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TEEN WOLF RECAP 6x08 - Blitzkrieg

Hello, hello. Are you ready for another recap of this amazing episode who literally broke the internet? Let’s go!

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-Dr. Deaton

Kira omg

Isaac doesn’t have any family … but he got McCall’s

“its me I swear to god its me” no no no it not him Scot don’t trust him

Scot showing his alpha….  AWESOME

 Peter talking to Lydia mom, leave them alone you ass

Derek and Argent ..dear god so hot

 Danny: “what the hell are you doing’‘  twin: ” I missed you’' 

 coach shot

Derek and Argent cuffed together

 ’’ I’m the spark that lit your fire sweetheart’’ … HOW TO EXPLAIN MY EMOTIONS FOR LYDIA AND PETER

 bomb craziness

 Alison protecting her girl

 ’'your not just an uncle’’

 bomb in the station  no no no Derek no Argent no

 Derek protected him even after saying he is not going to

Malia  is Peters daughter yes yes yes…  Jeff I love you

nooooooooooooooo Scot noooooooooo

 no stiles don’t do that no please

and one more thing …. advice on how to survive this show !!!