teenage apollo

all your gods are teenage girls: apollo, god of the sun, music, and arts.

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Apollo

It is with the sun that she rises, her morning breakfast perfected before it is documented for everyone to see on instagram. She carries around an entire flock of notepads, all fit to burst with poetic musings and dreamy scribbles. They say that her head is in the clouds and that she can speak nothing but the truth, and perhaps it’s true. She doesn’t care about being nice, doesn’t lie through her teeth and tell people that their new haircut suits them when it doesn’t. But she glows, radiant and golden and warm, enough to make the gloomiest of days a little brighter.

the apollo trials

okay so everyone is excited to see Apollo’s teenage self interact with his kids, but what if he decides to visit some of his ex-lovers?

  • Imagine him revisiting all of them in order to learn more about his kids
  • The look of confusion they have when they see a 16 year old boy on their doorstep claiming to be the father of their child
  • the awkward silence between them because the father of their child is now a 16 year old boy
  • him making the situation worse by bringing up that their kid is around the same age as him
  • Him thanking them for being there for their child and apologizing for being so absent
  • Him insisting on writing them all a haiku even when they’re like “you really don’t have to”
  • having a better understanding of what his kids must of felt like 
  • going back to camp half-blood with embarrassing baby pictures of his kids
  • Apollo getting mad at his relatives for not being more involved with their kids
  • telling the other campers embarrassing things about their godly parents

Modern Apollo and Artemis, for a project maybe
Some HC : they’re roomies in a big city because mommy-daddy thought it was easier and cheaper. 
Apollo is totally a drama queen, flirting here and there, bringing home boys and girls he wants to score with (Artémis is fed up) but always come back crying because “Daphné left him again ugh”. He wears mascara that runs when he cries (and he does, a lot). He is pan
Artémis is a bit of an introvert, she likes to chill out at home during the day, or with her girls (she is the gang leader) and defeat patriarcat in dance battle the night. She ace

okay okay i kno it’s still pretty new but my trash heart can’t help it (in case u didn’t hear human Apollo is a thing, when will u stop rick?)

  • Apollo arriving @ camp half blood with ripped clothes and a dirt streaked face
  • and seeing Chiron like hey i’m apollo gonna stay thanks XD
  • Chiron then getting the entirety of the story from the gods etc and like thinking man im too old for this shit
  • Apollo thinking he’ll get special treatment and takes a room in the big house but Chiron’s like nope ur staying in the Apollo cabin
  • and him sulking over to his cabin and everyone gawking 
  • Apollo’s all like take a picture it’ll last longer! all sarcastic
  • everyone in the apollo cabin is like torn like do we call this teenager dad? like i look older 
  • Apollo thinking he can get away with anything bc he’s a god and Chiron’s like no and give’s him kitchen duty 
  • apollo sparring w/ percy (percy beats him bc teenager apollo is all talk and no muscle)
  • percy’s slightly terrified 
  • hi apollo is a percabeth shipper
  • Artemis coming to visit camp b/c she has to see her brother like this, he isn’t going to live this down for centuries 
  • Apollo realizing how it fucks up all these demigods that some don’t even get basic acknowledgment from their godly parents 

“Recently I learned the hard way that sometimes I have to step back and let other people do their own quests, even people I care about.”

Okay so say Annabeth met Magnus after HoO… So she may have been talking about how Percy let her go do the Mark of Athena quest alone.

Or the whole exhange camper thing with Jason and Percy - even though it’s totally the fault of certain annoying goddesses.

Or maybe our beloved Percy Jackson is currently out and about doing gods-know-what on a quest without Annabeth with gods-know-who and maybe that’s why she’s roaming Boston looking for Magnus… Maybe it all has something to do with Apollo’s trials or some other (but seriously I SWEAR TO THE GODS IF TEENAGE APOLLO WHISKED PERCY INTO SOME GODSFORSAKEN QUEST I WILL PERSONALLY DRIVE HIS SUNNY CHARIOT INTO THE SEA SO HELP ME APOLLO)

Oooooor… Maybe the quest is with Carter. That would be nice, wouldn’t it. A change of scenery.