Teen Wolf reaction 3x22

that beginning -  “you are here to protect me”

Stiles hurting himself

Wtf did just came from his insides


Kira and Scott

Allison and Isaac - if he only was Isaac

Derek noooooo not him too

Ethan too common

Lydia found Stiles

I wonder if I and A  used that handcuffs last night

“which pile is which” oh  Sheriff

What secret wtf Melissa what did you do ???

twins and Isaac

Kira and Allison

so everyone against everyone,  ok nooooo

“when you people gonna start trusting me” oh Peter

Lydia and Scott don’t mess with my bbys

Derek and Argent stop it stop

Allison and Scott -  but its not Allison

I know Peter only need Lydia to find his daughter but that was awesome moment

Stiles, Lydia and Scott

“Don’t make me kill you” - Argent…   Jeff stop ruining my bromance

Stiles throwing that shit up

not Stiles , the other one is  … ok ok wtf wtf

Lydia noooooooo

All in all

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Shelley Hennig, Dylan O'Brien, Arden Cho, Holland Roden, Linden Ashby, Tyler Posey, Melissa Ponzio, Dylan Sprayberry

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This episode was crazy it set the bar up so high this is is going to be INTENSE yep Im quoting Mason:

  1. Why the fuck are the people so fucking surprised Stiles was right about Theo?  he is Stiles he always figure shit out so no surprise there
  2. I felt a LITTLE just a little gratefull to Theo when he saved Lydia well very  gratefull but she is the Queen, but I lost that feeling the moment the bastard pulled that fucking stunt with Donovan that little shit I wanna hurt him the big question, Is he working with the Doctors?
  3. Malia I really liked her in this and I was mad t Stiles and Scott for not believing her I mean you just saw a Kanima/Werewolf Hybrid but you don´t believe your friend/girlfriend telling you about 3 crazy assholes in a mask.
  4. There is a book about them? Where do I buy it? Cause damn I need answers take my money.
  5. This season is really testing gross limits this is the second time I feel like pucking in 1 episode.
  6. Maybe parish is like the death collector? Or an angel of death? & that  is why he feels connected to Lydia cause you know she is the harebringer of death.
  7. Liam and Mason are so precious I want to adopt them, Mamma McCall rocks so much, the Sheriff looks so done with this shit, Brett is so hot, so hot seriously were do you get this guys?
  8. That kira moment was crazy her kitsune took full control only scott could bring her back that scene was funny to in Scott´s defense  I didn’ t realized he said I love you either guess that explains why Im single lol which takes me to number
  9. The funniest quote of the episode “Considering the state of my dating life I need a wingman, a copilot and a hot flight attendant.”  Mason is hilarious.
  10. THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THEM ALL STYDIA  YOU GUYS SAW IT RIGHT IM NOT FUCKING BLIND YOU SAW IT #Stydia is real his reaction, her reaction everyones reaction to their reaction they are OTP, endgame Im worried tough because  Theo figured Stiles weekness and strenght: Lydia 

This is my recap that end had me screaming NOOOO I can´t wait for next week of #TeenWolf this season is crazy.

so there is only two more episodes of teen wolf  

is stiles back or is he not

and the fact “stiles” woke up when lydia said malia 

and that dethan scene 

and the fact i haven’t had a proper sterek scene since the elevator scene last season

and that peter and lydia scene 

and what the fuck is this big ass secret that mama mccall  papa mccall and papa stilinski like what is it

kira you have no training but you know what 

malia being peters kid 

and this whole character death got me like 

alright see you next week