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what are the lyrics to the teen wolf theme song?

dun dun, dun dun 

dunanana dunanana dunanana dunanana dunanananananana  dunanananananana dunanana dunanana dunanana dunanana   dunananananananananananana dunananananananananananana  dunanananananana dunanananananana dunanana dunanananan dunanananna dun dun dunananananana bum bum bum bum  dunanana   dunanana dunanana dunanana dunanananananana  (bum bum bum)  dunanana dunanana dunanana dunanana dunnnn


Teen Wolf | Friends theme tune | Season Five


In The Crowd (private commission)

I’ve been working on this ambitious Teen Wolf-themed piece featuring 66 portraits of characters from classic 80s movies since the first week of 2017, and I’m pleased to finally be able to reveal it. For some reason Tumblr is making this look really blurry in the dash, please click through to see the images in more detail.

I’ll do a follow up post at some point soon outlining exactly who’s in there (and which movie they’re from), but in the meantime have fun trying to figure it out! I can’t take credit for the concept, but what I really liked about it is how characters aren’t just with others from the same movie; they’ve been shifted around so they’re in more appropriate social groups.

This is certainly the most complicated piece I’ve done to date, even beating this 80s movie characters in Times Square piece I did last year. I suppose it won’t be a huge surprise to learn that this was commissioned by the same client, Russell Piper, so I have him to thank for these epic challenges.

Please note that this won’t be for sale.

6x11 Opening

I told @slowburnotptrash my headcanon for the 6x11 opener so here’s my fixed version:

During a calm and quiet dark night in the town of Beacon Hills, Lydia Martins house stands peacefully strong. It’s the middle of summer and Ms.Martin had gone on a two week vacation with her friends. Lydia obviously used that to her advantage. Stiles stayed at her house every night, he even packed a suitcase and told his dad he was going on a small vacation of his own. It was their last night before Lydia’s mom would come back home. Stiles slipped his warm body over Lydia’s more smaller and fragile one. He leaves a trail of kisses from her tummy, to her breasts, up to her collarbone and to her neck as he finally comes up from under the covers. He has a firm grip on her right waist, as his left hand slides up and down the little dip in her bone structure. The red floral laced bra from Victoria Secret really complimented her radiant, beautiful skin. The moon light penetrating through her window blinds lit her skin at the perfect tone. Stiles took time to view every detail of her body; her perfect hour glass figure, her belly button that curved in, the strawberry blonde hair that rolled down in swirls to her breasts, her bony pelvis that acted as small Hills, but also the beautiful scars that remained. Stiles made sure to kiss every single one of those scars she had because they represented her strength, they were apart of her and she was his home so they were apart of him too. He finally reached her lips, with his nose pressed against hers. From what started with sweet slow kisses turned into this burning passion. They got into this kind of rhythm, and every hushed moment was broken by their heavy breathing. Lydia slid her hands under Stiles’ shirt, ripping it over his head faster than the steady pattern they had been following. Their bodies rolled around the bed heating the bed sheets up like they’ve just been pulled out of the dryer. Lydia was now on top of Stiles, both her thumbs pressed into the dimples of his pelvis. Her soft hand touched his chest, applying gently pressure as she slid down his abs reaching for his belt. The tip of his long middle finger dug into her spine and traveled up the long pathway to the clasp of her bra. With one small flick the surface of her skin was exposed. Stiles’ skinny hands surrounded her entire back, he rubbed circles from bottom up. Her back was so small he could hold her with the strength of one arm. She grips onto his cheeks with both hands and continues kissing him wildly. They roll over once more, the sting from the cold sheets cause Lydia to violently twitch awake. She looks to the right side of the bed and finds no one there. She could feel her lips still trembling as her shaky finger tips reach up to stop it, her smile begins to fade. Those long summer nights were truly over and she can’t stop thinking of all the love they had made. She reaches for her phone to dial Stiles from D.C. Hearing his sleepy voice answer the phone made her feel safe and warm. It was a different kind of warmth though, the kind that could overpower any cold sheets. She missed him so much.

And bang bang then the teen wolf theme song comes on….


i. Spooky Scary Skeletons // The Living Tombstone ii. This is Halloween // Panic! At the Disco iii. Lose Your Soul // Dead Man’s Bones iv. Howl // Florence + the Machine v. I Put A Spell On You // Bette Midler vi. Time Warp // Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast vii. Ghostbusters // Ray Parker, Jr. viii. Dollhouse // Melanie Martinez ix. Monster // Skillet x. Thriller // Michael Jackson xi. Monster Mash // Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers xii. Let’s Kill Tonight // Panic! At the Disco xiii. Scooby Doo Theme Song // Austin Roberts xiv. Secret (Pretty Little Liars Theme) // The Pierces xv. American Horror Story (DARKLORDZ Remix) // DARK LORDZ xvi. Superstition // Stevie Wonder xvii. Walking Dead Theme // Bear McCreary xviii. This is Halloween // Danny Elfman xix. Spookley the Square Pumpkin Song // Various Artists xx. Teen Wolf Theme Song (Bloody Beetroots Remix) // Bloody Beetroots xxi. Castle // Halsey xxii. Spooky Scary Skeletons // The Living Tombstone xxiii. Grim Grinning Ghosts Remix // blarsa xxiv. The Purge Announcement (Halloween Intro Mix) // Kenny Lim xxv. Once Upon a Dream // Lana Del Rey xxvi. Mad Hatter // Melanie Martinez xxvii. Harry Potter Prologue // John Williams xxviii. R.I.P. 2 My Youth // The Neighbourhood xxix. Bad Moon Rising (Cover) // Mourning Ritual xxx. I’m In Love With a Monster // Fifth Harmony xxxi. Toxic (16Bit Remix) // Yael Naim xxxii. Spooky Scary Skeletons // The Living Tombstone xxxiii. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor // Bach xxxiv. Love Will Have Its Sacrifices // Soles xxxv. Halloween Theme Song (Trap Remix) // DJ Deville xxxvi. Control // Halsey xxxvii. Carousel // Melanie Martinez xxxviii. Bad Blood // Taylor Swift xxxix. Orphan Black Theme Song // Two Fingers xl. Spooky Scary Skeletons // The Living Tombstone