Also, Dale Gribble digs Teen Hankgst, so that’s cool.

*phone rings*

Me: “Hello?”

Mom: “Hey! Uh, I saw your post on facebook about the patch! That’s so cool! So, what does that mean?”

Me: “Huh?”

Mom: “Like, is that actually someone from King of the Hill?”

Me: “Haha, nah, it’s just a fan-page.”

Mom: “So, what does that mean?”

Me: “A fan page? Like…I mean…it’s just a page someone made for this particular character from the show.”

Mom: “Wait…So, how does that work?”

Me: “It’s not that crazy. Anybody can make a fan page…Like, you just take a character from a show or a book or a movie, or take an actor, or a politician, or someone from a band, and boom! whoever wants to like it, can like it.”

Mom: “Oh…I thought it was like, the actor on the show or something that posted it…But still! That’s so cool! Congratulations!”

Parents just don’t understand.