teenage girl gang


Teenage Delinquent Witches

A covent of teenage witches that act all tough and dangerous. They smoke, drink, skip school and sneak out past curfew. But they only do good for their neighbourhood even though they are seen as a badass girl gang and even a bit feared. Their credo is “do no harm, but take no shit”. They try to take care of each other and bring justice to the people around them.

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

Sylvia Plath – Mad Girl’s Love Song

The Adventures of Moxie and Friends

This just in: Moxie and friends defeated the Iron God of Scrapwall and in doing so were imbued with divinity infused essence! The whole party now has some minor mythic powers, and have been affectionately nicknamed the God-Killers. They celebrated as any trio of teenage girls would: they went for tacos.


For local girl cliques who rule their towns and ride in cars with the music turned up. For teenage girls who feel superior and find out who they really are. For experiments in the dark and partying on the streets. [listen]

they want you babydoll sweet;
with faces like hearts they claim all for their own
and full lips that just can’t seem to say the word no.
you’re their main course tonight, sweetheart
– and you’re a dish best served warm.

but you are meant for more than a place on a shelf.

be unforgiving and cruel,
just like the world raised you to be.

rip that crown from his head.
claw scratches down snowy cheeks.
scream until your throat bleeds as you cry out for reverence.
let him know that gods demand sacrifice
and your altar has been empty far to long.


“Can’t you picture it—gangs of girls—teenage girls in gangs all across america, breaking through boundaries of race and class and sexual identity, girls so strong together that they don’t listen to people who tell them they are stupid or that they don’t mean anything because they don’t really exist—girls so strong together that no one dares to fuck with them when they are walking down the street—girls so strong together that they learn to help out their moms and help them to get away from their dads when necessary….GIRL SOLDIERS….we need jackets. And just think of the books that will be written, the cultures that will arise, the bands, the movies that will be made etc.”

— Tobi Vail, 1991


i kno many of u are also always on the lookout for more gay game content so u should all play dreamfall chapters w me 

its super gorgeous and creative and gay and there are lots of brown people. super cool universe v exciting story. no combat all story focused problem solving

bottom right here is my son kian who is one of the two player characters he is a fantasy land warrior and hes sweet and brown and gay and the blue guy whose eyes hes staring into is likho who is also gay

then theres baby lesbian hanna w the pink hair. she runs a teenage girl gang and pony tail is her girlfriend abby