - FP Jones | Riverdale

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Pairing: FP Jones x Female!Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warning: Mentions of sexual content & Daddy!kink, huge age difference

Word count: 1091


The puddle of water reflected the lights of Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe. It was almost 11 PM but the dinner was still filled with people. A girl, around the age of seventeen, sat in a red Jeep. Loud music was playing while she scrolled through her phone. It was clear to everyone that she was waiting for someone. This, someone, was FP Jones, the fearless leader of the Southside Serpents. The Serpents lived on the south side of Riverdale and were feared by the north, west and east. They were especially known for drugs, alcohol, and stealing. The girl was born and raised as a Serpent. At some point, her parents began to care less and she began to hang out with Joaquin and he was the reason, how she met FP.

Right now, she was waiting for him. She only went with him because he promised her some food, which she probably won’t get. After all, an invisible rule said that the Serpents were actually not allowed in the other parts of Riverdale. The only thing she knew about his business was that it was with someone called Lodge. The girl moved her eyes to the nearest cars; Cheryl Blossom’s Car. She was the queen bee of Riverdale High, and the youngest and now only child of the Blossom Family.

Just because she had the money, the red-haired witch thought she could rule Riverdale, mostly the whole world. Before she could drift even more into her thoughts, the door of the driver side opened. FP had an angry look on his face while fastening his seat belts. The girl looked concerned and reached out for his hand. The older man moved his face to look at her, and his eyes soften. “Everything okay?” she asked him while he wiped the sweat away from his forehead. “Yeah, nothing your pretty head has to worry about,” he told her with a wink. The teenager girl was about to answer when she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. A waitress was staring at them, with a deathly glare. FP touched her shoulder which caused the girl to look at him again. He caressed her cheek and moved towards to kiss her.

Keep reading

Nightmare - Winchester Brothers

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a little while! School is just making me really busy. I’ll try and post once at least every two weeks. I’m sorry of I can’t :(

Anyway, here’s another request!

Okay so maybe something where the reader is jealous of how close Sam & Dean are, make it angsty 😹 - @winchesters-favorite-girl - i’ve kind of made my own twist on this! Hope you like it anyway!

Imagine always feeling as though you are nothing more then a burden and a blood relation to your brothers and feeling as though they don’t care for you so you leave them.


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You were sat in the back of the impala, picking dried blood out of your stubby finger nails, anger rumbling in your chest. You’d saved your brothers once again from a hunt gone wrong and they hadn’t thanked you, simply patted each other on the back, sent a glance over their shoulder to you to make sure you were still alive and headed in the direction of the car.

They were speaking (or arguing, you could never tell) about the monster ‘they’ had just killed and you had no interest in listening so you rested your head on the back of the seat and looked out to the starry night.

It had been this way since you’d dropped out of high school. You’d be with them, but not quite there. You’d always been left out the circle and you couldn’t remember the last time your elder brothers had shown gratitude and love towards you and quite frankly, you had had enough. 

Closing your eyes and drifting off into sleep, your mind travelled to a time when you were the centre of your brothers worlds.


You aged 5 and Sam aged 13:

Colouring in a unicorn in your activity book at the counter of the motel room kitchen, you reached for the purple crayon which was just out of your grip. Just as you were close to grabbing it, it rolled a little further away.  

Whining and attempting to lean forward, you suddenly felt the stall give way, sending you toppling to the ground. 

You cried out in pain as you hit your head on the marble floor. As your vision became faded and a headache made its self comfortable in your head, you saw Sam rushing towards you from the settee.

He quickly pulled you into his arms and cooed in your ear that everything would be ok and that there was nothing to worry about. He made it clear to you that you were a strong girl and that it was only a little graze. 


You aged 13 and Dean aged 25:

You were waiting on the bench just outside of your temporary school as the girls in front of you made fun of your second hand clothes. 

‘Look at that! What is it? A table cloth or a fourth hand blanket?’ The skinniest of them all said, pulling at your older brother Sam’s red flannel.

‘Don’t touch me.’ You growled, slapping her hand away.

‘What did you say, skank? Want me to hit you.’ The tallest of them all said, raising her hand at you.

As you were about to swerve the hand that was about to smack you, you froze as your biggest brother Dean tapped the girl on the shoulder.

She turned round, confusion and disgust on her face. ‘What do you want? Old man.’ She sneered at him. The other girls thought this was the funniest remark in the world.

Dean laughed for a second then looked at her dead in the eyes. ‘You touch my little sister again and i’ll break all your fingers. Oh, and by the way, that top is second hand. I’m pretty sure I saw a stripper with the clap wearing that a couple of nights ago.’ He gave his signature smirk at the end, hinting that the mob of mistakes (called teenage girls) should go away. 

They did, fear and despise all over their faces as they made remarks about each others clothes.

‘Thanks Dean.’ You said as you stood up and hugged him.

‘Anytime.’ He responded, protectively wrapping his arms around you.


Yeah sure, anytime. I guess that had a time limit. Waking up with the thought in your head, you noticed that you were sat in the back of the Impala, your two elder brothers no where in sight. 

As a feeling of hopelessness washed over you, you begged for Castiel to come and see you. He was the only one who seemed to care for you.

‘Hello Y/N.’ His gravelled voice spoke out from the seat next to you.

You didn’t respond straight away, you wanted to gather your thoughts first. You turned to look at him.

‘What’s wrong Y/N?’ He asked you, as you looked back at him, hurt in your eyes.

‘It’s my brothers. I’m nothing to them anymore.’ You explained, tears brimming in your eyes.

‘That’s not true. You’re their little sister.’ Cas responded, confusion lingering in his voice.

Was their little sister. I think i’m nothing more then a shadow to them now and I wont deal with it anymore. Please, Cas, make a promise to me.’ You pleaded.

‘What promise?’ He questioned you, eyebrows knotting together as he looked sad in his eyes.

‘That if I go, you wont help my brothers look for me. You’ll let me live my own life and I expect you to understand that if you break my trust I will never forgive you.’ With that, you took his hand in yours as a way to tell him how desperate you were. ‘Please.’

He pulled his hand slightly away from yours then paused. He let out a soft sigh then looked away for a second. ‘If I make this promise, you have to stay safe.’ He reasoned with you, looking in your direction and then away again so that he wouldn’t regret what he was about to do.

‘Yes, of course.’ You practically whispered back, knowing that you were inches away from freedom. 

‘Ok.’ That was all he said before he flapped his wings and disappeared.

This was your chance. This was your chance to begin again and be a person who didn’t live every day wondering if they were loved. You’d thought about this for weeks, months even. The moment you’d break free and find someone or something that had even the slightest amount of happiness towards you.

Jumping out the car and pulling your bag from the boot, you headed down the street the impala was parked on. You looked back for a moment, remembering your older brothers, then shook your head and continued down the path you chose to take. 

*Sam’s P.O.V*

‘You think she’ll like it?’ Dean asked, holding up a green flannel.

‘You know that’s not her colour.’ I responded, pushing the green flannel out of Dean’s arms before reaching up for a red checkered one on the highest shelf.

‘She’ll like this one though. She used to wear one like it when she was younger, like all the time.’ I said as I searched for her size.

Dean went quiet for a minute before looking at me.

‘Dude, no chick flick moments. What’s wrong?’ I questioned him, laughing a bit since he looked like a hurt puppy.

‘Is it just me or does Y/N seem really closed off lately.’ He depressingly said, gently stroking the flannel in his hands as if it was his little sister.

I was going to shrug my shoulders and dismiss the conversation but I didn’t. I knew that there was something very wrong with Y/N.

‘Yeah - I think there is.’ I responded, barely looking at Dean, feeling as though it was some how my fault.

As if Dean read my mind, he glanced briefly at me. ‘Do you think it’s our fault?’

I gulped then looked up. ‘I - I don’t know. Maybe. Have we done enough for her? I mean, have we been good brothers?’ 

‘If I’m being honest. No, I don’t think we have been. I think we’ve been so focused on these god damn hunting trips so much that we’ve lost the love we used to give to the centre of our world, Y/N. I think we need to look out for her more. Knowing her, she probably thinks that we don’t care about her and I can’t have that.’ Dean was almost shouting at the end, pulling at the seams of the shirt in his hands.

I simply looked back at him, wide eyed. He’d said exactly what I was thinking. 

‘Hell, what do I know.’ Dean grumbled, throwing the flannel on the shelf and heading to the doors of the shop. 

He froze mid-step then yelled my name, indicating that Y/N was no longer in the Impala.

It was though time slowed down. She was there, then she wasn’t. It was a nightmare come real.


I really like how this turned out and I’m tempted to a part 2! Tell me what you guys think :) 

Chemistry || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: (i got you fam) @tom-holla Hey!!! Can I request a peter park x reader where reader has a major crush on peter and they turn out to be lab partners and she like can’t get two words out when talking to him bc she’s so nervous and he starts teasing her about it all cute and asking why she’s so nervous and if she likes him and she ends up admitting it and stuff? FLUFF! Thank u sm!

Word Count: 1090

A/N: This had great potential to be good, but the ending kinda sucks, and so does the rest of it 

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Midtown High. For most students, high school is the worst place on Earth. But Midtown was the only place Y/N could see her muse, Peter Parker. He was just such a good person, which made her like him so much more than she already did.

Y/N wasn’t really friends with Peter. They were just acquaintances due to having so many classes together since middle school. Most of the time, she avoided him at all costs because she felt so awkward around him. She has talked to the brown haired boy before, but she couldn’t even mutter a proper sentence to him.

Y/N and Peter both had Chemistry class together. It was one of her favorite classes because she could watch him ,first hand, being the smart kid everyone knew him as.

She walked into the class which only held few students in it so far. She quickly took out her supplies for the class. Y/N looked at the door, and saw Peter walk in. His lab seat was across the aisle from hers, next to his friend Ned. She looked down at the table, suddenly interested in the graffiti done by other kids at the school.

Peter put his backpack on his lap to take out his Chemistry books. He looked over and saw Y/N tracing something on the table. He smiled, “Hey, Y/N.” She shot her head up to look at him, kind of stunned. “H-hey P-Peter,” she stuttered out. She smiled back but quickly shifted her gaze back down to the table, with her shoulders hunched. Why am I so awkward around him?

The tardy bell soon rang as everyone got situated in their seats. Everyone in the class gave their attention to the teacher, indicating her to get started.

“Alright, everyone. For the next couple of weeks we will be doing a series of labs where you will need a partner,” Y/N’s classmates started to look around to find their friends as partners, “But, I gave you all partners so that I know you guys are actually doing your work.” Some of the teenagers groaned. The teacher sighed, expecting their responses.

“So I made a list of who everyone is working with. Once you find your partner, go to one of your lab tables and start the procedures that I left. The materials needed are also on the tables. If you need anything or have any questions just come to me.” She said with a smile, displaying the pairs on the projector. Y/N looked for her name, having trouble since everyone was standing in her way to find their partners. Y/N’s lab partner sitting next to her stood up and moved away, distracting her a bit more. Before she could find her name on the list, Peter walked up to her. “I think we’re partners.” He said, taking the seat next to her.

Y/N looked up at the board, the sea of people finally cleared, and saw her name next to Peter Parker’s. “Oh.” She said, not looking up at him. Peter grabbed the list of procedures and placed it between the two. “You don’t talk much, do you?” He stated as he opened his notebook to write down everything. Y/N mimicked his actions, swallowing hard from embarrassment. She couldn’t exactly say that she had a huge crush on him, making her feel awkward around him. Before she could make up an excuse, Peter looked up from his paper, glancing at her. “Or I just make you nervous?” He asked with a smirk, making a rosy blush appear on her cheeks.

Y/N shook her head, “N-No it’s j-just,” Y/N sighed and muttered, “I-I don’t know.”

Peter chuckled, “So I do make you nervous.” He stated. Peter was never this confident while talking to a girl. But Y/N’s attitude was so adorable to him. She groaned, “N-No, you d-don’t.“ 

Peter went back to writing on his paper. “Your voice is saying otherwise darling’.” He beamed. Y/N just didn’t respond, to save herself some dignity. She continued to copy what was on the paper, without getting distracted by her crush.

The rest of the class period went on, Peter still poking fun at her. But he couldn’t let go of that cute stutter she had. “So, what is it then? Why you can’t talk to me?” Peter pushed, not looking away from his notes. Y/N blushed, “I-I don’t kn-know.”

“Well, I think you like me.” He said smirking once again, dropping his pencil when the bell suddenly rang, ending this class. Students were rushing to put their stuff away to get to their next class. Y/N sat there frozen as she watched Peter stand up and put his notebook into his backpack. “No, P-Peter. It isn’t l-like that.” Y/N stammered, moving to put away her supplies as well.

Peter turned to look at her, “Well, that sucks.” What. Why would that suck? Did he like her too? “W-Why?” Y/N questioned following the boy out of class.

It’s now or never, Peter thought. He shrugged his shoulders, playing with the straps to his bag, not making eye contact with her. “I was kinda hoping you had a crush on me. I thought we had…. Chemistry.” He said, emphasizing the word Chemistry.

The joke made Y/N chuckle. Music to his ears. He didn’t hear the shy girl laugh often so he wanted to treasure this moment. It means that she was getting more comfortable around him, just slightly. “Do-do you like me?” She asked, starting to stutter.

He stopped in the hallway to turn and look at her straight in the eye with a sincere look on his face. “I have for a while, Y/N.” He said in all seriousness. No kidding around.

“M-me too,Peter.” She muttered with a smile. They looked at each other for a second before Peter broke the silence between the two.

“Do you want to hang out this weekend or something? We could study for that test next week.” Peter suggested, starting to walk towards their next class again. “I-I would love to,” she smiled, “but only since we have Chemistry.” This time Peter was the one to laugh at the corny joke.

Peter was finally able to act like a normal teenager. No Spider-Man. No superheros. No super powers. Just him and a girl. Together.

It’s Friday I’m in Love

It was on a Monday that Richie Tozier met Eddie Kaspbrak.

Richie was 5 and Eddie was 6 and Richie knew instantly that Eddie was going to be his best friend.

It was on a Tuesday that Richie learned that sometimes boys liked other boys the way that they were supposed to like girls.

Richie was 7 and in the grocery store with his mother. He saw two teenage boys holding hands and he pulled on his mum’s sleeve, and asked her, why those boys were holding hands? And she told him “because they like each other, Richie. More than boys should like each other. Stop looking at them” and then she dragged him away from where the two boys stood laughing to each other.

When Richie saw Eddie at school the next day, he asked him “Hey Eddie, we like each other, right?”

“Of course we do Richie” Eddie said, without looking up from the book he was reading.

Richie looked down at where Eddie’s hand was held in his own, and nodded. Of course they like each other.

It was on a Wednesday that Richie realised what the way that he liked Eddie really meant.

He was 11 and while his friends all talked about wanting to kiss girls like Beverly Marsh on the lips and wanting to hold her hand at lunchtime, the only lips that Richie wanted to kiss was Eddie’s. The only hand that had ever felt right in his was Eddie’s.

Richie wondered what this revelation would mean for his and Eddie’s friendship. Whilst Eddie had never spoke of wanting to kiss girls, he had also never spoke of wanting to kiss Richie. And Eddie still looked at Richie the way that he always had. He still felt the way he had always felt about Richie.

It was on a Thursday that Richie finally kissed Eddie.

Richie had just turned 13 and every single time he saw Eddie his heart would race and his stomach would erupt in butterflies. When Richie pressed his lips against Eddie’s in a sudden impulsive movement, he thought that for sure it would be the end of their friendship. That Eddie would hate him for it. But when he felt Eddie’s lips move against his, God, he was filled with such an incredible indescribable joy.

He was drowning. He was drowning in happiness, he was drowning in Eddie, and he didn’t want to be saved.

It was on a Friday that Richie was in love with Eddie.

They were 14 and it had been coming for a while now. Being around Eddie filled Richie with such a painful happiness, as if every part of him was on fire but in the most beautiful way and he never wanted it to stop. It was as though Richie had been standing at the edge of a cliff, and now, lying on Richie’s bed next to Eddie, Richie jumped. With no hesitations or second thoughts, he let himself fall down, and down and he was gone.

The thing is though, Eddie hadn’t jumped with him.

It was on a Saturday that Richie felt heartbreak for the first time in his life.

He was 17 and his knuckles were covered in his best friend’s blood. Richie had felt his entire world crumble around him, felt his reality slipping, when he walked into Eddie’s bedroom to see him sat on Bill Denbrough’s lap. An incriminating purple bruise was half visible under the collar of Bill’s shirt and Eddie’s traitorous fingers were tangled in Bill’s hair.

Ironically, it had been Bill who had apologised to Richie, blood dripping from his nose, telling him that he was sorry, that they hadn’t meant for it to happen, that it didn’t mean anything. Bill’s words barely reached Richie though, because all he could hear was his own heartbeat in his ears, and he couldn’t see Bill from where he stood in front of Richie. All he could see was Eddie. Sat on his bed, not saying a word. His bottom lip between his teeth, and his hands clasped tightly in his lap, but no trace of sorrow or regret on his face.

Eddie’s eyes held contact with his. Richie’s vision was blurred with the tears that he didn’t realise had been falling.

“I hate you” Richie lied. But still, Eddie said nothing.

It was on a Sunday that Richie Tozier left Derry.

He was 18 and he had no intention of ever going back.

Can we please talk about how Jon and Charlie look at each other and laugh like teenage girls, while the rest of the cast turn their heads in unison to see what those dorks are doing ? ?

Eyes on Her Peter Parker x Reader

Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Could I have an imagine where Tony decides Peter is gonna meet the avengers (and like all the avengers, pretend that everything’s okay now? Lol) and he’s all excited to have a protege and then Natasha comes in with one (surprise) and tony and nat start bickering but the reader and Peter only have eyes for each other? Thank you!!! 

Word Count: 616

A/N: my first request! OMG. I had so much fun writing this, hope you like it <3

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“Mr. Stark, thank you so much for all of this. I can’t wait,” Peter said as he and Tony quickly walked down the hall of the Avengers tower. Peter officially finished his training wheels training and was finally being taken on as Stark’s protege.

“Sure, Kid,” he laughed, “The team has no hard feelings about the whole airport thing, maybe except Barnes.” They walked into the common room, were all of the Avengers were sitting on the couches waiting for the spiders arrival.
“Team, I would like to officially introduce my protege, Peter Parker,” Tony introduced, motioning towards the nervous teen. Peter gave a soft wave and a bright smile towards them.

“H-hey everyone,” he said, his voice as nervous as he felt in front of the well established heroes. Regardless of his negative his thoughts, the team welcomed him with open arms, putting Civil War in the past. Tony watched from the sidelines, observing Peter interact with the other Avengers. He scanned the large room, something felt missing,  the man pulled his yellow colored glasses down the bridge of his nose.

“Where’s Romanoff?” he asked loudly, alerting the group.

“Right here Stark,” A female voice rang out. Soon enough the red head entered the room but with another girl next to her. She looked about the same age as Peter, her Y/H/C pulled into a loose bun.

“Nat, who is this?” he asked, feeling uneasy.

“This is Y/N Y/L/N, my protege. We talked about this Stark,” she snarled. Nat put a reassuring hand on Y/N’s shoulder. “She will be taken under my wing, she’s good with a bow and combat.” Tony bit the inside of his cheek in anger, his eyes glaring at the assassin, this was his moment to shine in front of the teams …Peters time…but mostly his.

They all looked at the girl,but it was Peter that looked at her the most, instantly thinking she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen before. Suddenly feeling nervous as she approached them, he tucked his hands in his pocket out of habit as he watched her. Her pink lips tugged at the smile as she looked in the direction of the young hero.

“I’m Y/N,” she introduced personally, pulling on her long sleeve blue top.

“P-Parker…Peter Parker,” he stuttered, holding out his hand to shake hers. She laughed and shook his shaking hand.

Time went on, the team went back to their business and Peter and Y/N continued to talk in the corner, the laughed and smiled, instantly feeling a connection to each other with how young they were. “Stark,” Natasha growled as she pulled the billionaire up off the couch forcefully.


“You know what. We talked about Y/N being introduced first before Parker,” she kept her voice low, but he could still sense her anger.

“No, no this is my time, and Peters. He was always first.”

“How arrogant can you be?” she scoffed.

“Well I could be worse but by the teenage love looks they’re giving each other makes it worth it,” he said pointing to the two teenagers in the corner. Nat turned around and saw the two giggling to each other, her heart melted as she watched. Curse Tony or being right, maybe meeting at the same time was good for them. She was still pissed…but less angry because of the happiness the spider could bring the girl.

“They’re cute, I’ll admit it ,” she smiled.

“They’ll be dating within a month.”

“A week,” she shot back.

“Tomorrow,” he argued.

Natasha rolled her eyes and playfully pushed him “Shut up Tony.”


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Pairing: Shawn x Reader x Aaliyah

Request: Hello I would like to request something, so I was thinking of this cute imagine where you supposed to be visiting Shawn in Canada but his flight gets delayed so you get there and he isn’t there and he’s a little worried because it’s your first time in Canada and you’re not answering your phone or anything just to find out that you decided to spend the entire day with his sister instead?

Warnings: Me attemping to write fluff = chaos so dont expect it to be good lmao

A/N: Ok so like this isnt long its kinda short and i apoligize for that but like i’m writing back to back imagines and keeping up w school so please bear w me

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but you have missed your flight.” The woman said making me sigh, I was supposed to be on a plane to Canada to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time and just spend time with them, but I missed my flight.

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what to do when you have a crush on your best friend 

[peter parker x reader]

author’s note: watched homecoming last night and i loved everything about it. this took a while to write because i kept getting distracted, and that title is whatever because i literally couldn’t think of anything else lolol

word count: 2,369

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Hc that Natori literally never stops talking about Natsume on the set.

His directors and co-actors and actresses are all just…so sick of hearing about “Takashi-kun.”

Every other sentence that comes out of Natori’s mouth is “Takashi this” and “Takashi that”.

It’s easy to see that Natori completely adores this mysterious “Takashi-kun”, and at first everyone thinks he must be Natori’s s/o.

(The number rumours that sparks is kind of terrifying. Natori can’t for the life of him understand why so many of his male co-workers are suddenly being extra friendly with him.)

But when someone asks him about it one day, the look of utter disgust that passes Natori’s face is shocking.

“He’s 15,” Natori grinds out with a grimace, and the other person hurries to apologize for making assumptions.

After that, the rumours change from “Natori Shuuichi is gay” to “Natori Shuuichi has the biggest little brother complex and it’s the cutest thing ever.”

The number of girls throwing themselves at Natori increases tenfold.

(“A man who cares so much about his family is just the most attractive thing ever,” they sigh dreamily to each other.)

And then, one day, the schools are out for summer vacation, and Natori is absolutely beaming when he arrives on set, followed by a teenager sticking so close to his side that they’re almost tripping over each other’s feet.

The teenager is hugging an ugly cat to his chest, and looking around at everyone warily.

He’s absolutely gorgeous, all lean limbs and soft features. His hair is a stunning silver, and his eyes are only a few shades darker.

He smiles faintly at something Natori says - a smile that could make flowers bloom.

And everyone immediately knows that this is the “Takashi-kun” they’ve heard so much about.

And okay yeah, they can totally understand why Natori talks about him so much. He’s the kind of kid that everyone wants to protect, the kind of kid that you would do anything to make him smile.

(There’s a brief moment of confusion when everyone addresses him as “Natori-chan”.

“To differentiate between you and your big brother,” they explain, thinking his confusion stems from the honorific, and not from the name.

Natsume isn’t sure what to say, but when he sees that Natori-san doesn’t seem too bothered at the misunderstanding, just chuckles and tells them to “back off and give Takashi-kun some room;” Natsume decides to just let it slide.

It’s kind of nice, he thinks, to have an older brother figure.

He gets so used to being addressed as Natori, that when he returns to school two weeks later, he’s almost startled to be called by his real name.)

Mint boy’s flower ◆ Part I

Requested by the lovely @thefuturewillbeprosperous ♥

Genre : Fluff/Smut/Dark/Mafia/Drugs

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : When a drug dealer meets the rarest flower.

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

He can’t help but smile as he takes off his ring. He didn’t expected him to die this quick. He didn’t expected how beautiful it was. All this blood coming from his mouth, the way his body was shaking in pain, and his eyes… Damn, it was entertaining. He puts the ring in the first drawer of his desk and leans back on his chair. Dealing with Park Jaebum was a mistake and he should’ve died a long time ago.

Min Yoongi raises his head when he hears someone knocking on his door. When he sees his right-hand man, Kim Namjoon, he beckons him to sit up. The tall man sits in front of him and crosses his long legs, a cold smile on his lips as he asks :

« So… How was it ?

- I think it’s my favorite. Maybe a little too quick, but sometimes that’s not that bad. »

Namjoon chuckles and lightly shake his head : « You love torturing people, you sick bastard… » Yoongi raises his eyebrows and looks slightly off, as if he was wondering if it was actually true. When he realizes it was the case, he snorts, a sinful smirk on his face. Namjoon gets up and go behind the wooden bar, taking two crystal glasses before pouring whisky in it. He smiles :

« We have great news, boss.

- Choi Woo Yeon ? »

Namjoon brings the drinks on the desk and sits down.

His dark and haughty glance could freeze the hottest volcano.

« Jungkook found him. He went with Jimin. It’s almost done.

- Let’s wait for them. »

Yoongi winks and takes a sip of the strong drink, a wave of heat going down his throat.

It’s been two weeks since Choi decided to stop working with Yoongi and he doesn’t like it at all. And when he learned from Jin that Choi was a snitch, it was worst. Yoongi is not the kind of man to let anybody think you can fuck with him and stay alive. If you betray him, you die. So, Choi and all his boys will die. Isn’t it simple ?

Soon enough, Yoongi’s office’s door opens and two men enters. Yoongi & Namjoon gets up and walks toward them. When Yoongi sees Jimin’s smile, he puts his hand on his cheek and asks « Is it done ? ». Jimin raises his eyebrow in a playful way, like he always does, and replies « We have Bucheon », his voice lightly hoarser than usual. Yoongi bites his lips and tilts his head on the side, watching Jimin smiles back at him. Yoongi looks at Jungkook and nods before he announces they’ll celebrate it tonight.

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You know what I think?

‪I think Derek actually is the one who had Stiles questioning if he only liked girls.

I feel like at first he just realized “huh, he’s so goodlooking wow.” Then that morphed into like a sexual thing. Like he only really saw Derek’s good looks and the whole cool werewolf thing as his only good qualities at first because ya know, they used to hate each other.

So it made Stiles question but he could easily brush it off at first because he’s still a teenager and he doesn’t have it all figured out yet, the whole “this is just a phase” thing.

But then he actually starts liking Derek, in a “we’re sort of an odd duo, but we do make a pretty good pair” (of friends!!!!). Like they actually got passed the “you need me to survive that’s why you’re helping” stage. He really just genuinely started liking Derek, just calm friendly like at first, but that like into more of a crush like than a friend like without him even noticing.

And he feels it there but he just avoids it but then that night at the glow in the dark party? Kaitlyn asks the golden question, “do you?”

And he just sits there for a while. His mind immediately flashes to Derek and he thinks like “wait a minute, I actually fucking might,” like guys, that is.

Stiles sort of realizes it’s become more than “you’re hot and I wanna experiment,” and more than, “I actually don’t mind hanging out with you anymore, it’s kind of cool because you’re not as much of a shitty person as I thought you were.” It’s more of a “I really think I’m falling for you but I’ve liked girls my whole life and we used to hate each other. What’s going on?”

So he doesn’t get the chance to ever answer because he really isn’t sure at first. But the thoughts after that question are stuck with him. And overtime, he starts noticing little things about Derek, like really taking note. Like Derek’s actually smart and actually selfless and his bunny teeth and how he’s actually funny when he tries (it’s a bland and dry humor, snarky remarks when they bicker and Stiles gets sarcastic but Stiles appreciates and enjoys it regardless). Stiles starts realizing all these things that could factor into why he might actually like Derek (if he does because he isn’t 100% on that yet).

He starts realizing that Derek really isn’t the guy he met back in the woods, that Derek is more, that Derek is actually a great person under that hard exterior. He starts realizing how he used to get and still gets whenever something goes wrong with Derek, how he starts worrying and all. He starts looking at Derek in a new way, looks when Derek is oblivious, sort of the whole “admire from afar” thing, and can hardly help it, can hardly deny that he starts getting a little happier whenever Derek comes around, but he’s still, in a way, denial.

The night Derek almost dies changed that because for a brief moment he felt like he stopped breathing as he watched Derek bleed out on the ground.

He felt numb and he wanted to stay but knew he couldn’t. All he could do was hope that Derek would still be well and alive in the morning, that they would all be, and then he’d be able to tell Derek because he knew completely. Knew what it felt like to almost lose someone you care about so much.

Stiles wasn’t sure what he was going to say, how Derek would take it or how it would effect them, but it didn’t really matter in the end because he never got to say it.

Derek left and Stiles couldn’t even be mad because he knew Derek needed it, deserved it.

So, life went on and he tried to shove his feelings aside because it didn’t really matter anymore.

Except it did, which he realizes on the night at the school, seeing Derek’s initials.

I’d like to think that the reason for Stiles’ smile was because he had fully come to term with the fact that he did indeed have feelings for Derek. He wasn’t able to tell Derek, but he could finally admit it to himself.

No more questioning, no more “this is just a phase.” None of that.

Stiles just accepted it, and he was okay with it.

Not my dollar Valentine | Zach Dempsey

Hi everyone! 

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I’m currently writing down some ideas for part 2, which hopefully, will be posted at the end of this week. 

I’m also working on a Tyler imagine that will be ready before part 2 of “Insecure” so I’m looking forward to post that one as well. 

I’m not sure how to feel about this imagine but I hope you enjoy it. 

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Summary: Y/N gets asked out on a date by a mysterious someone, even though her name is not on his dollar Valentine list. 

Warnings: a bit of swearing.   

“Hey! I know you had a tough week and I’m hoping you’re okay. I know you’re a strong girl but please, don’t forget to take care of yourself.”

Y/N gave a tiny smile to the little note in her hands and carefully held it against her chest along with the white daisy attached to it. This was just what she needed after all that happened the past few days.

After a long week of just hearing: “Are you ok?” “You look sick.” and “You should probably get some rest.” it was very nice to read something that showed genuine concern for a change.  

She had to deal with a lot of things the previous days, that definitely took a toll on her physical appearance. She was sporting dark under eye circles and puffy eyes paired up with unhealthy looking pale skin.

She had been staying up until early hours in the morning to make sure she got an A on her biology test. On top of that, she had to write some history reports and all her english assignments due for that week.

She admitted that she shouldn’t have procrastinated that much, but at least she managed to finish everything on time. Now that everything was handed in, she was going to take all weekend to catch up on her sleep and get rid of her sick look.

Y/N checked her brown paper bag for the remaining notes but she knew none of them would make her feel as good as the one between her fingers.

She had been finding this cute little notes that somedays are accompanied by a daisy in her paper bag, ever since Mrs. Bradley started with the “compliment bag project”.

It all started with a simple “Congrats on your 95% in chemistry!” and after that message a whole bunch of notes followed.

She desperately wanted to know who left them, even though the purpose behind the bags was to leave compliments anonymously.

She even went as far as waiting half an hour after the class ended just to see if she could catch the mysterious someone who left the notes. Needless to say, her plan failed.

Y/N hoped that whoever left the notes would muster up the courage to talk to her because at the end of the day, Communications class wouldn’t last forever.


There were a couple of days left before Valentine’s Day. Everyone was going crazy with all the merchandise that was going to be given out around school, their possible dates and, of course, the oh so famous “dollar Valentine”.

She honestly thought it was a waste of time and money. There was no way that something as methodical as an algorithm could tell something so subjective and random like your perfect match.

Y/N stood up and went straight to her bag after Communications class ended. She was surrounded by loud chatter of excited girls who already had a date for Valentine’s day and guys who were planning on asking a girl out.

She ignored them all as she made her way to the opposite side of the classroom. Her hand reached for one of the few pieces of paper inside it and was satisfied when she recognized the neat handwriting.

“You look beautiful today.”

She smiled realizing it was probably written earlier that day, lifting up her mood.  

Sadly, it didn’t last long.

“Aww, look at her!” Pratters exclaimed making her turn around. “looking so pathetic checking her stupid bag.” Y/N flinched feeling the anger and poison behind his words. She lowered her head and awkwardly played with her hands.

It wasn’t something new though. She was used to Pratters being mean to pretty much everyone outside his social circle.

He was surrounded by some of his friends and they were all laughing, except for one. Zach Dempsey.

Y/N knew he was a bit self centered, and sometimes, even stupid but it was the regular behavior that came along with being a jock in Liberty High.

Despite all of this, he wasn’t a bad guy. He also had a kind, honest side that wasn’t as evident as his usual self.

Y/N liked to think he was a nice guy hanging out with the wrong people, trying to fit in their world.

That being said, she wasn’t surprised when Zach decide to step in.

“Stop being an ass! It’s not her fault no one likes you enough to compliment you.”

Y/N bit her lip in order to stop herself from smiling while Zach’s friends laughed obnoxiously loud.

“Fuck off Dempsey!” Pratters scowled and swung his backpack over his shoulder before he made his way to the exit.

Y/N peeked behind her lashes and caught Zach sending her an apologizing smile. She looked down in embarrassment and waited until they were gone before she decided to leave.


The hallway was filled with excited teenagers flaunting red sheets of paper that contained their so called perfect matches.  Some of them were debating on calling someone on their list and others were already making plans for the evening.

Y/N shook her head as she heard a group of girls criticizing each others lists. There was no way that she could stand a whole day of people talking about the same thing. She was desperate to go home and spend the rest of her day reading a good book.

However all her plans flew out the window as soon as she stepped in Communications class.

This time when the class ended, she waited until the last student left, before she decided to check her paper bag. She wasn’t in the mood of being teased this time.

Her breath got caught in her throat the moment she saw a tiny bunch of daisies sticking out of her bag. She wondered why no one seemed to notice and if they did, they decided to not say anything about it.  

She approached the bag with slow steps and with uncertainty filling her heart.

She carefully took the flowers and this time there wasn’t a little note attached. Instead there was a red folded piece of paper.

Y/N took her time unfolding the paper. She could feel a knot forming in her stomach and it increased it’s size the moment she began to read the small letter.


I think you’re right about the dollar Valentine survey. It’s stupid and I wasted one dollar thinking it was worth a shot.

I filled in mine hoping to get your number. Sadly, you weren’t part of the top 5 on my list…but I don’t care. I want you to be my Valentine.

Meet me at Rosie’s after school. I promise you won’t regret it.”

She felt her heart beating furiously against her chest as the weight of those words fell upon her shoulders.

The mysterious someone wanted to meet her.

However the doubt was making its way through her mind as she thought that it could all be a joke.

What if someone left the notes just to get her hopes up and later on, make fun of her? What if Pratters was the one who wrote the notes? What if all the jocks were waiting for her at Rosie’s to laugh at her expense?

She shook her head.

No, that wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be a joke since it took months of little notes and flowers and she was sure no one would go through all the trouble just for a simple prank, especially Pratters. Plus, he never got near the paper bags.

Maybe, just maybe this was for real.

She didn’t have anything to lose anyways. She could go to Rosie’s, wait for a bit while she sipped on a milkshake and if no one appeared, she would just head home. There was no harm in giving it a chance.  


She was fidgety for the rest of her classes, counting the minutes left before meeting the mysterious person.

Million thoughts raced through her mind taking her attention away from her teachers and from taking notes but she couldn’t help it.

When the bell rang signaling the end of the day, she jumped from her seat and went straight to the restroom. She fixed her hair with her fingers and made sure her make up wasn’t smudged. Taking a deep breath, she walked out school and started walking to the old diner.

The place was packed with teenagers. Some of them were hanging out with their group of friends and the rest, were couples having dates being cute to each other.

Y/N looked around for an empty table and took a sit by the window. She ordered a chocolate milkshake and played with the straw while she waited. It was the only thing left to do.

She had been sitting for not more than 10 minutes when a guy approached her table. She raised her head and was surprised to find no other than Zach Dempsey standing in front of her.

“Hey Zach!” she greeted him with a smile but he didn’t smile back. To be honest, he was not acting as his usual confident self. He was rocking on his feet with both of his hands inside the pockets of his varsity jacket. His cheeks held a pink tint and his eyes looked around  the place, unable to look at her face.

“Hey.” he finally said. He seemed troubled and after a brief inner debate with himself, he looked at her nervously. “Do you mind if I sit?”

She was shocked at his request since they had only spoken a couple of times before and it was always about homework.

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I’m waiting for someone.” she felt a bit embarrassed and expected to find disappointment on his face, but the only thing that she found, was that his blush had increased.

“I know.” once again she was taken aback by his response.

Maybe he knew who left the notes.

“You do?”

“Yeah” he rubbed the back of his head before looking at her. “I wanted to go out with you even though your name wasn’t on my list.”

Y/N felt the color drain from her face and she almost choked on her spit as the realization hit her.

“Y-you’re the one who left me all those notes and daisies?” Zach chuckled a bit and took a sit in front of her.

“Are you disappointed?” Y/N immediately reacted.

“No, no!” she quickly responded “I’m not disappointed. I’m surprised, that’s all.”

“Why? Is it that weird that I want to go out with you?” she shook her head.

“It’s just that you never talk to me in school.” she admitted ashamed feeling her face getting hot.  

“Because I thought you hated me.” he replied honestly. She could see that he was being sincere and wondered what made him think that she hated him.

“Why would you assume such thing?” she barely spoke to people at school and when she did, she tried to be as polite as possible to avoid any kind of trouble.

“You always avoid me! And when I smile at you in Communications you never smile back.” he seemed sad and she felt her heart clench.

“Well yeah, maybe I do, but it isn’t because of you.” she looked him in the eye trying to make him see that she wasn’t lying. “You’re always surrounded by your friends, including Pratters and he isn’t exactly nice to me.” she shrugged. He still didn’t look convinced. “To be completely honest with you, I think you’re a sweet guy.”

Zach smiled brightly at her comment and immediately his mood was lifted.

“Really?” he beamed with happiness.

“Yeah. Out of all the people who could’ve come today, I’m happy it was you.” Y/N blushed fiercely at her sudden boldness but felt a bit better when she looked at Zach’s face and saw that he mirrored her flushed cheeks.


Y/N walked through the school hallways, thinking about the previous day.

She had so much fun with Zach, she wished she had talked to him sooner. He really was a nice guy out of his self centered facade and he was kind to her at all times.

He made sure she felt comfortable around him and he even paid for the milkshake and drove her home later in the evening.

He promised she wouldn’t regret it if she went to the diner and he kept his promise, because she didn’t.

She entered the Communications classroom and went straight to her usual seat. Before she took a seat, she caught a glimpse of Zach smiling at her. Y/N smiled and waved at him shortly since Pratters was scowling at her.

Turning around, she sat down trying to ignore Pratters gaze burning holes at the back of her head.

She heard steps approaching and thinking it was Pratters ready to make some nasty comment, she held her breath bracing herself to take whatever he threw her way.

“Zach, what are you doing man?” she felt someone take the seat next to hers and, slowly, she raised her head expecting to see Pratters. She was relieved to find  Zach instead.

Y/N turned around confused and noticed that the group of jocks were just as surprised as her.

“Zach, what are you doing?” she repeated the question his friends asked a couple of moments ago.

“Well…since you already know my identity, I figured I can now sit next to you and tell you how beautiful you are personally.”

She bit her lip trying to hold in a shy smile but he saw it anyway.

Zach chuckled as he held her hand with his and tenderly kissed her knuckles.

“I like it better this way. Now I can see you whenever you blush.” she playfully slapped his arm in response before laughing along with him.

However, she wouldn’t admit to him that she also liked it better this way.  


Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
Warnings: homophobia from strangers

Harry had begged Draco to take the train into the city.

They were sitting on a pair of seats that were tucked into the side of the train, facing sideways. The seats were technically meant for handicapped people and pregnant women, but Harry had explained that traveling sideways was the best way to travel.

Draco had no idea why Harry had insisted on this, if he was just going fall asleep. 

Harry’s head was tucked into the crook of Draco’s shoulder, and their hands were intertwined in Draco’s lap. Despite the constant jittering of the train, Draco felt peaceful, and tilted his head a little so that it was resting on Harry’s.

Since Draco had always been unable to sleep in public (he had no idea whatsoever how Harry did it), Draco decided to do some people-watching.

He looked around at the other passengers on the train. There was a man about mid-twenties with a beard that seemed to be totally immersed in the paperback book resting between his fingers. A blonde, tired-looking mother of two struggled to get her young boys to stop arguing with each other and sit still. A teenage girl sat near the back, with headphones placed over ears, as she gazed wistfully out the window.

Then Draco saw a man who appeared to be staring in his and Harry’s direction. No, he was scowling in their direction.

Confused, Draco followed the man’s path of vision to his hand, intertwined with Harry’s.

Draco looked back at the man, whose eyes met Draco’s for just a moment. The man scoffed and looked away indignantly.

Draco, a sick feeling stirring in his stomach, continued to look around. He noticed then that a lot of people were looking in his direction - and most of them did not look happy. Although one lady did smile at him, he was also met with more scowls and head shakes and even a woman who prompted her daughter to look in the opposite direction.

The stares felt like a lit match, slowly burning into the skin on the back of Draco’s neck.

Overcome with paranoia, Draco cautiously pulled his hand out of Harry’s grasp and scratched the back of his neck.

Afterwards, he didn’t put it back.

Even in his sleep, Harry attempted to find Draco’s hand again, but the blonde boy had slipped it into his jacket pocket and was staring at a dingy spot on the train’s floor. 

Harry gradually stirred awake, blinking his eyes open and turning to Draco. “Wha-,” he began to say, but the train abruptly halted to a stop and Draco hopped out of his seat.

“This is our stop. Come on,” he said, before walking hurriedly toward the train’s automatic doors. A groggy Harry slowly followed suit, rubbing his tired eyes underneath his wireframe glasses.

When they eventually emerged out of the train station and into one of the many busy streets of London, Draco felt Harry reach for his hand again. Before he could grab it, Draco reached up to fuss with his hair, which didn’t need fixing. He actually ended up messing it up more than it had been before. 

Harry hated getting separated in crowds, so he moved closer to Draco, hooking one of his fingers into the side belt loop on Draco’s jeans.

Draco pulled away, anxiously mumbling, “I have to use the bathroom.”


When Draco finally came back outside, he found his boyfriend sitting on a bench, with his arms crossed against his chest. Draco sat down next to him.

But not too close.

“Are you going to tell me what’s the matter?” Harry said, looking straight ahead at the pavement in front of them.


Harry sighed, turning to face Draco. “Are you mad at me?”

“No,” Draco instantly replied, not meeting Harry’s green eyes.

“Do you not want to be seen with me?” 

“No,” Draco repeated, fumbling with the zipper on his jacket.

“Then why are you pulling away?” Harry blurted. He then leaned forward slightly, lowering his voice and adding, “Why don’t you want to touch me?”

Draco sighed heavily, finally meeting Harry’s eyes. The eyes he could never lie to. “I’m sorry, Harry.”

Harry said nothing, waiting for an explanation.

Draco swallowed. “Back on the train, I realized that I wasn’t aware of how many people seem to look at us, in a bad way, when we’re in public.” He hesitates, before saying in a soft voice, “Like we’re gross. Because we’re both boys.”

Harry frowned, leaning his back against the bench and watching people walk by for a moment. Finally, he took a breath and said, “Draco, if I’ve learned anything from being The Chosen One my whole life, it’s that eventually, you have to learn to ignore the whispers, and the glares.” He took a breath. “People are always going to have an opinion. But you have to learn to stop giving a shit about what they think.”

Draco inhaled slowly through his nose, and then let the breath slip through his parted lips. He let Harry’s words sink in. 

Harry blinked at him. “I love you.”

Draco smiled“I love you too.”

“Then fuck it,” Harry said, before leaning over and kissing Draco firmly on the mouth. He cupped Draco’s face gently in his hand, and Draco completely melted into him.

His hands found their way to the back of Harry’s hair, and Draco kissed him back with every fiber of his being. 

He let the paranoia on his shoulders fall away as he pulled Harry closer.

Third Time’s the Charm

They’re 14, the first time MC asks Damien out.

Damien still went by “Dahlia” back then. Still dressed in pretty sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, forced to be his mother’s little dressup doll.

Even at that age, MC already refused to answer to his birth name, and Dahlia had always admired him greatly for it.

(Through countless and increasingly irritated calls of his name, he’d sat convincingly oblivious, even when his mother’s eyes were wide, her nostrils flaring, her fists clenched.

Miles Christopher Young, you answer me right now!

He’d been grounded the entire winter vacation of their ninth grade, and still he stubbornly refused to acknowledge his name until, finally, his parents and teachers alike had decided this was a war no longer worth fighting, and had finally agreed to start calling him MC.)

They’re together for all of high school, practically attached at the hip.

Dahlia is the first one MC comes out to about being pansexual.

MC is the one that buys Dahlia’s first pack of pads, when he’s shut himself in his bedroom, crying and refusing to let anyone into his room, too ashamed to tell his mother.

They pose together for countless prom pictures, and MC gives Dahlia a corsage with a single, beautiful white rose.

(Innocence and purity; charm and innocence.)

But then they’re 18, and both leaving the nest for parts unknown, attending university on opposite ends of the country.

They try to make it work. They try so hard. But in the end, the stress, the distance, the workload, it’s too much. The phone calls and texts falter away, from daily to weekly to monthly, until quite suddenly it’s been three months and they realize they can’t remember why they’re still together at all.

And so they quietly cut ties and go their separate ways.

A clean cut, simple and easy, and so much more painful than either of them are willing to admit.

They’re 27 before they see each other next, and MC almost doesn’t recognize him at first.

Not that Damien can blame him.

Damien’s been on T for almost a year now, and has done away with his birth name for good.

MC smiles, wide and bright and joyful, telling Damien how proud he is of him, and Damien wonders for a dazed moment why he’d ever let this beautiful man go.

(He doesn’t tell MC about how, on some days, he had been the only one that kept Damien from falling apart at the seams.

He’d remember MC’s bullheadedness, sitting peacefully at his desk and reading a book as their furious fifth grade teacher called his name over and over again until finally she’d given in and said, with an exhausted sigh, “MC.”

And he’d looked up with the sweetest, most innocent smile.

“Yes ma’am?”)

They fall back in with each other so easily, it’s like nothing had ever changed, like they’re still the two goofy children who had imprinted upon each other on the first day of elementary school and had never let go.

They aren’t, of course.

They’re adults now, and reality isn’t quite so rose-tinted.

Damien is a single father, victim of an emotionally abusive transphobe of a fiancé who had walked out on him when Lucien was just a year old.

And MC is freshly widowed, still so lost and alone after losing Alex, clueless on how to be there for little 5-year-old Amanda when she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying for her papa.

But maybe that’s why the universe had brought them back together.

Because they were both drowning, and only the two of them could bring each other back up.

Three months after being reunited, MC shows up at Damien’s door with a red face and a bouquet of elegant white camellias and charming little yellow cowslips dotted throughout.

(Perfected loveliness; youth and healing.)

The next four years are perfection.

They take holidays to the beach and weekend trips to museums and art galleries.

Damien gives Amanda her first camera and teaches her how to use it.

MC teaches Lucien how to ride a bike and picks him up when he punches classmates who make fun of his papa. 

(Officially, MC scolds Lucien harshly for these instances and grounds him for a week.

Unofficially, he takes the little punk out for ice cream and praises him for looking out for his dad.

“Papa,” Lucien corrects him one day, and MC looks at him in confusion.

“Damien is papa,” Lucien explains. “You’re dad.”

And his voice is so matter-of-fact, as if he’s stating a simple truth of the universe, like the sun being yellow and snow being cold.

MC most definitely does not cry.)

But then, things start falling apart, like they always do.

The endearing little quirks they love about each other become irritating, the fights louder and more vicious.

Damien and MC both have their own problems, so many things to work through, so many hurts to heal from.

And maybe…maybe they’re not the right ones to help each other out after all.

Maybe they’re just hurting each other more by being together.

The second break-up is, if possible, even more painful than the first.

Amanda becomes withdrawn - why bother getting attached to anyone if they’re just going to leave you in the end? The only one she opens up to is her father, and to him she clings, like a baby koala. Because she’s already lost two parents. She can’t bear to lose a third.

Lucien becomes harder, more angry. He was 3 when MC had come into his life, and can’t remember a time without him. The longing for his dad is like a hurricane, a wild, fierce ache he doesn’t know what to do with. So he turns it outwards - to students who sneer about his weird last name and adults who call his papa she and her. But he never turns that snarling, explosive anger on his papa. Never on Damien.

They’re 39 when MC and Amanda move to quiet little Maple Bay, and it’s a few days before they actually become aware of each other’s presence.

Amanda is hanging out with some of her new friends (a pair of girls from her class, both named Emma), and MC, with nothing better to do, is at the Coffee Spoon, a nice little cafe within a few minutes’ walk from their new house.

He’s got a book open in front of him, and is sipping at his piping hot chai latte when the bell over the door gives a chime to announce a new customer.

He doesn’t look up as a pair of teenagers walks in talking about something or other, and he doesn’t notice how one of them freezes in his tracks, staring at MC with a breathless shock.

His friend stops too, and turns to look at him with confusion.

“You okay, dude?” asks his friend, Ernest, but he doesn’t reply.

“Dad?” he chokes out, voice just barely above a whisper.

And Ernest turns to follow his gaze, expecting to see Damien Bloodmarch.

But the man Lucien is staring at is short and broader in the shoulders. He has messy red curls and freckles sprinkled like cinnamon across the bridge of his nose. He’s engrossed in his book.

“You high or something, dude?” asks Ernest, but Lucien doesn’t reply.

“Dad!” he calls again, louder this time, as he walks up to the man sitting at the table, and his voice is maybe a little desperate, maybe a little vulnerable.

The man looks up, and Ernest sees his expression cycle through a million different emotions in the span of three seconds.

Confusion, bewilderment, dawning realization, tearfulness, joy, love.

He gets to his feet, pulling Lucien into a crushing embrace.

And the teen may be half a head taller than him, but he folds into the embrace with something akin to relief, like a tension Ernest hadn’t even known existed finally being released from his shoulders.

He’s quiet, almost docile, in a way that’s so completely foreign, Ernest is rooted to his spot.

They exchange a few quiet words, the stranger wiping what look like tears from Lucien’s cheeks.

Then, they pull apart, and Lucien watches the man leave with longing, watches him cross the street and head towards the Bloodmarch residence.

He doesn’t snap out of it until the man is completely out of view, after which he proceeds to ignore Ernest’s questions in favor of dragging him to that house that used to belong to the Wilson family until they’d moved last week.

He pulls out a key that Ernest hadn’t even noticed the other man give him, and let them into the house, where they sat watching television while they waited for…something.

An hour or two later, the front door finally opens, and a pretty older girl with healthy dark skin and a sweet, freckled face walks in.

She stops short when she sees the two strangers in the living room, and looks like she’s about to take on a fighting stance before Lucien quickly unfolds from his position on the couch and approaches her cautiously.

(He, better than anyone, knows not to underestimate her sweet and unassuming appearance.

She’s been taking kickboxing since she was 6, and had been formidable even then.

He shudders to think how dangerous she must be now.)

“Calm down, Manda, it’s just me,” Lucien says by way of greeting, and her expression morphs into confusion.

“Who is “me”?” she asks, eyes narrowed.

“What, don’t recognize your own baby brother?” he asks, tone teasing, and she gasps.

“LUCY!” she shrieks, tackling him, and Ernest would probably be laughing at the ridiculous nickname if he wasn’t just so darned confused.

It takes about ten minutes for her to get her squealing and tears back under control.

“Where’s dad?” she asks. “Where do you live? Can you take me there? I wanna see pops! Is he home from work yet? How-”

“They’re busy, Manda,” Lucien finally interrupts, and Amanda’s eyes light up.

“’Busy’?” she asks, her smile taking on a sly edge, and Lucien huffs and rolls his eyes, pushing her face away from how annoyingly close it was to his own.

Talking,” he stresses. “Busy talking.”

And Amanda’s smile takes on a softer cast.

“About time,” she says. And her voice is hopeful as she asks, “Do you…do you think they’ll…?”

She doesn’t say the words, worried that vocalizing them will break the fragile hope that’s woven tight around her heart.

Because she wants this. More than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. Wants it so much she can barely breathe, so much she doesn’t know how she’ll survive if it doesn’t happen.

And Lucien, for all of his cynicism and jadedness, wants it just as fiercely as she does.

“God I hope so.”

It doesn’t take MC 3 months to ask Damien out this time.

It’s been nine years since their fragile happiness had broken apart, and in that time, he’s done a lot of thinking.

A lot of learning and growing and regretting.

And now that they’ve found each other again, he’s not going to let go a third time.

They sit and talk for a long, long time.

They talk about their lives, their hopes, their problems, their children, their love.

They talk about everything that had gone wrong the last two times, and they talk about whether they’re willing to give it one last shot.

After five hours of talking things over and working things out, they decide to take some time apart to think things over.

MC goes home with a spring in his step and hope in his heart.

Amanda and Lucien, as well as the other boy from the coffee shop whose name MC never got, are slumped over each other on the sofa, fast asleep while an episode of Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers murmurs quietly in the background.

With an exasperated smile, MC turns off the television and tucks a blanket around the teens.

Lucien returns home the next day just before noon with a kink in his neck and a smile on his lips.

He badgers his father for the next hour or two about what he’s going to do about his relationship with MC until Damien finally gets fed up and throws him out of the house to go and “bother someone else for a bit.”

Lucien obviously takes this as a good sign, because he’s wearing a satisfied grin across his cheeks.

Damien wants to be annoyed at how easily his son can seem to read him.

But he doesn’t have any room in his heart to feel anything but excitement, happiness, love, optimism.

When his doorbell rings a few hours later, he opens it excitedly to find MC standing there, hiding behind an enormous bouquet of dahlias.

(Dignity and elegance; commitment and everlasting bonds.)

And Damien can’t help but think back to that innocent little girl more than three decades ago, with her pretty little sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, with her scraped knees and fingers covered in paint.

He wonders if she’d be proud of the person he’d become.

He sure hopes so.

Kimi no Na wa or Your Name, was released in 2016, is known for being the fourth highest-grossing film of all time in Japan. The story is about a teenage boy (Taki) and girl (Mitsuha) who embark on a quest to meet each other for the first time after they magically swap bodies. If you’re looking for a movie to watch this might be a good choice, its definitely an anime I’m planning on watching ^+^