Wayward Girl (StilesxReader) Part 1 {SPNXTW}

A/N: Okaay story time. I posted this ages ago on ao3 and then I found out that someone was posting it here??? Anyway I got my account suspended and the person who posted it here deleted. Eventually, I took it down from ao3 and pretty much gave up on the whole story but now there is *****inspiration***** and I can post it again.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: The reader is Dean’s daughter, and after his death, Sam sends her to take care of a werewolf problem in Beacon Hills.

Warnings: angsty, nudity, self harm.

Part 1 Part 2

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Sick (Isaac Lahey)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings: fluffy fluff,,, like one swear word
Word Count: 545 (it’s so short i’m sorry but i was exploding with the fluff)
Request: Yes, by a cutiepie anon


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TV Shows

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (”We lost her Sam!”)

Peter Pan (His untold story)

Theo Reaken (Teen Wolf x Supernatural x Reader | “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”)

Isaac Lahey (Secret love song)

Stiles Stilinski (”But I’m mad!”)

Liam Dunbar (The wolf and the vamp)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Untitled)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Different for girls)

Scott McCall/ Liam Dunbar (Colors)

Jughead Jones (Would you please stop being a pain in the ass for a few seconds and let me help you?)

Jughead Jones (Right where she belongs)

Archie Andrews (One step at a time part one)   (One step at a time part two)  (One step at a time part three)

Jughead Jones (My little Serpent)  (My little Serpent part two)  (My little Serpent part three)

Jughead Jones (Punk Babe)  (Punk Babe Part Two)

Jughead Jones (Lights and Shadows)

Archie Andrews (Perfect timing)  (Perfect timing part two)

Jughead Jones (Breathtaking) 

Jughead Jones (Rebels)

Jughead Jones (Feelings)

Clay Jensen (Goodbye to yesterday)

Justin Foley (I am alive)

Jeff Atkins (Never give up on you)

Stiles Stilinski (Superpowers)

Jughead Jones x FtM!Reader (I’m yours, no matter what)

Jughead Jones (Whenever you’re feeling blue)

FP Jones (Teasing has consequences)

FP Jones (ft Reggie Mantle / Just take care of her)

FP Jones (Yes, I’ll pay for your food)

Peter Pan (A flight to neverland)

Joaquin DeSantos (A girl like you)

Sam Winchester (Concert)


Thomas Brodie Sangster (”Kissing on the roof top”)

Cole Sprouse (Requested| Untitled)

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast | Introductions)

Dylan Sprayberry (”He’s so whipped for this girl”)

Tyler Posey (Nightmare)

Cole Sprouse (”You can’t prove anything!”)

Cole Sprouse Smut (Lights on)

Cole Sprouse (”You’re short.”)

Dylan O’Brien (”Had a nightmare?”)

Tyler Hoechlin (The Superman to my Lois)

Cole Sprouse (First Times)

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Cole Sprouse (You sound so hot)

Cole Sprouse (Fangirls)

Cole Sprouse (We’ll go through this together)

Singers/ Band members/ Djs

Calum Hood (”We can be alone together”)

Martin Garrix (Ruin)

Martin Garrix (Treat you better)

Ashton Irwin (”It’s the darkness mate. Didn’t you see it?  Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive.”)

Jack Johnson (Movie night)

Shawn Mendes (This is my version of heartbreak)

Michael Clofford (Don’t let me treat you better)

Skate Maloley (”You’re beautiful and you all mine”)

Derek Luh (”How can you love something so broken?”)

Levi Jones (Jet Black Heart)

Shawn Mendes (Mondays)

Martin Garrix (”It’s been a while”)

Shawn Mendes (She didin’t wanna be sad)

Shawn Mendes (History)

Shawn Mendes (Birthday Sex)


Newt AU (”I like him. I’ll keep him!”)

Newt (You are mine)

Clint Barton (Falling)

Peter Parker (Peculiar and Beautiful)


(Conor)/ Jack Maynard (All over again)

Joe Sugg (”That’s all I needed blondie.”)

Jack Maynard (”What’s the matter with you?”)

Joe Sugg (”I’m not leaving you!”)

Joe Sugg (”Stay over. I’m alone.”)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!)  (”But I love you!” Part Two)  (”But I love you!” Part Three)

Jc Caylen (”Well, too bad!”)

Kian Lawley (Christmas Surprise)

Kian Lawley (I find peace in the rain)

Kian Lawley (Ignoring the signs)

Dating…Would include

Joe Sugg

Cole Sprouse

Fake Texts/Text Posts

Cisco Ramon (NERD) 

Jack Johnson (Food)

Luke Hemmings 

Imagines from the blog I co-own

Isaac Lahey (Summer Memories)

Isaac Lahey (Let’s dance in the dark/ Paris)

Dating Isaac Lahey would include

Isaac Lahey (Don’t come easy)

Isaac Lahey Series (The break up part one)  (The make up part two)  (The split part three) (The forever final)

Isaac Lahey (It’s a promise not a threat)

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Isaac Lahey (Well ok mr Crying Wolf)

Isaac Lahey (How can you love something so broken)

Isaac Lahey (Panic Attack)

Isaac Lahey (Mercy)


Imagine Liam having a crush on you, Dean and Sam Winchester sister (btw if you look in the back of Liam’s gif doesn’t it look like Jackson stripping on the pole or is that just me?)

What are you?

 Anon requested

Summary: Reader is a werewolf ( Teen wolf version ) and the reader has complete control over herself. She and Dean meet.

Dean x Reader 

Supernatural and Teen Wolf 

You and your pack, also known as Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Kira, and Liam just got out of school. You all had detention. Surprise, surprise. You all missed many days of school and you had to make it up in detention. You eyed the parking lot. You saw Stiles jeep, Scott’s Dirt bike, Lydia’s car, Kira’s car, and a 1967 Chevy impala that you’ve never seen before. “ Who’s car is that? “ you ask aloud. Everyone followed their gaze to the new car and shrugged. “ Don’t know, maybe someone new? “ Liam says. 


This was about a week ago. You’ve been keeping an eye on who was in that impala. Two men, maybe brothers. They seem to always be researching a lot. Once you’ve made eye contact with a man who was always in the drivers seat. You heard the other man Sam call him Dean. You over heard them talking to each other. You know they know somethings up with this school. Something with you and your pack. But they don’t know its you and your pack. So when you told Scott and the rest about it so you made a plan to lay low. 

You had gym class now so you changed into your clothes and ran into the gym. That’s when you saw Dean. He was the new gym teacher? No way, he had to be under cover. You decided to talk to him. “ Hey? Are you the new gym teacher? “ you ask. “ A sub for today, “ he says looking down at you. You smirk, you thought he was cute, and you were a senior. “ Nice shorts, “ you say, your smirk getting larger and you ran around the gym with the other students. You could feel his eyes watching you for the rest of class. 


After gym class you changed back into your clothes and walked to lunch. You saw Sam at the register. You walked over to him and smiled. “ Are you and Dean undercover? “ you ask quietly. He froze, you could tell he was dumbfounded. “ How do you know his name? “ he asked. “ I heard you talking in the impala. What are you doing at this school? “ you ask. His eyes narrow at you. “ It’s you, “ he says. “ Whats me? “ you ask frowning. “ The werewolf wheres the rest of your pack, “ he asks. You gulp, they were hunters. “ What?! You believe in werewolves?! “ you say laughing. You needed to make him think you weren’t. “ Don’t lie, I can see right threw you, now your going to go outside, and walk to the impala with me casually. “ Sam says lowly. “ Why would I do that? “ you ask chuckling. “ Because I have a gun filled with silver bullets, “ he says. “ But your not gonna shoot me in front of the whole school, “ you say smugly. “ Wanna bet? When I do you’ll turn into your true form and everyone would be glad I did it, “ he spat. Your face drops. “ You wouldn’t, “ you say. He starts to pull out the gun. “ Wait! I’ll go, Don’t shoot me, not in here. Sure as hell ain’t gonna die in school, “ you mumble walking out of the school. He followed behind and you walked to the impala. “ Other side so no one sees you, “ Sam says. You sigh and walk to the other side of the car. “ Aren’t you gonna wait for your partner in crime? “ you ask. “ I’m right here, “ Dean says from behind you. “ You killed all those people, how do you even get up in the morning hmm? “ Sam asks. “ I killed no one, why would I do that?! “ you ask. They laughed, “ We’ve heard that one before sweetheart, “ Dean says putting a gun to your head. “We have complete control over ourselves, “ you say quickly. “ Heard that one too, “ Sam says. You bring your hand up and show them your claws. Sam tilts his head a little. “ The hell? “ Dean says. “ See, and we don’t turn into actual wolves, and we can change whenever we want. “ you say quickly. Dean put the gun down and you let out a sigh of relief. “ Thank you, me and my pack, we never hurt anyone. My alpha was chosen and the only reason he changed me and another pack member was because we almost died. The rest is our best friends, they are our best friends, human, “ you say. “ So you never killed anyone? “ Sam asks. “ No never, actually the opposite. We hunt down other supernatural creatures, and kill em, “ you say looking up at Dean. 


One week later:

You and Dean have been getting together a lot. Lydia and Kira ship you guys. You’ve went on two dates so far and its been going good. “ Hey, “ Dean says walking over to you and planting a kiss on your lips. “ Hey, “ you say back laying your head on his chest. “ Wanna take a nap? “ he asks. “ Yeah, “ you nod yawning. You both took a nap on the couch together. You fell asleep laying on his chest. 

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Wayward Girl Part 5 (StilesxReader) [SPN X TW]

A/N: I know, even i’m shocked. I fucking updated. If You wanna be added to the tag list drop me an ask. 

Tags: @sarasmismyonlydefence​  @runs-with-sciss0rs@multilovee@1akemi5@rachel68928@angelicassbut@edguffin@twisted1ginger@caitsymichelle13​ 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Warnings: mentions of sex, a bit of angst, mostly nothing too serious. I think there’s blood. 

Summary: A hunt gone wrong ends up revealing everything (Y/N) had tried so hard to hide. 

Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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"I Love You." - SuperNatural X Teen Wolf Cross Over Imagine

character/person: Dean Winchester

request: fallenangel-destiel-wholock

warnings/rate: “F” for fluff also some small violence

authors notes: sorry it took so long but I hope you enjoy it, I don’t watch SuperNatural so I apologize if some details are off lol, also heres my master list {gifs aren’t mine}

“I thought you were supposed to be an Alpha, (Y/N)?” Stiles smirks from the couch as I fall to the ground. It’s been over a month since I joined Scott’s pack. My pack was brutally slaughtered by an omega serial killer. Ever since then I’ve been training with Scott’s pack to fight off anything that crosses our path.

“I am but,” I stand up, “I’m just distracted…that’s all.”

“Why?” Scott asks from the doorway, “and Derek…could you not kill the new alpha?” He chuckles and Derek brushes himself off and shrugs.

“Fine, (Y/N) we’ll finish your training after.” He smiles and I do too.

Everyone in the pack has been like family to me, like older brothers and sisters…especially Scott and Stiles.

“Why are you so distracted?” Scott continues.

“I just keep thinking of my pack… I miss them Scott.” I frown and I feel Scott’s hand on my shoulder.

“Do you hear that?” Scott turns his head and stares at the door. He raises a finger over his mouth and everyone goes silent. Creasing my brows I try to focus on the noise Scott is talking about.

“Someone’s breaking into the loft.” Malia declares while whispering.

“Who?” I mumble ducking behind the nearest chair. Everyone does the same and we all sit in silence until the door slides open loudly and I feel my heart speed up. Derek and Braeden are crouched down behind the couch and Braeden slides the nearest gun to her. Malia, Kira and I all sit tightly together and hide behind the desk and chairs. Lydia and Stiles have made it upstairs and are most likely hiding in Derek’s room trying to stay safe. Peaking around the chair quietly, I see two guys. One with long brown hair past his ears, and dark brown eyes shifting back and forth taking in the room. The other with short light hair and piercing green eyes. He was gorgeous. Both are holding guns and stand still in the doorway.

“Sam, I thought you said the Omega was here?” The green eyed boy asks.

“I did.” ‘Sam’ states sifting his weight to his left foot.

“What’s her name? (Y/N)?” The short haired boy asks. A chill runs through my body and I swallow a giant lump in my throat. They think I’m the Omega? What’s happening here?? I watch as I see Scott appear behind them making eye contact with me. He shifts his eyes quickly to them and back then slowly nods. Our silent signal to attack once he makes the first move. Scott jumps up and runs at the nearest boy, the unnamed  green eyed one. He falls hard to the ground and Scott face automatically changes into its werewolf form. Taking one large leap I’m up from behind the chairs and on top of the desk. Malia and Kira follow suit all of our eyes glowing with rage. Derek and Braeden rise from behind the couch and Braeden loads her gun slowly waking up to Sam pressing the barrel to his head. My pulse is racing and I finally notice Scott as the boy pinned to the ground.

“Who are you?” Scott growls as we all circle them slowly, and carefully.

“Dean-Dean Winchester.” He stutter and my eyes taking in his features as well as his partners. Dean was more stand-off-ish and Sam seemed gentler and kind. Sam didn’t fight us when we approached but Dean did…why?

“Why are you here?” Derek asks crossing his arms across his chest blue wolf eyes still lit.

“We came for the Omega. (Y/N).” Sam whimpers and flinches under the pressure of the gun to his head.

“I’m (Y/N),” I sass my sharp teeth flaring as I step forward, “but I’m not the Omega. I’m an Alpha. My pack was killed by that wolf so that’s why I’m here.” I finish my nerves settling. I even flash my bright fire red eyes at them for proof.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). We had no idea.” Sam calmly says and I listen to his heartbeat. It’s steady. He isn’t lying.

“How do we know she isn’t lying?” Dean croaks his face pressed to the cement floor.

“I mean she’s with all of them,” Sam points to the pack, “so she’s not an Omega. I believe her.” And he does his heart beat is extremely steady.

“Fine.” Dean groans, “can you let us go now?”

“Take their guns…” Kira says I lean forward taking the gun from Dean’s tight hand and I turn to Sam and he tosses his gun to me without a fight.

“Thank you.” I smile at Sam and then wink sarcastically at Dean. Scott releases Dean and Braeden puts the gun down from Sam’s forehead.

***two weeks later***

“Damn (Y/N),” Dean says panting, “you can’t let me win one time?”

“Let me think…umm,” I tap the bottom of my chin with my finger, “no.” Ever since the Winchesters showed up at Derek’s loft we’ve started to work together to help find the Omega. Right now I have Dean pinned underneath me, my legs straddling his waist and my hands pressing his wrists to the ground. I smirk down at him and he just stares at me.

“What?” I blush cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Nothing you just-never mind.” His heart is racing like crazy. Dean shakes his head and I release my grip from his hands and stand up off of him and extend my hand. He takes it and stands up. He brushes off his clothes and uses the bottom of his shirt and wipes the sweat off his face. My phone rings on the kitchen table and I walk over and see “Scott” at the top of the screen. I click the ‘answer’ button and press the phone to my ear.


“(Y/N),” it’s Stiles, “where are you?”

“At Derek’s with Dean, why?“ 

"The school, the Omega’s there Scott, Kira, Malia and Derek have him trapped there. Hurry.”

“Wait where are you?” I ask and Dean gives me a confused look.

“On the way over there with Lydia.”

“Alright we will see you there.” I hang up the phone and look at Dean, “go wake up Sam, we’re going to go catch the Omega.” Dean nods quickly and he runs up the stairs. A few seconds later Sam and Dean come down the stairs and Sam has massive bed head. We walk towards the door and the boys grab their guns.

“Loving this bed-head, Sam.” I smirk ruffling my hand through his hair jokingly. Dean stares harshly at us and I shrug as we dart out the doors and outside.


We pull up to the school and I hop out Dean and Sam grabbing their guns and i flash my claws as we enter the front doors near the gym.

“Do you hear anything?” Sam whispers as I close my eyes in concentration.

“Besides your big mouth, no. Now shush.” I giggle and I hear Dean heart rate increase. Is he nervous? Mad? Angry? My thoughts are cut off by the slamming of a door in the locker room down stairs.

“Down stairs. Boys locker room.” I open my eyes and i turn to the nearest star case and we sprint down them. I put my hand back to slow Sam and Dean down once we reach the bottom. There’s slamming and crashing coming from the small room and I see Stiles and Lydia at the other end of the hall. Stiles with his classic bat in hand and Lydia hidden behind him. I’ve never seen her so terrified. I am too, I was about to confront the person and werewolf that killed my pack. Stiles nods to us and the five of us head inside slowly and we see Scott and Derek forcing the mad wolfs hands into the cement walls. Sam passes Dean his gun and they load them with wolfsbane. I flash my fire red eyes at Dean and Sam before running across the room to the monster that destroyed my pack. Looking him in the eye I feel more anger then I ever had in my entire life. All my possible anguish towards this wolf, mad man is released and I just want to rip him to shreds. I am about to pounce on this evil animal when Dean grabs my arms and pulls me back into his chest. He turns me around and he looks in my eyes.

“Killing him won’t do anything.” He shy smiles, placing his gun down on the floor and I blink my eyes, “they got him.” I turn to look and I see the monster slowly forming back into his human shape and Derek and Scott slow their breathing. I turn back to Dean and he smiles, “see?” He says and I turn my back to Dean and I see Derek and Scott letting go leaving this mangled Omega panting. I look down for a spilt second and before I know it the sound of a gun is booming through the locker-room and everything goes back.


“(Y/N) oh my god (Y/N)!” I hear a muffled voice say as I feel the cold air on my face. I’m put into the passenger seat of Stiles’ jeep and my eyes feel heavy again. I hear a frantic Dean scream, “STILES DRIVE!” Before my vision blurs again.



“How could I be so stupid?” I ask Deaton from the bench against the wall.

“Do you really want me to answer that honestly?” Deaton chuckles and I hang my head in my hands. The door bell rings and Stiles, Scott and Sam shuffle into the tight vets office.

“She’s still out?” Scott rhetorically asks and I nod looking at (Y/N) laying across an uncomfortable table that I tried to make a little better with a pillow and blanket. (Y/N) was shot by one of my own wolfsbane bullets. That son of a bitch werewolf pushed Derek and Scott into the wall grabbing my gun and shooting (Y/N) inches from her heart. Seeing her drop to the floor made me nearly made me kill that Omega but Derek did it before I even got the chance. These guys really do love her like family. I picked her up and Stiles, Lydia and I dart over to Deaton hoping and praying he could stabilize her, and thank god he did. It’s been nearly three days since she got shot and she hasn’t moved at all. I know because I haven’t moved either. This wooden bench has become my home with a blanket that was in the supply closet. Stiles leans up against the wall with Scott and Sam sits down next to me on the bench. Looking at (Y/N) clinging to life these last few days on this tin table, I realize I love her. I love (Y/N). How do I tell her 'brothers’, Scott and Stiles that I love her? A huge grasp from (Y/N) instantly pulls me from my thoughts and she’s sitting up on the table coughing. “Where am I?” She wheezes looking at Scott. He runs over with Stiles and they pull her into a hug. They look like a family. A small but perfect family. A pack.

“Where’s Dean? Sam?” She asks and my heart aches hearing my name come from her soft lips.

“I’m right here, (Y/N).” I say standing from the bench stepping closer to her. She turns to me and brings me in close.

“I thought I was going to die.” She sobs and I feel my shirt soak up her tears.

“I know,” I swallow a lump in my throat, “I thought I lost you.” I run my hands up and down her back. I notice that Deaton, Scott, Stiles and Sam all looking at us uneasily. I try to pull away and (Y/N) lets me but she leans her head on my shoulder. I raise my eyebrows at the guys as in a “I don’t know” and Deaton breaks the silence by asking (Y/N) to follow him to the other room to get a medicine that would help her heal faster. The two of them walk out of the room and Stiles shifts his wait to this left foot.

“So pretty boy what was that?” He asks and I shrug looking down.

“Your heart. It just skipped.” Scott says and I feel my cheeks heat up.

“Dean. What’s going on?” Sam asks.

“He likes her.” Stiles mocks and I groan.

“No,” I defend, “I love her.”

“Love? Love! You love her? My little sister?” Scott yells but not extremely loud so we aren’t heard.

“Woe Scotty-boy,” Stiles calls holding him back, “One, she’s not our sister. I know we love her like a sister but she’s not. Two, they are kinda cute.” Stiles smiles and Scott hits his arm.

“Sam?” I ask turning to him.

“I agree with Stiles. You two seem happy when you’re together.” He sighs rubbing up and down his arms.

“I really do care about her, Scott. I love (Y/N). I never thought I would, but I couldn’t be happier now that I do.” I smile just thinking of her.

“I believe you, your heart doesn’t lie. If you hurt her…” Scott grabs my should, “I’ll hurt you. I swear to god I will.” His finger clutch my shoulder and I nod. (Y/N) and Deaton come back and her bullet wound is gone and she looks full of life and beautiful again. She smiles as they walk through the door and she walks over to Sam and they hug.

“Sorry I didn’t say hi before…I was kinda out of it.” (Y/N) awkwardly laughs as they pull away and Sam cocks a smile at her.

“(Y/N), can I talk to you? Alone?” I ask and she looks uneasy. Oh god, i must sounds so stupid. I think but she nods anyway. We walk outside and the cool autumn breeze blows against us. (Y/N) shivers and I shrug my jacket off and drape it around her small frame. She smiles and I clear my throat, “okay (Y/N) I’m gonna just say it flat out,” I turn to her and she tilts her head almost like a small puppy, “I like you. I like you a lot.” I swallow and I know she’s listening to my heart.

“You’re not lying.” (Y/N) states and I nod, blushing.

“You know what,” I grab her delicate hands, “I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I love when your eyes sparkle when you think of your pack, when your nose crinkles when you laugh, or the way you are so focused on learning how to lead and fight. I love everything about you.” I see her cheeks flush a rosy red color and she walks closer to me and nuzzles her body against mine. She presses her chin against my chest and her beautiful eyes gaze up at me.

“I love you too, Winchester.” She stands on her toes and presses a kiss to my cheek.

“Could you specify which Winchester?” I sass and she rolls her eyes at me and I don’t blame her.

“Fine,” she groans and wraps her arms tighter around my body, “I love you Dean Winchester.” Hearing the words come out of her mouth I can’t describe how I feel, (Y/N)’s arms wrap around my neck and I place my firm hands on her waist. We both smile and lean in. Our lips collide and I instantly feel sparks, it’s so cliché but it’s true. We both pull away with huge smiles on our faces.

“Finally.” Lydia calls from the doorway of the vet’s office and we all laugh as (Y/N) and I intertwine fingers.

The Hunt for Beacon Hills p.2 |Night|

Fandom: Supernatural x Teen Wolf
Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Isaac Lahey, Noshiku Yukimura
Warnings: A few swear words, will give you feels
Request: Sort of(?)
Word Count: 1,101

A/N: After so many months finally part two of my second crossover series Supernatural x Teen Wolf is here.


Part 1: Winchesters

(this is set on chapter 23-3B (of teen wolf) “Insatiable”(yes, that episode))

Allison Argent P.O.V

The night made them stronger, they feed of our deepest, darkest fears.

The onis seemed to get bigger and bigger every time I closed my eyes. And suddenly I wasn’t the hunter my father trained me to be, I was the little girl who used to be afraid of the dark. I shot one of the arrows I made, the ones with the silver head. Two of the onis were tearing Isaac apart, I just knew I had to stop them.

I grabbed the last arrow I had and shot it. Time seemed to stop for a second, A yellow ray of light came from the oni; from  the place the arrow hit him. Then he became dust.

Everybody stopped for a second, I smiled proud of myself. Kira was in awe, too. Both of us couldn’t believe we had finally found a way to defeat them. But then I looked behind me and saw that one of them was about to stab me with his sword. I closed my eyes, ready for the impact.

But instead I heard the engine of a car, and saw white lights. The Winchesters. Right on time.

The distraction gave me some time to kick the oni and grab an arrow from the ground and stab him in the chest.  The remaining onis stood there ready for combat; Kira and her mom grabbed Isaac and put him in a safe spot, then Kira stood next to me.

“You know who they are?” Kira asked and I nodded

“The Winchesters, old friends of mine” I said looking back at them. Dean shut the trunk of his beloved car and loaded a gun, Sam had a knife and Y/N grabbed a gun too.

“Silver!” I yelled, hoping she’d understand and grab the silver bullets I sent them a while ago.

Y/N Winchester P.O.V

“Are we there yet?” I asked, like I did yesterday. But this time I was anxious, impatient to get to Beacon Hills

“We’re close” Dean said and sped up

“I have a weird feeling about this, like something bad is going to happen” I said poking my head between them and resting my arms in the car seat

“Do you want me to turn around and leave?” Dean asked and I slapped him on the shoulder

“No, you dumbass. We have to be there and save Allison and her friends”

“Just drive, Dean” Sam said and Dean was about to reach the speed limit, but only like that we’d get there in time.

It was about 6 pm when we got to Beacon Hills, I grabbed my laptop and searched for the location of Allison’s phone. I gave the address to Dean and soon we were there. And boy we were right on time.

Allison had just grabbed an arrow and shot it at one of the guys dressed like a dark ninja. Then light literally came from him and then he was gone.

“I think that’s our cue” Sam said before opening the car door Dean pressed a button and opened the trunk of Baby

“Wait, don’t turn off the car” I said and we kept looking at what was happening right in front of us.

One of those ninjas suddenly appeared behind Alli and was about to kill her, but Dean turned on the lights of the Impala and made the engine roar. Hopefully that’ll buy us some time. We both jumped out of the car and grabbed out guns. Dean and I both grabbed guns; while Sam decided to grab the demon-killing knife.

“Silver!” Allison shouted and I remembered the silver bullets she sent me a few months back when we ran out. I grabbed a few and loaded my gun; Dean closed the trunk and we ran to where Alli and her friends were.

“Long time no see” I told her while I stood next to her and got ready to fight these ninjas.

“Took you long enough, hey boys” Alli greeted my brothers

“Allison” Dean said nodding at her while he aimed for one of the Ninjas

“How dangerous are these guys?” Sam asked

“Extremely” Alli’s friend said

“I think I’ll have to change my weapon” Sam said while looking down to his knife. I did, too.

“You’ll be fine , Sasquatch”

“Focus, guys” Dean said and he shot one of those things “Let’s fight the fairies” he said as he saw the yellow light coming from the ninja

One of them suddenly appeared in front of Alli and me. I kicked it while Allison hit him with her bow. She continued hitting him while I grabbed my gun

“Move, Alli!” I said and shot him. Poof. “Nice” I said walking towards another one, shots from Dean’s gun echoed through the place while Sam and Alli’s friend fought them. The girl got so angry se grabbed one of the ninjas and threw him right at the Impala right before Allison sot an arrow at him.

“Hey! Girl, you leave my Baby alone!” Dean said looking at the girl

“Not now, Dean-o” Allison said and gurl I was proud.

Sam took the knife and stabbed one of them in the back, which actually didn’t work but instead made him angrier which resulted in my brother getting slapped and sent across the room.

“Sammy!” both Dean and I screamed in horror when he didn’t see him moving. I started running towards him but one of those things appeared in front of me. Angry I grabbed my gun and shot him not once, but three times. I walked literally through him and got to my brother

“Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead” I whispered while I got down on both knees and grabbed his face, I placed my index and middle finger on his neck and felt his pulsing. “Oh, thank God” I turned to my right and there was a Japanese-looking woman, she seemed scared “Hey, lady” I called her and she looked at me “think you can take of my brother while we fight these shits?”

“Go, I’ll be fine” Sam said with a raspy voice.

“Don’t you dare die tonight, Sammy” I said grabbing his face and made him look at me

“I would never” that bastard. He never jokes but when his life is in danger he has the nerve to make jokes.

“Go, I’ll take care of him” the lady said kneeling next to me. I nodded and grabbed my gun again

“Go kick some fairy ass, sis” Sam said and that was the only thing I needed to hear to end these sons of bitches.


TAGS: @lena-lightwood , @thesalsafic

omg omg omg omg omg omg thank god i waited so long to write this bc i actually really like this. before i was in a mood where everything i wrote seemed like trash and like nothing made sense. even at school when we would write essays and personal opinions about certain topics, i would write something but it felt wrong, like it just wasnt okay. but thanks sweet baby jesus i took that break cause now i feel like new.


Pairing: Teen Wolf x Supernatural crossover / Dean x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: confession: i like daddy dean but there is no daddy dean in this i just thought i’d voice my fantasies

I want to thank @lauraaccuetly for helping me out and for encouraging me! ❤️

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Scott looked at you, before glancing at the two strange men dressed in suits on your door step. “Should we trust them?” Scott asked, nervously shifting from one foot to the other. You studied them for a second, clearly they were brothers and from the cuts and bruises on their faces, you knew they definitely were not FBI agents.

You shrugged your shoulders before patting your little brother on the back, “I’m not the werewolf, you are.” You wandered into the kitchen, hearing Scott let the ‘FBI agents’ in and they soon appeared in front of you. “Firstly, cut the crap.” You said, the two men stopping in their strides with a shocked look. The shorter of the two smirked at you and shrugged his shoulders.

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Wayward Girl (StilesxReader) Part 2 {SPNXTW}

A/N: What?!?!  An update?! This part just wrote itself! Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement.

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, a little bit of Scott x Reader too

Summary: You’re having a difficult time setting boundaries between yourself and Stiles - more importantly the feelings you’re growing for him.

Warnings: mentions of panic attacks, descriptions of injuries.

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3


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Vigilante (Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover) (Part 1)

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader, Winchesters x sister!reader 

Prompt: When the reader’s old friend calls for help, the Winchesters all rush to Beacon Hills immediately, and you immediately see someone you thought you’d never see again. But what happens when your brothers find out that you are best friends with supernatural beings that you all hunt?

Warnings: fluff, violence, language, a tiny bit of angst

A/N: So I started binge watching Teen Wolf and I am now obsessed, so enjoy!

Tag list for Teen Wolf is open!

Supernatural tags: @teamfreewill-imagine, @faith-in-dean, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @sincerelysaraahh, @for-the-love-of-dean, @ofglendower

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“Hello?” you voiced after hitting the ‘answer’ icon on your phone. 

“Y/N?” the, oddly familiar, voice on the other line replied and you racked your brain for a face to the voice.

“Scott,” you whispered, realizing who it was.

“Y/N, we really need your help.”

You pulled yourself out of your thoughts with a shake of your head before responding. “Yeah, okay, I’m heading to Beacon Hills now. I think it’s a better time than ever to have a little reunion.”


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Teen Wolf Masterlist

THE DARK CREATURES SERIES (Teen Wolf x Shadowhunters)

PART 1: Titanium
PART 1.5: Maps
PART 2: Homeostasis
PART 3: Glowing
PART 4: Creatures
PART 5: Heaven
PART 6: Past (Coming soon)

THE HUNT FOR BEACON HILLS (Supernatural x Teen Wolf)

PART 1: Winchesters
PART 2: Night


PART 1: Faded
PART 2: Stockholm


Control (Derek Hale x Reader)
Vapor (Theo Raeken x Reader)
Comeback (Theo Raeken x Reader)
Leaving (Isaac Lahey x Reader p.1)
Choose (Isaac Lahey x Reader p.2)



I Will Personally Put You In This Morgue! (Sherlock)

Request: Sherlock x reader. The reader has a prosthetic leg. Anderson calls her a freak 

Warning(s): prosthetic leg (obviously, if that even is a warning), slight language, insults 

Word Count: 1,589 (geez) 

Reader Gender: Female (if this was supposed to be male/nonbinary PLEASE TELL ME AND I WILL FIX IT) 

Authors Note: SO SO SO SORRY ON HOW LATE THIS IS! I’ve had a lot of schoolwork and I’ve been out, but here it is. It was also a little challenging to write so I hope I did it correctly. I hope you like this, anon. :) Personally I can’t stand Anderson so I love this. 

Another Authors Note: This takes place in “The Great Game” (s1e3) for reference. I tried to get it as close as possible, but I did have to change it up some for the request. :) 

“He’s not gay! Why do you have to spoil-he’s not!”

That’s what I hear as I step into the room. I see Molly standing at the end of a table. Sherlock is at the other end looking into a microscope, with John behind him. I had been outside of the building talking to Lestrade about the case, when John texted me, telling me to come in. Apparently, he had done that so that he would not be alone when this argument went down. Really, I had to walk all the way down here for this? 

“With that level of personal grooming?” Sherlock says, snorting. It comes off as a question, but I know he doesn’t mean it that way. He looks up from the microscope, and glances at me. His hand moves to gesture toward an empty chair, and I accept gratefully. I hope I’m not blushing too much at him helping me. 

“Because he puts a bit of product in his hair?” John asks, “I put product in my hair.” I giggle at how offended he looks. 

“You wash your hair,” Sherlock responds, “there’s a difference.” He turns to Molly. “No,no - tinted eyelashes; clear signs of taurine cream around the frown lines; those tired clubber’s eyes. Then there’s his underwear.” 

“His underwear?” Molly looks dumbfounded, raising her eyebrows as she speaks. I look at him too, wondering where he’s going with this. 

”Visible above the waistline – very visible; very particular brand,” He says, leaning toward the Petri dishes. He pulls out a slip of paper, then says: 

“That, plus the extremely suggestive fact that he just left his number under this dish her…and I’d say you’d better break it off now and save yourself the pain.” Damn. At least he’s thorough. Molly runs out of the room, and I turn to Sherlock. 

“Charming,” I say, rolling my eyes. Even though they’re blunt, I think it’s amazing how he is able to make his deductions. But, people get hurt sometimes. He looks over his shoulder at me. 

“Isn’t it kinder to save her the time?” He asks, and I shake my head. He shrugs and looks over to John. He points to the shoes, the actual case itself. 

“Off you go,” he says to John. The man looks surprised, but picks up the shoes to attempt to get as much information as possible. Sherlock gets up, walks over, and sits down next to me. 

“I still don’t quite understand how you manage to walk so well on that leg,” he says. His voice is slow, as if he’s trying not to offend me. Strange, I think, with others he wouldn’t care. I look over at him and shrug. 

“I’ve gotten used to it,” I say as I place my hand on the prosthetic. As I do, my mind goes back to the accident. Riding in the taxi, when another car runs into the side. My leg pinned, people trying to get me out, but I couldn’t. The pain, the excruciating pain all in my leg. When people finally got me out and got me to the hospital, only to be told I’d have to lose my leg. The grief that followed. 

A hand on my shoulder brings me back to reality. I look to see Sherlock looking at me. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I swear I saw concern all over his face. As I start to say something, the door opens. In walks Lestrade and the rest of the team, including the irritating Anderson. 

“Find anything?” Lestrade asks. He looks at John, but we all know the question is for any of us. Sherlock jumps up and walks to John. 

“Tell me what you’ve found, doctor,” Sherlock says. John starts rattling off different things to do with the shoes. I get up to go look at the Petri dish still under the microscope’s eye. As I walk over, I can feel eyes on me. People always look at me strangely, due to the way I walk, so it doesn’t faze me much. I sit down at the microscope and look into it, only for someone pull on my wrist. I look over, annoyed at being drawn away from the case, and see Anderson.

Stupid prick. I roll my eyes and pull my arm out of his grasp. When I head for the microscope, he pulls it away from me. Reaching to grab it, I step off of the stool. Thanks to my prosthetic, however, I lose my balance and have to grab onto the counter to stay upright. He smirks at me, then gets up in my face.

 “You’re pathetic, Y/N,” he sneers, “and a freak. You can’t do anything on your own. You think you’re smart but you’re as smart as a rock. Why don’t you do us a favor and hobble out of here, and let the professionals handle this?” I sit there, shocked into silence. The words cut through me like razors, and I fight back tears. 

Then, I hear a calm, but deadly voice. 

“John, take Y/N out please,” Sherlock says. “Everyone else out, except for Anderson.” I see Lestrade start to protest, but after seeing the look in his eyes, stays quiet. John walks over to me, and offers his arm. I accept, and he doesn’t complain when I put a lot of weight on him. He knows what Anderson said, and he understands that it hurt. Once we get out, I head to a bench. I sit down and put my face in my hands. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Then, I jump as I feel an arm around me. 

“Sorry,” John moves his arm. I shake my head. 

“It’s okay, just wasn’t expecting it,” I respond, “some comfort would be nice at the moment, actually.” He puts his arm back around me, and I lean in. Then, the yelling starts. 


I stare in disbelief at John. His eyes are wide, and he stands up. I realize then that my face has gotten hot. I stand up, being careful this time as to not lose my footing. Lestrade comes over to me, and places a hand on my back to guide me to the door of the room. He leans down towards my ear. 

“Just so you know, this means Sherlock likes you,” he whispers. I look at him, not knowing what to say. He sighs, then whispers: “That means you should ask him to dinner, then.” 

I open my mouth but once again say nothing, being met with a smirk by John. He knew this entire time, I think. We walk back into the morgue to see Anderson on the floor, unconscious. There’s blood on his face, from being hit by Sherlock. I look over at where he is sitting. I see something different in his eyes, something I’ve never seen before. John goes to him and whispers something to Sherlock. After, he motions for everyone to leave. As I start to walk out, John puts his hand on my shoulder. 

“Not you,” he says, smiling softly. He leaves, and I turn back to Sherlock. He looks back at me, then at his hands. They’re covered in blood. I walk to a sink in the corner of the morgue, and wet a cloth. Sitting down next to him, I put the cloth over his knuckles and hold it. He looks at me. 

“Thank you, Y/N,” he says quietly. I smile a little. 

“No, thank you, Sherlock,” I reply, “for defending me. You didn’t have to.” 

“That pig deserved every bit of it,” he responds quickly. “Besides, you should never have to hear all of those lies.” I feel my face heat up again. 

“Lestrade said I should buy you dinner to thank you,” I proceed cautiously.

“That would be lovely,” he says. I look at him to say something else, then notice that I’m only a few inches away from his face. Sherlock sees it the same time I do, and I know he can tell what I’m thinking. Yet, I’m still surprised when he leans in. I close my eyes, and our lips meet. The kiss is light, as if he’s afraid he will scare me off. Yet, there’s so much there, the sense that he deeply cares for me, but in a different form than how he cares for John. 

When we pull away, we sit there for a moment. Then, Sherlock starts to smile, and I start to laugh a little. He takes the cloth and throws it across the room. Instead of an arm, he offers his hand to me. I take it, and we walk over Anderson and out of the room. As we step out of the building, all I can think is, I can’t believe I just kissed Sherlock in a morgue, and my leg didn’t get in the way.

Wayward Girl - Part 4 (Stiles x Reader) [SPN X TW]

A/N: WHAT?!?!!? A PIECE OF WRITING THAT I POSTED?!?! Lol I know I said that I wouldn’t post until Wednesday, buuuut I couldn’t help myself what with the new episode of Teen Wolf coming out. Anyway, I should be studying so don’t expect another update until Wednesday. Also, if I haven’t added you to the tag list, drop me an ask and I’ll do that.

Tags: @sarasmismyonlydefence @runs-with-sciss0rs @multilovee @1akemi5 @rachel68928 @angelicassbut

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Fandoms: Teen Wolf and Supernatural (Crossover)

Warnings: mentions of injuries, I think, swearing, a little blood, panic attacks, ANGST and for some reason I put a plot in here? Let me know if you guys catch the Harry Potter reference I snuck in.

Summary: The first day of school does not go as planned.

Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5


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american girl {chapter i}

The obnoxious buzzing of the vibrating phone inevitably woke up the Winchester, invoking a groan.


With no response, Elora let out another groan and rolled over, picking up her phone to look at the time. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust and read the blurry digits. 07:25.


She scrambled out of bed, thoroughly annoyed with her brother – or both of them. She threw on an outfit and went down to the kitchen, getting a glimpse of the clock on the microwave. How changing had taken her fifteen minutes was beyond her but she was more focused on the smug smiles her brothers wore.

“What the hell?!” she demanded, eyes nearly bulging out of her head.

“Oh, c’mon,” Dean grinned, cutting a pancake in half. “I thought you were nervous to go anyway?’

Elora gave him an incredulous look. “How would being late make me any less nervous?”

Dean just laughed at her, shoving a large, sticky half of a pancake in his mouth. Drops of syrup fell onto his chin and she had to look away. So she slid her gaze over to Sam, who had remained unusually quiet.

“Sammy,” She said warmly, smiling at him. They were the same height (he was sitting down at the table) so she could look him in the eyes as she talked. “Listen to me very closely. I will get you back – the both of you – and it will be the prank to end all pranks. You won’t see it coming.”

Sam smiled sheepishly. “Of course I won’t. I can’t look that far down, my neck would cramp.”

Her smile dropped and she turned away from him, picking up her bookbag (which she’d been smart enough to pack the night before) and opening the front door.

“Have a good day at school, Lora!” Dean shouted, laughing around a mouthful of pancake.

Elora flipped him off as she walked out. A small smile played on her lips as she slipped her hand out of the leather jacket pocket, the dangle of car keys like music to her ears.

She popped open the door to her brother’s Baby, starting up the engine. As she drove off, she glanced at her house, watching Dean’s eyes go wide. With a wink and a grin, Elora sped off to the school.

A knock on the classroom door got everyone’s attention.

“Oh, what now?” The coach complained, marching to the door and whipping it open. Stiles and Scott were sitting in the back, and couldn’t see who it was, but the guys who could straightened their backs at the front.

“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry, sir, my brothers–” A girl started, but Coach just raised a finger at her.

“Come back on time tomorrow, new girl.”

Stiles sat up when he heard that, hitting Scott’s arm to get his attention.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I’m serious.” Coach said, giving her his best stern face. “Keep your brothers’ in line next time.”

A loud laugh came from whoever was on the other side of the door. “You tell them to stay in line and see how well it goes over.”

Coach closed the door with a huff. “Now, if there are no more distractions–”

Stiles waved his arm in the air, trying to get Coach Finstock’s attention.


“Can I go to the bathroom, Coach?”

“Just make sure to not go into the girls’, Stilinski.”

Stiles glared at him and practically ran out of the classroom to find the new girl. He looked both ways and saw a girl with short blonde hair looking around. He paused with wide eyes, staring at her. She turned and looked directly at him, raising an eyebrow.

Stiles started walking towards her, slowly, because she looked like she could kill him. She wore all black, but the leather jacket was the most intimidating thing about her.

“I’m Stiles,” he said when he thought she could hear him. “Stiles Stilinski. Are you new here?”

She looked him up and down, crossing her arms over her chest. “My first day.”

“What’s your name?”

The girl looked up at him through emerald eyes. “Elora. Elora Winchester.”

Her replies were short, but that didn’t deter him. “Well, do you want me to show you around?”

“Aren’t you in class?” she questioned, flicking her eyes to the Coach’s room.

He shrugged, grinning. “They won’t miss me if I’m gone too long.”

“Then please show me around.”

He nodded. “What’s your next class?”

“Chemistry with Mr. Harris.” Elora replied.

“Hey! I have him next period, too. Do you have your schedule on you?”

“No, I memorised it.” Her cheeks got a little red, like she was embarrassed to confess it.

“All eight classes?”

“Mhmm. Are you going to keep asking me questions or give me a tour?”

“Follow me.”

They walked quietly for a few minutes before Stiles broke the silence. “So, what did your brothers do?”

Elora glanced at him, her face a question mark.

“I overheard you talking.”

Her hair rippled as she nodded. “Well, we have an ongoing prank war, and their latest prank was changing my alarm an hour ahead to make me late.”

“Ooh, harsh.” He laughed. “How are you going to get them back?”

She grinned at him wickedly, pulling keys out of her pocket. “These are the keys to my older brothers’ beloved Impala. I drove it here.”

“That’s your prank?”

“Of course not, Stiles.” She rolled her eyes as if it was obvious. “This is just… a prequel to the real deal.”

“And what’s the real deal?” he asked, stopping near a class door.

She opened her mouth and then closed it, looking him over again with a wide grin. “Actually, maybe you could help me with that. Do you have a car?”

He nodded. “A Jeep, actually. And this is our second period.”

“Thanks. Want me to tell you the plan while you show me my other classes?”

Stiles nodded, an eager smile on his face.

Before she could enter the cafeteria, Elora’s phone started buzzing in her pocket. She whipped it out, turning away from the chatter of the lunch room.


It was Castiel, of course. “Hey, Cas.”

“Elora, Dean wanted me to call you. Why aren’t you answering his calls?”

She shrugged though he couldn’t see it. “I don’t wanna talk to him.”

“Why not?”

“Cas,” she groaned, shoving her free hand in the pocket of her leather jacket. “Just tell him I’ll talk to him when I get home, alright?”

“But Dean says–”

“Cas! I don’t care what Dean says. I’m in school, I’m not supposed to be on my phone, okay? I’m fine and I’ll see him and Sammy when I get home.”

“Okay, Elora.” There was some muffled talking in the background. “Oh, and Dean says–”

“I’m hanging up now.” She stated. Before Cas could say anything else, she ended the call and turned off her phone. A shadow crept over her phone and she looked up to see what was causing it.

Just two girls, one a brunette, the other a strawberry blonde. They were both really pretty, and Elora instantly knew that they were the popular girls she had read about in novels and seen on TV.

“You’re the new girl, right?” The strawberry blonde asked.

“Yeah. My name’s Elora, why?”

“I’m Lydia.” She introduced, sticking out her hand. Elora took it, shaking it. “I love your hair!”

Elora ran a hand through it, smiling. “Thank you. I like yours, too.”

“Hey, are you sitting with anyone?” The brunette smiled at her. “I’m Allison, by the way.”

“No, I don’t really know anyone. I planned on eating in a girls’ bathroom stall.” Elora replied, watching Lydia’s eyes go wide in horror.“I’m kidding, guys. Well, about eating in a bathroom stall.”

“You can sit with us!” Lydia exclaimed, grabbing her hand and practically dragging her to a table. There were already three people there, and she recognized Stiles, but not the other two boys. They were both pretty attractive, though.

“Elora, this is Jackson,” she pointed at the boy with the sharp jawline, “Scott,” she gestured to the boy that Allison sat next to, “and–”

“Stiles.” Elora interrupted. “I met him already.”

Lydia raised her eyebrows at Stiles but didn’t say anything. She, instead, sat next to Jackson, leaving Elora next to Stiles.

“Are we still meeting after school?” Stiles asked in a low voice, like he was keeping it a secret from his friends.

“Why are you whispering?” she murmured back, a delicate eyebrow raised at him in question.

“Are we still meeting after school?” he asked again, his voice a normal tone. Scott and Allison looked at the two curiously, and Elora figured he didn’t want them to question it.

“Yeah. Where do you wanna meet?”

“Wait outside your last class for me, alright?”

Elora nodded, turning her attention from Stiles to Lydia and Jackson to ask how long they’d been together. She was really listening to Scott and Stiles talk.

“Why are you meeting her after school?” Scott asked him.

“I’m driving her home,” Stiles replied, and Elora could hear pride in his voice.

“How did you convince her to let you drive her home?”

Stiles scoffed, offended. “She asked me to.”

“Wait, what’s her last name?” Allison asked quietly, thinking you couldn’t hear.

“Winchester,” Stiles said immediately. “What? A pretty girl noticed me, Scott, of course i’m gonna remember her name!”

A grin spread across your face and you turned back to Stiles. “Awh, you think I’m pretty?”

His cheeks got red and the couple behind him tried to stifle their laughter. “I-I mean, you are.”

“It’s okay,” Elora said, ruffling his hair. “I think you’re pretty, too.”

Everybody at the table laughed, including Stiles, though the blush didn’t leave his cheeks.

Elora smiled to herself. She could grow to like it here.

At the end of the day, Stiles nearly tripped over himself to get to Elora’s last class, rounding the corner to see she was already out of the classroom and some jock had her pushed up against a locker.

“Speak up, new girl,” he demanded. He must have spit on her because she made a disgusted face and brought her hand up to wipe her cheek. “I can’t hear you.”

Stiles took a step forward, ready to be her knight in shining armour, but what she did next surprised him.Apparently it surprised a lot of people, causing a loud gasp to go through the hall.

She grabbed the arm that was next to her head on the locker the guy had her pushed up against and and twisted it behind him, using her other hand to shove his other side down. Her mouth was next to his ear.

“You want loud?” she asked, her voice rising on the last word. “I’ll show you loud.”

She yanked his arm back before throwing him to the ground, hard. He yelled out in pain, cursing at her violently.

“Don’t touch me again, Greenberg,” she said, standing up straight and turning away from him.

Stiles was standing open-mouthed when she approached him. “Sorry, did you… see that?”

“How did– how did you learn to fight like that?”

Elora shrugged one shoulder. “My brothers are really paranoid. Do you still want to drive me home? Because you don’t have to if you don’t want to anymore.”

Stiles eyes went wide as he looked at her. “Are you kidding? That was awesome!”

“Really?” Elora asked hesitantly.

“Yes!” he exclaimed. She was hot and knew how to fight. And he was driving her home! A hot girl had asked him to drive her home! This day couldn’t get any better.

“Okay, then. Let’s go.”

Surprisingly, she had parked next to his Jeep. “So should we scratch it up or anything, to make it look realistic?”

She slid in next to him, a horrified look on her face. “God, no! He would kill me, Stiles. Never hurt Baby.”

He nodded, not wanting to know if she was serious about the killing part. “Will they kill me for driving you home?”

They were pulling out of the parking, and she pointed him in the right direction. “Trust me, you will be totally unnoticed when I tell Dean I accidentally wrecked his car.”

Stiles was quiet for a minute, taking a left. “Will they kill you?”

“Not if we drive off fast enough.” She answered with a laugh. “Okay, take a right and we’ll be on my street. You won’t get scared when I start crying, right?”

He laughed, shaking his head. He knew it was a prank, and if her brother felt the same way about his car that Stiles felt about his Jeep, he knew that it’d be one hell of a prank, too.

She sniffled a little bit and he looked at her. “Jesus, how easy is it to make yourself cry?”

Her eyes and nose were already puffy and red, and her cheeks looked like she’d been crying for an hour straight.

“Don’t break my concentration.” Elora answered, rubbing her nose with the back of her hand. She pointed at her house and he pulled into the driveway, turning off the Jeep and honking.

Within seconds, two very angry and dangerous-looking men came out of the house. The taller one didn’t look as angry as the short, freckled one, but he still looked really scary. Elora opened the Jeep door and stepped out, rubbing her nose again.

“Elora, what the hell?!” The shorter one yelled, eyes flicking to Stiles. Stiles shrank down in his seat at the murderous look he got, turning to Elora for help.

“Dean, it’s not because of him,” she hiccuped out. “It-it’s Baby.”

The short one – Dean – looked at her sharply. “What about Baby?”

“I-I was driving too fast, and I wasn’t paying attention, and-and–”

“Lora, what happened to Baby?” The tall one asked.

“She’s in a ditch,” Elora whispered, glancing back at Stiles and winking. “I crashed on the way home from school. Stiles saw me and picked me up, he offered to drive me home.”

“We’re going,” Dean declared, marching off the property.

“Do you want a ride?” Stiles called out.

“No! C’mon, Sammy, let’s go get Baby.”

“Dean, you don’t know where she is,” Elora called after him.

He turned around with narrowed eyes. “You’re right. Give me the keys, Lora. We’ll walk to the school, the same direction you went last week.”

Elora sniffled one last time, pulled the keys out out of her pocket, and tossed them to Dean, and then the two men starting walking the way he and Elora had come.

After a few seconds of her standing there, watching as they walked away, she turned and grinned at Stiles.

“Thank you so much for helping me. I’m gonna go inside and wipe my face and stuff, wanna come in?”

He looked at her in surprise. “You’re inviting a stranger into your home.”

A smile played on her lips as she looked him over (for the third time that day, he might add). “Trust me, Stilinski, I could take you if you tried anything.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, a frown on his face. She just turned and started towards her front door as he scrambled out of the Jeep. “What’s supposed to mean?”

“So when did you move here?” Stiles asked, standing awkwardly at the front door.

“About a month ago. You can sit down, you know.”

He nodded and walked to the couch, plopping himself down on it. “So your brothers…”

Elora laughed, wiping her face with a damp cloth. “They are certainly not gonna like me for a while. In fact,” she smiled slyly at him, sitting on the arm of the couch, wet cloth in hand, “if they kick me out, you wouldn’t mind letting me stay at your house, would you?”

His honey eyes went wide and his cheeks flushed red. “I-if my dad is okay with it, I guess. I mean, you’re a girl and I’m a guy, so he might be suspicious, and– I’m rambling, sorry.”

His rambling was really cute, Elora decided. He was really cute. And making him flustered was really fun.

“I’m kidding,” she said with a chuckle. “But they might really kick me out for this next prank, so–”

“All this because they changed the time on your alarm clock?”

“That’s not all they’ve done. They flushed the toilet while I was showering, deleted all my music from my phone, cut out random pages from my favourite book, and Dean ate all my pie. This is a prank war, Stiles, not just a couple of pranks. It won’t end until one of us surrenders, and it won’t be me.”

“That sounded really deep,” he laughed.

She got up and nodded, silently agreeing. For her next prank, she needed to find the Gorilla glue they had, and fast. Elora knew that Sam and Dean would take a while to get to the school, where Baby was sitting totally fine, but she also knew that she wanted to be there when they got there.

“Hey, Stiles?” she called, rummaging through the kitchen drawers to find the glue.


“We’re friends now, right?”

“I-if you wanna be, yeah.”

A yell of triumph came from her when she found the packaging with three large tubes of Gorilla glue in it. “Awesome! So, for this prank war, do you wanna be on my team?”

“I can be a part of it?”

“If you wanna,” she answered, coming out of the kitchen and standing behind the couch, holding two of the tubes in her hands. “It’s totally okay if you don’t, though.”

He grinned up at her. “Hell yeah! What are you doing with the glue?”

Elora handed him a tube, directing him to the boys’ bathroom. “Glue the cabinets closed. Oh, and if you’re feeling frisky–” she added with a wink, “–you should glue the toilet seat down, too.”

He nodded and went to their bathroom, while Elora headed back to the kitchen. She knew which cabinets to glue; the cabinet with the alcohol, the cabinet with the baking supplies. She was also gluing Sam’s produce to the counters.

When they were done, Elora told him to follow her upstairs while she got a bag of clothes, just in case they were too angry to let her in the house.

“Why did you bring me up here with you?” Stiles asked, glancing around the room nervously.

“To fuck,” she replied quickly, going through her drawers.

“Uhm, I-I don’t–”

She looked up at him, eyes sympathetic and full of amusement at the same time. “I’m kidding. But it’s good to know you’re a virgin.”

She grabbed a pair of shorts off the floor, pulled a shirt off a hanger, and stuffed them in a plastic bag.

“What?! I never said that!” he exclaimed, clearly flustered.

“It was all over your face.” she explained, plucking a pair of underwear and  a bra out of a drawer, putting them in the bag as well. “It’s okay. I am, too.”

He looked surprised by this and she laughed at him, picking up the bag and leading them out of her room, snatching her charger off her desk on the way out. “Why do you look so confused?”

“How are you a virgin?”

She stopped and turned to him, eyebrows furrowed together. “How are you?”

“We-well, I’ve just never had anybody, and nobody’s ever tried to do it with me.”

He was so damn cute when he was embarrassed. “Well, plenty of people have tried to do it with me, I’ve just never liked anyone. I apparently only attract douchebags who just wanna fuck then ditch. I want to make love my first time, not fuck. And I’m not losing it to someone who claims they lost it in the fourth grade, anyway.”

They walked out of the house in silence. Elora didn’t need to turn around to see that he was blushing. They got in his Jeep and he was, surprisingly, the first to break the silence.

“What now?”

“We go to the school. Do you know another way to school from here?”

He nodded. “We’ll pass a McDonald’s, wanna get anything on the way there?”

The way he phrased it made it sound like they did this regularly. Elora grinned, nodding at him. She wouldn’t mind doing that regularly.

She ordered a large sweet tea while he ordered a large Coke, and they decided to split a large fry. When she reached into her jacket to pull out some cash, he told her he’d pay for it.

How sweet.

Sam and Dean still weren’t at the school yet when they pulled into the parking lot. Stiles got out before she did and went to the other side of the Jeep to open the door for her, but she was already opening the door. As she stepped out , she lost her footing and fell into Stiles, yelling “fuck” as she fell.

She froze against him, looking up at him through long lashes. Her eyes sparkled a bluish-green and she looked like a deer caught in headlights. “Your eyes are prettier up close,” he muttered without thinking.

Her cheeks got red and she looked down, seeming embarrassed. “Thank you.”

Suddenly she looked back up at him, blush gone and a grin on her lips. She leaned in close to his face, their lips inches apart, and whispered, “Maybe I’ll let you see them up close more often.”

This time, he blushed and parted his lips to say something, but her laugh interrupted him. “God, you’re cute when you’re flustered.”

He stepped back, scared they might kiss. “That’d be cool.”

Elora just smiled at him in reply, turning around and grabbing her drink out of the Jeep. She closed the door behind her. Sipping her drink, she kept her eyes glued on the entrance to the parking lot.

Did she just offer to kiss him? Or was she kidding? And she called him cute! He was wrong when he said the day couldn’t get any better. It got better.

“Shit, here they come!” she whispered, eyes darting to Stiles. His eyes were wide as he turned and watched the men stalk to the Impala.

There were a few tense moments of silence as the short one inspected the car for any damage. When he didn’t find any, he looked around the lot, eyes locking on Stiles’ Jeep.

“Lora!” he yelled, walking towards the two teenagers.

“Stiles, get in the Jeep.” When he didn’t move, she poked his arm hard to get his attention. “Get in the Jeep, Stiles!”

He did as told and ran to the other side, hopping in and starting it. Elora wasn’t in yet, and he gave her a what the hell look.

“I told you you wouldn’t see it coming!” she yelled at them before opening the door and jumping in.“Drive,” she whispered. Stiles just stared at her, dumbfounded. “Dammit, drive!”

He did just that, putting the Jeep into drive and speeding out of the parking lot, all while her brother yelled behind them.

There were a few minutes of silence while he drove, until he asked Elora if he wanted him to take her home.

“Do you want me dead?” she replied, eyes wide in horror.

“Okay, my house it is.”

Elora was standing quietly near the front door, as Stiles had done in her home earlier. She hadn’t expected his dad to actually allow her to stay the night, but when she explained that her brother was extremely angry at her, he agreed to let her stay the night. He had pulled Stiles into the kitchen to talk to him about something before he went to work. He was, apparently, the Sheriff and had gotten called in on a case.

His dad walked out first, smiling at Elora and telling her to sleep well before walking out the front door.

She furrowed her eyebrows together and started walking to the kitchen, but Stiles walked out and had something in his hands.

“You okay?” She asked, glancing at his hands.

He held up what was in his hands and she laughed loudly. “A condom? Oh, my  God!”

Elora nearly doubled over laughing, at both the fact that Sheriff Stilinski thought it was necessary to give him a condom, and the blush creeping onto Stiles’ cheeks. She couldn’t get over how cute he was when he blushed.

“Okay, okay, it’s not that funny.” Stiles pouted.

The blonde nodded at him, standing up straight and forcing herself to keep a blank face. “I’m sorry, you’re right, you’re right. We should go to your room and use it.”

His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, making Lora laugh. “I’m kidding, Stilinski.” For now, anyway.

He let out a sigh of relief, walking past her. She assumed he was going to his room, so she followed him. They argued over who got the bed; she won, though she gave him a pillow to use.

Dean and Sam were going to kill her, but she didn’t care. She hadn’t had so much fun in a long time, and she hoped that she’d continue having fun in Beacon Hills. With a small grin, she rolled on to her side, pulling Stiles covers up closer, breathing in his scent deeply. Elora expected to not be able to sleep, but with Stiles’ soft rhythmic breathing, she found herself falling into a peaceful rest.