I finished my comic, so I’m posting the interactive version! Just scroll over the panels to reveal the dialogue–sorry webpage design isn’t super great, haha.

And to the teen witch ladies–sorry I probably took some leaps about your girl’s powers!! But I wanted to make it as simple and comedic feeling as possible, haha. (And also gdi I feel so bad while I was typing up speech bubbles I realized I had completely stopped drawing cat!Winnie like a doofus.)

I was drawing all the witches buuuuuuut this is the only thing I’m willing to share

it’s my first drawing of Brigitte.  Ummm I thought she’d be doodling sigils and wearing some oversized second-hand suit jacket.

XD I’m actually embarrassed of the way the other sketches are turning out soooo I’d rather not offend y'all.  8D I just need some more practise, ok? ok