Thank You - Derek Hale (Xmas) Imagine

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Your POV 

 I look around at the pack. Everyone smiling, no claws or fangs coming out. Even Derek is smiling but, he’s been doing that more since we started dating. I look to my side and see Peter.

 A smirk on his face. “Ah, look. The little brats are behaving for Christmas.” He remarks.

 I laugh, nodding. “Yeah, they are? They don’t want to be on the naughty list, it looks like." 

 "I don’t think they’ve been on the nice list for years.” Peter laughs. 

 "It must be the Christmas spirit.“ I tell him, shrugging my shoulders. 

 "Maybe.” He walks off to kitchen.  

“You might want to hide the marks on Stiles, Peter.” I yell, after him. 

 "What was that about?“ Derek asks, scaring me. 

 "Jeez. I’m going to put bells on you. Peter and me were talking about how the pack is getting along nicely.” I wrap my arms around him, “why?" 

 He shrugs, kissing the top of my head. "I want to talk to you. Outside.” I nod in confusion, letting him lead me outside. 

 Derek takes a deep breath. “I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for showing me that love can be kind. Love can be true. Love can be tender. That love can be everything I said, without biting me in the ass." 

 "Derek.” I say softly, not knowing what else to say. “It’s okay.” He smiles. “I know I just dropped a bomb on you.” He chuckles. 

 "I love you.“ 

 "I love you too." 

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Happy Halloween!!!!!! Here are some fanarts of the girls and their Halloween costumes :) I only really had time to do 3 of the girls’ costumes (I was gonna add Allison but.. time ran out lol)

Lydia - Mermaid
Kira - Fox
Malia - Deer


New video! Made a Teen Wolf themed cake today on Nerdy Nummies! 


The Teen Wolf opening credit sounds a lot more epic when slowed

In your dreams, Atlas laughs.
Opens his mouth wide as a storm,
says, “Little wolf, did you think
humans could handle the weight
of gods?”

Atlas is laughing at you and all you
can think is that the world is red
when it should be in gold. Atlas
laughs and the sky trembles
and your shoulders shake.

The thing is, ordinary humans
are built of bone and blood.
Skin as fragile as china, hearts
as open as the ocean. But you –
you are no ordinary human.

And yet, you are no god.

For gods, the skies are home.
But you, the woods claim you.
Child of Adam, child of Eve,
but heir to the wolves.

For you, home is a forest
painted deep, dark red.
Home is a pack, wolves
and humans and witches.
Home is gold eyes and gold
hearts and silver arrows.

Home is not Olympus,
not for the children of wolves.

Atlas laughs, but there is
something heavy in his eyes

Olympus is not his home, either.

Maybe the weight of the sky
was meant for you.

—  late-night conversations with atlas | m.j.