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anonymous asked:

Okay so I’m a teenage girl bi but I’ve never had a hardcore crush on a girl before? Like I’ve found them attractive and I can picture myself dating a girl and all that but I’ve never been like in love with another girl irl? Does that make me straight or like a fake bi because I’m confused :/

These questions are always so hard to answer, because we can’t see into your head. We don’t know how you feel nor who you experience attraction towards.
The bottom line always is - Your path is unique and what’s more, valid, even if it doesn’t align with other people’s paths. Especially because it doesn’t. 

First off, there’s no such thing as a “fake bi”. (Unless, of course, you’re literally faking being bisexual on purpose.) If you identify as bi and then later realize another label fits you better, that doesn’t mean you were a “fake bi”. That just means you’re exploring your sexuality and have come to a different conclusion than you initially have. 

Second, I can’t tell you if what you experience towards women is attraction or just an appreciation for their beauty. I’m not you.

However, from what you’ve described, it sounds like you’re bi. The fact you’ve never had a hardcore girl crush doesn’t mean anything. Your experience and romantic/sexual history doesn’t define your sexuality.

In conclusion, you’re probably bi, but the only person that can truly determine that is yourself. Good luck. x

-mod Annie 😸