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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Reader is the child of Tony Stark. While talking to Peter one day you discover that Flash is bullying him, and decide to take matters into your own hands by showing up to Liz Allen’s party to put an end to it. 

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: slight spoilers for Homecoming, mild swearing, bullying

Word count: 2,805

Notes: I know this isn’t the exact dialogue as in the movie but I’m just working off my memory so bare with me folks. Also this took me several day to write but I love it, even though the ending is kinda shaky but this is very long and I would enjoy you guys sent in requests! My masterlist is in my bio (it’s almost empty but that’ll change) along with a prompt list you can request off of if you want!

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Morty’s Intelligence

Morty is my favorite character(s), and I’m gonna gush for a second. 

Morty is smarter and better than Rick.

Morty’s brain waves act as a camouflage for Rick’s, as they are complementary. This doesn’t mean that Morty is dumb, it just means that his brain prioritizes other areas compared to Rick’s.  Rick is a man of science. He doesn’t care about others well being and doesn’t understand other people’s emotions. He can manipulate others in what they believe is facts but that’s about it. He is weak in understanding people in emotions, but is a scientific genius. 

Morty is not a scientific genius, but he’s a quick learner and understands how people work, particularly his grandfather. He’s taught himself how to disarm bombs out of necessity. Rick is a scientist and when he doesn’t like something about the world he changes it using science. Mortys, do not need to be scientists in order to change things.

Morty’s manipulate to get what they want. If Morty is allowed to be rid of his anxiety and self confidence issues then you get a couple different options: healthy Morty and President/Evil Morty. These two Morty’s in particular have grown passed their awkward teenage anxiety. They are genius manipulators of people’s emotions. 

This is how Morty is actually smarter than Rick. He doesn’t need to be a super genius if he can manipulate one or more to do the work for him. He doesn’t need to invent, he just needs to understand the tech enough to make it work. A Morty that has reached this point and also loses his morality is the most dangerous thing the universe. 

Well you know what they say about a cocky Morty.


The Making Of Drake’s “Teenage Fever” With Hagler | Deconstructed


MCU Stage 4 Concept –

After Thanos is defeated, much of the Earth is destroyed and many of the Avengers have fallen. Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan) takes up the mantle of Captain America in memory of his best friend. He leads remaining Avengers Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Spider Man (Tom Holland) on a journey to recruit the proteges of their fallen teammates. They find Riri Williams (Skai Jackson) a teenage genius in the Tony Stark Foundation’s scholarship program. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) who survived the battle but retired, trains Kate Bishop (Arden Cho) while the team meets Piper (Briana Venskus) a current SHIELD Agent and former military friend of Sam Wilson. The team is rounded out when Red Room trainee Niko Constantin (Jack Gleeson) comes to them seeking his former trainer The Black Widow, who died fighting Thanos.

When Eyes Meet: Part 1

This series feature’s my OC Kit, and her family. Below are links that provide more information. Enjoy!

“He lost his shoe, Diane. His shoe. How does a certified genius lose his shoe?” Diane, the planner for the event simply smiled, before taking a piece of pastry and popping it in her mouth.

“And then there’s Aki, she’s joined the theatre club. I’ve been listening to her and Maia run lines for the past week, and to be honest, I don’t know if I can take much more.” Diane’s smile widened, and Kit took a deep breath before trudging on in her rant,

“On top of that, Seth was suspended… again. And oh, yeah he’s failing math and science.” Kit focused on her friend before asking, “Seriously? You have nothing to say?”

    Diane brushed her hands off, swallowed her bit of food, and then smirked, “Only what I’ve been saying for the past four months. You need a vacation.”

    Kit felt her face slip into a deadpan, before her mouth twisted into a scowl, “You’re not funny.”

    Diane leaned over the counter, “Just a weekend Kit. They can survive for a weekend.”

    Kit envied Diane, the woman had no clue what went into raising two teenagers and a boy genius. She was blissfully unaware of the constant teacher phone calls, the exaggerated, blown out of proportion arguments, lost shoes and books, and the nagging of a know-it-all aunt who wanted to take over. Kit could feel her hair graying by the day, and it was a damn shame. Her hair was pretty.

    “How about just a night. We both have Wednesday and Thursday off. You can get a baby sitter and we can PARTY!” Kit said nothing as she removed food from the oven. “Come on Kit you’re twenty five, not fifty two! We should have some fun.”

    Kit turned and stared at her friend, “I’m a single mother to three kids Diane. They come first, and that means putting my party days behind me.”

    Diane’s pout was on par with Aki’s, “You’re no fun anymore Kit. Come on don’t you want to relive the good old days? Central City, the clubs, the drinks?”

    Kit smiled, “That’s why they call them the good old days… they’re in the past.”

    Diane shrugged, “Fine, fine, but one of these days you and I are going out again.”

    Kit nodded, “Try me when Natsume turns eighteen. Now then, how’s the setup going?”

    Suddenly the party girl was gone, “We are right on schedule. Tables are set up, servers are arriving, the sound system is set up, and the band is unpacking as we speak.”

    Kit let out a sigh of relief. Kit had found out very quickly that restaurant hours were not great for raising kids. With the help of Anna Bailey, Kit had started a catering business. She had brought on Diane three months in, to handle the actual running of the events. A party girl who knew how to work a room, Diane was the perfect personality to mix with the high profile clientele they mixed with on a regular basis. It also allowed Kit to hide in the kitchen away from prying eyes.

    After several successes for Blair’s Flare Catering, Kit had begun to get calls from the rest of Gotham’s socialites. She stayed fairly busy, and was able to provide for her siblings. With a smile Kit watched Diane leave the kitchen in favor of overseeing the circus outside of her kitchen.

    Kit moved around the kitchen seamlessly, moving in unison with her kitchen staff. The food was well on it’s way to being ready, and Kit was feeling confident. She may not be the best mother in the world, but she was a damn good chef.

    “Miss Blair.”

    Taking a deep breath Kit turned towards her employer for the evening, giving a small smile she said, “Good evening Mr. Pennyworth.”

    The older man had a kind face, but he was a snoop. She’d kicked him out of the kitchen a number of times, and she had long figured out that this kitchen was his baby. It was pristine with all the latest gadgets. It was organized in a very specific way, and Kit could tell that it was taken care of with love.

    “Everything is going well I hope.”

    Kit smiled, “Everything is right on track. The food will be ready soon, and my event coordinator tells me that all the guests are comfortable and well taken care of.”

    “Indeed, the appetizers are going over very well. They’ve received more than a few compliments.”

    “I’m glad.”

    “Mr. Wayne in particular liked the crabcakes.”

    Kit blinked a few times before asking, “Mr. Wayne … as in Bruce Wayne.”

    The smile over the butler’s lips was kind, “Indeed. He just recently returned from traveling abroad. This function serves not only as a fundraiser for the Wayne charities, but as a welcome home party as well.”

    Kit nodded, “Well then, I’m glad he’s enjoying the party.”

    Mr. Pennyworth smiled and said, “Indeed Ms. Blair. Now then, are you sure you don’t need any help.”


    Kit was forced to hold back a smile at the way his face dropped ever so slightly, before watching him turn and walk away. With a smile she turned back to work.

    Bruce Wayne had always considered galas a necessary evil. While they allowed him to raise money for the Wayne Foundation, they were also a mix of the smarmiest people on the earth. He hadn’t missed them in the eight years he’d been gone. However, his training had left him with certain abilities, at the top were fighting and escape. However he had also learned evasive maneuvers, and misdirection.

    In the three hours since the gala had started he’d only found himself in conversations for a few minutes at a time, before he was able to pass it off to someone else. The evasive maneuvers came in hand when dealing with the hoard of socialite women looking for their perfect match.

    Bruce wanted to laugh at the number of women trying to catch his eye, to have their right eye be the same shade of brown as his left. He’d briefly considered putting in a color contact to fool people into thinking he’d found his soulmate while he was away; Alfred had quickly squashed that plan.

Grabbing another crab cake from a passing server he veered left as Lilian Evertseen peeked over the crowd searching for him. He slipped outside into the cold Gotham winter and let out a breath of relief. That woman had been after him since before he had left. He’d finally met her gave on just to make a point. It hadn’t stopped her. She was determined to get her hands on him and his family’s money. It had gotten so bad, that it had become a running joke in Gotham’s highest running social circles. She had even earned the name Lillian the Bruce-hound.

Bruce took in a deep breath of winter air, before patting the inside of his jacket for a cigar. He cut the tip, before lighting it, and taking a deep drag. It had been years since he’d had one, and Alfred has been kind enough to slip a few into his tux coat to get him through the night.

He enjoyed the peace and quiet for a moment before the hints of a one sided conversation caught his ear. He followed the sound of the voice. It was female and more than a little exasperated.

“Yes Aki, I understand that the music is loud …yes I can hear it through the phone … yes … yes … No … Because you’ve spent the last three weekends at Maia’s place … Oh really, I hadn’t realized our apartment was so much smaller, you know what … you might be better off finding that shoe box you keep talking about … yes I’m serious …go find yourself a shoe box …I take that as a compliment … Yes put Natsume on the phone … what do you mean you can’t find him? Have you checked under the sink? I’ll wait …”

Bruce took another drag of his cigar before peeking around the corner. Immediately his mind began to analyze; Asian descent, most likely Japanese, mid to late twenties, and exhausted from the way she was propping herself against the wall. He pulled back and continued to listen.

“Hey bud, is there any particular reason you’re reading under the sink … oh … I didn’t know that. That explains the shoe at the very least … yes …okay …no … after your bedtime … Well I miss you too. The good news is I have tomorrow morning off, maybe we can go for pancakes … Well I don’t think a Japanese restaurant will be open that early …OHHH you want me to cook?”

Bruce peeked around the corner to find her smiling. She was pretty when she smiled. And then as though in slow motion, Bruce watched as her head turned towards him, their eyes met, and everything went white. Everything else disappeared, she became the only thing he could see, and from the way she was looking at him, he’d bet an arm that the same was happening to her.

As the light faded, he watched her stand, and her finger hit the red button, before he heard her whisper, “Well damn.”


Requested Anonymously (by someone who loves Classic Who SO MUCH. I love it too, flubble. Make as many Classic Who requests as you want.)

“I know the child’s a mathematic genius,” you sighed as you flopped face-down onto the Doctor’s bed, “but for a genius, he’s really stupid.”

The Doctor, who was already tucked into bed and had been reading avidly, looked at you over the tops of his half-moon glasses.

“Adric being troublesome again?” he guessed, giving you a sympathetic look. Although, you couldn’t see it, what with your face being completely immersed in the fluff of a down comforter.

“Yessss,” you hissed, your voice muffled by thick fabric. You lifted your head to look at the Doctor. “He’s- he’s supposed to be a genius, and I know he is because he can recite the digits of pi to the whatevereth decimal, but he’s such a teenager. So he’s a genius teenager, which makes him ten times as difficult because he’s rebellious and smug about it because he knows he’s smarter than me.”

The Doctor chuckled and reached out to tap your nose teasingly. “Only at maths, my darling. You are wiser by far.”

You only frowned at him. The Doctor shut his book, set it on his nightstand along with his spectacles, and pulled back the covers on the bed.

“Come on,” he said, offering you a beckoning smile. “Might as well get in bed so you can complain and be warm at the same time.”

“I’m not complaining,” you grumbled. “I’m venting. There’s a difference.”

“Yes, dearest.”

You crawled under the covers and the Doctor immediately pulled you close to him. He placed a kiss on your neck, the traced his lips against the line of your jaw.

“You’re cute when you’re venting,” he murmured.

“Oh?” You scoffed. “And here, I was wondering why you put up with me.”

“Being married to you has its perks,” the Doctor admitted.

“Does it, really?” you deadpanned.

“Mm-hmm.” He kissed and pulled back so quickly that you didn’t even get the chance to catch his lips. “Yes, in fact, married to you, I have-” kiss “-an absolutely beautiful-” kiss “-kind-” kiss “-clever wife, who’s cute when she vents, and who wears the most adorable pajamas, have I ever said that?”

“That you think my pajamas are adorable? No.”

The Doctor let out a burst of giggles against your skin and you smiled to yourself. You reached up and threaded your fingers through his cornsilk hair, wondering at its softness. He shook with mirth even as he dotted your shoulder with kisses.

“You’re not half bad yourself,” you told him, and the Doctor laughed again, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Glad to know I’m an acceptable husband.”


When Eyes Meet: Part 2

Description: At twenty-three Kit became a mother to her three siblings. Thrown into motherhood, she’s been learning to juggle two teenagers and a boy genius for the past two years, and she hasn’t quite gotten it down. So of course fate decides to through in another ball to juggle.

In a world where everyone is born with Heterochromia; One eye color is yours and the other is your soulmates, and when you meet your eyes become your own. Of course Kit couldn’t get someone normal, instead she gets a known billionaire playboy, with trust issues. Then add in superheroes and tights, because her life wasn’t complicated enough.  

Random Facts, Character Sheet

Prologue, Part 1

Kit was surprisingly fast when she wanted to be. And as she sprinted back inside the house and into the kitchen, she was convinced that she had never been faster. A phone call from Ms. Montgomery, her downstairs neighbor and part time babysitter, had led to an unexpected break. Two minutes into the call, she knew hell on earth had erupted, between Aki’s crying over Seth, Natsume reading under the sink, and Seth having snuck out, she knew she was in for a long night.

    She’d managed to talk Aki down to suitable sniffles, and she’d been on her way to talking Natsume out from under the sink when she’d felt eyes on her. She’d turned her head expecting to see a squirrel or rabbit, instead she’d met a set of eyes she’d know anywhere.

    The white light that had enveloped the man had been amazing, a sense of warmth had spread through her, and she’d felt that same fluttering in her heart that her mother had always described.

    Then she’d let out a curse and she had run. She had too much to do to deal with a soulmate. And really what man would want to be stuck with three kids and no social life? She’d seen the man, he was in his twenties, just because she had given up a life outside of her family didn’t mean she was going to make someone else do the same.

    She slipped through the kitchen with stealth that came from years of practice. She stopped long enough to tell her sous chef to take over, before slipping out. Diane was a different story. The woman had a knack for noticing anything that could lead to a juicy tidbit of gossip. The fact that Kit’s eyes were now the same color was not something Diane was going to gloss over.

    “Not now, Diane.”

    Her best friend scoffed, “As if that’s going to deter me.”

    Kit took a deep breath, “I’m leaving.”

    Diane’s eyes narrowed, “Leaving? We still have dessert to get through, and a soulmate for you to spill about.”

    Kit nodded, before pulling on her coat, “Noted. I already gave Randall directions, he’ll have no problems with dessert, and there’s no way I’m discussing the other thing right now.”

    “Randall is power hungry, and a last minute replacement for Leo, who is fabulous.”

    Kit blinked at her best friend, “Once again, noted. That’s why I’m trusting you to keep him in his place. If anyone can do it, it’s you.”

    “He’ll spread rumors about you leaving, try to drum up business for himself.”

    “Seth snuck out again.”

    Diane’s hands went to her hips, “And he’ll sneak back in, like he always does. So let’s just be honest here, you’re running from your soulmate which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. He’s your soulmate, your other half, and if anyone deserves that it’s you.”

    “Diane… I just can’t right now.”

    Kit watched as Diane pursed her lips, “You can’t run forever.”

    “I can try.”

    Diane let out a deep breath before waving her off, “Fine. Go. I’ll cover for you. Go find your delinquent brother.”

    Kit smiled before leaving the mansion. She drove the path home on autopilot, with her brain spinning a million miles per minute. As she trudged her way up the stairs and into the apartment, she couldn’t help but feel old.

    Ms. Montgomery was reading on the couch, and gave her a small smile as she came in. “Rough night?”

    Kit let her bag drop by the door before sitting down next to the woman, “You could say that.”

    Ms. Montgomery studied her for a second before nodding. “Definitely a long night.”

    “How were they?”

    “Same as usual. Natsume is still under the sink, not sure if he’s reading or sleeping. Aki is on the phone with Maia, and has been since you hung up, and Seth is still gone.”

    Kit nodded, before scrubbing her eyes with her hands. “I’ll give him another hour before I go searching. Do you have any idea what set him off?”

    “Not a clue, honey. That boy is so touchy right now… ”

    “He nearly got suspended again the other day.”

    “That would be the third time.”

    “He’s also been kicked off the baseball team, he was caught smoking the other day, and I am just so tired…”

    Ms. Montgomery gave her a small smile, “It will get better.” Kit nodded, before escorting the woman out. Ms. Montgomery had been good friends with her mother. She had lived in the building longer than her family had, and was a probations officer for the city. She’d helped handle some of Seth’s more angry outbursts, and Kit was grateful for it.

    With nothing left to do, Kit changed into jeans and a hoodie, and made her way to Aki’s room. She stuck her head in the door to see the girl pacing, cellphone glued to her ear. She waited to be noticed, and received a shoo away hand motion for her efforts. Pulling away, she closed the door and made her way to the kitchen.

    Crouching in front of the cabinet that housed part of the sink. She knocked once and received nothing. Quietly she opened the door to find her youngest brother fast asleep, his book hugged close to his chest. Carefully, she scooped the kid out from under the sink and carried him to his bed. She tucked him in, before going back to the living room. She waited for the hour to pass, and when it was up, she heaved herself up and checked on Aki and Natsume before walking next door. Ms. Montgomery promised to keep and ear out for the two sleeping kids, and Kit stumbled into the Gotham winter.

    There were several places Seth tended to go when he snuck out. And in the next two hours Kit hit all of them. They were skeevy places were Gotham’s less desirables hung out. They were places where her father had warned her to never go.

    And the last place was the worst of them all. It was an illegal gambling ring where street fights were conducted. Pulling her hood closer to her head, she bypassed the man at the door and made her way inside.

    The warehouse was filled with screaming and chanting people. It took some effort, but eventually she was able to make her way to the front. What she saw there chilled her to the bone. Kit watched as a man twice her brother’s size beat him into the ground. She made to surge forward, but a hand on her arm kept her from moving.

    Another arm went around her waist, and she found herself being lifted and carried away. She was so shocked that by the time she started struggling she was already outside of the crowd, and being put down. Spinning she was ready to lash out when she met blue eyes that she’d know anywhere.

    “Do you have a death wish?”

    Kit blinked several times in shock, before asking, “How the hell did you find me?”

    A dark eyebrow raised in question, “My question first.”

    Kit glowered at the man, her soulmate, “I don’t owe you anything.”

    She watched his arms cross against his chest, tightening the white button down. He was still dressed in remnants of his tux. The black slacks were wrinkled, the glossy black dress shoes were covered in dust, and his white shirt was unbuttoned at the top.

    With a sigh, she gave in, “My younger brother is currently getting the stuffing beat out of him. I need to get him out before they kill him.”

    She watched as one hand went to rub at his head, “So that’s a yes to the death wish.”

    Kit bristled, but before she could respond, he was pushing his way through the crowd. Kit followed, and watched as one minute he was there, and the next he was pushing the giant off of her brother.

    She listened as the crowd went quiet. Quietly, she snuck forward and sunk down next to Seth. He was beaten and bruised, and had more than a few broken bones. Cradling his head in her lap, she looked up to find her unnamed soulmate standing over the three hundred pound man who had been beating up her brother.

    There was a slight tear in his shirt, but other than that his clothes were fine. Even more interesting was the fact that he wasn’t even sweating. She watched as he walked back to her. Carefully, he scooped Seth up into a fireman’s hold and began walking out.

    A group of men moved to block the path. She watched him carefully, as he raised an eyebrow and said, “The police will be here in a matter of minutes. Do you really want to risk being here when they arrive?”

    Almost as if it were planned, a siren went off, and the crowd started to scatter. He continued walking forward, and Kit followed too stunned to do anything else. She watched as he loaded Seth into the car, before turning to her, “Do you want to ride with us or follow?”

    For a moment she stood there dumbfounded, before remembering who she was, “I’ll ride with you.”

    He nodded, “I’ll have someone come get your car later.” She nodded and climbed into the back with her brother.

    Every once in awhile Bruce allowed his eyes to stray to her in the rearview mirror. She was holding her brother close and he couldn’t blame her. The kid had been minutes away from death when he’d arrived. From what he could tell, the kid had several broken bones, a concussion, and internal bleeding. Surgery would be necessary. Luckily, he had Lee standing by.

He’d been more than a little shocked when she had run, but he had let her go. Their bond was strong, he could feel her through it. He could feel the worry, the stress, the exhaustion, and the fear. He’d excused himself from the party to find her. First he had located her on the security footage, and then he had gone searching for answers. He’d run a background check, gaining her family history, before seeking out the event coordinator.

Her name was Katherine Blair. She was the oldest of four children, and the custodial guardian of her three younger siblings. She ran Blair’s Flare Catering company, and had come so highly recommended that she had left Alfred with nothing to do.

The coordinator had seen him coming from a mile away. She hadn’t been willing to give him anything other than the fact that her brother was in trouble, and the few places he might be. She had also warned him to keep an eye out for Katherine; she had warned him that his soulmate was small but fiercely protective when it came to her siblings.

The truth had hit him like a ton of bricks when he’d seen her about to jump into the ring. And as he’d gone to take out the bastard picking on her brother, now his brother, he’d seen that there was no sidelining her.

He pulled in front of the emergency room, and stopped the car. Lee was waiting along with a surgical team and a gurney. His family had donated a lot to Gotham National over the years, and that came with certain perks every once in awhile.

He watched Katherine as the doctors unloaded her brother and rushed him inside. She watched them go before sinking down to sit on the curb. She put her head in her hands and he watched as her shoulders started to shake.

Silently, Bruce sat down next to her and took her hand in his. Her soul was calling to his, to be comforted, to be held, to be supported. He opened the link between them and allowed her emotions to flow through him; there was such a strong feeling of failure, mixed with tiredness, that he couldn’t help but wonder when her last break had been.

Gradually, her fingers tightened back with his, and she turned to face him. He looked at her tear stained face and did the only thing he could, he pulled her into his arms and settled her on his lap. She wrapped her arms around him, and he held her as close as he could, feeling complete for the first time since his parents had died.

The soulmate bond was something to be cherished. It provided a link between two people. Some people embraced it, others avoided it. You could either open the bond and share yourself or close it and leave it behind. There were some out there who hated the bond, and felt as though it took away their choice. Others spent their whole life waiting for it.

Bruce had always been taught to embrace it. His own parents’ bond had been steady and rock solid. His parents had seemed to understand each other without speaking, and had always exchanged little kisses. More than once, he and his parents had spent nights talking about the possible owner of the brown eye. Every memory he had that connected him to this woman was good. It was pure. It was what he wanted.

Kit took deep breaths, in an attempt to calm herself down. But it was hard, his scent surrounded her, and she wanted to bathe in it. She’d felt the bond open earlier, as he’d taken some of what she was feeling. It was embarrassing, this man she’d only known for a few hours, knowing how she felt. At the same time it was a relief. She hadn’t had anyone to lean on in years. She’d been shouldering everything since her parents had died, and the thought of having someone to share with made her happy.

As the last of the tears stopped, she pulled away from his chest, but didn’t move from his lap. She was craving the touch, the support. She hadn’t realized how empty and cold she’d been feeling until he had showed up.  She remembered her mother comparing it to a draft when her father was gone, as though there were always a slight chill in the air. She had found that odd, but she understood it now.