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Teen Top Never Stop in Guam ep. 2 
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part 1: daily motion
Translator: iseuli 
Timer: zhennie, byeongari 
Typesetter: byeongari, StoicBug 
Encoder: nglkt 

part 2: daily motion
Translator: iseuli 
Timer: SOP 
Typesetter: SOP 
Encoder: nglkt 

part 3: daily motion
Translator: momoironiel 
Timer: chunjied 
Typesetter: chunjied 
Encoder: nglkt 

part 4: daily motion 
Translator: shiema 
Timer: min 
Typesetter: min 
Encoder: nglkt 

[6TOTSubs] 140426 Teen Top Never Stop in Guam Ep 3

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Part 1
Translator: momoironiel
Spot Translator: iseuli
Timer: StoicBug 
Typesetter: StoicBug, SOP 
Encoder: nglkt

Part 2
Translator: momoironiel
Spot Translator: nglkt 
Timer:  zhenyi
Typesetter: chunjied

Part 3
Translator: iseuli
Spot Translator: nglkt
Timer: SOP
Typesetter: SOP

Part 4
Translator: mcbdcj
Timer: Roth, SOP
Typesetter: Roth, SOP

[NEWS] 2014.03.10 Teen Top, leaves for Guam for their first ever solo real variety show

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Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=396&aid=0000180427

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Despite their busy schedule for their World Tour, Teen Top left for Guam on the 10th for the filming of Y-STAR ‘Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam’

Teen Top appeared in the best airport fashion for their trip - comfortable jackets and denim jeans. The members personally planned the itinerary in ‘Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam’ and will make their own decisions for the trip in the programme. You’ll be able to see a very different Teen Top from what we have been used to. Also, there’ll be a wide variety of activities to be included such as a jungle adventure to experience the wild life and even a luxurious sunset cruise.

Upon hearing Teen Top’s departure for Guam, the netizens responded “Looking forward to it” “Have a safe trip” “We’ll be waiting for you”. Just like one American fan who exclaimed “OMG! New variety show?!”, Argentina, Mexico, Japanese fans and fans worldwide have shared photos of Teen Top leaving Korea.

You’ll be able to watch ‘Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam” on 5th April 11PM KST on Y-STAR.

On the other hand, Teen Top will be kicking off their America part of their <TEEN TOP 2014 World Tour “HIGH KICK”