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Recent comments from Yates revealed that a scene was cut from the end of Fantastic Beasts that showed Credence alive and well, boarding a boat that could be the same one that Newt left New York on. The fact that he somehow survived while his obscurus was destroyed is in keeping with a lot of fans noticing that when he was killed, a small piece of black was seen floating away. Yates also notes that Credence will play an important role moving forward; great news for fans of Ezra Miller, who turned in a strong performance as the tortured teenage wizard, who was desperately ashamed of his powers.


I think we’ve all heard about the story of four black teenagers torturing a white disabled man for two days because they “hate white people” and “hate Donald Trump” and posting it on Facebook Live by now. And I think it is absolutely disgusting how the country is dealing with this hate crime. The story’s got so little media coverage and will therefore guaranteed die in a few days, but the most fucked up thing is people actually denying that this is a fucking hate crime, an act of pure racism, with the explanations “You can’t be racist against whites” and “But slavery…!” Please note that this man was not only severely beaten, he was scalped. His injuries were so severe, you could see the white of his scull showing. How far do your heads have to be up your asses to actually deny the crime, by either justifying it or ignoring the racism?

Honestly, they all make me want to throw up. If this happened to a black man, BLM and the media would go fucking nuts over this. Just absolutely funny how Twitter and Tumblr, which are oh so #woke usually, are silent.

I just really hope the man recovers and the four attackers get fair sentences and rot in prison. They deserve it.

  • Jace: Hello! I'm Jace Lightwood.
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh really? Tell me more about it.
  • Brother Zachariah: Because it sounds like bullshit to me.
  • Brother Zachariah: Everything about you screams "HERONDALE".
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh please do tell me how you feel about ducks?
  • Brother Zachariah: And pianist fingers bitch? This was MY idea!
  • Brother Zachariah: Also aren't you like sarcastic teenager with tortured soul and invisible "inner goodness"?
  • Brother Zachariah: And tell me about the girl you have but apparently can't have for some reason
  • Brother Zachariah: Didn't you like A Tale Of Two Cities a little too much?
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh! And did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me BY MY FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI!
  • Brother Zachariah: call yourself Lightwood onw more time bitch.
  • Brother Zachariah: ONE. MORE. TIME.
  • Jace: ...
Alright Tumblr, Time to Cast in Your Vote!

Will you support 4 black teenagers who committed a hate crime against a white, mentally disabled teenager OR will you support the white, mentally disabled teenager who was kidnapped, tied up, tortured, and beaten by 4 black teens for 2 days?

But obviously, that’s not a very serious or important issue.

Instead, we should bash Pewdiepie for saying the n-word. Yep, that’s definitely more important than some black teenagers torturing a white teenager.

So four black teenagers kidnap and torture a boy for being white in a blatantly racist hate crime and nobody says anything, but PewDiePie says the n word once in his latest video and that’s what people on Twitter choose to complain about? Grow up

Honesty the thing that made the interrogation scene in Ahsoka so much worse than others in Star Wars is that there was nothing sci-fi about it. It was an entirely realistic scene of a teenager being tortured for information by a fascist government, and nothing about it would have been different if it were a scene set in the real world.

Also, them asking Kaeden if she had any heart conditions before they electrocuted her was a really creepy touch.

  • Jace: Why, hello there, I'm Jace Light-
  • Brother Zachariah: Oh really? Tell me more about it.
  • Brother Zachariah: Bitch, everything about you screams "HERONDALE"
  • Brother Zachariah: oh tell me how do you feel about ducks
  • Brother Zachariah: and the pianist fingers bitch this was MY idea
  • Brother Zachariah: also aren't you like, a sarcastic teenager with a tortured soul and invisable inner goodness
  • Brother Zachariah: and tell me more about falling for a girl you can't have for some reason
  • Brother Zachariah: liked A Tale of Two Cities much?
  • Brother Zachariah: oh and did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me, by my FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI
  • Brother Zachariah: Call yourself Lightwood one more time, bitch
  • Brother Zachariah: ONE
  • Brother Zachariah: MORE
  • Brother Zachariah: TIME
  • Jace: .....

The Cognitive Dissonance of the Social Justice WarriorChris Ray Gun. Spoilers for MGS V: Ground Zeroes.

Fun fact; In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (SPOILERS), Paz is sexually and physically abused - including rape - and has a bomb put in her vagina, as the video points out. She also has one put in her stomach, forcing the protagonists to remove it without anesthetic. This is presented as a highly disturbing sequence. The one in her vagina is there as a backup, in an attempt to kill the protagonists.

But you know what also happens in the game? A teenage boy is also tortured and sexually abused. In fact, he’s forced to have sex with Paz. She already knew about his crush on her, and actually told him to have sex with her to save his life.

My point being; this game is messed up in a way that might make a Game of Thrones character go “wait, what”, and not just for women. The fact that SJWs like Mcintosh are complaining only about what happened to Paz, but not Chico being raped, is quite telling.

*Charles attempts to murder Alison as a baby*

Marlene: A has a soul 

*Charles locks 6 teenage girls in a life size dollhouse*

Marlene: A has a soul

*Charles puts Mona in a hole and lets her starve*

Marlene: A has a soul

*Charles plays mind games with the girls to make them go mentally insane*

Marlene: A has a soul

*Charles life mission is to torture teenage girls*

Marlene: A has a soul