teenage dirtbag au

Teenage Dirtbag (high school AU)

Hi! Apparently I’ve accidentally based the multi-chaptered roadrat high school AU I’m writing off your character design. I saw Yummi’s fanart and didn’t realize that it was fanart of your high school AU ^^;;;

Anyway, I thought I’d say thanks since this fic probably wouldn’t have happened without you even though I only recently became aware of your AU. 

Keep up the great work!

~ Rabbit

teenage dirtbag

‘Pick Your Own Partner’ projects were Marlene’s absolute favorite. Especially when she had the class with Dorcas. Automatic partner for always. Besties before the resties. As much as she loved Peter (probably not saying that out loud though) the boyfriend couldn’t quite beat her best friend. 

Also helped they’re both mediocre at English- way less pressure to hold up a standard. 

Now she was flopped down on Dorcas’s bed, legs lolling off the side. “But why do we have to give a whole class long presentation? That seems super unneccessary.”

meditake  asked:

Teenage dirtbag au: Dressed in a short cute dress and silver locks falling down her shoulders Kadia looked over at him from across the hall.

Genji was late, and being chewed out by the teacher, when he noticed someone else was looking at him.

Genji had been trouble at the school since he came. One single word that he was the son of the city’s yakuza leader, and it was off. He was purposefully late for classes, and yet he still beat out test scores with ease. He challenged the biggest and the strongest boys to public fights, and thoroughly destroyed them. Girls were completely wrapped around his finger, their hearts stolen and broken within a matter of minutes.

So….clearly, when the daughter of the city’s chief of police was peeking at him….he gave her a wolfish grin, and winked. Much to the rage of the teacher, who dragged him off to another detention.