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I guess the long answer, cause I'm pretty curious

alright. let me take you back, anon. let me take you back to a time that was nearly precisely 5 years ago - back to March 2nd, 2012. on this date, the movie The Lorax came out. it was an adaptation of the classic dr. suess story, albeit with heavy creative liberties taken and an arguably much less poignant environmental message.

but that’s not what you need to know.

what you need to know is, the main character of the original book, the Once-ler, was given a face in this movie - the face of a young, skinny, baby-faced man with the voice of Ed Helms.

for reasons still unknown to me, the internet at the time developed an incredibly deep and immediate fixation on him - most likely due to his nonthreatening, attractive appearance and voice. a fandom began to develop around the movie, but most specifically, around this character. the most prevalent place of operation this fandom took to was tumblr, in the wake of the rapidly receding superwholock fandom.

as with most fandoms comprised of sexually frustrated teenage girls, there was a heavy emphasis on shipping. however, this movie’s main cast aside from the once-ler were either vaguely off-putting, too young, or had absolutely no interaction with the object of their desires - the once-ler. their solution to this was the most surreal and bizarre fandom uroboros that many innocent souls have ever witnessed.

they started shipping him with himself.

later in the movie, the once-ler adopts this appearance while singing the only significant musical number from this movie, How Bad Can I Be? and undergoes a pretty striking character shift as he’s blinded by his own greed. hence, the fandom began to view this green suit-wearing once-ler as a completely separate entity than the previous, innocent, vest-wearing once-ler. they subsequently dubbed this double as The Greed-ler.

past that, things began to spiral quickly and violently out of control.

how many different ways are there to cook an egg? you can ponder on this for a very, very long time - but eventually, you’ll just get bored of the taste of eggs. how many different ways are there to ship someone with themselves? if you ask the once-ler fandom, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. because they tried literally every way imaginable.

there were high school AUs. there were wolf AUs. there were countless different ways to ship this character with his own self, in every single way you could possibly stretch it, to the point of absolute unrecognizability from the source material.

and even that became tiring.

they began to ship individual body parts with each other. they began to ship articles of clothing. there were RP blogs for each and every single AU and scenario, and then some. there was an RP blog dedicated to playing AS the once-ler’s semen.

here is a list on the once-ler fandom fucking wiki of but a fraction of the number of once-ler ask/rp blogs there were. it’s endless.

for a time, the blue hellsite was the green hellsite. the green man was inescapable. after a time, it eventually faded and died down over the course of these 5 long years - active once-ler blogs are now considered cryptids. rightfully so.

the idea of shipping junkrat skins with each other is a disturbing echo of the hellish period that was once-ler fandom. best we nip it in the bud now before we enter a new era.

then again, we’ll never reach heights like this again, right? we could never even come close to doing this all over again…

how bad can we possibly be?

musicals ft. summaries

Phantom of The Opera: gross goth guy lives beneath sewer and writes an opera

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812: seriously who the fuck writes an electropop opera about a 1200 page russian novel

Hamilton: seriously who the fuck writes a hip hop musical about alexander fucking hamilton

Zombie Prom: you know, taking your dead ex-boyfriend to prom may have seemed like a good idea in theory but im not sure anymore

In The Heights: somehow humorous and depressing all at the same time, also gay

Lizzie the Musical: okay im not kidding this time who the fuck writes a musical about lizzie fucking borden

Heathers the Musical: dating creepy guys in trench coats is probably a bad idea

Carrie the Musical: if you make fun of someone for getting their period, you’re in for a big surprise buddy

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: who the actual fuck comes up with the idea to write a musical about the seventh president of the usa

Wicked: green gay meets pink gay and it’s pretty gay

Ghost Quartet: who the fuck comes up with this shit though

Les Misérables: emotional pain feat. gay revolutionaries

Spring Awakening: not explaining puberty to sexually frustrated teenagers is probably a bad idea

Waitress: deep shit blueberry pie and overly lovable characters

21 Chump Street: drugs are not the way to a woman’s heart, apparently

Sweeney Todd: okay no seriously who the everliving fuck comes up with this shit

Love Never Dies: i don’t have any funny joke for this lnd just sucks

CATS: i mean i guess writing a musical about cats may have seemed like a good idea in theory

Starlight Express: what the fuck alw

ngl but who would’ve thought that these two sexually frustrated looking teenage twinks will still be with each other 8 years later being a disgustingly cute married nerds

A little Hidoku Shinaide appreciation post

They’ve come such a long way. They developed so much. And so did Nekota Yonezou. 

Maya went from this little mean dick, who’s in love with someone but doesn’t know how to express it and does everything wrong…

to this precious lovestruck dork who knows what he wants and who’s ready to give up everything for the love of his life…

And Nemu went from this unexperienced, naive bookworm to a beautiful, experienced… naive bookworm xD He deserves all the love in the world <3

Their relationship went through a long process…

but it got stronger over the years and they developed a deep bond. 

Akira has developed a lot as well. From a frustrated teenager, whose heart was broken by his first love

to this wonderful man who still has to find out what he really wants, but he’s getting there with the help of his loving and patient boyfriend.

This amazing manga series has touched so many of us so deep and it makes us so happy. 
We cry with them, we laugh with them, we love them.
I’m so grateful that Hidoku Shinaide exists <3

Sorry for this random post, but I felt like it ^^


Hey there! Easter is almost upon us, and you know what that means…bunnies! 

Let’s take a moment to discuss some bunny related facts that will hopefully help deter you from purchasing a rabbit for this holiday. 

1.) Domesticated rabbits live from 8-15 years. The Average rabbit lives around 10-12. 

2.) The baby bunnies you see in pet stores are usually around 2 months old, so they will be super cute and fluffy and affectionate! Which is exactly what pet stores WANT you to think you will be getting. BUT, this is a trap! Baby Bunny will hit puberty between 5-7 months of age, and will become a cranky, territorial, sexually frustrated TEENAGER.

3.) Teenage bunnies, particularly males, will spray urine on EVERYTHING, including you, your floor, your walls, your bed, and other bunnies. I don’t mean just a little tinkle, I mean literally the wall near your bunny’s housing will be literally coated in a crust of urine. It’s nasty, sticky, and it SMELLS.

4.) Unless you spay/neuter (which usually costs around 150-300 dollars) your bunny will continue to urinate on everything. females will rip their fur out and build nests and are much more likely to develop uterine cancer if they are not spayed.

5.) Rabbits love to rip carpet, chew on furniture, chew on baseboards, pee and poop on the floor(even if they are litter box trained, they will still scatter droppings as a way of saying “this is mine!”)

6.) Baby Bunny will triple or even quadruple in size. The average bunny is around 5 pounds, but some get even heavier than that. Dwarf breeds will average around 1.5 to 3 pounds.

7.) Rabbits are VERY social and get VERY sad and angry and depressed when kept alone in a tiny cage. Bunny should have a LARGE enclosure (NOT A PET STORE CAGE) and should have at least one friend. How would you like to live alone in a closet for your entire life? you would not!

8.) Rabbits require a daily diet of pellet (with NO added cereals, nuts, or candies) unlimited hay (all day every day, yep, it’s expensive) and a daily salad (green leafy vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY)

9.) Think you can just leave bunny locked in a cage all day when you get bored of him? WRONG! Bunny gets bored, so he spends ALL NIGHT angrily biting and shaking the bars, digging and clawing at the floor, throwing his bowl around and biting his water bottle. He will keep you up all night long and drive you insane! (this also means is house is WAY too small and he needs more toys and room to play!)

10.) Rabbits get sick, they need to see the vet! Rabbit vets are expensive and hard to find. can you afford a rabbit vet? 

11.) Are you prepared to clean his litter box and feed him every single day? Can you spare 3-4 hours to sit and supervise him while he has his REQUIRED out-of-cage time? No? Then you should not own a rabbit.




Everyone always gets so defensive about Jack’s relationship with Kent, and everyone needs to chill. Because you know what? They were teenagers when the draft happened and they had their fall out. And, you know who’s not emotionally nor psychologically mature? Teenage boys, especially teenage boys that are in a highly competitive atmosphere and who have their own emotional/mental stresses and problems. Kent may not have been justified in showing up at that Haus party, just as Jack was not justified in outing Kent to Bitty without his permission. They both have their own problems. But, these things don’t make either of them terrible people. The tragic reality is, they were both too young to be dealing with the stress of the situation they were in, and thankfully Jack survived and Kent was at least partially able to  move on from it. So, please remember that this “major fall out” and “toxic relationship” some people focus on, was between two teenage boys who were trying to do their best with the limited resources and support they had in an extremely stressful environment.

peter parker deserves everything. we’ve seen him multiple times get shit on because he’s just a teenager and i’m tired because he’s a teenager who is frustrated with everything going on in society and is just trying to do the right thing. seeing that little part with peter getting mad at tony is a big wake up call to adults and a big ‘fuck you’ to when adults do something that is going to mess up teens/young adults lives. we are warning adults about what their actions are doing to our society and they’re not listening!!!!!, so seeing peter finally stand up to himself is really important. i’m glad we’re getting an angry peter parker because our generation is fucking angry in where we’re headed as a nation and a world. this movie is going to be so important because we’re finally going to see corruption through a kid’s point of view and how much it’s actually hurting the younger generation. to the adults out there who think we’re angry for the wrong reasons, lazy and useless to society, watch out because we’re coming for you.

John’s boys are happiest when they’re tangled together. Sam was just a baby when they started sleeping like that, Dean’s limbs wrapped around his little brother like a blonde octopus. After the fire he couldn’t leave Sam’s side. 

It’s not like it bothered John, when they were younger. He doesn’t blame them. Poor kids had lost their mother, and he was far from the most present (and responsible, affectionate) father.  He ingrained into Dean’s mind how important it was (how important it is) to protect Sam, to keep him safe at all costs. John knows he’s at fault for that. 

But they’re eighteen and fourteen now, and Sam’s growing up. All his teenage frustration is pointed–taken out–on John. Dean isn’t completely safe from it, but he’s not a monster like John is. He’s the loving big brother, and that’s what is bothering John–Dean should be pushing Sam away when he drapes his limbs all over him, should be annoyed by the lack of personal space because he’s older now and God knows he never gets any space. Instead he pulls Sam closer and (when he thinks John isn’t looking) kisses the top of his head.  

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I agree! but I’m not sure patience would be one of r!Chase’s virtues. He’s a hot-headed, sexually frustrated teenage boy :p. 

If Chack relationship were to develop in this AU, it would be:

Chase: fanboy love > puppy crush > obsessed creeper > sir let’s bang

Jack: sigh > ugh > wtf > what am I going to do with this boy.


Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training post, as requested by a few asks.

I’ll be honest, the biggest reason I’ve hesitated to post this is because I don’t feel like getting into an argument. I’ve had enough of those, I’ll talk about this in detail but I would like at least one of my posts to go without screaming.

Recently, I’ve taken on a reactive client- a young dog I’ve known for about a year when she came through my puppy classes at 4 months old. L*, like most of my reactive dogs, is poorly matched with her current owner. She changed hands 3 times before she came to me as a puppy, each because she is ‘too much’. She is a rottweiler/bullysomething owned by an elderly couple who’s biggest and most energetic dog was a yorkie, and they are largely unprepared for what it means to own a working breed dog. They’re more than a little afraid of her and misread moat of her signals, which compounds the problem.

L is not only reactive, she is also a bad puller. She was started in a front clip harness after panicking in a halti no matter how desensitized she was to the pressure, and while her walking skills improved, she quickly figured out how to stand on her hind legs and slip it when she was reacting to an incoming dog. Clearly, that was no longer going to work.

For two sessions, I tried Creed’s prong on her, giving her a clear and consistent consequence for poor behavior. The majority of corrections were self inflicted, and her stress lowered as she quickly caught on to the more strict 'rules’ of a walk. I taught her owner how to use a prong, making sure that he understood not to hurt her or be unfair with it, and made him practice with it several times before allowing him to buy one himself.

He practiced keeping his emotions either upbeat or neutral, he practiced walking in a sterile area and then outside the store with no other dogs present with her at low stress and giving calm focus, we talked about threshold and timing and rewarding good behavior to replace the bad and LAT/LAM, and then last week… we added a dog. Creed, to be specific.

Her owner was dubious that she was ready, but I was more worried about whether HE was ready. L started off by roaring at Creed, he moved her away, and she deliberately chose to disengage. He kept his head and she continued to choose correctly again and again. She would look at Creed and stiffen, then offer the behavior of huffing, taking a step back, and gazing intently at her owner. (Me: reward that! Right now!)

L, a dog who, 4 weeks prior, could not even glance at another dog or dog-shaped item 50 feet away from her without having an explosive reaction, was more than capable of walking about 10 feet away from Creed side by side in a perfect heel, calm and relaxed and without stressing, tail and butt wiggling happily when he glanced down at her and scratched her ears for doing SO well and trying SO hard just for him. Her owner, who came in 4 weeks ago trying to get me to take her off his hands, was laughing and smiling and playing with her, calling to me how proud he was of her and how amazing he thinks she is.

L has a long way to go before she’s done. She’ll be coming to a few of my BAT workshops where I have group walks specifically to help dogs like her, and when she’s stronger with that we will wean her off of the prong and settle with a martengale since she is a collar-slipper. She is still fairly mismatched with her owner, but this has made him feel far more capable of handling her into adulthood and has prevented her from going through a 4th upheaval prior to turning 2.

I see repeated on here frequently- don’t use corrections for reactivity, reactivity and aggression is based in fear, corrections make fear worse. I would agree that SOME reactive or aggressive dogs are acting out of fear… but some are not. L started out as a frustrated greeter puppy. When she became a teenager, her frustration in being held back on a flat collar or harness in greeting morphed into reactivity. Changing her emotions towards Creed would not help here, as the problem was that she wanted to be social and was lashing out at the barrier preventing her from reaching her target. Unfortunately, to most people, this looks like serious dog or fear aggression.

Away from public eyes, I have had conversations with various dogblrs that perscribed to positive only training end up with a dog that was reactive and not out of fear. These folks work for months and sometimes years, just like I did with Creed, getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvement with +R and finally trying a prong, slip, or e collar… and the dog’s stress plummets as it is taught that the behavior is unacceptable please try performing something else.

Note that I am not saying to slap a prong on all reactive dogs and call it a day. I’ve used +R BAT on the vast majority of my reactive clients because those have been fear based. But those that aren’t, sometimes a different method is necessary. It’s always better to change your methodology to match the dog, rather than try to force the dog into the neat little box you want it to exist in.

Falling For You (Literally)

Summary: High School AU: Shy!Dan is new to school and has a huge crush on Popular!Phil.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2021

A/N: I wanted to do a Christmas-ish wintery themed kind of fic and I guess this is kind of close? And after several hours of crying and frustration I finally finished it, so enjoy! xx

Shout out to my best friend Kaitlyn,  too-lazy-for-deviant-art  ,for helping me edit this. Go check her out! <3 

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Could you do a scenario of Makoto running into a delinquent student's shadow in Mementos, and when the shadow sees her, they just start flirting with her because they have a crush on her?

Who doesn’t have a crush on her??? lolol Thank you for the fun request!! Enjoy!

“All right, let’s go.”

Mishima had delivered another request to Akira earlier that day: a punk student was loitering around stores and lashing out at customers, resulting in a declination of sales. 

After a unanimous vote, the Phantom Thieves departed from their hideout and navigated their way to Mementos, eager to resolve the issue.

Morgana hadn’t sensed anything until they reached Chemdah, and after a bit of exploring the Thieves finally discovered the dichromatic swirl of ebony and scarlet that separated them from their target. After confirming the location with Joker, Morgana reared back on his wheels and pounced into the wormhole. The Thieves arrived on the other side, and they immediately spotted their target straight ahead. With a mutual nod, they sprinted forward to confront their target, who appeared to have their back facing them.

Queen stepped up next to Joker and asked, “Are you the student that’s been harassing customers?”

“Huh? What’s it to y-”

The punk pivoted to face Queen but then interrupted themself. Their golden eyes widened, and a rosy pink had dusted their cheeks. Their lips formed into a smug grin. “Wow, you’re pretty cute. And you look really good in that biker outfit.”

Queen was baffled. “W-what? I don’t think you’re in a position to be saying such things right now. Do you know who we are?”

The student shrugged. “Don’t really care, but you kind of remind me of someone… are you the student council president, Niijima?”

She crossed her arms. “That’s not important! You’re lashing out at innocent people for no reason, and you’re obstructing business by doing so! What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I dunno! I just ran away from home because my parents won’t get off my ass for a damn second! They’re always fighting, and they just take it out on me, calling me useless and everything…” The punk’s head dropped.

Queen shook her head. “I understand how frustrated you must feel, but that’s no excuse to take it out on others!”

The teenager sighed in frustration. “I know that! It just sucks, you know?” They raised their eyebrows when they noticed that the Thieves were squatting in a defensive position. “It’s cool, I don’t want to fight you guys. I guess I just needed to vent…” Their eyes locked with Queen’s, and they smirked. “Although, I’m kind of disappointed that I won’t get my ass handed to me by such a bad-ass hottie. It’s a shame, really…”

Queen’s cheeks were on fire, and her brows furrowed with irritation. “I can rectify that, if you like.”

The delinquent shook their head and chuckled. “Nah, it’s cool.” The dark aura that was surrounding the student began to brighten, and sparks of aqua danced at their feet. They made eye contact with Queen again. “H-hey, um, I’ve had a crush on you for a while, Niijima, and I was just wondering…”

Queen’s expression turned curious as she waited in anticipation. “…Yes?”

The student shook their head. “N-nevermind, I’ll tell you some other time. Thank you for hearing me out. Your kindness is one of the things I like most about you…”

The two stared for a moment before they hastily averted their eyes in embarrassment.

“W-well! See you later!” The punk vanished with a flash of dazzling light. Joker snatched the Treasure and extended it to Queen.

“W-why are you giving it to me?” she asked.

“Isn’t it a Queen’s duty to take care of her subjects?” Skull chimed teasingly.

Queen flashed him a menacing look.

“S-sorry, ma’am!” he squeaked as his posture straightened drastically.

Queen shook her head and sighed. “Let’s just never talk about this, okay?”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Joker replied with a small bow. 

The Phantom Thieves codenamed Joker and Skull were never to be heard from again.

I feel like everyone expects Michael and Jeremy to be perfect precious innocent people. But in reality Michael probably got high off his ass one time and called Jeremy at 3 am like

“dude…dude what if, like, the sand is called sand because its in between sea and land.”

And Jeremy is like fuckin in the middle of masturbating or somethinh while talking to him (which IS book canon, and that just further proves that he is like any other sexually frustrated teenage boy, not a feminine “uwu” cinnabun)

Like I love them both to bits and their moral support for each other is fucking beautiful

But y'all need to chill