TEEN WOLF RECAP 6x08 - Blitzkrieg

Hello, hello. Are you ready for another recap of this amazing episode who literally broke the internet? Let’s go!

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TEEN WOLF RECAP - 6x06 Ghosted

And we are back, after 15 painful days without Teen Wolf, with an amazing episode. One of my favorites from the whole show.

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Teen Wolf Thoughts: Condition Terminal
  • Parrish sees Lydia as the queen
  • Parrish and fire - can’t control it yet
  • oh the sexual chemistry here, you can last longer than that ;)
  • FUCKING A yes…just do it already.  Just kiss, sex, I don’t care Marrish go for it! 
  • Ok Parrish is totally the phoenix in my mind right now.  Rebirth, fire, rise from the ashes, etc, etc…make sense to me.

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