The Classic Movie You Watch Together

s c o t t 

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You guys watch Psycho. While watching the movie both you and Scott were fine, but later on while you were both trying to sleep you found it honestly creepy to the core. 

s t i l e s 

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Jaws. Not that scary you have to admit, but it was certainly interesting and you and Scott both jumped a couple times, but other wise you were fine. You did miss a couple scenes while you kissed though. 

d e r e k

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You watch Vertigo, and holy shit are you both confused. You have no idea what’s going on for half of the movie and the other half you’re both thoroughly disturbed. Derek’s theories and predictions were pretty funny though, and certainly kept you’re interest in the odd movie. 

l i a m 

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You got your nerd on for 2001: A space odyssey! It was hilarious seeing all the things they thought we would’ve gotten by now and our priorities! You both thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and actually rewinded to catch the parts you missed while throwing pop corn at each other. 

Your Type of Movie/Fav Movie- Tw Preference

I’m actually really proud of these, I might even do the girls of TW :)


When it came to watching movies, Scott always insisted on watching a romantic film, one that made both your hearts cry in pain. The Notebook was your favorite, and Scott loved to settle down and watch it with you. He always joked and said that you were the Allie to his Noah, and he would love you and remind you every day why he loved you.


Stiles absolutely loved Sci-Fi/Fantasy films, whether it was The Terminator or The Matrix, he just loved to cuddle with you on the couch and make-out as the movie played on in the background. His favorite movie, however, was Star Wars, and he loved when you two would share an intense kiss that made both your hearts melt. You were his Princess Leia and he was your Hans Solo.


Isaac absolutely adored comedies, but his absolute favorite was Bridesmaids. No matter what movie you two argued about watching, it almost always came down to Bridesmaids. He would always joke about how one day you would be the Annie to his Rhodes. You would just stare at him for a long time before saying something along the lines of ‘You think I’m going to ruin my best friends engagement party and have felons out for me. Wow Isaac thanks for having faith in me’ and he would just laugh and kiss you.


Liam was obsessed with Jaws, it was the only movie he would let you watch while on date night. He loved that even though you had seen it almost a million times, you would jump into his arms and bury your face whenever “Bruce” devoured his victims. He would laugh and kiss you before letting you go get changed for your next movie. And just when you thought you weren’t scared of the shark anymore, Liam would chase you around the house pretending to be a shark and would scare you with his werewolf fangs. You would smack him on his chest and threaten to skin him alive, which he would just laugh and kiss you again.


Derek was emotionally attached to horror films, he couldn’t get enough of them, especially Cabin in the Woods. Part of it was because the old Hale house was centered in the middle of the woods, and the other part was Derek loved to scare you. He would cuddle with you on the couch as you watched the five friends get slaughtered, and blood would gush everywhere and when you had felt your nerves at their highest peek, Derek would lean in real close and growl in your ear. And you would jump off the couch, knocking the bowl of popcorn onto the ground and run screaming not to be killed. And Derek would just smile and silently laugh to himself, knowing you would be cuddled into the blankets of his bed waiting for him to come and sleep next to you to protect you.

Look at this badge. It looks official to me. In fact it looks sublime, but that’s a conversation for another day, ‘Professor’, and I say that loosely because you obviously spend more time trying to insert yourself into them than knowledge, don’t you, Noah “The Paedophile” Forbes? I know all about your past and your secrets, in fact I’ve been tracking you for a while now. Me and Officer YouDon'tNeedToKnow are ready and waiting to fucking take you down for your creepy ass molestation of students in your lair, what even is that about I swear. So weird. The girl in question is fucking 18 you little shit, and her jaw isn’t even fully grown yet! Do you get off on teen jaws, is that it, Noah? Creeps like you are the reason for a good 92 of my 99 problems.

Touch her again and I’ll be ready with a cell with your name on. You’re cellmate’s called Pablo and I heard he has an affinity for douchebags like you.

Officer DoneWithYourShit

Head Chief of Police in the department of Shutting Down Creepy Assholes Such as Yourself

Fine. Tell Pablo I look forward to meeting him. I hope he’s into the kinky stuff. 

I said 'lair’ once and I was joking you asshat,

Professor “I have a fucking MA, don’t use that term loosely” Forbes

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I just wanted to say that You have an amazing taste in music. And I'm looking for some new artists could you recommend any?

Sorority Noise, just dropped a killer album Joy, Departed. Been listening to Clique a lot. Really dig The Reflexes, Foxing, Flowers Taped to Pens, Funeralbloom, Great Grandpa, The Hotelier, Nouns, O’Brother, Old Gray, Paper Skeletons, Patch Kit, People Like You, Pity Sex, Rozwell Kid, Salvia palth, John Galm, Sovereignties, Teen Suicide, Tigers Jaw, Tiny Moving Parts, Trashlord, Treehouses, TWIABP. That should keep you busy! 


monthly top artists - june 2015

top albums

  1. lemuria - the first collection
  2. tigers jaw - charmer
  3. chumped - teenage retirement
  4. alt-j - an awesome wave
  5. alt-j - this is all yours

top tracks

  1. roger harvey & the wild life - city deer
  2. alt-j - intro
  3. tigers jaw - teen rocket
  4. roger harvey & the wild life - halloween
  5. caves - i don’t care, i don’t care

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What're some bands to use for reference?

mac demarco, beach fossils, fidlar, sorority noise, tigers jaw, teen suicide, flatsound, salvia palth

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Mixtape: I am utter and complete trash and this is some of the crap i listen to.

Hey! We ok - nevershoutnever
Only love - pvris
No brains - sum 41
Just exist - touché amoré
Teen rocket - tigers jaw
Celebrity skin - hole
Lipstick covered magnet - the front bottoms

I won’t tag 10 people for this but...!

Put shuffle on your ipod, MP3 player or phone and and add the top 10 songs! One rule: not skip the tracks.

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1. Teen Rocket // Tigers Jaw

2. Robbers // The 1975

3. Me vs Maradona vs Elvis // Brand New

4. Lord Knows // Dum Dum Girls

5. Luca // Brand New

6. Crying Lightning // Arctic Monkeys

7. Young and Beautiful // Lana del Rey

8. Awful Things // From Indian Lakes

9. Tiny Vessels // Death Cab for Cutie

10. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot // Brand New

If you wanna do this then I tag all of you idc

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cyberbully mom club, waxahatchee, tigers jaw, teen suicide... i'm not sure what kind of taste you have or what vibe you're going for so if you don't like those i can suggest more specific to your liking :-)

thank youuu! :~)