teenage and torture

Seventeen things you have to learn for yourself
as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual
or otherwise Queer youth
by the time you are seventeen.

One is that the first Pride was a riot
I don’t mean that it was full of laughter, or that it was some grand party
where everyone spiraled up to dance among the stars
because the only glittering that night
was broken glass on cobblestones.
The first Pride was a riot
on the backstreets of New York
and they never tell us
that night
we won.
The only protest
in a decade full of turmoil
where the cops had to hide out in the bar they raided
and run from shouting rioters
who fought to reclaim the only patch of ground they had ever claimed as theirs
the first Pride was a riot,

and two, around the same time it took place
it was a debated topic in the gay community
whether or not they should say
that they weren’t mentally ill

which, three, homosexuality was removed
from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental illnesses
in 1974
all it took was a vote to declare that, whoops, we were never mentally ill

except, four, there are still teenagers being tortured today
in what some dare blaspheme as “therapy”
used to destroy their self-identity
in the hopes of making them normal.
except, four, the queer community still carries overwhelmingly high rates for poverty and homelessness and depression.

Did you know that, five,
over half the children forced into conversion therapy
commit suicide?

And six, that lesbians
were regarded as “hangers-on”
of the movement
by much of the gay community
before the AIDS crisis?

Because it turns out, seven can wear a rainbow on your shirt
and still be a bigot.
There are people who stick rainbows in their ears
or wear them on their fingers
or slap them across their cheeks in badges of defiance
and will still hate you for the color of your skin
or the size of your thighs
or your gender
or the way you like to kiss two or more genders
or none of the above.
Don’t ask me why this happens
it just does
I think it might be that we’ve all been taught to hate ourselves
for so damn long
that we don’t understand what to do
in a space with no hate.
Or maybe it’s that the space seems too small, because

eight, there are people who will tell you that you are not enough
that you do not reach the magical benchmark of “gay enough” to pass through the gate even
when you are some flavor of the rainbow other than straight-out gay.
eight, this is bullshit
eight, those people are bullshit.
eight, you are enough.
eight, there is always enough room.

nine, there is no overarching “homosexual agenda”
we’re all kind of flailing along in here trying to figure out some way to make it work
when most of us have nothing in common
except that society looked at us in different ways and decided we didn’t fit
so we could all go be misfits together
under one big rainbow flag

but just so you know, ten, there are plenty of other flags
there is one for you, I promise

and eleven, misfits may not all need the same things
but we need to stick together, especially in a world where

twelve—refer to point seven—there are lesbians who hate other lesbians
for having the audacity to be born in a body
that everyone looked at and saw “boy”
which brings me to

thirteen, there is so much to understand.

fourteen, you need to understand
because we need to stick together
and to stick together we do not have to be the same but we do have to understand
and it will be hard because
you were probably thrown into this world with no warning because

fifteen, being queer is not genetic and we are not unique among minorities
in that we collect our heritage through broken bits of history and research in a world constantly working to make those misfit bits go away
but we are unique in that when we try to prove our legacy
we can be laughed down
or re-erased
or flat out ignored
but I swear to you
you have a history as old as Alexander the Great
as beautiful as Sappho
as dignified as Abraham Lincoln
and as proud as Eleanor Roosevelt.

But even with that behind us
they have always watched us die.
because even though the bystander effect is bullshit, sixteen
Kitty Genovese was a lesbian, sixteen
Ronald Reagan is a mass murderer, sixteen
our children, your brothers and sisters and  siblings of all stripes and all colors and sexualities and genders are being murdered
through neglect
and rejection
and hate.

Sixteen, there is an entire generation of gay and bisexual men
missing from history
because the government chose to do nothing
when they were dying by the thousands.
sixteen, we died from the disease and died from going back into the closet and died for staying there and died for coming out,
sixteen, they laughed at us because they believed god was punishing us for daring to love,
sixteen, ashes of your forerunners rest on the lawn of the White House because

you are allowed
to be angry.
You do not have to be one of the nice gays
or one of the nice trans people
or sweet or kind or educate the rest of the world in something less than a yell
you are allowed to be so furious it scalds your bones
at the way we are forgotten
and passed over
at the way, as soon as June becomes July
we are expected
to go back to dying in silence
and mourning our dead
and kissing all alone
when no one can be offended
at the sight of us.
You are allowed to be angry
and scream down the stars
to shatter like broken glass at your feet
because you know what?
The first Pride
was a riot.

—  October 11

Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves

do you ever think about how Problematic™ your early teen ships would have been if tumblr existed back then? like. jesus. kids these days: you have no idea how great it was to enjoy, for example, violent possession/manipulative bodysharing hard dubcon in peace. thirteen year old me needed space to be freaky.

  • Jace: Hello! I'm Jace Lightwood.
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh really? Tell me more about it.
  • Brother Zachariah: Because it sounds like bullshit to me.
  • Brother Zachariah: Everything about you screams "HERONDALE".
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh please do tell me how you feel about ducks?
  • Brother Zachariah: And pianist fingers bitch? This was MY idea!
  • Brother Zachariah: Also aren't you like sarcastic teenager with tortured soul and invisible "inner goodness"?
  • Brother Zachariah: And tell me about the girl you have but apparently can't have for some reason
  • Brother Zachariah: Didn't you like A Tale Of Two Cities a little too much?
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh! And did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me BY MY FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI!
  • Brother Zachariah: call yourself Lightwood onw more time bitch.
  • Brother Zachariah: ONE. MORE. TIME.
  • Jace: ...

y’all are more disgusted by the fact that a couple of teenagagers who were unknowingly second or third cousins fell in love and had sex, than the fact that a teenage boy was kidnapped, tortured and then shot in the head point fucking blank by his own father for no real justifiable reason… and a teenage pregnant girl was forced into convent like it’s 1950 and not told the person she loved and had no clue she was related to had been murdered…

but it’s the ‘incest’ that is ‘fucked up’, yeah, okay tumblr.

I don’t agree with kids being allowed to see themselves as transgender because what if it’s a phase?

“I think it’s dangerous, I think it’s bordering on child abuse”

You would not sodding believe how often I come across this argument.

So, okay, let’s look at it from your point of view. You think it’s a phase, so let’s go with that. Let’s even compare it to your kid going through a goth/emo phase.

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So, when your kid goes through their goth/emo phase, did you say “put down that eyeliner, you won’t feel like this forever, so why bother exploring it?” or did you buy them the My Chemical Romance tshirts and smile when you saw how excited they got? Let’s be honest, you did the latter, because unless you’re an arsehead you actually DO like seeing your children happy, and you KNEW for certain that this particular self expression was a phase. You didn’t get why they liked this style so much, but you liked how much they seemed to like it. You let them dress how they wanted and express their tortured teenage soul regardless of you knowing it would be seen as “weird” and “unpopular” in school, because you know that your child is unique; they’ve always been different and you’re proud of that (even if you’re tired of spending half the family budget on purple hair dye and twenty pairs of strappy combat pants (soz Mam)).

So, in your view, why is allowing them a “phase” of expressing their gender any different? Why is this something to be quashed?

If you’re not trans you might find it impossibly difficult to even imagine being in turmoil over your own gender. It’s something you might take for granted, the comfort of being told you’re a girl or a boy and your very being saying “why, yes, yes I am”. So you might not understand why it’s important, I get it, but your lack of understanding doesn’t trump a child’s need to express themselves.

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So here’s some facts for you, for those who think it’s dangerous:

You can’t get surgery until you’re an adult, so no one’s lopping off or adding ANYTHING to a 6 year old that’s allowed wear a dress, okay?

♥ Any drugs that are administered to someone under 18 are puberty blockers, to help an easier transition later in life and to reduce gender dysphoria. Even if, and it’s incredibly rare, but even IF the child changes their mind and it actually may have been “a phase”, this treatment is 100% reversible, so, again, nothing ACTUALLY physically changes until they’re an adult

♥ They could get bullied. They definitely could, I’m not gonna lie to you, they have about as much likely hood as being bullied as absolute anyone - but you can’t help that part (hell, if you don’t get bullied for your gender identity, bullies WILL find something, trust me). You can’t stop them from being THEM to help stop them from being bullied! What you’re basically doing is bullying them at home to hopefully stop them getting bullied outside, and that’s fairly messed up. Better to show them that they have love and support at home so that if they do get teased, at least they know someone at home has their back.

- - -

No one is giving children surgery. Gender exploration isn’t dangerous.

Your child actually MIGHT have more of an idea about their gender identity than you do. I know you have more world experience and they don’t, but christ, LET THEM EXPERIENCE the world themselves - you can’t control what they will think, what they will like, and what they will feel. Use your worldly experience to sympathise and support, not to dismiss because it wasn’t your personal experience and you “know better”.

This time, for once, maybe you don’t.

17 things

This is a revised version of a poem originally posted on October 11, 2016. Spoken word version can be found here. 

Seventeen things you have to learn for yourself

as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual

or otherwise Queer youth

by the time you are seventeen.

One is that the first Pride was a riot

I don’t mean that it was full of laughter, or that it was some grand party

where everyone spiraled up to dance among the stars

because the only glittering that night

was broken glass on cobblestones.

The first Pride was a riot

on the backstreets of New York

and they never tell us

that that night

we won.

They never tell us

that it was the only protest

in a decade full of turmoil

where the cops had to hide from the shouting, dancing rioters

who fought to reclaim the only ground they had ever been able to say was theirs.

Stonewall is only an echo of a name in our history

Christopher Street Liberation Day even less

but I swear to you

the first thing you need to know is

the first Pride was a riot,

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Recent comments from Yates revealed that a scene was cut from the end of Fantastic Beasts that showed Credence alive and well, boarding a boat that could be the same one that Newt left New York on. The fact that he somehow survived while his obscurus was destroyed is in keeping with a lot of fans noticing that when he was killed, a small piece of black was seen floating away. Yates also notes that Credence will play an important role moving forward; great news for fans of Ezra Miller, who turned in a strong performance as the tortured teenage wizard, who was desperately ashamed of his powers.


I think we’ve all heard about the story of four black teenagers torturing a white disabled man for two days because they “hate white people” and “hate Donald Trump” and posting it on Facebook Live by now. And I think it is absolutely disgusting how the country is dealing with this hate crime. The story’s got so little media coverage and will therefore guaranteed die in a few days, but the most fucked up thing is people actually denying that this is a fucking hate crime, an act of pure racism, with the explanations “You can’t be racist against whites” and “But slavery…!” Please note that this man was not only severely beaten, he was scalped. His injuries were so severe, you could see the white of his scull showing. How far do your heads have to be up your asses to actually deny the crime, by either justifying it or ignoring the racism?

Honestly, they all make me want to throw up. If this happened to a black man, BLM and the media would go fucking nuts over this. Just absolutely funny how Twitter and Tumblr, which are oh so #woke usually, are silent.

I just really hope the man recovers and the four attackers get fair sentences and rot in prison. They deserve it.

Honesty the thing that made the interrogation scene in Ahsoka so much worse than others in Star Wars is that there was nothing sci-fi about it. It was an entirely realistic scene of a teenager being tortured for information by a fascist government, and nothing about it would have been different if it were a scene set in the real world.

Also, them asking Kaeden if she had any heart conditions before they electrocuted her was a really creepy touch.

May 4, 1966 – Where Branded Girl Died – State and defense attorneys today viewed this mattress laying on the floor of the Gertrude Baniszewski home where police said they found the beaten and branded body of Sylvia Marie Likens. A tour of the house also was arranged for a jury hearing the murder trial of Mrs. Baniszewski and four teenagers. 


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Requested by anonymous:

“Brett Talbot imagine where you’re a Banshee and hear ringing in your ears whenever something is wrong and he helps you get rid of it by getting you to focus on his voice? Just loads of fluff please :) I love your imagines to bits!!!”

Note: Quite short but hopefully you like it anon! <333

I hated being a banshee.

More specifically I hated being a useless banshee.

Even more specifically I hated being a useless banshee in a pack with another banshee who is actually helpful.

It wasn’t like I was jealous of Lydia, actually I was quite grateful my talent wasn’t finding dead bodies out of the blue.

It just frustrated me that I couldn’t focus my abilities (I doubt I even have any) to be able to help the pack.

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curiouslylazy  asked:

KuroKen with #6 ?

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

It’s raining by the time Tetsurou gets off work at the part-time job he manages after school and practice on the weekends. It makes for a busy schedule, but it’s nice to have some pocket change (especially when a certain someone’s birthday is approaching). Unfortunately, because it’s so close to his house his mom always insists on him walking home from work, and apparently she has no problem with him walking home in the rain because when he steps outside the store his mother’s small blue Toyota is nowhere in sight.

So he trudges home in the midst of the downpour, guessing this is supposed to build character or something. He’s fully ready to complain when he steps into his home and peels off his wet shoes and socks, when his mother calls to him from the couch where she’s (predictably) reading comfortably swaddled in blankets and holding a glass of wine.

“Kenma-kun’s here,” she says, not looking up from the page. “He’s upstairs in your room.”

Brightening at this news, Tetsurou forgets to complain and takes the steps two at a time, bursting into his room the same way he always bursts into Kenma’s. His enthusiastic greeting catches in his throat, causing him to choke on the words. As he coughs, tears stinging his eyes, he stares at his best friend in complete and utter shock.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” he wheezes once he can manage to speak.

Kenma, who’s lying on his back in just a pair of small Superman boxer-briefs, doesn’t look away from the PSP he’s holding above his head, thumbs tapping rhythmically.

“I’m not naked.”

“Practically!” Tetsurou gulps, doing his best not to stare at Kenma’s legs. His knee is bent, the other leg resting across it, giving Tetsurou a very nice view of his thighs. It’s been only half a year or so since Tetsurou’s admitted to himself that he’s hopelessly attracted (and most likely in love) with his best friend, so this entire situation feels like it belongs in one of his dreams, not reality.

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Midnight Soldier, short.

Thank you to everyone who helped me decide if I should post this short based on the Winter Soldier.

Here’s what you need to know for this short. Seven years ago Ben sacrificed himself to save earth and evryone thought he died, but Psychobos found him. For five years Psychobos tortured Ben forgot all about his past, Psyhobos trained Ben to become the Midnight Soldier and eventually kill Azmuth. Two years ago Psychobos had Ben attack Earth and Rook found Ben. Lots of stuff happen between then and now. This Short takes place after all of that.

Feel free to ask if there’s anything else about this AU that you need to know.

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So I am not what one would call a Ralph Waldo Emerson Expert but I love the guy, so I can at least give some of the basics.

Emerson was born in Boston, son of a minister who unfortunately died when Waldo was a kid. His mom did everything she could to get all of her sons into college, and Emerson managed to get into Harvard in 1817.

While he was at Harvard, Emerson fell in love. Or at least, he thought he did. For like a sold year, he does nothing but follow and write about this mysterious figure who has captured his heart. The love’s name was Martin Gay. Martin never once actually talked to him, and honestly found Emerson a little creepy???? Because Emerson was too scared to talk to him and never made a move.

Eventually he graduates dead center in his class, tries to do the teaching thing, fails miserably, then decides to become a minister.

He then becomes one of the founders of the Transcendentalist movement. When Emerson failed, he failed miserably. But where he succeeded, he created a religious movement that reluctant high school English students are forced to try to comprehend even to this day. Because clearly that was Emerson’s goal: torture teenagers for generations to come.

All joking aside, Transcendentalism was actually a really big deal, because it changed EVERYTHING. It was short lived, but it still has its merits even now. Essentially, there is divinity in nature and in yourself. It was a romantic notion, and one where a person sought to make the world a better place because they simply felt it was the right thing to do. It focused on individuals, but it actually contributed to major social change. And Emerson was on board for a lot of it- especially anti-slavery and women’s rights.

But Emerson was not without controversy- his religious beliefs were radical as hell, especially for daring to suggest that Jesus wasn’t actually divine. And they only grow more radical with the death of his first wife. By all accounts, she truly was the love of his life, and many thing that was the trigger that turned him into a transcendentalist in the first place.

His marriage to his second wife was…………………………………….. rough. At best. He proposed by letter, and she referred to him as Mr. Emerson for their entire marriage. He also named their daughter after his first wife????? Which totally wasn’t awkward, nope, not awkward at all. And he was a bit flirty to people. I say people, because while he mostly flirted with women, he seemed to know a handsome dude when he saw one too.

So it was hardly the happiest marriage, but Emerson adored his children. Though when his son died at five, Emerson never really recovered from it.

He also ended up letting Henry David Thoreau live with him for a time, and their relationship was a hilarious roller-coaster in itself. But hey, they were best friends, all the same. Really… weird best friends, but aren’t all best friends, in the end?

He also because a huge fanboy/benefactor/sugar daddy for Walt Whitman, another relationship that was a total mess of highs and lows and would take up another post entirely.

Unfortunately, Waldo began to suffer from dementia in the last three years of his life. It was a devastating blow for him, and a devastating blow to all of his friends. Emerson died in 1882, leaving behind one of the most controversial, complex, and influential careers out of anyone in the Boston gang.

And on a final note, when he was young Emerson was a total twink, and that is something the history books will never teach you:

sucker’s luck: a mix for wirt, a sad jerk teenager and tortured soul poet lost in the woods with his little brother. probably does not contain clarinet or poetry. art by tumblr user ikimaru!

i. frogs singing - andrew bird ii. the river - anathallo iii. the forest - mirah iv. vagabond - beirut v. oh heartland, up yours! - owen pallett vi. talking bird - death cab for cutie vii. holocene - bon iver viii. shallows - daughter ix. exile vilify - the national x. the black bird, the dark slope - los campesinos! xi. all the trees of the field will clap their hands - sufjan stevens

Alright Tumblr, Time to Cast in Your Vote!

Will you support 4 black teenagers who committed a hate crime against a white, mentally disabled teenager OR will you support the white, mentally disabled teenager who was kidnapped, tied up, tortured, and beaten by 4 black teens for 2 days?

But obviously, that’s not a very serious or important issue.

Instead, we should bash Pewdiepie for saying the n-word. Yep, that’s definitely more important than some black teenagers torturing a white teenager.