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Samurai Jack on Adult Swim

What I expected: Blood, angst, sadness, bullshit philosophy, lack of fun

What I got: Jack adopts a moody teenage assassin, Tom Kenny says penis, The Scotsman has the force and an army of daughters, Aku is having a midlife crisis


I imagine that Achilles and Haytham are like divorced parents who take care of Connor every other week. Except that Connor sneaks out like a rebellious teenager.

Yes, Haytham is wearing a PJ. And yes I know what Haytham almost did to Achilles. But he doesn’t mind, as revenge he stole his son. 

i woke up this morning and my brain was immediately like:

DESMOND IS AN ANDROID.  And it proceeded to lay out the how of it while I tried to grapple my way to full consciousness:

+ Rebecca starts building him a body so he can just download himself out of the animus soup that he’s stuck in
+  and he gets a hidden blade that works similarly to Wolverine’s claws which is cool
+ and when his skeleton of metal and various circuits is almost complete, Rebecca and Shaun are like: well he needs a real face.  They go find an artist that can make them a face for their new Desmond Bot
+ the real trouble is fake skin is expensive and they can’t manufacture their own, and all of their hoarded/stolen money goes into making a solid frame so they can’t afford to cover their new buddy in skin.  Instead they buy him a cool outfit so nobody knows he’s got nothing underneath
+ and Desmond wakes up in a robot body all like EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLY STRANGE TO ME
+ But then the first time he goes out into the field to kick ass, some abstergo/templar shit shoots him and it rips a hole in his hoodie and he’s like OH MY GOD, HAVE RESPECT FOR AESTHETIC but also, hey that tingles and he’s delighted by how this new robot body can’t feel pain while he proceeds to kick ass.
+ and then Rebecca/Shaun/Desmond develop a highly advanced fund-raising scheme (yeah they steal shit and defraud bad people probably) to get him more skin/upgrades so he can be more like a real boy.

Compilation of all the KaneHori/HoriKane smiles from Ep 1-6.

Ya see, I was very impressed with episode 7 but at the same time, I missed the Second Unit soooo much, especially these two who are technically the first TouDans I’ve gotten to know. So I wanted to cheer myself up a little by collecting all those moments where they were smiling at each other.

Reciprocating or one-sided, I’ll take ‘em all since I don’t know whether the next ep will still be focusing on the First Unit or not. Or when the angsty mood hanging over the Second Unit will go away. *facedesk* S’why I need this to look back on to survive until then. (´;ω;`)

Warning: Image heavy since yea, it’s technically just another screencapping spree of mine, nyahaha~ (  ̄▽ ̄) 

Please also excuse my noobness, I’m still quite new to this fandom.

*wordless screaming and excessive flailing about*

How to get me hooked onto something: Present me with an interesting pair dynamic to delve into. Do that and I will likely stay FOREVER.  ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ 

Ok, discrepancies between adaptation and game aside (like very, very, very shhhh! let me enjoy the anime plz-aside), the fact that Kane-san always reassured Kunihiro every time he doubted himself since he began this whole time-traveling-protecting-history affair is just…and smiling with that annoyingly handsome face of his while he’s at it, it’s just…

*clutches heart*

No wonder Kunihiro is so taken with him. <3

Look at them. Kunihiro so eager to move on to the next assignment (precious baby~) while Kane-san is all “but I’m tired…” yet still smiling anyway.

Pretty sure he wouldn’t make that face if Kunihiro wasn’t there with him. Pretty sure the reason why he’s making that face at all is because Kunihiro is there with him.

…trying not to think of how lonely Kane-san was before Kunihiro came to the Citadel cuz dammit, this isn’t a sad post! I won’t let it become a sad post! I won’t! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

Alright, I am thoroughly convinced that Kane-san doesn’t smile that openly or freely for just anyone.

Granted, he became more serious after he was appointed as captain of the Second Unit because he had to and all so I can’t be entirely sure…

But even so, his interactions with Kunihiro still feel different. A special kind of different.

Like here, I can see that he’s clearly trying to get Kunihiro more situated into their job. But at the same time, there’s a sense of ease that’s not present when he’s around other people. Like, he can make the effort without it seeming like an effort on himself.

And that’s probably because he knows Kunihiro. He’s familiar with him and trusts him.

So it should be no surprise where his confidence in Kunihiro comes from.

Even though Kunihiro has insecurities in his own abilities, Kane-san is positive they can fulfill their master’s expectations. Because he knows Kunihiro can.

And I just love that. I love how it’s not just Kunihiro admiring Kane-san all the time an impression I get a lot from fan interpretations and that Kane-san also has such a firm belief in his partner. It goes both ways. It’s mutual.

And it’s because they’re in that kind of a relationship that Kane-san can make such an expression. One that is specially reserved for Kunihiro which he doesn’t show to anyone else.

Of course, I love that battle-charged ones, too. Those have their own charm.

It says to me “forget Saniwa for a moment, I’m gonna fight so ya with me, partner?” and you know Kunihiro is because it’s them we’re talking about. Izuminokami Kanesada and Horikawa Kunihiro. Companion swords. Would go to the ends of hell together but never without the other if they could help it.

At least that’s how I see them with how much I know right now. *chinhands*

Also, uuugghhh, I can’t get over how wakizashi and tantous look so great in the dark. Especially when you get to see the glow of Kunihiro’s beautiful eyes which makes him look ten times more intimidating and dangerous and twenty times removed from his more polite and amiable demeanor. He goes from sweet child to teenage assassin in a matter of seconds.

Hmm, yea, I approve. Give me more of this Kunihiro. In fact, just give me all the Kunihiros. (*^▽^)

Have I mentioned that casual danger dialogue is one of my favorite things? 83


This is my top favorite KaneHori moment in the entire show so far (they look the best in these shots, too).

If I die, resuscitate me with this. XD

I also love the fond tone in Kane-san’s voice when he calls Kunihiro “cheeky” in Japanese. *giggles* x3

Kunihiro so happy and proud that Saniwa chose Kane-san to lead the Second Unit. <3

There’s no reason behind these. I just like that they’re in the same shot so I put them here. :3

I’m also not freaking out over them sitting next to each other and introducing themselves together when the unit does self-intros. No, I’m not.

( ◞・౪・)

It’s scenes like these that makes me glad I sold my soul to anime, lol.

In all seriousness, though, this is wonderful. If Kunihiro weren’t here, I doubt there’d be anyone who can effectively calm Kane-san down and have Kane-san hand over some of his burdens and let Kane-san fall back on those who are supporting him in general.

If there are any misgivings about this unit’s assignments, well, then this shouldn’t be one of them.

Also, why some of ya’ll draw Kunihiro so short in fanwork? Sure, he’s not that tall (compared to Kane-san who is like grown-man tall) but he’s not short either!

Again, the mutuality but this time it comes full circle.

Just like how Kane-san knows Kunihiro will follow through with what they’re ordered to do, that he has confidence in Kunihiro to do what’s expected of him, Kunihiro has absolute faith in Kane-san’s abilities to fulfill their master’s expectations as well.

The thing is, Kunihiro never says it out loud. He never says that he’s the one that’s certain of it. Just that Saniwa made the decision based on their careful deliberation “so that’s all that matters.”

And I think the reason why there’s no need for Kunihiro to give his input is because Kane-san already knows Kunihiro thinks that way and Kunihiro knows that Kane-san knows that he thinks that way.

So really, words are unnecessary. Even belief is unnecessary. Kunihiro knows for a fact that Kane-san will make a good captain and it must be very comforting for Kane-san to receive that indirect reminder, like an undercurrent of support added to the task Saniwa has assigned him.

Especially at that point when their unit has only been recently formed and everybody was still in the awkward phase because they haven’t gotten used to each other yet. It’s nice to know someone’s willing to follow his lead because he’s him and not because it’s Saniwa’s order.

I like how even when they’re in a room full of people, they still manage to have a conversation that’s somehow exclusive to the two of them.

I mean, they don’t even need to say much. Sharing a look is enough.


And after this, episode 5 NEVER happened, OK?! Everything went fine! The mission went fine! Everybody returned back FINE! There were NO problems! Dx<

Not sure if it’s the dialogue or the sun setting in the distance or what but there’s something very warm about this scene. Two swords reminiscing about their former master…without it needing to go down Depression Lane because Hijikata Toshizo……

Yea, I appreciate that they let these two have this at least. My boys don’t need more angst than what they’re already going through. TwT

I swear, I’m not going to let this post end on a sad note even if it kills me! *flips a table to distract myself from feels* (ノ`Д)ノ:・’∵:.┻┻

You know everyone’s still taking their time to get over what happened at Edo, especially Kane-san. Yet despite him taking it the hardest, he doesn’t want the others to start worrying about him and his own problems. Kunihiro most of all, I’m sure, because it’s a given that Kunihiro will be the most concerned.

So he tries to brush it off. Though the attempt is very weak seeing how exhausted he is so forcing a smile must make it even more tiring for him.

I mean, in a tiny way, it’s sweet that some part of him may be thinking “I don’t want Kunihiro to worry, he’s still new to this, I gotta look out for him, I don’t want him to get discouraged, I don’t want him to blame himself for not being able to assist me, this was his first mission, for god’s sake!”…but that just makes it all the more sad because it’d be so much easier for him if he just lets himself rely on his team. If he just lets himself rely on Kunihiro like he normally would because then he wouldn’t have to put up a front and Kunihiro wouldn’t have to go through an extra heap of feeling unneeded when in fact, he is very much needed right now.

God, ya big baby, would you just let yourself be taken care of?!


…I’m okay. I’m okay and you know why? Because I’m gonna bet $100 that this is the scene they’re gonna re-show when Katsugeki Season 1 ends andand it’s going to be perfect because Kane-san will be okay, Kunihiro will be okay, they’ll be more than okay because they got each other (hence the peaceful smiles, d’aww~), the Second Unit will be okay and get to stay together and by then, they’ll all have gotten over themselves to be badass and inhumanly pretty again…except they’re always inhumanly pretty but just better without the angst.

Oh, and gorgeous backgrounds because ufotable knows how to deliver those.

( ๑  ̄ ◡  ̄ ๑ )b

Yea, I’m gonna need this to happen at least once in-story, too.

Ok, that’s all until part 2. Bai~! (●´・∀・`)ノ”

soukokuweek, fic updates

soukokuweek is a good reason to rise up from the ashes, i think. please see below for the (long) list of my fics for y'all.


day 01 :: sartorialism
title :: patchwork
summary :: It starts out as a whim. [aka, mafia!dazai wants chuuya as his personal tailor]

day 01 :: sartorialism + sheep song
title :: wrap your heart
summary :: On one hand, men supposedly give clothes as gifts because they want the pleasure of stripping the gift out of the recipient. On another hand, everyone stage-whispers around him that Dazai’s having fun dressing up his dog.

day 02 ::  spring + partner
title :: day in the life
summary :: Chuuya’s birthday this year falls on a Saturday.

day 03 :: goody two-shoes + “historical” AU
title :: two in many
summary :: Dazai and Chuuya meets each other much later in life. [aka, what if they weren’t soukoku? / alternate first meeting AU]

day 04 :: memento mori + chase my wish
title :: perish with grace
summary ::  Chuuya’s an assassin, the best of his kind. He ends up acquiring an apprentice in the most unorthodox way: killing the young man’s family. [aka assassin!Chuuya + teenage!Dazai]

day 05 :: horror AU
title :: hunted
summary ::  It’s supposed to be a silly dare. [Haunted House AU]

day 05 :: horror AU + darkness my sorrow
title :: as long as you’re mine
summary :: He takes care of him. [Kidnapping AU]

day 07 :: free day
title :: lovers upon a battlefield
summary :: Chuuya wakes up in a locked room filled with other killers. Dazai, who slept with him the night before, ends up being dragged to the mess. [Battle Royale AU]

#other fics, posted under anon (so i guess it’s now considered de-anoned?)

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Top 5 Thursday: Edgiest Champions

By Helmight

Kayn isn’t the first edgy champion to show up in League of Legends. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a veritable horde of assassins, teenagers, and ninjas who all think they’re the coolest of the cool – and try WAY too hard to make you think so too. Today’s Top 5 counts down the biggest edgelords in the game.

And just for clarity’s sake: Kayn is 100% the biggest edgelord in the game. He’d be an easy first place, but since he’s not in the game yet, I’ll be picking the next 5. Sorry Kayn.

#5:  Mordekaiser

The main reason Mordekaiser makes the list is because of how edgy his name is. “Mordekaiser” literally translates to “murder emperor” in German – it’s tough to get better than that.

Morde’s also an armor-wearing lich lord that enslaves the souls of those he kills. It sounds like a fifteen-year-old’s original character as is, so Morde definitely deserves a spot on the list.

#4:  Katarina

Katarina doesn’t look too edgy, but her voiceover is full of terrible lines. “Violence solves everything,” “Why? Because I can,” and “Never play fair” are just a few of her most edgy lines – and she has plenty more to regale you with.

Kat’s playstyle is pretty edgy too, what with all the dagger spamming and blinking around. At least she isn’t as bad as some of the other characters on the list.

#3:  Shaco

We all know some kid from high school who thought the Joker was the coolest thing ever when The Dark Knight came out. You know, the one that dyed his hair green and walked around saying “why so serious?” all the time? That one.

Shaco is that kid’s wet dream – he’s a Joker that you can actually play as and murder people with. I guess he’s not technically that edgy himself, but since his playerbase mostly is, he deserves to be up here. 

#2:  Xayah

One of the biggest reasons I hate Xayah is because of how edgy she’s trying to be. The concept of a vastayan warrior fighting for her people’s survival could have been cool, but Xayah’s whole voiceover and appearance just make her seem like a teenager rebelling against her parent’s curfew. Her whole goal is dumb too – Xayah doesn’t seem to be doing much besides being racist against humans.

I will never know why Rakan found her attractive – she’s just a terribly unpleasant person to be around.

#1: Talon

Before Kayn, Talon was bar-none the edgiest champion in the game. His whole voiceover was full of clichés, his voice acting itself was terrible, and his appearance made him look like a bad Assassin’s Creed ripoff. Talon has “original character, do not steal” written all over him.

Talon’s edge is so bad he barely looks like a League of Legends character – he could easily pass for a champion in some third-party ripoff game. All of these factors combine to give the Blade’s Shadow the top spot.

Let me know which champions you think are the edgiest in the comments, and be sure to like and reblog this post if you enjoyed it!


Leading Films of 2015

In place of a Top 10 films of 2015 list, A-BitterSweet-Life presents a list of films from the past year that bring forth the magical quality of visual storytelling while shedding light on how cinema as an art form can provide uniquely captivating stories that attest to the power of cinematic expression.

45 Years is a film all film lovers regardless of age ought to see, a cinematic experience all filmmakers ought to aspire to create: engaging, revealing, emotionally pulling, and inspiring. Director Andrew Haigh demonstrates the captivating effect of simplicity and subtlety, and whether it is through a long take of a human in reflection or the sound of the mountains burdening the soul of one imagining past events, he offers audiences and filmmakers an example of a film that naturally defines the artistic in cinema and the art form’s ability to capture and portray life in a close-to-the-skin, honest manner. The Assassin directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien shares a similar spotlight. The art of cinema could be defined as the poetry of moving pictures and sounds through Hou’s enchanting take on the wuxia film. Beautifully shot and edited scenes along with an impressionistic narrative reveal how a filmmaker of detail can create something so refreshing and yet all the while timeless, bringing to light the significance of the filmmaker’s style. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant reaffirms how exploring new frontiers in terms of ways to tell cinematic stories can be as equally impacting as an epic portrayal of survival and frontier justice. Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario pays further attention to the possibilities offered by the language of film: when guided by an attention for the visual and aural elements of film language, even a drug cartel thriller can deliver elegance, even artistic action films can exist.

Again we visit romantic love, and like Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years, Todd Haynes offers a captivating example with Carol of harmony in film, when each of its elements such as direction, the image, and performance come together to create what seems like a perfect arrangement of things. It brings to mind Robert Bresson’s definition of cinema: 

To me cinema is the art of having each thing in its place. In this it resembles all the other arts. Like the anecdote about Johann Sebastian Bach playing for a student, the student gushes with admiration, but Bach says, “There’s nothing to admire. You just have to hit the note at the right time, and the organ does the rest.” 

Son of Saul is unflinching on its quest to depict the realities of the Holocaust in film rather than approaching it for dramatic value. Once a student of Béla Tarr, director László Nemes similarly chooses to address the human situation within a story with his first feature, and he boldly sheds light on the transportational quality of film and its power to offer an intimate human experience. Comparisons to a master like Tarr do not come close to truly describing the true nature of the Nemes’ style of directing, it only furthers arguments for a promising career. Meanwhile, Creed director Ryan Coogler continues to impress. His sophomore effort shows how a film in the right hands can elevate from mere entertainment and offer an engaging cinematic experience. Paolo Sorrentino proves yet again that a stylistic approach to storytelling can enchant audiences–his film Youth is striking, visually and emotionally. Unique and intelligent filmmaking with an honest voice reveals itself in Marielle Heller’s first feature film Diary of a Teenage Girl and makes the demand for more diverse and human stories. “The human” continues to resurface in this list because one may say that film is the ultimate expression of the human experience. As such, John Crowley beautifully awakens the past and echoes the journeys of many with the well-crafted and emotionally engaging Brooklyn.

Honorable Mentions: Girlhood, Slow West, The Duke of BurgundyMe, My Friend Earl, and the Dying Girl, Joy, Phoenix, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


“She’s still the fastest in the Atlantic - sure, she needs some attention…Minor things mostly but with a little affection she’ll fly again.”
“Who is “she”?”
“WHO is SHE? Why the Aquila, boy! The Ghost of the North Seas!”
“A boat.”
“B-b..a BOAT?!”

I love that scene when Connor meets Robert Faulkner and being sceptic about “the ghost of the north seas”. It feels that something considerable and adventurous is coming and our young-almost-assassin is goin to become a great captain.
well actually i love any scene with teenage connor but still

Candlelit Dinners and Hand-holding

Fandom: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 

Pairing: Karma x Gakushuu

Word count: 4k

Notes: minor manga spoilers. 

on the AO3

It starts with the cake.

Actually, no, that’s inaccurate. It actually starts with the principal not knowing when to leave his fifteen year old son to stew in his own rage and comes up, lays a pseudo-understanding hand on his shoulder, and says with a voice oozing false sympathy, “Asano-kun? Is something the matter?”

As if he didn’t know. The cake -a spectacle of bright pinks and whites, and the most insulting thing was that it looked pretty good- was sitting right there, effortlessly mocking in the middle of the dining table.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Gakushuu mumbles from his face-plant into the desk.

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