☆I need more blogs to follow☆

yeah so please like and/or reblog if you post mainly one or more of the following stuff and I’ll check out your blog :’)

(btw you don’t have to post any of the ships i listed for me to follow you but it would be cool if you did)

- Harry Potter (ships i like: romione, hinny, remadora, wolfstar, jily, scorbus)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra (ships: zutara, sukka, tokka, bopal, kainora, zhurrick, wuko, korrasami)

- Teen Titans (2003) (ships: bbrae, robstar, flinx, robrae, cybee)
- Big Hero 6
- Miraculous Ladybug (ships: ladynoir, adrienette, ladrien, marichat, djwifi)
- Star vs The Forces Of Evil (ships: starco, tomco, tomstar lmao)
- Voltron: Legendary Defender (ships: klance, shallura)
- Shadowhunters (ships: malec, saphael)
- Fanarts of those fandoms above
- aesthetic stuff (like pastel, space, …)
- cats. i love cats.
- science stuff

Note: I will not follow you if you post stuff from incest ships or ships between a teen and an adult and if you post:
-Creepypasta/Horror (basically creepy things)

Just a friendly reminder to not forget about groups like teen top, cross gene, 24k, boys republic, topp dogg, up10tion, big star, high4, history, imfact, map6, jjcc, Uniq, nu'est, knk, madtown, n.flying and romeo. Of course it’s impossible to support and invest in all of these groups, but give them a chance. Even though all of these groups are from small companies, they are all extremely talented and they work as hard as every other group. Probably even more than others, and they don’t deserve to be underrated like this. It would be heartbreaking to see any of them disbanding, so please don’t ignore these precious gems.

OTP at the airport

Imagine your OTP at the airport: A and B are at the security check and person A is putting all their bags on the band. The security staff then asks: “Did you put all your belongings on?” Person A thinks for a moment then tries to lift person B up on the band.