First Impressions - Peter Parker

Prompt: Y/n Stark is left alone for the weekend as the Avengers are out of town. Her dad decides to send a good friend of his over to spend the day with his daughter although forgets to mention anything to Y/n about it leading her to find an intruder in her kitchen. Not all first impressions are great. 

Words: 5,391

Warnings: Maybe three swear words

Rain kissed the filthy sidewalks of Manhattan in a baptizing fashion. The water droplets rid the city of it’s sin by simply showering over head. Y/n Stark watched the mesmerizing scenery from her bedroom window seat, in awe of the beauty. An old throw blanket was snuggled to her body as she leaded her head on the wood of the sill capturing the view below. The rain picturfully had no effect of the daily life of the city goers as they all continued rushing around, the only change was the addition of umbrellas. Most were black, few clear and a rare bit of yellow. The color of the tarps pulled Y/n in allowing her to calculate the amount of vibrant souls and those unlike the rest.

For the moment being she could see thirty or so dark coverings, three rainbow patterns, one red with black polka dots, a child umbrella resembling a frog, and two summer sky blue umbrellas.

With squinted eyes rain boots were still not visible but that was alright. This was her favorite weather and Y/n Stark had the intention of watching the show all day. Well that was until her stomach growled in agony.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do headcanons for how the paladins might react to their s/o telling them theyre going to have a baby and what gender their baby will be?

Round 1 in the pregnant S/O series!!!! More to come after vacation!

Also I’m adding Pidge to this under my HC of her as a trans woman, bc even if she starts hormone therapy she could have totally frozen sperm, so that’s that.

This would take place when each paladin is about 22-25. I ain’t about to advocate teen pregnancy (i’m a result of one so don’t worry, I’m not shaming. I just want what’s ideal for the smol children)

Under the cut bc it’s long

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Like She’s Mine (part seven) - Stiles Stilinski

this is like.. part 6b lmao
warnings - swearing + mentions of sex + sorta shortish

“So tell me something y/n” Stiles mused.  I think that we’d successfully sat on the floor silently for twenty minutes.

“Okay” I said, picking up the baby monitor next to me and playing with it.  “Like what?”

“I don’t know I just want to talk” 

“Alright then um… tell me more about GWU I feel like I don’t know enough.  Got a special girl waiting around back there?” I asked with a short laugh.  He almost laughed, but I heard it die in his chest.

“No, no I don’t really have anyone there.  I pretty much just float around classes”

“No friends?” I asked, turning my head so my chin set on the edge of his shoulder.  He didn’t say anything, I just watched him as he looked down to the fingers he played with in his lap.

“Nah I prefer to just um… I just like the way I have things going now” 

“Yeah? And how’s that?” He turned to me, causing me to lift my chin off of him so his nose didn’t bump into mine.

“Get up, I have my own dorm you know, I usually check for notifications but if there aren’t any I get ready for the day and head to school.  I have morning classes but my mid afternoons are usually free.  Maybe another class around threeish..” He shrugged his shoulders.  “Then later I’d call or text with you before bed” I smiled at that, and he looked back at his fingers.

“How do you not talk to anyone throughout the day? You went there for a whole year-”

“No not anyone, I text you did I not just say that?” I linked my fingers around the monitor, shrugging weakly.

“I guess I mean I figured you’d talk to somebody” 


“Well… in a selfish way that’s good” I said.

“Oh?” Stiles raised a brow at me, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Yeah I mean… now maybe you won’t find better attachments there and leave the rest of us behind” He turned to me again, staring intently at me.

“y/n- that- that’s ridiculous” His brows furrowed and I looked away again to avoid eye contact.  “Nothing’s… I’m not gonna- Nothing would ever make me want to leave you behind” I smiled for a moment, but then quickly changed my expression back to a neutral one.  “What?”


“That look, what’s that look for?” 

“I don’t know what you mean” I said shrugging it off and staring at the monitor some more.  I saw him lick his lips out of the corner of my eyes.


He was cut off by the baby monitor going haywire, screams and cries I heard through the radio and from just down the hall.  I sprung up, yanking away from Stiles and rushing towards Madison’s room.

“Do you need-”

“Thank you but no, I need to do this on my own she’s very- just stay there” I said, putting my hand up to Stiles as he’d begun to stand.  I entered Madi’s room, finding the girl crying on her back.  “No, no shh” I cooed as I walked over to her, lifting her in my arms.  “Come on, come on let’s look at the stars” I said in the happiest voice i could muster.  I carried her towards the window, showing her the view.  But her cries continued.  I winced as fat tears rolled down her red cheeks.  “Sh sh sh” I pointed out the window, and she turned to it.

The loudness of her crying, which I was grateful for.  But here and there she’d whimper of take shaky breaths.

“I’ll drop and speak a charm, take the weather from your heart” 

Now, I don’t know when I’d realized singing calmed her down, and god knows how I was good enough to make her relax but it it.  So it was something I stuck with when she’d throw her fits.

And the weight from your toes..” 

The melody was soft, and I sang it in a mere whisper as I bounced her just barely. 

Burn the bed and the dreams I’ve never met…”

Her eyes began to close and I smiled softly.  Slowly, I began making my way to her crib.

Those wishes were never for granted”

I laid her back down, breathing a soft sigh in relief as she stayed sound asleep, body calm again.  She did look like a little angel.  After assuring she was comfortable, I kissed her forehead one last time.

When I went back out to the living room, Stiles had his back to me, laying out a blanket on the sofa.  I just stood there, wrapping my arms around myself.

“Sorry we used to have another bed” I told him, and he turned to see me.  “If you want you could always just sleep in mine and I’ll stay out h-”

“No no, it’s fine” Stiles said, shaking it off.  “I don’t mind the couch.  You know it’s my prime napping place” I chuckled and nodded.  I was going to tell him an old story about how I’d always walk in on his naps.  But my eye caught something glittery on the table.

“Hey, we never opened your present” I said, walking over and reaching for it.

“That’s okay we can do it some other-”

“Oh no biggie” I didn’t even look at him as I pulled out the tissue paper.  I grinned as I pulled out a pink elephant, slightly bigger than Madi even is.

“Aww!” I held it and pet it, liking the softness of the stuffed animal.

“Yeah that just.. I don’t even know” He chuckled and I set it on the table, reaching in again.  I pulled out a couple of fuzzy blankets, which was greatly appreciated around here, you could never have enough really.  There was another box at the bottom that was wrapped up.  There was a neat pink ribbon tied in a bow.  I gave him a look as I pulled it out, and his features shifted to something I haven’t seen before.  “Th-that’s not- that’s not for Madi that’s actually for you” He said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.  “It’s actually your Christmas present… since we were apart this year so..”

“Oh Stiles you shouldn’t have gotten me anything, I didn’t-”

“I know, and I don’t want anything so don’t worry about it” I furrowed my brows but he waved his hand for me to open it.  I untied the ribbon and then pulled off the lid.  My eyes watered at the small collection of items inside.

A red blue and black strings of yarn, tied together to make a friendship bracelet I made him in the fourth grade.

A little plastic case holding a CD that had sharpie all over it.  It said STILES’ FIRE COLLEGE MIXTAPE and there was doodles and funny little drawings.  It made me chuckle.

A photo strip from an ice rink we went to a long time ago.  I teared up a little as I thought back to that day.  Hanging out with Scott and Allison and all of us taking the pictures together.  The first were just us smiling, the second was funny faces, the third we had our warms wrapped around each other, and the last one I’d surprised him and kissed his cheek.  His mouth was wide open in a surprised grin, and his eyes were big round caramel eyes staring at the camera while mine were fluttered shut as my lips were planted on his cheek.  This was sophomore year.  I didn’t know I loved him then, but now I know I did.

“y/n?” I looked up, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.  Then looked back into the last thing in the box.  A small gold bracelet.  There were links into a more rectangular looking piece, with cursive engraved in it.  y/n m/n l/n with an arrow it.  My fingers traced over it delicately as my eyes widened.

“Stiles…” I set it carefully on the table top as he smiled slightly.  It was just a lip twitch but it made me tear up all over again.  “It’s beautiful” I whispered, and he walked over to me.

“Well I’m glad you think so” He said softly.  I hugged him before he could see me cry.  His arms wrapped around my back.  “I have another gift too but uh.. I don’t want you to be mad” I cocked my head to the side, stepping back just slightly.

“Why would I be-”

“I’ve transferred to Beacon Hills community college for the next year” 

I froze.

“Don’t be mad, really I’m doing it for you- for Madi- I want to help-”

“Stiles..” I didn’t even know what the hell to say.

“It’s already done and in place.  I did it this afternoon” 

My chest heaved.

“y/n this year… it just… it sucked without you- without any of you” He caught himself.

My sharp breaths became audible.  But Stiles stepped forward and put his hands on my arms.

“But GWU it was your dream school..”

Was.  It was my dream school”

“So now basic community college is your dream school? Stiles stop just- you’re being ridiculous” I put my hands on my forehead, looking down and trying to collect my thoughts.

“If that means I can stay with you- guys- then yes” He stumbled again.

“Stiles do you hear yourself?” I hissed slightly, not wanting to raise my voice and wake up Madi again.  “You’ve been back for barely a day and suddenly-”

“Things have changed, y/n… but the things that have stayed the same I don’t want them to go away”

“Our friendship? Did our friendship go away when you were gone for the year?”

“No but now we can be closer again, don’t you want that?”

“Stiles…” My arms fell from my head and I grasped his hands in mine for a moment.  “Of course I do but, this just seems… it seems foolish”

“But y/n it’s more than that-”

“Then what is it?” I asked.  His mouth hung open for a moment, before he looked down and closed it.  After a long moment of silence, I realized I wasn’t getting the answer I was hoping for and I sighed softly.  “I just don’t want you throwing your life away the way I did, okay?” He didn’t say anything, so I released his hands and raised my palm to rest on his cheek, making him look at me.

“You didn’t, and I’m not” He said, voice weak and tired.  I gave him half a smile but I’m sure my eyes looked sad, seeing that my vision was still misty.

“Well… the decision was already made” I whispered and my hand moved slightly to fall, but his went over top of mine, keeping it set on his jaw.

“I’m not going to apologize to you y/n… this was solely my choice” I gave him a sad smile.

“I know” I said softly.  “I hope it won’t be a bad one”

“It won’t be” He responded, his lips upturned softly.  “Come here” He pulled me close again and hugged me.

“This is great, but if you hug me one more time today I might fall asleep on you” Stiles chuckled, and the vibrations in his chest reverberated against mine, giving me a nice sense of safety.

“That would be okay” He responded, and I patted his back slightly before stepping away for the last time.  I collected the gifts back into the bag as he made his way back to the couch.

“Goodnight Stiles” I practically whispered out, holding back on leaving the room completely.

“Goodnight y/n” He responded just as hushed.  I smiled slightly before I turned around and walked to my room.

I was up for another three hours trying to get to sleep.  I was scrolling through my social media, reading  a boring article on the gas prices when I realized I wasn’t paying attention to my phone screen whatsoever.

No, my mind was too plagued with thoughts of Stiles.

ha i actually posted part 7 like i said i would but oops but here it is ok im too tired to write an authors note sooooo give me feedback? or not, maybe you’d rather eat nutella straight out of the jar and cry bc you can never marry stiles stilinski like i am rn.  whatever makes your goat float in a boat while he boasts about his friend ghost.

yikes im exhausted…

tagged: @morganschiebel @bunnyboo10154 @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday and @johnsonxstilinski and @celestial-writing even tho shes being mean to me rn but i still love her ;)

todays lesson for u kidz is: don’t drop out of college! (even tho stiles didn’t really ‘drop out’ but still a good message)

xoxo~ jordie

You’re Cute When You Laugh

Originally posted by animegifstrash

Hey guys! This was a fanfiction that I was writing while I was working. I have been wanting to type it out when I got the chance, so yeah…I got the chance! XD Anyway, I really hope you guys like this one, and without further rambling from me, please enjoy! <3

Atsushi seriously had no idea what started it, but now…he wanted it to end at all costs. Slipping into the Agency’s office, Atsushi shut the door hard, and glanced around. The room was completely empty of the workers, but that didn’t help the weretiger’s situation. Hearing footsteps starting to come towards his location, the teen held his breath, and quickly hid himself under his desk, pressing his hand to his mouth to avoid making any sounds. Hearing the door open, and then close, Atsushi watched with wide eyes as tan shoes came into his vision. Wait…those weren’t Dazai’s shoes.

                       “K-Kunikida-san…is that you?” the weretiger whimpered, and when his chair was pushed aside, and the older blond’s face came into view, Atsushi let out a sigh of relief. Seeing his confused expression, the teen gave him a shaky, obviously nervous smile, knowing he should at least explain himself. “U-um…HELP! I’m being chased by Dazai! And I don’t know where he is, or why he’s doing it!”

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isnotaband-isanidea  asked:

Request for the family au!! Who gives the "birds and bees" talk and who does the body changes one? Does auntie Allura advices Pidge on her female issues? Who has the rebel phase first? Who brings a date first? I want to see Sheith handdling teenagers

HAHHA the birds and the bees. Hoboy. They wanted to split it up but they decided to have a “Family Meeting.” [The Voltron Family]

Hunk: What’s the meeting about? *nervous* I admit, I stole some cookies the other night, but other than that I’m clean! *hands in defense*
Keith: You what?! I just baked those! 
Lance: I may or may have not watched television in the living room at 1am! To be fair, it wasn’t my fault Stripperella was in that time slot!!
Shiro: You watch Stripperella??? *in disbelief*
Keith: On Jack TV????? That.. that… *fumes* STRIPPER?!!
Lance: Ah! *points* So you know of it, Daddy Keith!
Keith: *throws hands in the air* Of course I know of it!! But that’s not the point. *looks at Shiro and says weakly* Our son watches that damn show. Oh my god. Where did we go wrong? *sobs into his hands*
Shiro: *smiles weakly* Guess this family meeting is a bit appropriate then.
Hunk: Wait, before that, shouldn’t Pidge admit something too?
Pidge: *sighs* I may have hacked Daddy Shiro’s laptop because I wanted to get a photo of him and Daddy Keith for my project.
Shiro: You what? *scandalized*
Pidge: You were at the hospital and I was desperate! I just found photos from our Japan trip last year though. You keep them all organized. It’s so cute, Daddy Shiro. Even have cute file names.
Hunk: *nudges Pidge* Oh oh oh! Like what?
Pidge: Keith looking so adorable while holding Pidge’s hand on their way to Tokyo Metropolitan Tower dot jpeg.
Lance: *laughs* Oh my god!
Keith: *eyes Shiro* That was very descriptive. *smug*
Shiro: *gapes* *shakes head* Alright. Enough about this. We’ll go back to your crimes later because we need to discuss something more important.

So they began discussing it and it’s so awkward and the teens just had their jaws dropped like “Oh my god I can’t believe our dads are having this talk with us” They were just so quiet while Shiro and Keith began explaining.

Keith: And Pidge, if ever there’s like um, blood—
Pidge: Blood? Why would—
Shiro: There’s this thing called menstruation and it’s supposed to happen to all the girls when they reach a certain age. What we’re trying to say is, if you see some blood in your underwear then you need to inform me or your Daddy Keith and we’ll tell you what to do. Don’t panic if it happens because it’s normal during puberty.
Pidge: *raises an eyebrow* *eyes widens* Now I’m scared for this blood.
Lance: That does sound scary though. *places hand on Pidge’s shoulder* RIP, Pidge. It was nice knowing you.
Keith: Which is why I have placed sanitary napkins in your bathroom cupboard. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but I bought them last week and placed it there–In case it happens, you will need those.
Shiro: I’m actually quite amazed you sound so calm, Keith.
Keith: She’s our child. Who else would teach her these things? *to Pidge* In case it happens when Daddy Shiro and I are not around, I’ll teach you later in your room, okay?
Pidge: *nods* Yeah, okay. Am I supposed to bring one around in case it happens when I’m in school?
Shiro: Yeah, best you should. And you might experience some pain.
Hunk: *gasp* PAIN?? *hugs Pidge* Oh, Pidge! You don’t deserve this! 
Pidge: I’m already starting to dislike this menstruation thing. D8<
Keith: *laughs* Don’t worry. All the females hate it, too.

It wasn’t a surprise to everyone except to Keith that Lance would be the very first one to bring a girl home. To. Eat. Dinner. With. The. Family. 

Keith: *whispers* HE BROUGHT A GIRL!!!
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* He’s 17, Keith. It think that’s pretty normal. *chuckles* Well, not to the both of us since we’re–
Keith: *hisses* Not the point, Shirogane! I’m going to talk to her.
Shiro: Keith, you’re not even sure if they’re—

Keith: Hi, sweetheart. I’m Lance’s Dad. Do you mind walking with me in the gardens?
Girl: Yeah, sure! *smiles*
Keith: So, what are your intentions with my son?
Girl: *blinks* What?
Keith: Are you just friends? Are you his girlfriend or what?
Girl: Uh… *nervous* I may have a crush on him?
Keith: Ah, a crush. *nods* I see. That’s cute. 
Girl: *blushes* He is cute. I mean, Lance.
Keith: *nods impatiently* Of course, he’s cute. He’s my child. But you see, you might wanna reconsider some stuff here. 
Girl: Like what?
Keith: *grimace* Lance can’t date until he’s 30.
Lance: *from somewhere* DADDY KEEEEIIIITHHHHHH!!
Keith: *eyes still on the girl* Lance can’t date until he’s 50.

The one who had a rebel phase was… PIDGE. Lmao. Every article of clothing was black, everything was just black and Shiro was so worried about it.

Shiro: About Pidge… *helping Keith doing the laundry*
Keith: Relax. *folds another of Pidge’s black punk-rock band shirts* It’s a normal phase in life of a teenager.
Shiro: But Keith… she’s wearing eyeliner!! And goes around saying “This shirt is so black… like my heart.”
Keith: Need I remind you of your phase way back then in high school? 
Shiro: *cringes* 
Keith: *chuckles* Exactly. Let her find out what she wants. Besides, *shows Shiro Pidge’s MCR shirt* My Chemical Romance is REALLY good. Have to hand it to her. She has taste. I’ll have to tell her that if she’s going to watch one of their concerts, I’m going with her.
Shiro: *scandalized* You’d join her?!
Keith: *shrugs* They’re a great band. Plus, bonding with the kids, Shiro. Know what they love and understand it.  She’ll grow out of it. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows?
Shiro: *places hand on his temple* I’m having war flashbacks.

AHHAHHAHAHA I’m sorry if this was a bit detailed but omg Shiro and Keith handling teenagers is a bit amusing to me. :))))

Teen Rocket
Tigers Jaw
Teen Rocket

Teen Rocket l Tigers Jaw

“My mind is full of reasons I can’t help what we’ve become
A time capsule buried in the way you make me numb

You’re always looking at the floor
when I’m looking in your eyes,
Distance is measured by the mind,
distance is measured by the mind

And it’s hard for me, it’s hard for me
it’s hard for me, it’s hard for me to let you in

I am the voice that you hear, but cast away in your head
I am the point that you miss, 
I’m much too quiet to change any mind
I can’t fix your life, can’t even handle mine

Locked up with my thoughts in my head again”

Stress affecting sleep?

For this to work efficiently, record the steps and play it as you lay in bed - read very slowly, in a relaxed manner.

  • Lie on bed and place your head on a good pillow
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply two/three times - fill your lungs, then empty them.
  • Tighten up the muscles of different parts of your body in turn: keep them tight while you silently count to five. Then let go and imagine the tension going out as you relax and smooth your muscles. As you feel your muscles relax and get longer, you keep the sensation going on for as long as possible.
  • Start with your hands, make a tight fist, hold it for 5 seconds, let your fingers open and feel the muscles relax and get longer - let the feeling continue
  • Squint your eyes, tighten your teen and jaw and wrinkle your forehead. Imagine someone is going to punch you in the face - feel the tension while you silently count to five, then relax. Feel the warmth of relaxation coming to your face.
  • Next, pull your shoulders up till they nearly touch your ears, feel the tension while you silently count to five. Let your shoulders drop
  • Now progress through the rest of your body, tightening muscles while you count slowly to five, then relax. Start with your stomach and chest muscles - think someone is going to jump on you - then lower your abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
  • Finish with your lower legs, curling up your toes and tightening calf muscles to feel the tension in your foot, ankle, calves and knee - imagine someone is threatening to stick a needle deep in the muscles - then relax.
  • When you have finished, notice the tension and release the tension from all your muscles. Breathe out deeply a few times and feel relaxed.

If you aren’t comfortable with recording yourself, here are a few good youtube videos:

Thief!Seungcheol ||

Notes: part two! Hope you enjoy. Requests are open! Also Mina and mark were my fav in this, they were was fun to write. Happy birthday Seungcheol!

tw: past child abuse, past non descriptive rape

•you were officially on the run with a the Choi siblings
•after you had taken them from the house, you decided that the best place to hide out was on the street
•"cheol? Why can’t I go to school?“
•Seungcheol’s little sister Mina kept asking
•"you will, we just have to hide for a while. Okay?”
•with a nod from her, you continued to tell seungcheol how to pickpocket
•after all, you needed money for your plan to work
•"what’s your plan y/n? I can’t steal things.“
•for as much as he babbled, he had quick fingers and was able to take as much as he needed
•which was quite a lot, after all you needed to go to a different state
•which meant airplane rides, and money for a fake passport for them
•Mina was also a natural, you and her would stay on the corners and beg for money, hiding parts of her face just in case
•after all everyone thought that she and seungcheol were missing kids
•but tomorrow you’d be able to get in the plane, your plan would be in action
•just had to stay out of trouble until then, it shouldn’t be that hard

•apparently trouble is your middle name!
•because oh boy, how are you gonna get yourself out of this
•Mina wanted to pickpocket someone, and seungcheol told her no
•but she did it anyway
•the woman saw her, and called the police
•the police caught her, and now she’s at the station, and your plane leaves in two hours!
•what a mess
•"how are we going to get her? This is my fault, we’re going to have to go to mother, oh god we’re going to die”
•seungcheol rambled, pacing in front of the station, where yo had dragged him
•"dude, shut up.“
•you said, watching the officers and Mina through the window
•"what if they hurt her?”
•"they’re cops cheol, she didn’t get hurt on the street, she’s good.“
•you said, not even looking at him, continuing to watch Mina
•she was sitting on a chair, near and officer who was sitting at his desk
•he got up, and went to the bathroom, leaving Mina alone
•"let’s go! Come in seungcheol”
•running to the front of the station, you opened the door, and whistled
•getting Mina’s attention, she stood up and ran
•for the second time this week, you were on the run
•but this time you had a plan
•getting a taxi, you told the driver to take you to bring you to the airport
•inside of the taxi, you heard the drivers phone ring, an amber alert maybe?
•taking a face mask out of your pocket, you gave it to Mina
•your face and cheol’s was already covered
•when you got to the airport you paid the driver and grabbed the siblings hands
•taking them inside, you found the man you’d pay to give you passports and sneak you guys on the plane
•taking quick steps, the three of you followed the man in the security uniform
•within five minutes, you guys were buckled in a plane with a bunch of other kids
•blending in perfectly, you guys were in your way to Hawaii
•not for relaxation though, that could come later
•"I think I’m afraid of heights cheollie.“
•Mina whined holding her brothers sleeve, tears in her eyes
•"it’s okay, I’ll protect you and y/n.”
•he said looking at Mina, glancing at you quickly and grabbing your hand as he comforted mina
•and you guys were in the air
•seungcheol had to managed to calm down Mina, and she was now sleeping
•leaning your head on seungcheol’s shoulder, you felt your eyes flutter close
•"I promise I’ll protect you.“

•once you landed in Hawaii, a stewardess woke the three of you up
•you guys got ushered off the plane, the next step was to get to a phone so you could call someone
•yep, that’s what your plan was, to get to Hawaii, call a kid that you knew in foster care who had been place with a duo of lawyers for parents
•"hey mark, I’m in Hawaii, would your dad be able to pick us up?”
•an agreement came from the boy and you guys were going to be okay
•"cheol, you still have the recordings right?“
•you asked the black haired teen who was now carrying his sister
•he nodded, and motioned to his pocket
•a car drove up, mark inside so it let you know that this wasn’t a kidnapping
•getting inside the car first, Mina going in the middle, seungcheol behind mark
•"you’re on the news, did you know that y/n?”
•Nodding, you shrugged
•"not the first time I’ve been wanted by the police.“
•marks dad was talking to seungcheol as he drove, letting you cuddle into Mina as you enjoyed the drive

•when you pulled into their driveway, mark sent you a look
•"I won’t take anything.”
•you said, rolling your eyes at the blonde male
•opening your door, you slid out, picking Mina up, continuing your cuddle session
•she nuzzled her head into your neck, her dirty face rubbing on your already filthy black hoodie
•when you stepped inside of the house, you were painfully aware of how pristine everything was
•"you kids look like you’ve been to hell and back.“
•Mark’s mom said, wiping her hands on her blue apron
•"I’d say they have, I on the other hand took a walk in the park.”
•she smiled, but it was a sad smile, knowing that you had lived on the streets for most of your childhood
•"can seungcheol and Mina go shower?“
•you asked, wanting her pitying look to go away
•"of course!”
•she led them to the bathroom, leaving you in the living room with mark and his dad
•slipping off your shoes, you were left in grayish socks that were no longer the white they were intended to be
•"mark, go to the closet and get some extra clothes please.“
•that was the signal that Mark’s dad wanted to talk to you
•mark nodded and sent you a look, different than the one he sent it the car
•he was telling you good luck
•flashing him a small smile, you faced his dad
•"y/n, do you know how serious this is? You’re lucky that seungcheol had evidence otherwise you could’ve been in prison.”
•he said, shaking his head as he sighed
•"yeah, I know but what was I supposed to do? Leave them? Besides it wouldn’t have been the first time.“
•sending him a glare at the end of your sentence, after all it had been him who sentenced you to juvie all those years ago
•"that was in the past, it was for your own good.”
•rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms
•yeah, you needed him for your plan to work but you didn’t need to be buddies with him
•"yeah, yeah. Excuses, are you gonna help or not?“
•running a hand through his receding hair, he sighed
•"we’ll help, only if you get help too y/n.”
•Mark’s mom said, holding Mina’s hand, who was now dressed in a blue dress
•"y/n, I look like Cinderella!“
•she said galloping over to you, plopping herself on the couch
•she asked you to come sit next to her, so you could braid her hair, because seungcheol’s braids were always loose
•"of course silly! Wouldn’t want Cinderella to have crazy hair, would we?”
•sitting stiffly on the couch, you moved her so she was on your lap, you began to braid
•"I agree, help them and you guys can try to fix what you did to me.“
•you said, not looking at Mark’s parents as you braided Mina’s silky black hair
•you could tell that they wanted to argue, but seungcheol walked into the room
•"look cheol! I’m Cinderella!”
•the smile on his face let you know, no matter what the adults said, you did the right thing
•"where did Mina go? Cinderella do you know?“
•seungcheol joked around, sitting next to you on the couch
•his hand gravitated towards yours, almost instantly intertwining your hands
•"y/n, mark brought clothes for you.”
•smiling at seungcheol, you pressed your lips to Mina’s head and walked to the bathroom
•mark was sitting on the sink, a towel and some clothes on his lap
•"I thought you would want long sleeved. So I brought my clothes.“
•nodding, you closed the door behind you
•"thanks dude, but what do you really want?”
•you asked, already taking off your clothes
•"do you still get nightmares? I have them but I feel like I shouldn’t, it’s been so long.“
•he said, passing you the towel and moving to the sink so you could wet the towel
•scrubbing the dirt of as best as you could, you took a second to think
•"we lived on the street for years, we had to do things we aren’t proud of. They won’t ever go away, maybe they won’t happen as much, but they’ll lurk.”
•once you were pleased with your red rubbed skin, you put the towel to dry
•"but…will I be capable of loving someone? I’m terrified that I’ll open my eyes only for a two hundred pound man to be on me.“
•he spoke quickly, snapping a band on his wrist
•getting dressed in the clothes that he had passed, you bent down like you had when you comforted Mina
•"you don’t have to do anything, we’re our own people now. We’re safe, you’re safe.”
•looking into his brown eyes, you let him look trough yours, to see if you were lying
•satisfied with what he saw, he stood up from the toilet
•grabbing your hand he smiled, this one reaching his eyes
•"let’s go back to lover boy and Cinderella.“
•squeezing his hand, you opened the door and walked back to the living room where Mina had fallen asleep on seungcheol
•but Mark’s parents were staring at the black haired teen, their jaws on the floor
•"y/n? Seungcheol is saying that you didn’t kidnap them. That you heard their mom yelling and hitting them, is this true?”
•looking at Seungcheol, his brown eyes were warm, yet they were defiant
•"yeah, I was walking home, it’s a short cut.“
•sitting down next to him, you laid your head on his shoulder, letting marks parents continue to question Seungcheol
•they told him what they would be going through, what would happen to their mom, they would be placed with a willing family member
•this was all things that you could repeat off the top of your head
•but this time you’d go through it with Mina and seungcheol
•your face the wicked woman that was their mother, when she would accuse you seungcheol would bring up that her position wasn’t the place to be making accusations
•that you were a Good Samaritan who just didn’t go through the steps the right way
•that Mina felt a better bond with you than the woman who gave birth to her
•with Mina and seungcheol, you could face anything together

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Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural part 3

Previous Part : Part Two


(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(E/C) = Eye Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(N/N) = Nick Name


Stiles couldn’t believe his luck. So far yesterday was absolutely freaking fantastic! Beacon High had gotten a new student - a gorgeous new student - and she and him hung out a good amount of yesterday! AND they were going to hang out more today! Plus the pack meeting was pointless since he showed up, was informed something they could have texted, then left.

For once he was actually excited for school, his dad was shocked to see him happily up and dressed by the time he usually barged in and threatened Stiles awake. Yeah, he was that happy. Which was weird. His life went from tv show drama cliché to romance movie cliché. He loved it.

“Woah Stiles,” He looked up, seeing Lydia and Allison walk into the almost empty classroom, he was that early, “I didn’t think you knew how to be on time or early even.”

He rolled his eyes, “I knew, I just never had reason to.”

Lydia just hummed a bit, sitting in her seat with Allison, both turning to discuss the latest whatever about whoever doing whatever with whoever. That’s all he ever understood. Girls were an off specimen.

“Someone looks like they could have used at least ten more hours of sleep.” He looked up, meeting (E/C) eyes, smiling at the sarcastic smirk on (Y/N)’s face. “Is my assumption correct?”

“We’re in high school, (N/N), am I supposed to look bright eyed and bushy tailed?”

She shrugged. “Depends. Ms. Classy over here seems like she’d wake up four hours before anyone else to make sure every hair was where it’s supposed to be.” She nodded at Lydia, and Stiles snorted.

“Knowing her that’s probably true.” She sat down, pulling out her English binder, and he took notice of a few pictures of her and her brothers and some other people. “Who are they? Any secret boyfriends?” Don’t come off as creepy just come off as curious Stilinski. Don’t scare the pretty girl who likes DC away.

She huffed a laugh, a sideways smirk as she pushed her binder closer pointing to the two he saw yesterday. “These two are my older brothers - well, adopted brothers. Sam and Dean.” Why did those names sound vaguely familiar? “This was my old foster family, Collin and Karen, and their son Josh. He had the biggest crush on me when I lived with them,” She held up her left hand, pointing to the ring on her index finger, “Convinced we were going to get married. The old guy in the plaid in my Uncle Bobby, adopted but still.” She smiled, though he could tell she was somewhat embarrassed. “I - uh, sorry, I don’t know why I bored you with that.” She shook her head.

He laughed a bit. “It’s fine. If I had a nickel for everytime I rambled to people I just met or hardly knew…well it’d equal the amount of nickels I would have from the times I rambled to people I did know and I’m positive I’d be a trillionare.” He saw more people file in, Scott one of them, looking confused before his gaze came to rest on Stiles and (Y/N). Stiles wasn’t sure but he could have sworn Scott’s eyes flashed gold, glaring at (Y/N).

“So when I come over today,” His head snapped back to said (H/C) girl, who hadn’t noticed the teen wolf glaring at her as he came to his regular seat, whispering something to Lydia and Allison, “My brothers are dropping me off. I tried easing it making it known you were the sheriff’s kid and - ”

“Why was that important?”

“If they knew you were related to the local law enforcement they would assume you were a good kid. That did not go as planned.” He snorted, she really had no idea.

“How’d you know he was related to the sheriff? Last I heard parents jobs isn’t a fun conversation starter.” Lydia butt in, and both his and (Y/N)’s eyes turned towards the strawberry blonde, Scott and Allison both watching.

“Stiles Stilinski? Sheriff Stilinski? It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.” You replied, sending her a forced smile, there was something about her that rubbed you the wrong way.

“Yeah our last name is pretty uncommon.” Stiles laughed behind you, and sending a quick, barely done eye squint glare at Lydia you turned back to the button nosed teen, unknowingly flashing your eyes a bright purple, which the three saw, sitting straight up, the two girls looking at Scott for answers. But said teen shook his head, mouth parted slightly as he stared at the (H/C)’s back.

“Hey Stiles,” Scott said, quite loudly as a few people in front turned to them, but Scott ignored them, interrupting Stiles before he managed to say anything to (Y/N). He didn’t trust her at first, but seeing her last night and this added to his concern.

Stiles sent Scott a confused look, and (Y/N) just looked between the two, face a mix between confusion, curiosity and amusement. “Um, we still on for the uh, movie marathon tonight?”

Scott could feel Allison send him an amused look but he did nothing about it, he didn’t want Stiles alone with a…whatever (Y/N) was. Stiles’ eyebrows came down in confusion, “We had a movie marathon tonight?”

“Yeah dude, uh we planned it a bit ago. After one of Allison’s and I’s dates um, bro time you know?” He was praying to all that was holy that Stiles bought it. Whoever was up there apparently took pity on the teen because Stiles’ face went from one of confusion to recognition and worry.

“Oh man, right, right.” He looked at (Y/N) who smiled at him.

“If you guys had a bronight planned we can always reschedule Sti.” Scott scowled, only Stiles’ closest friends should be able to give him nicknames. “I don’t break up bromances.”

Stiles nodded, then pondered. His face lit up and he inwardly groaned. He knew that face. He hated that face. That was his, “I have an idea”, face.

“Why don’t both of you guys come over? Allison and Lyds too. We could have a movie marathon! Pack night!” All four teens realized what Stiles said as soon as the words left his lips, “I uh - ”

“Pack night?” You felt your eyebrows come together in confusion, “Uh?”

Scott let out a laugh, which was so painfully fake, but you pitied them, turning to look at the teen with the crooked jaw. “It’s uh, see, we - ”

“It’s an inside joke,” His girlfriend, Allison you think, butt in, sending you a smile. “It’s stupid but it’s a joke. I still don’t fully get it.”

You nodded and smiled, noting to call Sam or Dean during class break. “That’s cute. Pack night.” Stiles let out a nervous chuckle, and you turned back to him, as Scott, Lydia and Allison all shared panicked looks.

Derek was going to kill them. Scott, being most worried, flinched heavily when the bell indicating the start of first period rang.


The ringing of the call going through was starting to get really annoying. You had five minutes between each class, and you were lucky your next class was so close to English. Finally you heard the phone stop ringing as someone answered.


You made a confused face. “Cas? Hey, why do you have Dean’s phone?”

“Dean is currently cleansing himself and Sam has run out to fetch fuel for both you all and the car.”

You paused. “So Dean’s in the shower and Sam went out to get food and fill Baby. Okay. Anyways, since you’ve been hanging with us for a while - ” You started digging through your bag, pausing when Cas took things by meaning again, chuckling a bit at his awkward yet somehow adorable demeanor.

“I wouldn’t call it ‘hanging’,” You could almost see the hang quotes, making you smile a bit, “More as you and the Winchesters have a tendency to almost die every hunt and it is necessary I am there to heal you all.”

You chucked. “Call it what you will Cas but I consider you family and a friend.” You glanced up at a group of teen girls walking by, almost glaring at the strong scent od perfume and high pitch giggles they were emitting, “Anyways, back to my question,” You glanced around, making sure anyone who was in hearing distance wasn’t in Stiles’ friend group, “What creatures would move in groups they’d call packs?”

Cas didn’t answer and you could just picture the stone look on his face as he thought. “I know the animals who tend to move in packs would be such as wolves, and other predatory animals. Most creatures you hunt, though, work alone.” He paused, “(Y/N) is something wrong with the school you are currently attending?”

You laughed breathily, hiding behind a wall of lockers from a teacher’s view. “I hope not. Uh, some people I know invited me to hang out. One called it ‘pack night’,” You checked how much time you had left. A minutes. You paused, “Cas, werewolves don’t move in packs do they?”

“The ones Dean has told me about, not that I know of. But I do recall those were feral ones. Ones who aren’t as in touch with their savage side may work together in packs, to calm both wolf and human parts of them.” You heard someone behind Cas, and knew Dean had probably gotten out of the shower but didn’t expect Cas to be there, due to the high pitch scream you heard.

“Alright, don’t tell Dean about this. Tell him I just needed to let him know I was going straight to my friend’s house, and others would be joining us. Bye Cas.” You pressed end, making sure Dean didn’t get the phone first. Sighing you leaned against the cool lockers, hearing the shrill bell go off as others scurried out of the hall, rushing to their next class.

Werewolves. Stiles and his friends…are werewolves.



Next Part : Part Four

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playlist: hitting it off with someone n the having a huge crush on them since

Affection - Cigarettes after sex

Teen rocket - Tigers jaw

Yellow love - Citizen

How do you tell a girl you really like her eyes - Cyberbully mom club

Lonely eyes - The front bottoms 

Ghost girl - Lil peep